May 30, 2010

Lena is in shock - her first interview after winning Eurovision Song Contest 2010

Well what a win, in the end Europe shared the moment- it was one fabulous show.
Germany Lena & her song proved one of the Big four countries can really win Eurovision.

Once again in 2010- it is all about a briliant song.

Norway's Didrik gets our vote just before the Final begins

Didrik has come a long way since MGP Final in Oslo earlier this year. At that time
there was some concerns that his Norwegian accent made his song sound more like
'My HARD is yours' - and the re-actions seem to be is that a bad thing?
He even had a T-shirt to prove the point, we luv it- we want that T-Shirt and all that comes with it!

May 29, 2010

Sweden's is in crisis as they miss the first Eurovision Song Contest since 1976 !!

18 year old Anna Bergendahl has become the first swedish artist EVER not to make the
Eurovision Song Contest final after winning Melodifestivalen 2010.
Re-actions in countries like Finland Netherlands & Denmark have been "Hello Sweden- welcome to our world"
Yet poor young Anna has been very brave you
can see her sorrow in her eyes as Denmark's song "In a moment like this' took the remaining
Grand Final place in the second semi final.
Many critics & Euro fans have expressed how 'average' the Denmark entry is this year. I do
normally love most things that come out of Denmark for Eurovision. In 2010 I was very
disapointed with the danes choice for 2010. This does not mean the song will not do very well. It is after all
placed as the last song to sing that place in previous years has been the kiss of very sweet success.
If you ask me Anna's 'This is my life' is so much better and between these two tunes
Sweden wins for me anytime. Its just Eurovision fate, you win some you lose some- there is
always nexy year. Plus Fredrik Kempe has wrote an amazing classic tune for Norway
'My heart is Yours' this we can be so happy with..cheer up swedes all is not lost.

Lena does Boyzone at the Press conference

Eurovision is all 'bout Glamour & Fun Germany's Lena shows the way..
and puts all the critics right on her humour and the accent - GO LENA GO

we Luv LENA

May 28, 2010

One huge mighty hand-clap for Kuunkuiskaajat

They came- they clapped- they

made us laugh.. and finally cry. It was the

biggest loser in Semi Final 1.

Finland's Kuunkuiskaajat

we are so sorry to see you

leave Oslo. Comeback to ESC soon..

We luv Hera- what a performance for Iceland 2010

Yes, she is the Queen of Semi Final 1 in Oslo...
& everyone loves her- Je Ne Sais Quoi' Red dress. just schlaga-tastic

May 25, 2010

a BIG Happy Birthday Lena from Germany

She has just turned 19. it's funny to note that Alexander Rybak had his birthday
in Moscow in 2009- on 13thMay just before the final!- and look what happened to him last year.

May 24, 2010

Scene's from the Pink Carpet - Oslo Town Hall at the Welcome Party Eurovision Song Contest 2010

It was almost like opening night at the Oscars as the Stars came out in
their very best frocks- and looking fab-ulastic

Sweden's Anna Bergendahl, has she been doing watercolours- in her hotel room again?

Lena from Germany, she left her cassette player in the car thankfully.
All smiles & flags the Finnish 'Moonwhispers' ( cuz we cannot say
their real names in finnish)

..Ohhh was there a protest of somekind at City Hall? this must just have been an unknown Norwegian protestor !

May 23, 2010

Didrik Solli-Tangen's first rehearsal- this performance will be a showstopper

When you watch this rehearsal what can anyone say...
Alexander in 2009 made us jump with joy. Didrik with this song
tugs at the heart strings and I wanna cry.

Pete Waterman-'Sounds worried to me' preparing to fly the flag in Oslo for UK

Josh Dubovie is up for the job of singing for UK in Eurovision 2010
he is hoping he can do a Rick Ashley. As the song is wrote & produced by
Peter Waterman & Mike Stock. Pete was not to confident of a UK victory
cheer up Pete we found a terrific new Remix of
'that sounds Good to me' The best Remix -so far

In Oslo the 'party' has began with a Serbian Bash & performance by Milan Stankovic

"balken, balken, balken" check out a few Eurovision stars of 2010
celebrating having a great time in Oslo this week,

Eurovision From A - Z -its not all just in Oslo 2010. Melbourne's Euro Celebrations started just last night

the A To Z of here.

The wonderful
Julia Zemiro and Sam Pang our the host of Eurovision 2010.
Julia is very popular host of Rock Wiz music show downunder. As well
as a regular on 'Thank God Your here' (see link above to see Julia's funny clip from TGYH)
The guys a SBS Tv here put together last night ' A to Z of EUROVISION'
relive some great Eurovision memories - click here to view the show re-run
on SBS.
Find out many amazing Euroviz' facts like 3-time winner Johnny Logan grew up not in Ireland- but Frankston,Victoria (near Melbourne) & he is a guest on the show.
Also they track down Gina G 'ohh just a little bit' who is now a Hollywood mum !!

don't miss this trip down eurovision's memory-lane. well done sbs.

May 22, 2010

Finland's Kuunkuiskaajat with a sexy Accordian

this week there has been lots of fun interviews with
Eurovision Stars. This one in english has got to be one of the best a fun chat with those finnish moonwhispers.

Kuunkuiskaajat click here for Interview

May 19, 2010

Sieneke's rehearsal for "Sha la lie" she is so lovely ole skool schlager from Netherlands

Sieneke with the Surf song "Sha la lie" we like this tune- wanna see at least one
ole schlager tune in Olso final- & the stage set is so very Mouth & McNeal from Brighton 1974

May 18, 2010

Bulgaria's MIRO presents an English version of his song "You're An Angel"

MIRO- come in Bulgaria
An interesting New Video for the english version- which is not bad
- we hope to see Miro in the final

May 17, 2010

Milan Stanković's Balkan Beats- planning a real stomper for Serbia

This has slowly become one of my favourites Milan Stanković for Serbia in Oslo with the song Ovo Je Balkan.
Watch here Milan first rehearsal.

May 16, 2010

Oslo Rehearsals have begun - One fantastic starter with Sunstroke Project

Yes- the stage is set and ready rehearsal have begun already- and I for one think
Sunstroke Project look & sound great

Lena Meyer-Landrut - New Shoes

Lena has just released her new album 'My Cassette Player' in Germany
all in english each song presents her special style of singing. As you can see
from this Live version of 'New Shoes'- We can see how she easily captured the
imagination of the Germany public in her Pre-Selection show for Germany.

May 15, 2010

A1 perform a 'Eurovision classic' 'Mil Etter Mil' in Norwegian

A1 are took part in the Melodi Grand Prix 2010, they almost won
yet still proved themselves as Brit lead singer Ben Adams took on the task of singing
'Mil Etter Mil' from Jahn Teigen. The song from ESC 1978 is about Jan's long journey
to find someone
and telling this person that he simply cannot walk one more step - having walked "mile after mile" already. (Click on song- if you dare watch the original performance)
This Norway entry was recorded in Norwegian & English, it was a huge hit in Norway & other European countries and became a historical tune-
Mainly as it failed so badly at Eurovision finishing last with nul points. Even with
those fabulous sun glasses Jahn did not get a point!

Romania 'Playing With Fire' Paula Seling with Ovi (from Norway)

There is a lot of discussion about too many ballads in Eurovision 2010- yet there
is plenty of up-beat tunes on offer like 'Playing with Fire' I like this one it has
a great hook, I hope it will do well for Romania put them back in the Top 10.
They are almost look like Lynsey DePaul & Mick Moran (UK Entry 1977)

As Paula Seling is a successful singer/songwriter from Romania who has her own
album released in English. Ovi Martin has a great track record at home in Norway
for songwriting and performing in MGP.
Here is Ovi's first try at Eurovision glory in Norsk Melodi Grand Prix 2006
when his song 'Better side of Me' made the second Chance round but not
the Grand final- Last year in MGP he did make the cut with a big hit 'Seven seconds'

Belgium 'Me and my Guitar' by Tom Dice

May 13, 2010

Germany- Lena's album 'My Cassette Player' is out + My web site

Lena will sing in Oslo "Satellite" from Hamburg Germany
this orginal Star has suddenly rose to great
heights this year already. Having scored 3 Top
ten hits already with songs from Germanys TV show to
search for a Star For Oslo!
Check out more as well as some tracks from
here debut album My Cassette Player at
Lena Meyer Landut Site
This may well be one of the best official site - check it out!

SunStroke Project are Moldova's Sax-Secret for Oslo -Check out their new Trax

SunStroke Project is a symbiosis of a violin, saxophone with high energy vocals, making up a fashionable chaos of music. They've given concerts in more than 30 cities
and 40 clubs all over Europe and have had a few club-hits with their own blend of sax and beats. Thats not all they have been releasing some great Club Trax in Europe for the past couple of years.

'Believe' the clip above is new for 2010 & we luv this as much as the Eurovision Track
'Runaway' (below) Another goodie is
'In your Eyes'
a single from 2009- All available from i-tunes internationally

May 12, 2010

Violins are back in Oslo with MOLDOVA's Dance SunStroke Project

This Eurovision 2010 entry from Molodva is a tune called 'Runaway'
but don't run just listen. In a year when there is
a shortage of quality up-beat songs, should mean this song may well
do very well indeed. Great use of sax with violins but no fairytale ...

May 11, 2010

a serious Ballad from the Ukraine: Alyosha 'Sweet People'

This video was shot on the area near the 1986 nuclear disaster in Chernobyl, in the town
of Prypyat. It will launch Alyosha's Eurovision 2010 Entry for Ukraine. This year we was
many costume changes in the Ukraine Eurovision camp, the first entry for 2010- a ballad called
'I love you' sung by Vasily Lazarevich- was scrapped then at the last minute as a
National Final was held at the last minute- This was the result with 'Sweet People'

Miro from Bulgaria sings 'Angel Si Ti' at ESC Oslo

a GREAT Vid from Miro- seems he is not
just a cute face!

May 10, 2010

Germany's Lena Meyer- Landrut becomes the New Oslo favourite

Her name is Lena Meyer-Landrut, she is a Huge new star in Germany Austria & even Switzerland.
She was a clear favorite for the German ARN/NDR 'Unser Star fur Oslo ' TV show This series was organised by former
Eurovision contender Stefan Raab, it was a long Idol/ X factor like-process. From a total of 20 acts the competion
was down to 2 girls Jennifer Braun and Lena. In the final show the singers had shown their talents by
performing other artists popular songs. It was clear Lena singing 'Satellite' was the most popular on the
night. And for most Eurovision Starlettes the story pauses here until Eurovision Final. ( as Germany get a qualifing
place in ESC Final each year)
Lena's success story contined with three songs from the Show shot into the German Top 10 chart lists 'Bee' & Love Me
(wrote by Stefan Raab & Lena) the winning song 'Satellite' stayed at No;1 and reached Platinum in no time at all.
As well as becoming Germany's fastest selling digital release ever! Not bad for one entry in this year's
Eurovision Song Contest. Could Germany be the first country from the big four to win ESC in the new
We Luv' LENA..............

May 9, 2010

Didrik Solli-Tangen - 'Because We Believe' Norway's Golden Voice

Didrik is performing all over Norway this spring- As he is still a relatively new Artist even
in his homeland. Born in Porsgrunn, a small town situated south-west of Oslo
He is still a student at Barratt Due Institute of performing arts in Oslo, although he has
proved his amazing ability for singing opera classics as in this fantastic clip. From Norska's TV2`s
'Artistgalla of 2010'
We believe in Didrik- for Oslo 2010- The voice from the heart

May 8, 2010

Edward Maya Feat Vika 'Stereo Love' No 1 in Sweden

-We luv this track

Romanian Producer/Songwriter Edward Maya Makes it Big in Sweden

Edward Maya- his real name is Eduard Llie from Romania is a musician producer songwriter & now new
dance star with his big House Dance hit ' Stereo Love' This tune became a big dance hit last
year, now the song has crossed over and become a pop hit making No;1 all over Europe . In Sweden during Melodifestivalen
invastion of the Charts, Edward
'Stereo Love' hit No;1 for 2 weeks. He has worked on a lot of great mixes with mainly Romanian stars as well as re-launching the international career of Akcent (Romanian boyband) in recent years. The Akcent boys now feel the recent hit by Edward borrows too heavly from the Maya Mix of Akcent's 'Stay with Me' hit of 2009.
Akcent in 2009

At the age of 19 Edward was the songwriter behind Mihai Traistariu - 'Tornero' Romania's Eurovision entry and massive hit of 2006.As Lordi won that year 'Tornero' went on to be a big success at the time I felt this song should have
at least got 2nd placing- also check out the great Video clip Mihai did for the track that year...

May 6, 2010

farewell to a Melodifestivalen Legend 'BRITA BORG'

Brita Borg passed away on Tuesday aged 85 she was active right up until the end.

Brita was born in Stockholm and won Veckorevyn amateur song contest in the early 1940s
She went on to sing Sweden's 2nd ever Eurovision entry singing 'Augustin' in 1959. In Cannes she sang for Sweden in Eurovision Song Conest during it's 4th year ever- and finished 9th place. Brita's most famous hit was in the Swedish charts for an amazing 21 week run in 1969's "Sweet sixies"(Ljuva sextital), was in fact submitted for Melodifestivalen in 1969. It was rejected yet became one of the first hits written by Benny Andersson and Bjorn Ulvaeus (lyric by Stig Anderson). One of the Abba members first ever big songwriting credits in sweden. Thanks Brita.

Check out her Eurovision glory singing

May 4, 2010

Estonia's Malcolm Lincoln will be sending out a 'Siren'

For me when Eurovision comes around there is always a handful of countries
who manage to always come up with the goods, year after year. One of them must be
Estonia. Last year's 'Rändajad' was a comeback that was well deserved, for Oslo something
a little different with Malcolm Lincoln a very haunting ballad. It works very well I think.
The video is perhapes the best of Eurovision 2010, give it time this siren will
take you in!

May 2, 2010

Serbia is sending The Face of Milan Stanković to Oslo

A Serbian popular new singer, born on 9 September 1987 in Obrenovac. He graduated from med school in Zemun, Now he has become one of the hottest pop singers. He auditioned for "Zvezde Granda" (Pop Idol) thanks to his sister and uncle. In the competition he went to the final, and after this he continued with his career in pop music. (see below)

The entry for Sebia is Ovo Je Balkan- This is Balkans will be sung in Serbian although it sounds very traditional
it also blends well into Milan's own Electro pop sound.
His latest songs are Nepopravjivo, Solo and Face where he made his first music video in 2009.

If Lady Ga-Ga had a younger cousin it may well just be Milan!

Finland's Enry 'Työlki Ellää' the Duo Kuukuiskaajat tell us what they are singing about?

Kuukuiskaajat- Moonwhispers

One of the best entry's this year in Eurovision 2010 from Finland sung
in a real modern folk-style. Very different from modern Finnish songs of
recent years. We hope to see the girls from Kuukuiskaajat in the Top ten
in the Oslo final.
However they will be a Eurovision commentator's nightmare- Having to say the song title
is hard, let alone Kuukuiskaajat! Thanks to freinds at we find out at
long last what they are singing about.

Didrik is Here. Norway's Star has a new site ready for Oslo

Open and ready for business, and not just his shirt!

May 1, 2010

Iceland-Hera Bjork's 'Je ne sais quoi' Offical Video

We like the NEW video; and the song is one of the best.
As for the Vid- not a Volcano in sight!
Filmed at Sundhöll Reykjavíkur ( Swimming baths ) I am guessing with all that
vocanic ash around, what better way to get rid of it but a nice swim...!

What's in a beanie? Norway's face of Eurovision 2009 & 2010!