Mar 2, 2012

United Kingdom- the wait is over- it's Engelbert Humperdinck !

It was late on 1st March 2012 when it was finally released the News -of the United Kingdom's artist for Eurovision 2012 in Baku-
With some twitter gossip before hand the truth was released-
None other than Engelbert Humperdinck!
At 75 year old this Brit now lives over in L.A. America. He will certainly rank as one of artists who waited a very long time to come onto the Eurovision stage- To Engelbert's credit he is very well known in most of Europe- in fact a 'David Hasselhorf of the 1960's & 70's before 'Baywatch' was even thought up .
Until yesterday I would have asked - the question how Engelbert about 35 years ago he had not sang at Eurovision for Monaco or Luxembourg with perhapes some bi-lingual french ballad of the 70's.

In fact there is a Song for Europe connection from way back in 1971 - a song selected for Clodagh Rogers to sing that year called 'Another time Another Place' was placed = 5th place by eight regional juries from around the UK ( out of 6 songs in the contest) Engelbert took this Eurovis' rejected song and made it his very own! (apart from being a Clodagh Rogers B-side) 'Another time Another place' became one of his biggest hits for him in UK & Europe- at home it made No:13 in the charts.

More famous in fact was Engelbert's No: 1's 'Release Me' &
'The Last Waltz' from 1967.
Engelbert was last seen in the UK Top 20 - the year after 'Another Place, Another Time' with his next single reaching No:14 in 1972- it was called 'Too beatutiful to Last'

However last this British crooner certainly has lasted- as his 2000 album release 'At his very Best' made No: 5 in the album chart. Yet for Eurovision Song Contest 2012- in another time another place, we could have this old familiar face- certainly!
but not in Baku this year not the best idea...what do u think?

Even The Guardian in UK is having their say- read more

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