Jul 31, 2009

BWO "Right Here Right Now" Vid & Fantastic NEW Skyylab Mix

'Right Here Right Now'

A follow up to 'You're Not Alone' from Melodifestivalen 2009- BWO are Back..& have an excellent new album called 'Big Science'
out now and as always BWO are coming up with the goods with some terrific Songs +Dance mixes.
I like this 2nd single from the Album

1978..And then there was Figaro' Brotherhood of Man's -son of Angelo & Fernando

Brotherhood of Man found Eurovision glory in 1976 by winning for the UK
with No:1 "Save your kisses for me" two years after Abba's ESC win. They were in the 70's constantly compared to Abba, yet as you see in the last post- was it any wonder when 'Angleo'
was released in 1977 hot on the heals of the Abba '76 Classic 'Fernando'
But wait there was more ... just 6 months later in 1978 'Figaro' was born- another dose of latin lover pop-schlager from Brotherhood of Man. 'Figaro' was a bit more bouncy & became the third UK No:1 following this same latin lover theme. The follow-up to this was not so successful - only peaking at No:15 the title was 'Beautiful Lover' Hold on, its got that same theme in the lyrics only this latin guy "-she don't need to know his name.."
Brotherhood of Man's run of Golden Hits came to an end with a final flop single in 1978 "In the Middle of the Night" their whole career ended bit like a Brit 2-week package holiday in Belidorm or Cotsa Del Sol lol

Yet Brotherhood of Man still perform today as the orginal 2 girl, 2 boy line-up.
or more like 2 uncle, 2 auntie line- up! Still 'Figaro' was the best, struting around in his
trunks down at the beach.

Jul 25, 2009

Abba Vs Brotherhood of Man -Angelo Vs Fernando- Go Head to Head in 1976!!

This is a TRASHY UK Ch 4 Program from bout' 2000 called 'I Love 1976 ABBA'- its
real funny towards the end, when they talk on the 70's Abba vs Brotherhood of
Man debate..& Bjorn asks did they really win? Oh......... hmm
then a classic Frida'
quote at the end (edited) be sure to see it all! And below just more of the same, this
time we find
fun with some ole gambla Svenska footage as well as -Abba at Melbourne Town Hall
all fantastic stuff on a ' Top 10 HITS' Program (just a shame Waterman had to butt in!)

Norway Winners Past+Present Alexander Rybak & Bobbysock's Elisabeth Andreassen sing 'Det är vi ändå at Skansen

As tribute to Benny Andersson Alexander & Elisabeth sung at Skansen this month.
Just before Alexander's Eurovision win he toured with Bobbysocks Star Elisabeth
Andreasson on her comeback tour in Norway.
Elisabeth's tour was called Spelemann (fiddler)
so Alex became Bettan's fiddler, read more on previous
post HERE

Jul 17, 2009

FLASHBACK Barbados 'Hom Hem' a recent schlager Hero- we found this classic clip

'Kom Hem' is perhapes one of the stand out tracks from dansband Barbados.
This single was a follow up to Magnus Carlsson's Melodifestivalen debut enty 'Se Mig' with the band in 2000.
Then later the CD was released with the title track 'Kom Hem' + this has been quoted as being one
of Magnus Carlsson personal favourite tracks along with 'Rosalita'
The vid is just schlager-tastic and a 80's Party revival .. Luv it from the cut-off jeans to the shinny shirts!
Its called 'Come Home'- and then in the end we find 'who' he is waiting for to return home?

Jul 12, 2009

Charlotte Perrelli's Super Schlager Medley

Charlotte looks & Sounds Fab on the Swedish show 'Lotta På Liseberg'

Tack to RosaMannen

CHARMED My heart goes boom MGP 2000

I found this Great Norska clip 'Charmed' the band that represented Norway in Eurovision 2000-
with 'My Heart goes Boom' -This is from Melodi Grand Prix, you can also see how the MGP
has grown in Norway. In Stockholm Sweden Charmed finished 11th with 57 points.

Jul 11, 2009

FLASHBACK Agnetha 'The Last Time' she was in UK a Fantastc interview with Wogan 1987

Its been fantastic seeing and hearing lots from Benny Andersson in London last week with his band.
He did Jonathan Ross TV Show, + check out below the interview on BBC R4 'Front Row'
It does not happen too often when any members of Abba ventures overseas to do Solo promo
Here is the Last Time' Agnetha was in London, a fantastic quality clip from BBC's Wogan show when
Agnetha was promoting her
'I stand alone' album in the UK

Jul 5, 2009

Benny Down at The Heath-BAO (Benny Andersson's Orkestra) playing the 1st English gig

Sweden on Stage, Hampstead Heath, London July 4 2009. In one of the first pics above it looks like Alexander Rybak's dad came over to join in the schlager fun!!
Also Below two amazing first clips LIVE- Helen Sjöholm singing 'Story of a Heart' from Benny's new english album wrote by Bjorn & Benny. The quality of the video is okay, but the sound is great! The other clip is of Abba's "Why did it have to be me?" with Benny's intro, then you can hear the fans chorus of song's 'Way Old Freinds do' & 'Thank you for the music' at the end- wow!
It certainly looks like one  wonderful svenska evening in hot London Town. It is in fact not the first time Benny has performed abroad, BAO did a concert in Glasgow  ( just like in Super Trouper's  lyrics "I was sick & tired of everything, When I called you last night from Glasgow" )  + the concerts in USA in 2007.
More BENNY Here on R4 Front Row great new interview-check it out its rather excellent

Many Thanks Teza & Videotheque (U-tube) & Mark for photo.

Jul 4, 2009

Alexander & Carola sing at Allsang på Grensen just FANTASTIC!

This was shown on swedish TV what a
great Schlager duo they make,
and its in someway fitting these two massive
European Stars pay a tribute to Michael.
Excellent - will they perform again in Melodifestivalen 10?

Jul 2, 2009

Benny is Coming to Town- or even Hampsted Heath this weekend

Clip by 'Geminie1' thanks

Benny Andersson has brought to London his long runnng Schlager Sommar Dansband BAO- Almost
every year they tour the swedish open air FolkParks.
Now he will give the Brits a sample of what life is really like for him after Abba.
In this 10 min clip of BAO Live last month, we see just what the show will be like..
& Yes, there will be some Abba Gold among the Swedish traditional sounds, wait til 8 mins
into this preview.. ( among others 'Ring Ring' the swedish Melodifestivalen 1973 original )
What Pure Schlager JOY

Kristina - The Musical it is finally coming 'Home' to NYC ! September 2009 Concert...

A classic track 'Stanna' from swedish Kristina- set to 'Day Before You came'- visuals clever 

Kristina- The Musical concert will take place in September at Carnegie Hall starring Helen Sjoholm (Kristina).
The amazing New Musical was an outstanding success in Sweden in the late 90's and since then been frozen
in time, just like the very story it portrays the swedish immigrates are now going to a new home in New York City.
You can check out this great fly-on-the wall clip of a meeting at Mono Music in Stockhom.
At the end a wonderful jam session + a verse of the song 'Home'