May 30, 2015

The 2015 award for Eurovision Le Hunk: Went to the Spain's dancer

His name is Giuseppe di Bella (Edurne dancer) from our own Hampton jury we voted him hunk of the competition- and here thanks to wiwibloggs is a very exclusive interview with Giuseppe..

May 27, 2015

Eurovision at 60- So many years & memories

Well the ole Beeb,  cannot seem to come up with a Eurovision Song Contest winner in recent times, yet they can produce a most perfect doco covering all 60 years, so many rare clips and words of Eurovis wisdom from many like ireland's Dana, Bucks Fizz (who sing classic 60's hits!!)                     & Katrina (and the Waves)

May 23, 2015

Mans and Guy = Bromance.

Måns Zelmerlöw & Australiens Guy Sebastian hälsar från kvällens genrep!

Posted by SVT Melodifestivalen on Friday, May 22, 2015

Vienna Favourites- Germany 'Black smoke'

Every now and then there comes along a song you don't get and don't like. We know what first impressions can be like, well with Black Smoke, my impression was not good one. Then I found myself humming the song it really does get under your skin. Then Ann Sophie suddenly gelled with me and I was struck with Germany as a favourite to maybe not win but do very well.

May 20, 2015

Vienna Favourites- Hungary 'Wars for Nothing'

It has been said that a real great song will hook you in within the first 20secs in some way. Well Boggie does this witha simple opening line
 "Well you know our world is a mess..."
On first hearing this song completely passed me by, it gave me flashbacks to 'War is not Over' Walter & Kazha in 2005. A very different time and tune, I saw the song video then I got it, and from then on it has grown stronger and stronger. It maybe another 2015 slow anthem. I like it and for certain she will get lots of votes in Vienna's vote hungry Grand Final.

Boggie rose to fame with a top No:1 single called Perfume (Nouveau Parfum) and she will not only do amazing things in Vienna, also another top seller on the way.

May 18, 2015

Vienna Favourites Greece 2015 -In Review

Maria Elena Kyriakou from Greece gives us 'One Last Breath' the song with a large dose of the 'Celine Dion' lotion- it worked well for Hungary's Katy Wolf a few years back. Yet you have to wonder how much longer the Dion lotion can work well at Eurovision Song Contest?
This song is certainly a grower and for that reason Greece really need to qualify from Semi Final 1 as long as they do this will end up being one of the years highlights. As it is one of the most powerful of the  many great ballads at Eurovision 2015.

Maria Elena won The Voice- Greece in 2014 and certainly that powerful voice has brought Marai Elena this far and we hope Eurovision takes it further. She already has a record deal with Universal Greece,

May 17, 2015

Vienna Favourites Estonia 2015 -In Review

This year's Eurovision must be the one with the most male female duo Ever! 8 out of 40 in all.
We know how the Netherlands Common Linnets- made a real impact at Eurovision 2014 in copenhagen (2nd place) so maybe that is why? It seems strange then as Ell & Nikki from back 2011, never had this effect with male/female duo's all singing the following year?

Elina Bore & Stig Rästa, for me are the 'Golden Couple of Eurovision 2015', and not just as both of them look and sound fantastic with the upbeat 'Goodbye to Yesterday' The song that has produced a top selling hit in their homeland of Estonia as well as earning a massive 79% of the public vote in the local selection process. So they have become one of the Top 5 favourites to win in Vienna.

The song is a massive slice of meloncony-pop, with a great storyline-  as Stig is slipping out of bed in morning unheard, quietly to end their relationship. Leaving Elina alone staring at her phone in bed... the song leaves us like a classic ole 60's french movie. All wanting to know what happens next?

I may have said it before, but I feel at Eurovision, each year Estonia always come up with the goods, This maybe because they do take the song contest seriously and just seem to have a never ending talent of great artists. Often in a more musically alternative vein but Estonia never seem afraid to take risks at ESC,  so wish they could increase their win total from the one time back in Copenhagen 2002.

Stig Rästa is no stranger to Eesti Laul -Estonia's National Final, as being part of the pop-rock band 'Traffic' who entered several times in Eesti Laul, the most successful was 'Für Elise' last year that finished 3rd in the final and went on to be a huge hit. This was wrote by Stig himself. Another Eesti Laul success was a interesting song called "I wanna met Bob Dylan" by Outloudz in Esti Laul 2011. As well as a track called 'Enough' sung by Elina in 2013.
The song with the most potencial Eurovision previously was I think  last year's 'Für Elise' (above)    

May 16, 2015

Our Conchita's Even started a Home Shopping DayChannel

Seriously,          this must be the first Eurovision Contest winner of recent times, who has taken a whole year, 12 long months-  to prepare, and record, and select songs for her debut Album. We know by now just how amazing Conchita has been since back in May 2014 when she took the Eurovision prize.
In her own words she explains, and truly it's almost her own day-time shopping channel !
We luv U.

                                     'It's for you'  available in Australia now

Vienna Favorites- Russia: +Introducting Kat Vinter (Australia)

                   One song that has grabbed alot of attention in Vienna during the rehearsals is Russia's 'A Million Voices' among a million ballads (well it seems like..) this song manages to really stand out from the rest at Eurovision Song Contest 2015.
The song is sung by Polina Gagarina, an actress, model and songwriter, who's family settled in Athens, Greece. She won Russia's Star Factory in 2003 and has since enjoyed a few hits and two best selling album in Russia. Polina is all set to impress the audience in Vienna, and I think she will just walk through Semi Final 1 to the Grand Final. If not, well with a name like Polina she is perfect to join the schlager team 'Dolly Style' (who need a new girl- I believe)

                  Just behind Polina on stage will be another powerful new artist from Australia no less! and one of the main songwriters of 'A Million Voices' so Guy Sebastian will not be alone at all.

           -Kat, is she counting how many 12 points can my song get in Vienna?

Kat Vinter (Katrina Noorbergan) is from Sydney, Australia, she has done alot of dance-trance tunes vocals in past few years. As well as being a singer/songwriter in her own right. Kat's recent massive claim to fame, is that she has co-wrote 9 songs for Lena (Satellite, ESC 2010) brand new album 'Crystal Sky' This is Lena's fourth album and seems to be a change in direction for luvly Lena, and should go down well in Europe this month. (We Luv Lena)

This year Russia seem to have really come up with a very strong song, powerful that looks like a serious contender for the Eurovison title. Who can really forget just last year at Eurovision 2014- with all the negative press, and audience reaction in Copenhagen.  Russia's song 'Shine' was not, I felt  a strong memorable song yet was still placed in 7th place with 89 points.
This year looks to be very different we think, and with some aussie magic anything could happen. It is Eurovision after all, and already that Top 5 scoreboard looks rather crowded to me!

Check out some more tunes by songwriter Katrina (Aussie) here:

                              I am Polly- 

May 15, 2015

Vienna Favourites Italy 2015 -In Review

It was back in February that Italy confirmed this year's San Remo winner Il Volo would take up the Eurovision golden ticket. So we have been listening to this tune for a while, certainly it was a grower and has stayed with me all this time, I have even given a couple of Il Volo albums a spin on the i phone! as you do. Their 2011 debut was the best, and very sold well internationally so Eurovision would have not been an obvious choice for the boys.

'Grande Amore' has an instant appeal and although it's not a Eurovision tune in the traditional Euro schlager-sense. It is not so far removed from the show, as has been the case with pop opera tunes at Eurovision in the past. Yet I like the song but I have this nagging feeling it could go down the same road as France's Amaury with a 'Sognu' moment, and end up being a favourite that didn't really make the grade.

It would be great to have an Italian win for the Eurovision 60th year and Roma for 2016, yet somehow I predict maybe another 7th placing for the Italians in Vienna.

May 13, 2015

Melodifestivalen 2015-In Review & My Top 20

It was Christer Bjorkman himself who said it takes at least 6 months after the grand Melodifestivalen, before you know which songs have been the years best. Very true, and if we look at the music/record buying swedes charts. We see Mans "Heroes" is still around in the chart at 15, along with Hasse Andersson's big svenska hit "Guld och grona skogar". Plus the summer hit "Groupie" from Samir & Viktor are still hanging around. I think it was a wonderful Melo season with some great tunes and classic comebacks. So here is

My own Melodifestivalen 2015 -Top 20
  according to schlagertunes

1 Heroes - Måns Zelmerlöw
2 Möt mig i Gamla stan - Magnus Carlsson
3 Make Me (La La La)-  Dinah Nah
4 Groupie- Samir & Viktor
5 Sting- Eric Saade
6 Don't say No- Midnight Boy
7 Hello Hi - Dolly Style
8 Don't Stop Believing- Mariette
9 I'll be fine- Molly Pettersson Hammar
10 Guld och gröna skogar- Hasse Andersson
11 One by One- Elize Ryd & Rickard Söderberg
12 Forever starts today- Linus Svenning
13 Jag är fri- Jon Henrik Fjällgren
14 Can't Hurt Me Now- Jessica Anderson
15 Nonetheless- Sanne Salomonsen & Marie Bergman
16 If I was God for One Day- Neverstore
17 Don't Stop- Iza
18 Det rår vi inte för (Featuring Victor Crone)- Behrang Miri
19 I see you- Kristin Amparo
20  Black Swan- Caroline Wennergren

                            'See you next year'- Dolly Style & Dinah Nah...

Back in time for Vienna - and all the Euovis- fun + Australia.

We still find it hard to believe Eurovision have built a bridge all the way to Australia! It's a wonderful idea and it's been over whelming to hear so many positive responses to Australia taking part and Guy Sebastian's great little number (Tonight Again) he knocked up in no time at all.

For me it means for the first time ever -I can vote from home in Melbourne. I left home in UK way back in '89 a long time before the tele vote came in. So although being a huge Eurovision fan forever. I have never actually voted..Thanks Eurovision- EBU,  SBS Australia, and the person who, I think actually made it happen,

Le Julia Zemiro. (her royal Eurovis- ness)

Check out lots about Julia Zemiro' on route to Vienna HERE: