Mar 10, 2012

MELODIFESTIVALEN 2012- Globen Grand Final is here!

It's that magical saturday when Sweden - the one country in Europe that pulls out all the stops - annually with a Song Festival of glam and glitter. After 4 semi-final heats they will hold the Grand final at Globen.
Only in 2012- did the swedes open this Melo season with a funny-interval song called 'It's for Everyone -Not a Party for gays' a theme echoed last week in Russia as a Euro- folk tune sung by Buranovskiye Babushki- won a place in Baku called 'Party for Everyone' what does this all mean? we are thinking is it back to basics?

Or is black just the new Pink-

There are almost no gimmicks or novelty act's like the Buranovskiye Grannies at Globen Stockholm this year- apart from maybe Bjorn Ranelid feat Sara Li - who speaks his way through a techo-pop tune 'Mirakel' If you want some real schlager-pop that Melodifestivalen has been so famous for at home and internationally. It is rather thin on the ground this year. In fact this year we have No Kempe Magic- at all!
The popular' writer Fredrik Kempe has not been missing from Globen Final since back in 2006! (ending his 5 year Final-run)
At least we have 'Shout it out' one schlager-stomper to get the party started
with David Lindgren- a popular dance-tune to get you on your feet waving your hands around before the 'Mystery' of a new brand of Metal-Pop from Dead by April hits you- just after Thorsten Flinck claims he will rise once again! (although we are just hoping he stays berried)

Last year it was clear the final was Eric Vs Danny - So for this year it's become -The Danny Vs Loreen Show' certainly these two tunes are
great! both worthy winners and I think Danny deserves to take the prize- but.. when it comes to making Sweden a winner in
Baku at Eurovision Song Contest 2012. I personally think Loreen's performance has just what it takes! I could be wrong- I have been before- it really comes down to those now 11 International juries, they may not vote the same as public tele-voters - as it certainly looks like
it will be Danny & Loreen on top for the public vote.

Finally lets not rule out the wonderful Molly Sanden ballad 'Why Am I crying' it could be come a case of Danny vs Loreen vs Molly.

We should have a thrilling nail-biting final voting scoreboard simular to back in 2009- We can't wait...not long to go.

-Molly in her 'Black Leather' n chains


Craig said...

I completely agree - Molly's ballad is incredible... and think it would do well at Eurovision too. I'm still behind Danny♥ and Loreen though. Wanted Danny from beginning but Euphoria has now caught up 'cause I've been playing it to death... and think it might just have the edge to romp home the easy winner in May. As long as tonight's winner is one of these we're behind Sweden all the way in May. Enjoy tonight :) x

Schlager Steve said...

Absolutely Sweden had for me- really these 3 great songs to take to Baku-
Let's hope Euphoria' proves to be the winner the swedes deserve-