Feb 28, 2011

Schlager FEVER in Malmo before the heated 2nd Chance Round

The last semi final in Malmo- turned out to be another schlager victory this time for
Linda Bengtzing with her new upbeat tune 'E del fel pa mig?' The second Globen place
went to rocker Nicke Borg with his rock ballad 'Coming home' this means one of the favourites had to miss out. This time it was Melody Club with 'The Hunter' which finished in 5 th place.

Other faves Love Generation went on to 2nd Chance together with Linda Pritchard who gave us a performance to remember with 'Alive' This weekend is all set for the Second chance round...
the duel- that has created lots of schalger interest is Jenny Silver vs Love Generation. It seems so unfair to match these 2 great song against each other, we are hoping Jenny can hold off the Love Gen girls to finally getto Globen with the schlager-tastic 'Something in your eyes'

-We did rather like Anders Fernette's performance 'Run' it did not qualify in Malmo- nexttime Anders

Feb 26, 2011

Austria's Klimmstein bid for Eurovision featuring Joe Sumner

Austria held its own National Final on friday night- Of the 12 songs & artists 3 of them
qualified for thew super-round.

There were-

Nadine Beiler

Klimmstein ft. Joe Sumner


Of these three we liked most Klimmstein - with the added vocalist of Joe Sumner. He is Stings son, and towards the end of this track show his sting style vocal. This tune 'Paris Paris' came
3rd this could have been an excellent choice to go to dusseldorf.

The winner for Austria on the night -was a ballad sung by Nadine Beiler - 'The secret of Love'

Feb 25, 2011

Lovely Linda's back in Melodifestivalen with 'Alive'

We are so glad to see Linda Pritchard back in Melodifestivalen - she missed out in 2010 with 'You're making me hot hot hot' that did not make the final. For 2011 she has a strong schlager-ballad called 'Alive' It is going to be a tough semi final this saturday in Malmo, that may turn out to be a battle of the Love Generation & Melody Club are favourites right now to go direct to Globen. Then lets not forget Linda Bengtzing return with a new schlager anthem in swedish. She is continuing the back to schlager theme this year
Melody Club look & sound strong enough to win this round with
'The Hunter' - looking like a flashback to the The Ark in 2007- with some chess pieces thrown in. I like the tune, just on first hearing yet still not convinced Melody Club are the best choice to take Sweden back to Eurovision final. Rock-pop bands too often get lost in the euro-glitter
a better choice could be Love Generation's track.

- Check out a short clip of 'Dance Alone' Love Generation the last song to be sung of 2011

Melody Club

Feb 22, 2011

One Love, One fan of boy band Blue who will sing for UK in Eurovision 2011

- at least they found someone who 'is excited' about Blue singing for UK !

Feb 20, 2011

introducing Raphael Gualazzi -who will take that journey from San Remo to Eurovision

Raphael Gualazzi, a jazz singer who has just won the San Remo award for Best Newcomer in 2011. Will sing for Italy in dusseldorf with a song he wrote himself.

It will be interesting to see how this talented singer will get on - as a tradition jazz singers have not done too well in eurovision in the past. check out the performance of

Follia d'amore

It will be interesting to see how this talented singer will get on - as a tradition jazz singers have not done too well in eurovision in the past.

Eric Saade leads the Kempe landslide in Linkoping

As Eric Saade won the third semi-final he gave songwriter guru Fredrik Kempe a massive lengthy hug- Eric's continued smile said it all. There seemed to be no doubt 'Popular' is the the new 'Manboy for Melodifestivalen 2011. Eric seems set for at the least a top 3 placing at Globen. The Playtones a big dansband in Sweden right now they sang yet another Kempe tune called 'The King' although a great choice for the Globen final.
This result saw Shirley's Angels going to second chance round (hurrrah!) along with Sara Varga on 5th March this showdown will take place.

This result meant we somehow lost some fantastic songs! Simon Forsberg with perhapes the ballad of 2011-but ever worse Sebastian's fantastic song finished in a non-qualifing 5th place, surely we will see him on the charts with 'No one else can' very sooon

- we will miss Sebs here at schlagertunes .......

Sebastian Karlsson.

Feb 19, 2011

Eric Saade New Look! New Song! New Globen Finalist?

Yes this is the same Manboy' from 2011. He has a brand new website - check it out As well as looking better prepared than ever for Melodifestivalen, there is talk in Stockholem Melo Globen final could turn out to be a head-to-head between Danny vs. Eric. I must say I do like the new melodifestivalen tune 'Popular' It is nothing too different for Eric's pop sound, but does seem to be a lot better choice for Eurovision- if it does come down to these 2 guys at Globen.
Certainly Eric looks to be the first to go on to the final in Linkopping semi final..
Lets see soon.

- At rehearsal with new song 'popular'

Sebastian No One Else Could- make a comeback to Melo like him

Sebastian was from the same Idol batch as Mans Zelmerlow- Only it has taken Sebastian until now to return to Melodifestivalen He has a great song 'No One Else Could' -its said to be like The Killers/Melody Club in it's style.
This is very different from his 'When the night comes falling' (Mf 2007) however on just a few listening I like it alot - with Jenny Silver is perhapes one of the best.

Welcome back Sebastian-

Met Shirley & her Angels in a short interview with Rickard Engfors

Shirley's Angels super performance at Linkoping- plus a jolly swedish chat below..

Shirley's Angels all set to take on Melodifestivalen

Shirley Clamp - she is a schlager-diva with a difference. Way back in 2001 shirley sang in Eurovision Song Contest as a backing singer/dancer to Helena Paparizou (greek swede). This appearance lead to her Melodifestivalen debut singing 'Mr Memory' in Melodifestivalen 2003, this song did not qualify for the final. This did not stop 'Mr Memory' becoming a schlager classic followed by her Melodifestivalen anthem's
'Min karlek' & 'Att alska dig' both sung in swedish these tunes are pure schlager perfection.
They finished in 4th place in 2004 & 2005.
For Melodifestivalen 2011 Shirley has formed a new pop schlager band called Shirley's Angels they are made up of two former Schlager backing singers ( not unlike Shirl in Eurovision 2003 ) The three-some will sing 'I through it was forever' on saturday in Linkoping. The song has the incredible line-up of Alexander Bard, Booby Ljunggren & Henril Wikstrom.

...this all adds up to a Schlager historical Masterpiece & performance, for certain. 2011 really is turning into the Return to Schlager year- with Jenny Silver, Sanna Nielsen & now Shirley with her angels. - See them in action during rehearsals for the semi final

Feb 17, 2011

Welcome to Melodifestivalen Boy 'Semi-final' Zone in Linkoping

The third semi final of Melodifestivalen in Linkopping is taking place this saturday. And has for us just about the best line up of all we think, lets start with the boyz ...
The popular choice of the moment is the return of Eric Saade who has built up a big fan base since Manboy of 2010. He will sing a song called 'Popular' how fitting?
How bout stud Sebastian ( When the night comes falling ) and Simon Forsberg, he is even a former Mr Gay Sweden winner who's vocals have been choosen to sing the big ballad from Fredrik Kemp
'Tid att andas' He certainly has the looks for it and seeing as Globen line up is missing any ballad so far this year- Could this be the one. I was a great fan of the Kempe's ballad 'Hollow' last year so I am hoping we may get something simular from Simon?
A rather stunning single cover as well.

Feb 13, 2011

Sanna Nielsen is Goin Back to Schlager- and goes Direct to Globen

semi- final 2 from Goteburg on saturday turned out to be a win for schlager-dom With the fantastic Sanna Nielsen being the first artist to go direct to Globen with 'I'm so in Love' Brolle was the other song to make the final with 'seven days, seven nights'
However its Sanna who has put schlager back on the Melodifestivalen map- with an upbeat schalger stomper that some are calling the sister track to Charlotte's 'Hero'
Since Sanna's breakthough in 1996 with 'Til en fagen' the number one hit.

Sanna first appeared in Melodifestivalen 2001 when she came 3rd with a swedish ballad "Igar Igar" she has since make the Melodifestivalen final every 2nd year, in 2003, 2005 and 2007. In fact the songwriters of 2006 Melodifestivalen winning tune 'Evighet' (Invincible) had in mind Sanna Nielsen to sing this winnner until Carola came along to make her massive return to schlager form
Normally she sings a up-beat schlager in swedish, For the Melodifestivalen in 2008 she broke her tradition every second year performances with a exciting ballad this time "Empty Room" this finished a close 2nd place in Globen. So this is the personal best record Sanna has to beat in 2011. She is already on the way..

Loreen 'My heart is refusing me' & The Monkier ' Oh my god' both gained places in the second chance round- in Goteborg this weekend. While Christian Walz 'Like suicide' was a strong fifth placed song- That is proving to be the first big hit non-qualifier of 2011.

Feb 12, 2011

ireland's EuroSong 2011- They have made their Minds up..with some help from cheryl

Ireland's Eurosong 2011- has just finished and what a great show it was. Featuring the non other than the fabulous Cheryl Baker who was on the panel of Eurovision experts- then the Original Bucks Fizz did a performance of Making your mind up' just before the voting began.
Ireland came up trumps in 2011 with some very different songs & styles 5 in all choosen by music mentors from the industry. This was the songs and line-up as they performed in Eurosong -with the final scores.

  • 1 -Don Mescall - Talking With Jennifer - Written by Ronan Hardiman & Don Mescall -68 points
  • 2 -Jedward - Lipstick - Written by Dan Priddy, Lars Jensen And Martin Larson - 98 points
  • 3 -Bling - Shine On - Written by Patrick Mahoney- 44 points
  • 4 -The Vard Sisters - Send Me An Angel - Written by Liam Lawton -54 points
  • 5 -Nikki Kavanagh - Falling - Written by Christina Schilling, Camilla Gottschalck, Jonas Gladnikoff and Hanif Sabzevari - 96 points

It was a very tight finish on the RTE scoreboard, with jury votes & televotes had been limited to just 33% this year. This seemed to be a disadvantage for the Star act- Jedward' however it turned out to still put them on top and the winners on the night. The regional juries votes gave Nikki Kavanagh the most votes with Jedward a very close 2nd, then the televote as expected gave Jedward the lead they needed to win.
Yes- as we predicted on an earlier post Eurosong was a 2-horse race between Jedward & Nikki Kavanagh, with her massive voice. Jedward jumped like bunnies with joy at the close victory with a 2 point lead on the night.
Good luck boys-you did it-
the song's called 'Lipstick' with this smaller Late Late Show' Tv stage it seemed to limit the twins with the song performance, we expect in the big massive Eurovision stage they will show us everything they have got to offer.

Go go Jedward- can they make it Dublin 2012?

Feb 6, 2011

Ding Ding- Let's hear it for the boy, Danny- wins in round one

The first semi-final of Melodifestivalen 2011- had one show-topper from Nanne Gronvall singing 'I have nothing' -it was so fantastic to see Nanne back on Melodifestivalen stage we hope one year with the right song Nanne will return to Mf contest again. Until then Nanne confirmed her Schlager-Diva status in Lunea so well.
Meanwhile- Danny became the first to qualify for Globen with his Dance track 'In the club' as he was always a dead certainty for the final. Since he is so popular Danny will be a hit of the 2011 season- yet is this song really a perfect choice for Eurovision? I am not convinced. Then we got Swingfly just another chart hit in the swedish charts that would'nt work too well for Sweden in Dusseldorf - I think. So it certainly looks like a up-beat Melodifestivalen for 2011

One of the first qualifiers for the second chance was Percilla Andersson, a great tune- in fact one of the best on the night. Then what happened to Le Kidd- the performance and tune was certainly worthy of at least 2nd Chance round, it failed to gain the votes. Another causality was the summer-pop song from Jonas Matsson's 'On my own' the only consolation was he showed off his arm tatoos- this alone got one tele-vote from us.
Then came Jenny Silver, what a song! - her performance was nothing short of amazing... and the song everything you can expect from pure-schlager - for sure Bjorn and Benny will be checking their unsured back catalog- on hearing this song ('are you sure we did'nt do this one!' nan!) . This song just has to go to Globen,it made 2nd chance only 'Something in your eyes' is what swedes do best- Jenny was so worthy of that 2nd chance place at Globen.

I hope they do -Listen to their heartbeats' in Melodifestivalen this year, and don't get lost in just trying to be original and a bit different- this has so often not worked for Sweden.
What not we can ask ourselves? it worked well for Belgium's Tom Dice in ESC 2010. That's true but from Sweden the expectation will always be higher- as a leading musical market of Europe.

shades 'n' tatts of Jonas Matsson

Feb 5, 2011

Jenny does Schlager- and not just in Lulea! in denmark too?

It looks like a most exciting start to Melodifestivalen 2011- with the first semi final in Lulea. There has been a few review & rehearsals taken place. The top favourites at the moment is Danny of EMD, Pernilla Andersson, Jenny Silver. Jenny debuted in 2010 with 'A place to be' a Minogue-eque song that was one of the best of last year- yet missed out on qualifing outside the semi-final.
Now jenny has gone completely schlager with 'Something in your eyes' and with songwriting credits from Thomas G:Son who has brough us many schlager classics in the past.
With Freinds entry 'Listen to your heartbeat' & Carola's mightly 'Invincible' & 'Vem e du vill ha' back in 2002 for Kikki Lotta & Bettan. To name just a few- then last year for Denmark 'In a moment like this' that gave Denmark 4th place in Oslo 2010. So it's really no surprise to see G:Son featured twice with songs in Melodifestivalen 2011 ( he wrote Sanna Nielsen's I'm in Love')
As well as in Dansk Melodi Grand Prix over in Denmark -2 more songs choosen for the danes final in a few weeks.

The first reviews for Jenny silver's entry is a real return to G:Son form - just classic schlager with an Abba-like chorus- with an amazing key change, and even simular to a recent remix of 'Fantasy Island' Tight Fit's 80's hit - that we all adore. All this and a fab frock to boot!

ohhhh.. I feel a historical schlager-moment could well be born in Lulea on saturday.

check out this great clip & interview that reveals the new Jenny silver -look for 'Something in your eyes' (in fact in this clip-she looks almost like a swedish jennifer saunders!!)

Meanwile the danish Schlager G:Son entry is another 'Jenny'- with non other than 90's singer Jenny Berggren from Ace of Base- She recently started her own solo career as ole Ace of Base reformed in 2010- with two replacement girl singers. Ace of base- had been rumoured to take a song into Melodifestivalen/Eurovision for about the past 8 years - yet it just never happened. So maybe now Jenny-does-Schlager in MGP, they may at last take to the Eurovision stage -even if its one Ace of Base member..her song is 'Let your heart be mine' good luck- to both the Jenny's
for a possible Dusseldorf -schlager battle? who knows.