Feb 28, 2009

Will STAR PILOTS take off in MF Malmo among all the Big Stars for the last Semi-Final.

Its the last Semi-final with the last eight songs for 2009, in the past the 4th Semi Final
has produced the Melodifestivalen winner. So already this is looked on as
showcasing the very best songs from Malmo on this saturday night. Certainly we have
some BIG stars with Anges (one of Sweden's Top previous idol performers)
goes almost Motown with "Love Love Love" . Malena Ernman, a world glass opera
singer goes schlager. Malena has a fantastic classic song wrote
by schlager-master Fredrik Kempe and one of his best tunes for Mf 2009 I think.
Thorleif are our veteran dansband with a large following and to sing
"Sweet Kissin in the moonlight" On the comeback trail is Sarah Dawn Finer
who I see is perhapes hoping to take the 'Empty Room' place left behind by Sanna
in 2008. But will 'Moving On' be the ballad to fill Sanna's shoes?

Among all this the newcomers Star Pilots with 'Higher' the new boys from the cockpit, they did
so well & had the most votes from the audience during Malmo's rehearsals along with
Agnes they were picked to go direct to Globen. As for my verdict, its a hard choice
with a lot of great songs and artists- My 2 favourites are Maria & Anna + Star Pilots
so I would luv for them to go into the final. With Marlena & Sarah Dawn Finer going to
2nd Chance, however I am sure Agnes with her large fan-base will get into the final 4 for sure.
So will this mean another schlager casuality in the final semi ! oh no ! As always the fate is
all written in the Stars.....

Doors to manual...Lets enjoy the MF ride

"Hi I am a Maria Haukaas Storeng a Norsk Special Agent, I have just flown in From Oslo to Malmo to be part of Melodifestivalen 2009.
My mission to help Sweden get outa this Eurovision slump in their results over past few years. I will be working closely with Agent Sahlene, hold on swedes be storeng....
you are about to be saved with our song 'Killing me Tenderly'"

Here they come the SwedNosk duet we have been
waiting for its like 'Chips' in 1982 all over again. Well almost!

Feb 27, 2009

Shirley Clamp has'nt lost her schlager crown in the new charts.

Lovely Shirley Clamp has started the Melodifestivalen 'CHART Attack', as each year the national singles chart in Sweden are Under Attack from Melodifestivalen. Last year an early casuality Miss Velvet made No:2 with 'Deja Vu' being an early single release she really got the ball rolling....
Then by the Globen final week in 2008 we had in the following weeks single charts a total of 19 Melodifestivalen songs in the Top 30 alone! I will keep an eye on chart movers on the blog as it happens.
This week it's great to see our Shirl' has shot into Top 3 from No:25 with 'Med hjartat fyllt av ljus' The song failed to make even a 2nd chance, but we luv'd it still & swedes have shown the same opinion with sales this week. Nina Soderquist's 'Tick Tock' peaked already at No:13 last week, however no sign of Marie Serneholt yet. Its still early as some record companies delay the releases. Plus oF course any songs from the final or 2nd chance are not allowed to be promoted or released until after the final is done.

Feb 24, 2009

Hungary's Adok Zoltan a Disco Fantasy.

As Melodifestivalen is well on the road to 
the Globen Finale its always a 
good time to check out 
what other countries have 
picked to take to Moscow. 
Adok Zoltan's 'Dance with Me' has set off
our 'schlager' panic button-for 
some reason ! it has that svenska beat.  
Plus the video is rather ace,
as well as being very easy on the eye. 
Well done Hungary you finally got it 'right'.

Feb 21, 2009

FLASHBACK: DANNY (One third of EMD) with his first massive Hit in Europe 'Tokyo' Remixed!

EMD look set to go all the way Direct to Globen?

Well Melodifestivalen semi final in Leksand is about to begin, the one song this week I have a great feeling about is EMD's 'Baby Goodbye'. It really is a step in a different direction for Erik Danny & Mattias. With the added Top hat & tails of their performance I think they may get the 1st one way ticket to Globen. 
For the nights other winner its a tough one to pick out. Now I luv BWOs music and I do admit that only one or two of their ballads have really impressed me, perhapes 'We could be heroes' being the exception. I am sorry cus 'You are not alone' is not up to that songs standard for me, so we may see BWO in second chance in the fantastic company of her highness Miss Velvet. 
Leaving the big swedish ballad  "Sa vill stjarnorna" from Molly Sanden, could this be the one going direct to Globen.  It certainly has been a popular tune from the rehearsal reports in Leksand, along with Velvet's 'The Queen' lets see what happens. The outcome is all written, 

in the stars......

Feb 19, 2009

Big Frocks & Big Ballads in Disneyland- Leksand!

The first reports are coming out of Leksand from Melodifestivalen 3rd semi final rehearsals. We have already reached the half way mark! Saturday's show looks like real battle of the ballads. Which I think may not be to Sweden's advantage to send another ballad to Moscow. It began with Jade's 'My Time' last month, since Sir Andrew L Webber's Epic, a flood of entry's have come in for ESC 2009 as big ballads.
BWO have a electro ballad with a massive chorus, a bit different for them- this already looks set to be the favourite to qualify this week. I have my glow-stick ready to wave for BWO as they can do no wrong.
Another big ballad is from Molly Sanden, she is looking to fill the gap left in Mf without Sonja Sanna & Shirley Clamp already out. Written by Bobby Ljunggren they are calling this tune- a credible Disney ballad . On the subject of Disney, our Velvet has a upbeat dance song thats fantastic-with an added advantage of biggest Disney-style Dress ever- Well the song is called 'The Queen' . (see STV Clip below)
Lets not forget the idol Boys EMD they are very popular in sweden, their song 'Baby Goodbye' is said to be more of a Musical style... But not a ballad thankfully, its up beat. Finally the 'Velvet' name has been pinched by the Spice Girlies in Norway & it seems over in Oslo's MGP Final they may have to change to become 'Velvet Inc' instead. Just as long as Alexander Rybak does not change a thing- he gets our Norsk vote.

Feb 18, 2009

MEGA FLASHBACK! As Petra goes back in time to 1974 & beyond in the Mf archives

This fantastic clip features host Petra with Lasse Berghagen at Melodifestivalen 1974! + some more glam clips of 70s & 80s - (As shown at Semi-final in Skelleftea on saturday)

Feb 17, 2009


On Saturday 21st Feb we have in our 8 song selections- 4 solo female artists No Less ! so it could end up with a bit of a-Diva-Jam- on the Mf Stage! as all 4 diva's rush from the artists sofa to be in for the 1st duel play-off!
So who are these ladies ? what can they offer?

1-Velvet , we know her from last year - if you think it is a 'deja vu'- its not, cus she was singing in Mf 2008. In fact her power dance tune 'deja vu' created a major upset with an early exit from Mf, it was most unfair. Yet she scored a major chart hit - Velvet's new tune 'The Queen' is from songwriting team who wrote 'Love in Stereo', and part of a terrific new dance album.

2-Molly Sanden, could well steal Little Amy's glory! As Molly already represented Sweden in Jnr ESC 2006 with 'Det finaste nagon Kan Fa' For 2009 she has a powerful ballad 'Sa Vill Stjarnorna' combining songwriter's Pling Forsman & Bobby Ljunggren it may turn out to be the 'ballad for Globen' missing so far in melodifestivalen 2009.

3-Maja Gullstrand, a previous jazz singer from fame factory Tv show Her tune "Har for mig sjalv"is wrote by Sir Thomas G'Son- Who already gave us 'Show me Heaven' already he is having a bumper year so far.

4- Sofia- She gave us 'Hypnotized' in Mf 2006 - Returning with a song called "Alla" a rock pop song with a great riff ( what? another Mf Rock chick )

Lets wait & see which diva will out shine the other- how schlager tasic!

Feb 15, 2009

"..its gonna be THE ONE " as Mans goes into the final

Yes, Måns looked very nevous but now he has that winning smile again just like he did back in Mf 2007.
In Semi Final 2- the duel play off's worked better and went smoothly. Little Amy Diamond met H E A T in the first duel, as the rockers went to Globen. During the votes we had maybe the worst version of 'Waterloo' ever ! (Stig Anderson would have been turning in his grave)
Then Lili & Susie went head to head with Måns Zelmerlöw, and as expected the favourite Måns went direct to the final. He did a cart-wheel of joy as he went on stage for his reprise of 'Hope & Glory'
Leaving two great tunes, I think for the 2nd chance. Amy's 'Its my life' & 'Show me Heaven' by Lili & Susie. Amy had a further boost by getting the international jury vote, thankfully this jury are beginning to make better a judgment, than in Semi-Final 1. (If you missed it - a reprise of just the cart-wheel- outside tesco's- we think ! )

Feb 14, 2009

the H E A T is on.. in Skellefteå- Who can make it to Globen?

With only hours to go Semi-Final 2 in Skelleftea- the acts have already turned up the HEAT. The heavy rock band of that name have been reported in the papers, as putting down Mf as musical rubbish. The band then confessed to only using the Semi Final to premote HEAT's latest release! After Alexander Bard questioned why the band actually took part at all!
So will this effect the Rock bands success lets see, I think perhapes not. So what! Amy Diamond has a new glamous look & her new song 'It's my Life' is much better than last years offering. Amy + Markoolio's 'Lovesong' will get a 2nd chance, I feel. That leaves the favourite Mans Zelmerlow to go D T G Hurrah!
His 'Hope & Glory' is not as instant as 'Cara Mia' so don't expect C.M 2 ! I think this will grow on us, more than we realise. As for Lili & Susie, will their 80's revival track with a Thomas G:Son sparkle be enough to
get to the final? I hope so, YES Lili & Susie I wanna see DTG. Fingers and glo sticks crossed- for Round 2 .

Breakfast with Måns

FLASHBACK VID' Bard's Going back to Electronic Basics With 'Big Science'

Here is Alexander 
Bard's previous band, 
in 1996 Vacuum - They
featured singer Mattias Lindblom 
& had a big hit with this electro ballad 'I breathe'
BWO's new song for Mf is 'You're not alone' from New BWO album
due out next month 'Big Science' it is said to be a return
the electronic basics for the band- Sounds Fantastic
Check out a new look - i-pod style BWO site

Feb 13, 2009

NORWAY's Fiddler Alexander Rybak has a haircut-& chats about Dance Group FRIKKAR really for MGP Final !

SAKIS ROUVAS returns to ESC in Moscow 2009 for Greece-Here is the song 'This is our night'- Lyrics by AUSTRALIANS Craig Portelis/Cameron Giles-Webb

SONG 1 - 'Out of Control'

SONG 2- 'Right on Time'

SONG 3- 'This is our Night' SCHLAGER WARNING!

Sweden's Velvet is ready to invade U K with her Chemistry Remixed By Pete Hammond- Wow!

Following her early exit from Melodifestivalen 2008 with 'Déjà Vu' she is back in 2009! ready to boogie some more with her brand of dance-pop and new song 'The Queen' plus a new album is due for released on 18th March 2009. The Queen' album will included "Fix Me", "Chemistry", Déjà Vu", & recent dance hit "Take My Body Close".

Velvet will also begin her first major assault on the UK charts with a new mix of her previous Euro Hit 'Chemistry' & what a terrific mix - We luv' it . Lets hope 'The Queen' does well for Velvet in semi final 3 at Leksand on 21st February, It will be her third time in Mf, following her debut 'Mi Amore' back in 2006.

Feb 10, 2009

NORWAY's Fairytale Fiddler Alexander reveals BIG tour with Bettan (Bobbysocks)

Alexander Rybak, is creating a real stir in Scandinavia- since winning his qualifing rou
nd for Norsk Melodi Grand Prix last saturday with his own song called 'Fairytale' He is all of 22, born in Belarus his family moved to Norway where he won a Norwegian TV talent contest 'Grand Chance' (Kjempesjansen) in 2006.
Alexander has become the Top favourite to win Norsk MGP on 22nd Feburary, he certainly has a terrific tune & style that would make a top 5 placing for Norway in Eurovision this year again. We hope Alex will take the Norway MGP crown this year. Although his calender will be full as in March he's excepted to join Elizabeth Andreassen's Big Spellmann tour.

Elisabeth is one half of Bobbysocks ( who won ESC 1985 ) she is known as Bettan today. She gained permission from Abba's Benny Andersson to record a Norwegian version of his classic folk song 'Klinga Mina Klockor' As in keeping with Benny's original she gathered together
a female choir of likes of Guri Schanke & Monica Hjelle for the recording.

See Terrific Clip of 'Klinga minen Klockor' Here on Norsk Tv. She is delighted to take Alexander on the road with her as her 'Spelemann' ( this is the title of her new Album of traditional folk music )

Here is young Alex's big kiss of joy at winning thu to the MGP Final with fellow norsk competitor 'Ovi' - Way to go Alex - GOOD LUCK

Feb 8, 2009

Måns Zelmerlöw TalkShow interview in Norway- on Melodifestivalen & Marie (in Norwegian)

GOODBYE SHIRLEY ! & MARIE ! Please come back soon ! Hello to Emilia's new World

 Well as we guessed, the Schlager-Ambulance had more than one call out during Goteburg's Semi Final last night ! SHOCK Horror ! when Shirley Clamp's song did not make the choosen 5 songs, that went in to the dual play off's. As did'nt Marie Serneholt 'Disconnect Me' she gave us a debut performance worthy of any Grand Final + being Song 10- in the running order. Marie looked just  fantastic, as did her wonderful dancing boys - SEE Both LIVE Clips here on SVT.
                       Marie received consolation flowers afterwards from her Bf Mans Zelmerlow  following the basket of his dirty laundry she'd had presented to her on the artists sofa, during the Live show joke ! poor Marie we luv'd you.  The results gave ALCAZAR  the first D T G Ticket.
 The Scotts got '2nd Chance'

Then came the unexpected play off between Emilia 'You're my World' (who sang 'big big world'- in the 90's) & Caroline af Ugglas weird ditty called 'Snalla, snalla'  at this point alot of confusion came from the artists sofa. The Stars got up, only to sit back down looking puzzled! as the new Mf format seemed to have everyone confused. 
Then later a guy from the new 'International jury' came on stage, only to put Caroline's very un-eurovision style song into a 2nd 'second chance' play off to go Globen ( as song 11 !) althrough she is in '2 nd chance'  round, she can be picked from another second chance via the International Jury. To me this was more confusing as this new jury is put in place to choose a better Eurovision style entry, now both Marie & Nina (see them at Link) met this criteria very well. So what happened there?  

But what a fantastic show everyone gave 101% - Mf new format can only get better?

The Results;

Going to the Globen Final-
Alcazar "Stay the Night"    &   Emilia "You're my world" 
Going to 'Second Chance' round-
Scotts "Jag tror pa oss"     &   Caroline Af Ugglas "Snalla Snalla"

Going to International Jury Choice Round-
Caroline Af Ugglas "Snalla Snalla"

Feb 7, 2009

Who will go from Goteburg to Globen?

Can Nina's  Tick Tock Rock- take her to the final, her performance is said
to have what it takes, Nina has transformed herself from West End Musical Star
to Rock'n'Schlager chik- 'This is the real me' says Nina who sang rock before her Musical breakthrough that took her to Scamalot in London  ! The songwriters had a big success with The Poodles 'Night of Passion' before.
Another one to watch according to rehearsal audiences is Emilia & Alcazar have that winning performance, certainly  'You're my World' has a great hook. Both Emilia or Nina I cannot see 
actually making the grade in Semi 1- based on our schlag-o-meter.  Just going on hearing the small snippets available from Stv, I am thinking Alcazar with Scotts should go 

D T G - I think The Scotts have a great fan base & number 1 album at the moment. Yet in the ideal schlager world, Shirley Clamp should be on her way to Globen.  She may have to go via 'second chance'  with perhapes Marie Serneholt's 'Disconnect Me'  
Lets see what results the new rules & format give us. I must say the songs so far are much better than in 2008, the standard seems to have been raised just in this round one I think 6 of the songs are worthy of a Final 10 placing....What more can we expect?

 Will that glitter ball spin so FAST and completely out-of-control with Nina's raunchy style?  

SHIRLEY CLAMP Interview (ESCToday) singing first lines of English "Min Karlek" - We Luv' her New Mf Song

- Helena Paparizou Feat. SHIRLEY CLAMP! & VELVET !

ALCAZAR INTERVIEW (ESCToday) Will they Shine 3rd time Lucky..Yeah Shine On !! (Tack ESC2D for Fab Clips)

Feb 6, 2009

Lets get this 'festivalen Started - Goteburg is Alive as 1st Semi-Final Winner predictions are made?

The hours are counting down now......excitment has reached fever pitch for the opening night of
in Goteberg. What a grand display of the cream of the 'Swedish Pop & Rock !' we have in the opening show on saturday. With schlager Stars like Alcazar, Shirley Clamp, making a sizzling comebacks the newbies are Scotts Marie Serneholt & Emilia.
It will be interesting to see with such a strong cast though out the heats and a new international jury. What will happen??

Plus the 'Duel Moment' one-on-one play off's will be used, as was seen in last years 'Second Chance' show. These duel play off's will pick the winners that go to the Final from each semi. There may even be some Schlager casualies along the long road to Globen. (Stay schlager-tuned to find out more..)

Schlager-tunes will have its own verdit, when we can get to finally hear some of the songs, stay tuned on this page for that. Meanwhile 'Expressen' paper in Sweden already have given Alcazar & Shirley the thumbs up to go DTG (direct to Globen) with Scotts & Marie getting the 2 nd chance.
They like 'Stay the night' as a thumping disco stomped not unlike the bands recent chart hits! (Also don't miss a Vid of Andreas presentation of last weeks the Top GayGalen Award below)

Feb 3, 2009


Monday night was 'QX Gala Awards' at Cirkus in Stockholm. QX magazine readers chose some Melodifestivalen favourites with runner up from MF 2008 'Empty Room' as The Year's Best Swedish (wrote) Song also last years fun Host Björn Gustafsson took 2 awards as well as Years Best TV Star The nights BIG Award of Best Homo went for the second time to Andreas Lundstedt of Alcazar. Here is the full results.

Years Best Homo: Andreas Lundstedt

Years Best Hetero: Gustaf Skarsgård
Years Best Kämpe: Jan Wisén, Brandförsvaret
Years Best Gaystore: Gossip (Göteborg)
Years Best Artist: Amanda Jensen (Swedish Idol)
Years Best Swedish Song: ”Empty Room” Sanna Nielsen
Years Best Inernational Song: ”I Kissed a Girl” Katy Perry
Years Best Newcomer: Björn Gustafsson
Years Best Film: Patrik 1,5
Years Best Duo: Gustaf Skarsgård & Torkel Peterson
Years Best Blogg: Per-Robin's Gaybloggen
Years Best TV-program: ”Bonde söker fru”
Years Best TV-Star: Björn Gustafsson (again, yeeaaah)
Years BestBook: ”Mamma, mormor & jag” Kim Kärnfalk
Years Best Keep-up-the-good-work: Volunters for Stockholm Pride
Years Honour Prize: Hate Shelter

The nights other BIG winner was Gustaf Skarsgård from a movie 'Patrik 1.5' alone combined Years Best Hetero, together with Torkel Peterson was named Duo of the Year, and also the Years Best Film 'Patrik 1,5' three awards in total.

Watch Andreas Award presented by Måns Zelmerlöw & Marie Serneholt + his reactions below in report (swedish)

its Our Måns in training at the Gym...with days to go til the Opening of MELODIFESTIVALEN'09