Jun 26, 2010

Schlager Hero 9 - its Tommy Seebach from Denmark (feat. 'Hot Eyes')

Tommy Seebach who during the 70s/ 80s became Denmark's one and only
King of Schlager- During his long career he released over 20 albums
and sold millions of albums & singles in Scandinavia. He was a renowned producer
for the lable EMI Denmark.

..back then- You had to own one of thoses cane chairs!!

Tommy found time to form the Pop 80's band Hot eyes (Kirsten & Soren) who managed to be the only band
to sing in Eurovision Song Contest no less than 3 times- each time for Denmark

  • 1984 - Det' lige det (Music: Søren Siggard Text: Keld Heick ) finishing 4th in Eurovision Song Contest
  • 1985 - Sku' du spørg' fra no'en? (Siggard, Heick) finishing 11th in Eurovision Song Contest
  • 1988 - Ka' du se, hva' jeg sa'? (Siggard, Heick) finishing 3th in Eurovision Song Contest

Also HOT EYES ( Kirsten and Søren) tried for the Eurovision two other times in the Dansk MGP song contest;

  • 1986 - Sig det, som det er (Music: Søren Siggard Text: Keld Heick ) finishing 4th in Dansk MGP
  • 1987 - Farvel og Tak (Siggard, Heick) finishing 5th in Dansk MGP
Meanwhile Tommy Seebach had his own breakthough back in 1977 with a hit album 'Tommygum'
he followed this up with his own European big hit 'Disco Tango' which became the first of
three entry's for Eurovision Song Contest glory by Tommy himself once as a duet with Debbie Cameron. During this time Tommy wrote and performed no less than 8 entries for Dansk MGP as well as becoming an 3 time winner. Here they all are:

  • 1979 - Disco Tango (Music: Tommy Seebach Text: Keld Heick ) won MGP- finished 6th in Eurovision
  • 1980 - Bye-Bye (by pop girl duo Lecia & Lucienne (later became 80's band Laben. (Seebach, Heick)
  • 1981 - Krøller eller ej duet with Debbie Cameron (Seebach, Heick) finished 11th in Eurovision
  • 1982 - Hip hurra det min fødselsdag (Music: Vivian Johansen & Seebach, Text: Heick)
  • 1984 - Pyjamas for 2 (Seebach, Heick)
  • 1985 - Det der jeg altid har sagt (Seebach, Heick)
  • 1987 - Det' Gratis (Seebach, Heick)
  • 1993 - Under stjernerne på himlen ( Seebach, Heick )- finished 22nd in Eurovision

The sad end to the 'Tommy's Schlager Story' is he is no longer with us he died in March 2003. As known problems with alcoholism lead to his death at only 53 from a heart attack at amusement park 'Bakken'
Yet musically he does live on with recent success of one of his son's Rasmus Seeback riding high in the Swedish top ten in 2010

the saga continues stay tuned....

Jun 20, 2010

a Lena interview on Brit 'This Morning' how fun-tastic is she

Lena Meyer Landrut confirms she wants to sing for Germany in 2011!
as she says 'Yeah why not?' I am excited- what a brave amazing Star.

Lena sings Satellite on 'this morning' AM Tv 17th june 2010

Jun 18, 2010

AbbaWorld at FEDERATION SQUARE Melbourne- The doors open 10am

see a preview of this famous Official Interactive Exhibition'....
a few pics taken just today before the crowds arrive tomorrow 19th June 2010

- Here is Bjorn & Benny's famous white piano, on this hits like 'fernando', 'dancing queen'
and 'knowing me, knowing you' were wrote

This Photo still from the 90's ABBA 'Winner Takes it all' documentary (below)
shows Bjorn with 'the white piano' still there in the Viggos Island cottage - even both the chairs are available in one scene of Abbaworld. yet I would'nt chance sitting in one, they
really had not stood the test of time! ( above)
Agnetha & Benny even made a Special Video Opening message filmed just hours ago
at Benny's Mono Music Studio, Stockholm-this is really something - So now it is really open.

Jun 17, 2010

ABBAWorld hits Melbourne Australia this weekend

-an ABBAWorld is all over the city even on Melbourne Trams
to take you on an Australian journey of Abba's music history.

ABBAWORLD it began last year in London- now its here

Jun 15, 2010

Robyn is back- with a new single 'Dancing On My Own'

Here is a one swede we have alot of 'R E s P E C T' for -Robyn, she has a
great new video and very amazing concept to her new release
called 'Body Talk Pt 1'

Robyn 'Dancing On My Own' (Official Video) from Robyn on Vimeo.

Now you maybe thinking how does Robyn feature in our Melodifestivalen music theme. Robyn did actually make an early career appearence as a songwriter in Melodifestivalen 1997 - she wrote 'Du gor mig hel igen' to finished 4 th and the song had a real Robyn 90's sound sung by swedish soup-star

CajsaLisa Ejemyr (click here to view) great tune as well

Jun 12, 2010

Magnus Carlsson & Charlotte release Mitt Livs Gemål- the Royal Wedding Song

What a absolute perfect schlager couple -Carlsson & Perrelli together! this the first TV
broadcast of the offical new song honouring the wedding of crown princess
Victoria of Sweden and her spouse Mr. Daniel Westling.

Jun 10, 2010

UK finished 'Rock Bottom' in 2010- Not like Lynsey De Paul & Mike Moran

Yes, once again United Kingdom finished last in Oslo with Josh - 'That Sounds Good to Me' there is some hope
now as at least one of the 'Big 4' countries in Eurovision have shown -they can win. Perhapes something simple like 'Rock Bottom' it finished as a runner-up to the French winner of Eurovision 1977
- certainly even a Piano-Duo worked for Romania's Ovi & Paula 'Playing With Fire' in 2010 they came 3rd

If you wanna see a great selection of classic tunes from 1970's click on
Best of Eurovision in 70's be sure to hang out for Anne Marie David in 1979 at the end.

Jun 8, 2010

Eric Saade sings an 80's Daryl Braithwaite hit 'One Summer'

it was Sweden's National day and as part of summer celebration's Melodifestivalen Starlette
Eric Saade did a great version of a famous Daryl Braithwaite Aussie hit
'One Summer' this song was amazingly Daryl's only Scandinavian top 5 hit in 1989.
From the singer from the band Sherbet who gave us 'Howzat'

Jun 6, 2010

it's Germany in 2011- With Lena Meyer Landrut again!

Germany is been thrown into preparations for Eurovision Song Contest 2011. Three German cities are in the running for the big music event next year -and they are :-
Hamburg or Lena's hometown -Hannover
It seems Berlin would be best option for the Eurovis' circus in 2011, but we'll have to wait and find out who will take this great honour in Germany next year.
Then also when Stefan Raab who discovered Lena during his 'Unser Star fur Oslo' was asked about
a German star for 2011. Stefan felt the best choice would be Lena again! and a selection show to chose the best new song. It may not have been a serious suggestion, just something that came out in the heat of the victory excitment of last weekend.
It got me thinking-well why not? No country has ever sent the same artist twice to Eurovision just after winning- two years running. (except- switzerland once way back in the beginining with lys Assia in 1958!)
So not only will ESC 2011 be hosted for the first time by one of the Big 4 countries, what other new territory and ideas will Germany 2011 bring- Let us wait and see.

Jun 1, 2010

Eric Saade is Back- and Timoteij are hot on his heals in the Swedish charts

We're coming back- did you miss us?

Here at Schlagertunes we are still buzzing from the excitement in Oslo.
Certainly Oslo produced the best Eurovision Final ever with plenty
of humour and class. During the all the glam in Oslo we did not forget Stockholm.
Just before Euroviison Final, I checked out the ToppListan Chart, only to find Mr Eric Saade had been
the one to topple the long run at No;1 of Romania's Edward Maya (4 wks)

Yes 'Manboy' is back proving to be the most popular Melodifestivalen hit of 2010.
Meanwhile those Timoteij girls are back at No:10- they were my choice for
Eurovision 2010 from Melodifestivalen. Where is Anna Bergendahl? down at No: 23.
It is amazing to see our Stars of Melodifestivalen in Sweden still hanging around- as we go
into mid summer Normally the winner is only one left by June- Look out, next Lena
is on the way topping some Euro' chartlists already..

See the full swedishchart list here