Dec 11, 2011

Youngblood- is Fredrik Kempe's New Pop creation- with a new Single out Now

The News of a new Swedish boyband was made public with the roll-out of what to expect for Melodifestivalen 2012.
The band is called Youngblood- and are the creation of Sir Fredrik Kempe himself (see him in the video). In 2010 Fredrik brought Eric Saade singing 'Man boy'
so who knows what is ahead for these new popsters- Certainly over in the UK we have seen a small flood of new boyband sucess with One Direction, JLS & The Wanted (one of our faves)
Before the boys debut at Melodifestivalen they have a great first single called 'Blame it on you' -check out the Video-

Youngblood are Simon, Markus, Henric, Oscar & Chris - this new single is available on i-tunes NOW
even in Australia-

So treat yourself to some Melodi-pop ahead of Le Melodifestivalen-fun.

A New Playlist -The Best Tunes-December 2011

1- Eaten Alive - Clubmix - Man Meadow
2- C'est Bleu- Scooter & Vicky Leandros -NEW
3- Bearforce 1 Disco Medley- Bearforce One
4- C'etait Ma Vie - Lys Assia -NEW
5- Bailamor (English Vers) - Lili & Susie
6- Under Sjernerne Pa Himlen- Rasmus Seebach
7- I don't wanna put in- Stephane & 3G
8- Glad you came (Alex Gaudino Mix) - The Wanted
9- Blame it on you- Youngblood -NEW
10- Sunday Morning - Sebastian Karlsson -NEW
11- Speak to me (Bassflow Remake) -Roxette
12- Tu te reconnaitras (Encore une fois)- Anne Marie David
13- Til Tomorrow- Alexander Panayotov
14- You Came to Me Classic NRG Mix- Anne Marie David
15- Guess who rules the world -Roger Cicero
16- En dag i sander - Benny Anderssons Orkestra -NEW
17 -
Wake up -DiscoBrothers & Weather Girls (DR-2002)
18- Madness of Love (Gilles Peterson Remix)- Raphael Gualazzi
19- Goodbye - Zelijko Joksimovic -RE ENTRY
20- Sober - Loreen -NEW

Switzerland have choosen for Eurovision 2012- Sinplus

The winners of the National Final in Switzerland is Sinplus- two swiss-Italian brothers. Their band has been around for a couple of years and spent alot of time in LA California
with a song that is not unlike something the Killers would release as a single-this can be a good
thing- to put the Swiss back in the Final contest in Baku. Lyn Assia did not make the top 3 - while another Italian singer
Chiara Dubey was one of the runners up.
Certainly Switzerland with this rock-pop act will be looking for the kind of impact we saw from
'A Friend In London' from Denmark in 2011.

Best of luck to the guys in Baku- and we have now the first entry for Eurovision Song Contest 2012.
see a Live clip here of Sinplus and
the song 'Unbreakable'

Dec 10, 2011

Switzerland are about to get the Eurovision 2012 Party started- with a National Final

Not so many years ago- Switzerland had been known for making an internal selection for Eurovision with such
top artists like DJ Bobo, Paolo Meneguzzi & Vanilla Ninja Now Switzerland have begun a new tradition of having a National Final selection in early December- so being often the first country to make known their entry for Eurovision -5 months in advance. This certainly
has had the desired affect of creating lots of international interest in this first choice, even more so in 2011.
As the grand-mother of Eurovision Lys Assia is back
with a bold attempt to return after over 50 years away from the Eurovision stage. With a song written by non-other than Mr Grand-Prix Ralph Siegel himself.
This has created huge interest in the Tv Show due to take on 10th December 2011 at Bodensee Arena.

Lys Assia is remembered as the very first winner of Eurovision in 1956- with 'Refrain' but that's not all she came back 2 years running after her win- always to represent her homeland Switzerland. Lys came close to a 2nd win in Eurovision 1958 when Lys sang 'Giorgio'
was a runner up- This song for me was better than 'Refrain' as it had the fun popular Euro-charm that was to become the norm in later years at the Eurovision Song contest- but back in Eurovision 1958 Lys Assia was a trend setter on the European TV stage. (check this tune out above) Today Lys will be alot more traditional with this new entry and hope to create perhapes the kind of impact we saw from Patricia Kaas's entry of 2009- that gave France 8th place in the Final.

For 2012 Lys is up against 14 songs in the Swiss National Final yet Lyn is by far the favourite to win a place in Baku 2012. The song 'C'etait ma vie' will be sung as song 13 on the night- we certainly give Lys our full swiss 12 points
and hope this comeback dream becomes a reality.

See a SF Tv preview of the show 'here'

Whatever happens in the Swiss National Final it is the first song-step on the Road to Baku...

Dec 9, 2011

Eric Saade at last we have a fab Vid for 'Hotter than Fire'

Eric Saade - the one man
who cetainly made the best of his 3rd placing at Eurovision Song Contest- alot more than even the winners Ell & Nicki - who have still not managed to put together an album as a follow up on winning entry 'Running Scared' And since then Nikki has released her own single recently- will this mean the duo will be a one-off tune?

Eric Saade- has come a long way since his man-boy days of Melodifestivalen 2010. His second digital album called 'Eric Saade Vol 2'
saw a release last month- the new albums from Eric has experienced its fair share of criticism back home in Sweden strangely. The most recent 'Vol 2' offering for me seems to put those critics at bay- for sure Eric has his own style of very pure Electro-Pop- but why knock something that is proven to be popular.

If you need further proof check out the long awaited great new Video for the single