Aug 28, 2011

A New playlist Top 20 - as the Electro duo's take over !

PLAYLIST -2nd September 2011.

1 Boom -Lo Fi Fnk - NEW
2 You came to me - Anne Marie David
3 Hearts in the Air- Eric Saade Feat J-Son
4 Eaten alive- Man Meadow
5 I'm In Love (Soundfactory Mix)- Sanna Neilsen
6 Yes Man -Bjorn Johan Muri
7 Smile (T.A.N.Y.A Mix) - Jamala
8 Running Scared (Niclas Kings in Air Mix) - Ell & Nikki
9 Pusti Me U San- Luka Nizetic (Nora-2007) - NEW
10 Fantasy Island (2010 Mix) -Tight Fit
11 Magic (Peachy & Murphy Remix)-Olivia Newton John
12 Gimme (Key Mix) - One (cyprus 2000)
13 Bad Behaviour -Jedward -NEW
14 Maya Showtime -Alexander Panoyotov
15 Sold it for a song -Dream Express
16 Popular (SoundFactory Radio Mix) -Eric Saade
17 So much in Love (SF 2001) - Ebonique -Re ENTRY
18 Save Tonight -E M D
19 My heart is refusing me -Loreen
20 Wake up (Ola Salo Jens Anderson Mix) -Lo Fi Fnk - NEW

- Here is my latest playlist: we can see lots of new electro-pop duo's with the new
Lo Fi Fnk (not a eurovis' act- yet we think they are ready could be ideal-) & Man Meadow with a fab new single - this duo have competed twice to sing for Poland- Lo Fi Fnk's new album as a follow up to 'Boylife' has just come out we luv it alot very summery electro

Aug 20, 2011

Schlager Pop: 3- Dschinghis Khan -or Genghis Khan

Dschinghis Khan- are a german pop-group formed by schlager guru Herr Ralph Siegel back in Eurovision 1979 in Jerulsam.
A perfect example how a 6-piece band could find great success based on one-tune in Eurovision Song Contest. The song also titled 'Dschinghis Khan' sung in german - a-tribute to the historical leader, a tune in the style of Boney M- of the same times.
The group built on this Eurovision success having not even won the contest- in fact 'Dschinghis Khan' finished in 4th place for some reason. They found success in many european countries as well as Australia & Japan selling in the region of 20 million records during their whole career. One of the biggest hits being 'Moscow' that stayed at No:1 in Australia for an impressive 6-week run in 1980.
Over the group's histroy their has been many line-up changes, however back in 79 the original members were:

Edina Pop: from Hungary and no stranger to eurovis-hits she had a hit already singing 'knock knock who's there?' in german in 1971.

Wolfgang & Henriette Heichel: a married couple that were both former dentistry students no less- who had turned to singing, composing & producing music.

Lesley Mandoki: from Hungary a jazz musician who went over to schlager-pop

Louis Potgieter: from South Africa- dressed in a crown & cape with a long beard was the 'dancing Khan' of the band -he returned back to South Africa in the 90's and
later died of HIV at only 43- he remains the iconic Khan of the group and remembered as such.

Steve Bender: the bald guy in the group- his daughter Melanie sang with Mekado who sang for Germay in 1994 "Wir geben ne Party" he died in 2006 from cancer and is sadly missed in the band.

Louis- Genghis Khan

Dschinghis Khan never returned to the Eurovision stage - during their career except in 1986
they did try in the Germany Pre-selection with another Ralph Siegel tune 'Wir gehor'n zusammen' called 'Dschinghis Khan Family' they finished runner up to Ingrid Peters. A very dsifferent line-up & sound from the hits 'Hadschi Haref Omar' 'Moskow' 'Rom' & 'Loreley'
of the early 80's.

Aug 13, 2011

Schlager Pop History part two - Jürgen Marcus

Jürgen Marcus- became a popular Schlager artist of the 70's & 80's - who had over 23 hit schlager hits in Germany alone - and became a regular singer on ZDF Tv music shows.

He was born in Herne, and started out as a locksmith no-less - however thankfully today he lives in Munchen, Germany with his partner Nikolaus.

Jürgen's main Eurovision claim-to-fame was infact singing in french for Luxembourg back in Eurovision Song Contest 1976

at Deen Haag. The song 'Chansons pour ceux qui S'Aiment' was perfect for Jürgen- he

only managed a low 14th place.

In the charts he had much greater success the year before in the German Pre-selection. This song was on the german charts for 26 weeks and made No: 3 - placed only 9th in the German Pre-selection- the song was 'Ein Lied zieht hinaus in die welt' ( we much prefer his haircut as well that year!)

In 1975 Joy Fleming won the place to sing for Germany. Yet the artists in the '75 lead-up to Eurovision featured Severine (1971 Monaco winner) Peggy March(2nd) Katja Ebstein (5th) Mary Roos & Marianne Rosenberg singing the now legenary song 'Er gehort zu mir' (10th place)

After a break from Eurovision Jurgen came back to sing in the Pre-selection of 1982- another tough year to find success as Nicole won the honour that year However the song 'Ich Wurde Gerne bei sein' came 5th this time, certainly over these years Jurgen has made his

own mark in schlager-history.

Playlist chart this week- August 2011 with a Norsk MGP invasion

1 Yes Man -Bjorn Johan Muri
2 Hearts in the Air- Eric Saade
Ft J-Son
3 You came to me (NRG Mix) Anne Marie David -NEW
4 Smile - Jamala (Ukraine NF 2011)
5 Magic (Peachy & Murphy Mix) -Olivia Newton John
6 Running Scared (Niclas Kings in Air Mix) - Ell & Nikki
7 Karma Karma-Same Difference/Alcazar
8 Eaten Alive- Man Meadow -NEW
9 Beatiful Life -Jose Galisteo (Spain 2010)
10 Sold it for a song -Dream Express (Belguim 1977) -NEW
11 When we were Young (Club Mix)- Bucks Fizz
12 Popular (SoundFactory Radio Mix) -Eric Saade
13 Maya Showtime -Alexander Panayotov
14 Gimme (Key Mix) - One(cyprus 2000)
15 Fantasy Island (New Version 2010) -Tight Fit
16 Can't stop this feeling (Soundshakerz Club Mix) -Sophie Ellis-Bextor
17 Save Tonight -E M D
18 My heart is refusing me -Loreen
19 Little Lies -Tone Damli Aaberge -NEW
20 Something in your eyes -Jenny Silver

Aug 4, 2011

The One's that got away- part 3-Valeria Tarasova, Moldova

Just when we thought we'd heard all the great tunes in the run up to Eurovision Dusseldorf 2011 The National Pre-selection of Moldova. featured a wonderful new talent of Valeria Tarasova who only finished in 7th place! The song 'This is my life' wrote by none other than German Schlager legend Herr Ralph Siegel

( who gave us so many Eurovision songs in the past- 19 in all ) It is the second time in Moldova's National Final for this great talent. And the perfect Eurovis' tune.

Check out a great Video for 'This is my Life' here- this song's Live performance the tune so should have been in the Eurovision 2011 Final-
no gimmicks- oh well- there is always 2012 Valeria hope to see you then.