Feb 23, 2013

As promised Army of Lovers are about to rocket into Melodifestivalen at semi-final 4

After last weeks Melodifestivalen 2013 semi-final 3, we are in shock still as to the unbelievable result. At least we have one of the best Melodifestivalen tunes of this year's Eddie Razaz's 'Alibi' to hear and hit replay on. Even if sweden voted it out of the contest!
Just now we have dug out all our Army of Lovers fab CD's to hear again in preparation for the return
of possibly the most fabulous and campest dance troup Sweden has ever produced.
So if at Malmo in May Sweden still plans to stay on the Eurovision map choose well ...
  and our vote is for the amazing return of Army of lovers with' 'rockin the ride'

Feb 16, 2013

A Hurricane is about to hit Melodifestivalen 2013 with Eddie Razaz

We are ready, for Eddie-

Well what has happened at Melodifestivalen 2013 !, already we are about to have semi final 3 go to air in Skelleftea. At last an exciting semi-final we feel with plenty of Thomas G:son magic as we go into the third contest.
Last week's semi final had the great schlager trio of Swedish House Wives with 'On top of the world' knocked out of the Melodifestivalen race- only to be beaten by Sean Banan (- no comment) and some random song making the Melodifestivalen final called,
wait for it.... "only dead fish follow the stream" (come on swedes what are you thinking? - an international jury could not save you with this kind of song choice?) apart from this semi- hick-up
 the potentional is still alive in a few more great tunes this week.

After 'Eurthoria' there had to be one song penned by Peter Bostrom. This is the song 'Alibi'
 the artist is a certain Eddie Razaz, amazing looks aside- for sure Eddie is a dream-boat of a hunk..
Eddie is a real deal and making an incredible solo
debut this year. Formally of the pop duo Rebound who had a huge dance hit with 'Hurricane'
We think Eddie and Army of Lovers are two artists who can carry the Eurovision trophy well in Malmo at Eurovision 2013. Just remember sweden, we get one chance,
and several thousand tele-votes in the right place.

Meanwhile over in Hannover - Germany chooses the Song for Malmo..

As you know schlagertunes has a certain soft spot for Le German Eurovision entries.

So this year at last German has gone back to a final Grand Prix style song selection, although it's still called 'Unsere Star for Malmo'
A firm fan fave was Betty Dittrich, image a german version of Emma Bunton, with a 60's style schlager song called 'Lalala' a very cute song and although not altogether 2013 we think it had alot of potentional anyhow and could still pop up in the German charts.
So the national final stuck with an artist we all know fairly well on the Dance charts of recent years
Or Natalie Horler has sold already in a region of 20 million albums, and her international breakthough came with 'Evertime we touch' back in 2006.
Cascada's entry for Euroviison is 'Glorious' and is already following her win in Hannover. Is at No:2
in the german charts already- a great start. Amazingly if Cascada hit's No 1 next week this will be her first No:1 single in homeland Germany. Yet all that international fame will hopefully see a german
success in Malmo.. we like the extended mix of Glorious