Sep 8, 2013

Peter Jöback returns home to sweden, as 'Candy Darling' in 'Life is a Schlager Song'

                                          Stop the cab- Jöback has a new important schlager- mission!

Peter Jöback began his career as a melodifestivalen starlett, singing
 'En Sensation' way back in 1990.
Now he is finally returning to his ole schlager roots at long last..
Since then he has been internationally famous in musical theater, and recently re-created  'Phantom of the Opera' starring role in London and recently in his amost second home from home New York City.

Back in stockholm, a wonderful fabulous new musical called 'Livet ar en Schlager' is about to be staged for the very first time. This event is bringing Jöback back home to re-create the part of 'Candy Darling' for this new musical. Along side Helen Sjöholm who will play the main part of Mona in the show.The last time the two sang together was as part of the original cast of Bjorn and Benny's  'Kristina' in the 90's.

What is  'Livet ar en Schlager'?  It is was a swedish comedy-movie from 2000, with a rather simple story line of Mona who is a hard working mother of  4 children who are called Kikki, Anna Book, Lena Ph and Carola! yes sssir,
As you can image a big Melodifestivalen fan is Mona, and you can see the swedish melodies help her get though her ordinary surburban life. When suddenly against all odds Mona comes up with her own song that puts her in the Melodifestivalen final and a chance to become a Schlager-Queen herself.

Add to this story-line new music from the one and only Fredrik Kempe - we think and hope 'Livet ar en Schlager' will be a success..and who knows where else Peter and Helen could take this show, we can
be sure of two amazing performances from these two. As well as a great platform to but Melodifestivalen in the schlager spotlight again.

You can watch the movie version of 'Livet ar en Schlager' here on u tube. Feat. an appearence from Carola herself, and Army of Lover's Jean-Pierre Barda.
  ( unfortunately with no english subtitles though )

Sep 2, 2013

Wonderful Wonderful Copenhagen - for Eurovision 2014 join us!

--Emmelie pedal's to Copenhagen after Malmo 2013 - with her trophy in the bag?

It's official the Eurovision Song contest 2014 will travel the shortest distance ever
in the contests long history. Not only has the worlds best loved song contest stayed in the nordic region in 2013, with Emmelie De Forrest's win for Denmark
the new host city has been announced today from as
Copenhagen 2014

Never before has the contest traveled such a short distance from Malmo Sweden back accross
the Oresund Bridge a distance of only a meer 8 Km (5 miles) Yes wonderful Copenhagen will
host each semi-final and the Eurovision Song Contest 2014. The grand danish city last hosted Eurovision Song Contest back in 2001 previous to this it was way back in 1964 on 21st March 1964 Copenhagen hosted the song contest. Not many european cities have been a host city three times
and we all love the fact it's back in the danish capital...