Nov 28, 2013

Little Great Things- is Abba- the third generation & bid for more Melodifestivalen glory..


It will be 41 years since Agnetha Benny Bjorn & Frida took to the Melodifestivalen stage with the pop favourite 'Ring Ring' then in the meantime 'Waterloo' a follow-up managed to created international pop music history. Then even a Abba museum opening this year in Stockholm stad.

In 1986 the second generation Peter Gronvald (Benny Andersson's son) joined forces with the famous Nanne in a 80's pop band called 'Sound Of Music' and the 4th placed 'Elorado' being the first time we saw the Andersson-clan back in sweden's favorite national song contest. 'Sound of Music' became then 'One More Time' and even sung for Sweden at Eurovision Song Contest 1996 when they finished in third place.

Now two son's of Nanne & Peter namely Felix & Charlie have formed their own band called
'Little Great Things' and will compeat in the Melodifestivalen 2nd semi-final in 2014 with their own song called "Set Yourself free'
so during the 40th anniversary of 'Waterloo' We will witness the third generation of Abba, in Benny Andersson's grand son's - The best of luck to the band that should bring us some great things ..

- 'Little Great Things'- or Spot the Benny's? (the 2 with beard's it must be surely)

Nov 27, 2013

Melo- Names for 2014 - The artists are revealed and Helena is back for Sweden-

Yes, now we have the first of 2 batches released from SVT of the artists for Melodifestivalen 2014.
There is not too many surprises for next year and alot of first timer artists here with lots of old timer songwriters in the music credits.

After a few years of rumours former winner Helena Paparizou
enters for the first time for Sweden. Her song will be 'Survivor' and certainly will be in with a big chance in semi-final 1. As one last year's success stories Yohio, he was pipped to win in Melo 2013 and finished up with a huge hit with the tune 'Heartbreak Hotel' although he did'nt impress the Melo juries so much in the Melodifestivalen Final contest. Will Yohio better this 2013 fantastic debut?

Here is the full run down on the first two semi-finals: (not in any running order of course)

Also so great to see former Melo winner Mr Martin Sternmark back for the first time since 2005.

Semi Final One.
Mahan Moin- “Aleo” (Mahan Moin, Anderz Wrethov)
Alvaro Estrella - “Bedroom” (Jakke Erixson, Jon Bordon, Lauren Francis, Kristofer Östergren)
Linus Svenning - “Bröder” (Fredrik Kempe)
Sylvester Schlegel - “Bygdens son” (Sylvester Schlegel)
Elisa Lindström- “Casanova” (Ingela “Pling” Forsman, Bobby Ljunggren, Jimmy Jansson)
Ellen Benediktson- “Songbird” (Sharon Vaughn, Johan Fransson, Tim Larsson, Tobias Lundgren)
Helena Paparizou- “Survivor” (Bobby Ljunggren, Henrik Wikström, Karl-Ola Kjellholm, Sharon Vaughn)
Yohio - “To the End” (Andreas Johnson, Johan Lyander, Peter Kvint, Yohio)

Martin's ready for Race 2
Semi Final Two.
Panetoz - “Efter solsken” (Johan Hirvi, Mats Lie Skåre, Nebeyu Baheru, Njol Badjie, Pa Modou Badjie)
Manda - “Glow” (Joy Deb, Linnéa Deb, Melanie Wehbe, Charlie Mason)
Pink Pistols - “I Am Somebody” (Joakim Törnqvist, Nestor Geli, Per Ivar Hed, Susie Päivärinta, Tord Bäckström)
JEM - “Love Trigger” (Thomas G:son, Peter Boström, Julimar “J-Son” Santos)
Martin Stenmarck - “När änglarna går hem” (Andreas Öhrn, Alexander Bard, Martin Stenmarck, Peter Boström)
Little Great Things - “Set Yourself Free” (Charlie Grönvall, Cristoffer Wernqvist, Felix Grönvall, Adam Dahlström)
The Refershments - “Hallelujah” (Joakim Arnell)
Sanna Nielsen - “Undo” (Fredrik Kempe, David Kreuger, Hamed “K-One” Pirouzpanah)

Sep 8, 2013

Peter Jöback returns home to sweden, as 'Candy Darling' in 'Life is a Schlager Song'

                                          Stop the cab- Jöback has a new important schlager- mission!

Peter Jöback began his career as a melodifestivalen starlett, singing
 'En Sensation' way back in 1990.
Now he is finally returning to his ole schlager roots at long last..
Since then he has been internationally famous in musical theater, and recently re-created  'Phantom of the Opera' starring role in London and recently in his amost second home from home New York City.

Back in stockholm, a wonderful fabulous new musical called 'Livet ar en Schlager' is about to be staged for the very first time. This event is bringing Jöback back home to re-create the part of 'Candy Darling' for this new musical. Along side Helen Sjöholm who will play the main part of Mona in the show.The last time the two sang together was as part of the original cast of Bjorn and Benny's  'Kristina' in the 90's.

What is  'Livet ar en Schlager'?  It is was a swedish comedy-movie from 2000, with a rather simple story line of Mona who is a hard working mother of  4 children who are called Kikki, Anna Book, Lena Ph and Carola! yes sssir,
As you can image a big Melodifestivalen fan is Mona, and you can see the swedish melodies help her get though her ordinary surburban life. When suddenly against all odds Mona comes up with her own song that puts her in the Melodifestivalen final and a chance to become a Schlager-Queen herself.

Add to this story-line new music from the one and only Fredrik Kempe - we think and hope 'Livet ar en Schlager' will be a success..and who knows where else Peter and Helen could take this show, we can
be sure of two amazing performances from these two. As well as a great platform to but Melodifestivalen in the schlager spotlight again.

You can watch the movie version of 'Livet ar en Schlager' here on u tube. Feat. an appearence from Carola herself, and Army of Lover's Jean-Pierre Barda.
  ( unfortunately with no english subtitles though )

Sep 2, 2013

Wonderful Wonderful Copenhagen - for Eurovision 2014 join us!

--Emmelie pedal's to Copenhagen after Malmo 2013 - with her trophy in the bag?

It's official the Eurovision Song contest 2014 will travel the shortest distance ever
in the contests long history. Not only has the worlds best loved song contest stayed in the nordic region in 2013, with Emmelie De Forrest's win for Denmark
the new host city has been announced today from as
Copenhagen 2014

Never before has the contest traveled such a short distance from Malmo Sweden back accross
the Oresund Bridge a distance of only a meer 8 Km (5 miles) Yes wonderful Copenhagen will
host each semi-final and the Eurovision Song Contest 2014. The grand danish city last hosted Eurovision Song Contest back in 2001 previous to this it was way back in 1964 on 21st March 1964 Copenhagen hosted the song contest. Not many european cities have been a host city three times
and we all love the fact it's back in the danish capital...

Aug 27, 2013

Sweden's Best summer Albums in August 2013

Just checking out Sweden's Top 10, this week as I do from my fave chart site-

Wonderful to see Agnetha's 'A' back on the rise up the chart again to No: 4 followed by the Abba-Gold shadow
at No: 6. Then just about the only remaining Melofestivalen 2013- album is actually now Yohio's 'Break the Border' will he try again in 2014 with a better song next time we think..

The Wild Hunt
2Mando Diao
3Lasse Stefanz
Trouble Boys
4Agnetha Fältskog
Det måste gå att dansa till
Gold - Greatest Hits
Break The Border
8Danne Stråhed
13 rätt... 13 nya låtar
9John Mayer
Paradise Valley
10Gyllene Tider
24 Hits! Soldans på din grammofon

Copyright 2013 © Grammofon Leverantörernas Förening

Aug 13, 2013

For 14th August 2013- We have the latest Schlagertunes Top 15 Playlist--

TOP 15

Dance the Pain Away- Agnetha Faltskog 
2 Strobo Pop -Die Atzen & NENA NEW 
3 Glorious- Magnus Carlsson NEW 
4 We own the Night- The Wanted NEW 
5 Would that make me Love you - Anton Eward NEW
A S A P -Lena feat.Miss Li 
7  Begging- Anton Ewald 
8  I feed you my Love- Margaret Berger
9  Alibi- Eddie Razaz  RE ENTRY
10 On Top of the World - Swedish House Wives
11 Kedvesem (Zoohacker Remix)- Bye Alex
12  Magnetic Heart-  Marco Mengoni 
13  Believe in Me (Blutonium Boy & Matty Menk Radio Mix)- Bonnie Tyler
14   City (linus loves remix)- Lo Fi Fnk
15  Invincible- Jack Rowan  

Aug 3, 2013

Agnetha does Pride - a extra special appearence for her hometown

   Just on Thursday night the much published appearance at the Stockholm Pride 2013 from ABBA's Agnetha dropped in on the Schlager-Thursday evening of non-stop musically events. Okey she did not sing in the event but had a bief chat with the crowd. As well as being presented with a Gold record for sales of "A" gladly Australia got a special mention as being an overseas territory where "A" has gone gold as well. This created a huge response from the gay pride crowd as well..

   Wow, what a fantasic outfit n top- she is so luv-ly and recently realy shown she is back in top form - and although she has been away from the stage and studio for great lengths of time. Agnetha's brave smart charm will always be
around to pop up every now and then, and amazing vocals of course that we missed so much. She is certainly comeback at last...

Jul 10, 2013

For 9th July 2013- We have a New Schlagertunes Top 15 Playlist--

TOP 15

Dance the Pain Away- Agnetha Faltskog NEW
 A S A P -Lena feat.Miss Li NEW 
Begging- Anton Ewald
4 Neon (Lonely People)- Lena NEW 
I feed you my Love- Margaret Berger
 In And Out Of Love- Martin Rolinski
7  Magnetic Heart-  Marco Mengoni 
8  Kedvesem (Zoohacker Remix)- Bye Alex NEW
9   Invincible- Jack Rowan  NEW
10 It's Showtime (Theater)- Katja Ebstein
11 Believe in Me (Blutonium Boy & Matty Menk Radio Mix)- Bonnie Tyler
12  Dix pas cent pas [Jesse Voorn Club Mix]- Kati Wolf  
13  Love Kills- Roberto Bellarosa 
14  On Top of the World - Swedish House Wives
15  We write the songs-Bjorn & Benny + AVICII 

Jul 7, 2013

More ABBA Gold..The ole question comes up again, will they get back together?

With the recent release of the wonderful Agnetha Faltskog album "A" as expected this new album of original new songs has sparked the various question will they? won't they? reform or perform as Abba. Most certainly it looks highly unlikely! still I found the most joy in discoving a wonderful U-tube copy of the Svt broadcast of a performance of  'Tivedshambo' this will certainly remain in the history books as the very
last time Abba ever performed 'Live' together as a group. Sad but true, and fitting that they came together at least to sing for their manager Stig, who is so often overlooked today.

  So the reason was to perform for Stig Anderson's tribute as part of a 'This is your life' style TV-show called "Här Är Ditt Liv" it was on swedish Tv back on 16th January 1986.
(tack to Stephen Layton for this clip)

More Agnetha sings new song 'Bubble' from the album "A"

Jun 16, 2013

Mid JUNE 2013 TOP Schlager-Tunes 15- Bonnie's on top!

TOP 15

1 Believe in Me (Blutonium Boy & Matty Menk Radio Mix)- Bonnie Tyler 
2  Magnetic Heart-  Marco Mengoni 
Begging- Anton Ewald
When You Really Loved Someone- Agnetha Fältskog
Dix pas cent pas [Jesse Voorn Club Mix]- Kati Wolf  NEW
Poupée de cire poupée de son-  Jenifer 
7  Det Svär Jag På- Arvingarna FLASHBACK TRK
8  I feed you my Love- Margaret Berger
9  We write the songs-Bjorn & Benny + AVICII  NEW
10 In And Out Of Love- Martin Rolinski
11 Love Kills- Roberto Bellarosa
12  It's Showtime( Theater) -Katja Ebstein FLASHBACK TRK
13  L'essenziale- Marco Mengoni
14  Alibi- Eddie Razaz 
15  On Top of the World - Swedish House Wives NEW

In our very own chartlist this month, Bonnie has bounced up to the top!
with a great Remix of the Eurovision power ballad from Malmo. In fact the chart has a real revival aspect with Agnetha's first single from her fab new album "A" rising to 4 this month.

We have in this chartlist - a couple of Flashback tracks' it happens when an ole hit becomes all new again
with our listening trends, and I have been listening lots to Dame Katja Ebstein. In fact Katja holds the amazing record of 3 Eurovision 70's enries all for Germany and each time scoring a Top 3 placing. Yet
never the winning honours, a record that will be very hard to beat or equal at Eurovision Song Contest anytime soon. 
The German entry that came 2nd to Ireland's Johnny Logan in 1980, I luv the best- it's 'Theater' or '..Showtime' in english.

At seven is a great Melodifestivalen classic from Arvingarna back in 1999. They finished in a healthy 3rd place behind 'Take me to your heaven' I did not realise that the songwriting credit for this 
entry go to none other than Lena Philipsson

May 29, 2013

Oh, look what they've done to our Lena from Germany!

..Well the last we saw of Lena she was all wet giving the votes for Malmo from Germany in Eurovision Song Contest Malmo 2013. As we know our luvly Lena got flustered and gave the odd score when Lena signed up for doing the new ad for German technology Doosh'. They took no chances and over-dubed her? We simply loved the result, and check out the bang -a- boomerang at the end

We miss unser star Lena   ; )

May 24, 2013

Le Return of : Schlagertunes PlayList Top 15 for MAY 2

it's actually 328 days.. to go until Eurovsion Song Contest 2014- how to survive the long break from all the Eurovis-icle fun? We throught during this time we could bring back to schlagertunes blog our Top 15 Playlist, we had it before on the blog.
It's simply what has been played regular on the schlagertunes Air port Express through out the Schlager Townhouse during Melbourne's cool winter months. As we just never stop playing Euro-tunes even in the off-season. It maybe often interesting to see which songs stand the test of time after Malmo and Melodifestivalen 13. So here is the first Playlist for the 2nd half of May.

TOP 15

1  Begging- Anton Ewald
2 L'essenziale- Marco Mengoni
Ljubav Je Svuda- Moje 3 NEW
4 Love Kills- Roberto Bellarosa
5 Alibi- Eddie Razaz
6 I feed you my Love- Margaret Berger
When You Really Loved Someone- Agnetha Fältskog
8 Believe in Me- Bonnie Tyler 
9  Magnetic Heart-  Marco Mengoni NEW
10 Something- Andrius Pojavis
11 Birds - Anouk
12  Geef Er Een Lap Op (Making Your mind up 2013) -SugarFree NEW
13  Heartstrings- Janet Leon
14  Poupée de cire poupée de son-  Jenifer NEW
15  In And Out Of Love- Martin Rolinski

May 20, 2013

The Grand opening of Eurovision Song contest 2013- it's a bugs life

Re-Live that magical opening and song 'We Write The story' by Bjorn Benny & Avicci

May 19, 2013

Sarah Dawn Finer - as Linda Woodruff she made us laugh, finally in Malmo she made me cry..

Sarah Dawn Finer is also singer known as the EBU personality Lynda Woodruff, during Malmo

The song "The winner takes it all"  is as we know a best loved Abba song written by Björn Ulveus and Benny Andersson.
It has been released world wide on iTunes just after the performance in Malmo's Eurovision Grand Final. 

Just like the legendary four swedes she made us laugh with joy and also cry...

May 18, 2013

Favourites for Malmo 2013- We do believe in Bonne for UK & Anouk from NL

                                             This may well be my final pick of favourites for Eurovision 2013 .. yet it certainly is'nt a case of  last but least. Far from it, in fact I have only 2 picks from Eurovision's Big 5 finalists this year -with Italy's Marco and UK. I also like Germany's Cascade song 'Glorious' and while this tune is not a rip of 'Euphoria' it is very simular in style and production so I think may be a big disadvantage in the Grand Final.
                                           I do like Cascada as a dance artist- but Malmo 2013 is all about  one international name Bonnie Tyler.
The return of an 80's diva and a wonderful personality as well, I wonder why she never got involved in Eurovision before? it certainly sounds like the Beeb had no problems getting Bonnie on board for 2013.
The story goes they popped around said 'will you do it?' Yes- Ok just pick a track off that new album..and we have 'Believe in Me'
                                      So the song it is a hit single, a grower of a tune. It certainly did'nt grab me on first hearing yet I have every faith that Bonnie Tyler will nail it on the Grand final night. A winning song? hmmm... I cannot be sure, Malmo is going to be a bit like Dusseldorf I think, we really have no clear favourite. Denmark maybe, but look what happened to France the favourite of 2011. I think Denmark may just make it this year. Maybe as 'Running scared' did for Azerbaijan back then the winner may win from the most scores instead of the most 12 pointers.
                                   Who could give us a surpise winner? it could be our Bonnie or even Anouk with her 'Birds'
it's going to be a cliff hanger whatever happens...

  Just how far can this 'Bird' fly in ESC 2013? Or will she fall from the sky?

May 17, 2013

My favourites for Malmo 2013- Lithuania's 'something..'

Lituania a country that have always brought to us, some homegrown interesting Eurovision entries in the past few years.
As well as so often as is the case for Malmo 2013  a self penned tune by Andrius Pojavis. I actually like 'Something' -these pidgin engliska songs, with
with a stong melody. However following on from the fantastic 'Love is Blind'from 2012 I through this song was a bit of a downgrade for
Lituania, I like the artist, yet the song finished up in the 2013 pile I called
"Great tune, but it has'nt got a chance to qualify" ( ...and not a small pile for this years ESC)  
                If you took a look at Andrius Pojavis's National Final performance of 'Something'it was rather bad, the top-hat did not help at all
the eye-brows did.
Yet during the month's inbetween they re-vamped the song completely for Eurovision and did all the right things..So while I am happy
to see a singer-songwriter in the Grand Final as it's always good to have self-penned stuff. The question is just how do Lituania continue
to qualify each year in the Grand final with such ease and songs that are always good but borderline... 
                in the past seven years only twice with 'Nomads of the night'and who remembers Le Great 'East European Funk'by InCulto did
Lituania not make it into the Grand Final! A record that cannot be equaled by their baltic cousins Estonia or Latvia. I guess we can
call it the 'Luck of the Lit's'

May 16, 2013

Malmo 2013: Petra Medes the perfect host and what a frock

Semi-final 1 has begun and what a show.
   Also we get the chance to see Sweden's one woman host the wonderful Petra Medes, and that dress that was designed by Jean-Paul Gaultier. It even out turned out better than the rising dress effect of Moldova's song and performance of 'O'Mie' by Aliona Moon.

What will Petra bring us next?

My favourites for Malmo 2013: San Martino return with Valentina

The schlager -master himself Ralph siegel has been responsible for the San Marino entry for the second year running and with an excellent
italian artist - Valentina. I have always been a big fan
of Herr Siegel and his tunes old and new. But 'the Facebook song' that Ralph did last year in Baku, was a rather strange choice
I liked the tune, however as 'The Social Network song'it became abit bland and meaningless and so did not qualify.
So for Malmo 2013 it looks like - 'Uh Ohh oh we make a small miss-take..." and it’s right back to a schlager style (hurrah with a tune called 'Crisallide'
and this has become rather quickly a fan favourite. I have a real good feeling this time Ralph & Valentine will do well.. as for a winning song
I think perhapes not. However a Top 15 placing for San Marino is going to be a vast improvement for them as a new country at Eurovision
Song Contest. Who knows they could end up being the modern day Monaco- or even Luxembourg ( a country Ralph Siegel also took under his wing in the 70s/80s)
Its so great to have schalger royalty at Eurovision again, and for that alone - San Martino gets my vote.

My favourites for Malmo 2013 - Ireland's Only Love survives

After 2 years of the irish Jedwards, that certainly offered Euroviison excellent entertainment value, but what could come next?
With have a excellent voice this time ireland has choosen Ryan Dolan. A dancey rhythmic track called 'Only love survives'. One excellent
advantage we got from Loreen's win last year with 'Euphoria'is that the song certainly put modern dance tracks back on the
Eurovision map again..
So why in Malmo are we swamped with ole style power ballads? is it just business as usual? as same thing happen in Baku 2012.
Plus it seems like the last ballad winner was actually Dima Bilan for Russia in 2009.So at least Ireland know how to pump up
the volume and bring us something up-beat.
I was actually in 2013 expecting alot more Eurovision entries in the dancey style of 'Only Love Survives'and this tune has an added bonus
of a excellent electronic
sound that reminds us even of the Swedish House Mafia. I like the song alot can you tell? and feel confident this will push Ireland back into
the Top 10 for Malmo. However alot depends on the performace on the night from Ryan, and it looks like he will impress yet not take
the winner prize.

May 15, 2013

My favouries for Malmo- Finland's Team ding-dong

Krista Siegfrids 'Marry Me' for Finland, as we know Finland don't always get it right at Eurovision,
however the songs and artists are normally full of charm and interesting.. I normal like what Finland sends, and unlike the danes can never be accused of being predicible.

So on first hearing of 'Marry Me' I luved it right away certainly the wedding dress will have alot
of appeal and the sound even is abit 'I- I love it' by Icona Pop a big smash in europe recently.
Good luck to Krista from schlagertunes

May 14, 2013

My favourites for Malmo 2013- Azerbaijan have done it again with Farid!

                                                A perrfect combination muscles & a mono-brow

                                  We cannot fault the recent track record of Azerbaijan at Eurovision Song Contestand for Malmo they have kept up the momentum with Farid Mammadov and a simple power pop ballad called 'Hold me' On first hearing I was thinking hold on ..Johnny Logan in 1987, surely this song title is wearing thin. With further listens the ballad grew on me, and with a powerful performance
from the stunning iron man Farid- in Malmo Azerbaijan will not be running scared but high on the scoreboard I think.
                                The only drawback being- Baku again in 2014, surely not?

May 12, 2013

My favourites for Malmo 2013- Hurrah for ByeAlex from Hungary

               As Sarah Dawn Finer would put it..there will be alot of 'crash boom bang' in Malmo this year.. and I am only refering to the special effects, fire, men in class cubes and all the rest. So among all this it is refreshing to find some simplicity 'Kedvesem'  has all this and more..
The moment I U-tubed this video, I got this track on i-tunes right away. It was love at first listen.

Hungary, as a country is one of the best team players at Eurovision Song Contest for me, they never bring to the contest the same sounds or song twice. Last year we had Compact Disco's 'Sound of our Hearts' and of course the wonderful Kati Wolf, this song is a another gamble for Hungary to make the final for sure. Yet it is a great song no less - I wanna see ByeAlex in the final.

Please note - there has been plenty stories going around that Malmo 2013- Is the Year for the 'mono-brow' although we can tell ByeAlex has infact not got a mono-brow eye-brow, that does not mean they have not been evidence earlier. If you need further proof of le mono-brow factor look no further than Armenia - Oh my Gor...