Jul 31, 2010

More Austria Eurovision Greatest Hits with Gary Lux from 1985

The song was 'Kinder dieser Welt' - The Children of World it came 8th at Goteburg in
1985 - the very year Lil Lindfors lost her dress during the presentation.
Upon Norway's first win with Bobbysocks 'Let it Swing' Lill said

"I must say I am honestly very happy that this happened because Norway
has been last on so many times that you really deserve it!"
Hanne Krogh replied, "You're happy? What do you think we are?!"

25 years later Norway has 3 wins are chasing Sweden's 4 wins historically
and even Austria are back in the game..

Jul 28, 2010

AUSTRIA after 3 year away will return to EUROVISION 2011

Yes the rumours are true .. we will have

-with Austria back in Eurovision.
the country that have brought us so many Euro gems like pop-folk
group back in 1977 Schmetterlinge with Boom 'Boom Boomerang'

-this entry somehow managed to have as part of it's chorus
everyother Eurovision song title that had even been up until that
year 77 ! austrian technology....

Ola is back with 'Overdrive' another No 1

-the unstoppable OLA is back with a new single and its topping the Singles Chart
already back in Sweden. A great summer sizzler I like it even more than the Melodifestivalen Hit for 2010.
And this video has a harsh reality-check for
anyone who has to dash out to make the 'New Bed Sales' this summer in Sweden- way to go?

Jul 22, 2010

Classic EUROVISION TUNE from 1971

While recently digging out some ole favourite Eurovision entry's
we dug out Kanne Krogh (one half of BOBBYSOCKS-who won in 1985)
first sung for Norway in 1971 with a great tune 'Happiness' check out
this Promo Vid for her at the tune-
back when happiness was wearing your bright Orange slacks down at the harbour!

Jul 16, 2010

The Netherlands are ready for Eurovision Germany 2011 with 3 JS

introducing 3JS - a manboy band from Holland, there was rumours that they would be
picked for Eurovision in the past now its conformed 2011 in Germany will be their year.
After 3 success albums they have made a name for themselves- 3 Js is made up of 2 Jaap's with a jan! Jan Dulles, Jaap Kwakman & Jaap de Witte.
Will they provide what Netherlands so badly needs to put them back on the Eurovision map
we hope so cus we luved Sieneke's 'Sha La Lee' in 2010..the new tune promises to be in dutch again as all 3JS's music is sung in dutch.

Jul 14, 2010

Rasmus Seebach- a Sensation in Sweden this summer

single -happy again

I have already posted some details of Rasmus, having been listening

lots to his great debut CD it certainly deserves a second mension. Last christmas

in homeland Denmark it gave Susan Boyle's CD a run for the money in Sales, and

now this album is making a mark on the swedish charts even thu its sung in danish.

Here is some words from Rasmus on his debut hit..

It is an incredibly honest record. I try not to hit any particular genre or style,

but I write songs from my life, about things that matter to me.

So I hope people find it interesting and that my songs can arouse true feelings in people. "

It all began with the single, 'Angel', which has stormed radio and charts over the

summer 09 and has so marked Rasmus on the musical map of Denmark

- including when he scored his first number one.

It should certainly be no secret that Rasmus comes from a musical family.

And about having to live up to Tommy Seebach voice and musicality says Rasmus:

"It is of course difficult to avoid being compared with my father.

I am incredibly proud of what my father achieved in his long career,

and I would be happy if only

I could get a fraction of all the musical experiences that he has had. "

Rasmus continues, "I am sure my father would be proud of the album

Nico (his brother) and I've made, and I am sure he enjoys himself just

up there and hums with our new songs."

when he sings the track 'Det Jeg Er' (It is Me ) a tribute to Tommy

with the lyrics - "It took me 29 years, but I get it now -

now I've done, Just like you said when you told me- Sing kid, just sing

- and I do so. "

"But now I sing most, because I cannot help it" adds Rasmus Seebach.

Jul 12, 2010

The Ark are back- In full Regalia

The Ark they gave us 'The Worrying Kind' back in Melodifestivalen 2007.
They stole the show with there very own style of Modern GLAM Rock back
when Miko was not even thought up!

The Ark new Cd is available as a full 20-page magazine as well, which is
a great idea - and the tracks as dysfunk-ed as ever with the likes of 'Hygiene Squad'
or 'I'll have my way with you Frankie?" just a couple. The first single is 'Superstar'
from the new album.
...we have a soft spot for the album track 'Did you ever heart a Song'
check it out here...

Jul 11, 2010

'Natteravn' Rasmus Seebach One great dance Mix

introducing Rasmus Seebach Denmark's Schlager Son - Happy again!

this is Tommy Seebach's son Rasmus.Tommy Seebach the king of schlager for the danes. Has a musical son
who just now is riding high in Swedish charts with 'Natteravn' with a
fantastic dance mix of his new hit. This single has enjoyed a long run in
sweden peaking at No: 6 showing signs that it is not finished yet.

Meanwhile back in homeland Denmark Rasmus is continuing his dad's traditions
with a string of top 3 hits sung in danish 'Engel' (Angel), 'Glad igen' (Happy again) 'Den jeg er'
-this sensitive ballad's lyrics deal with his fathers sudden death from alcoholism
& how he has forgiven him and all is well.

The debut album is called 'Rasmus Seebach' - a great set of 12 tunes, perhapes
he will really follow in his dad's shoes onto the Eurovision stage?