Mar 4, 2012

Listen' to Ott Lepland- he has been selected in Eesti Laul for Estonia 2012

It was just now been Grand Final/or Eesti Laul time over in Estonia,
I find very often Estonia's selection of a rather high standard -they take Eurovision rather seriously and it tends to appeal to a growing number of up-coming Alternative music from this small Baltic country. This year we had a very interesting entry from none other than Tenfold Rabbit!
called 'Oblivion' I liked this track however he reminded me alot of Malcolm Lincoln (of Estonia in Eurovision 2010) Another stand-out finalist for me was Birgit Oigemeel feat. Violina with 'You're not alone' she has a great voice- Yet this track seemed to have been an Estonia entry better suited for 1999 than here in 2012.
In the end after a fast-forward jury vote that took all of 35 secs! a Super-final was found between Lenna and Ott Lepland, both are very established top artists in Estonia- Leena was a lead singer from Vanilla Ninja (Switzerland 2005). Leena wrote alot of tracks for the all girl rock band from their 'Love is War' album a good example is the song 'Pray'. So while Leena was no stranger to Eurovision and previous Estonian National finals - Ott Lepland just had the best song- a emotion ballad called 'Kuula' (Listen) I think once again Estonia make a great choice with this aritst and song that should stand-out in Baku 2012.

check out Ott's Live winning performance of 'Kuula'

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