Mar 10, 2012

The First United Kingdom Eurovision Entry Ever! - (that never made it)

Engelbert Humperdinck's comeback to Eurovision is creating quiet a stir- and been reported internationally -
The Hump is not the only comeback in 2012 from way back when- we had the wonderful Lys Assia, she started out with a comeback to
the Swiss National Final in January with her tune 'C'etait Ma Vie' The first winner of the Eurovision Song Contest in 1956 Lyn Assia-
is refered to as the Grand mother of Eurovision. Lyn's winner was 'Refain' in 1956

However would things been different if United Kingdom had been present back in Eurovision1956 ? Why was UK missing from that very first
Eurovision Song Contest- in fact Austria, Denmark & UK did not follow the rule-book back then- that stated they had to have a National TV song contest to find the Eurovision song for that year. (unlike present day)
As these three countries missed their dead-line they became disqualified, however in the UK
after the event - The BBC held the very first National Song Final called 'Festival of British Popular Song' contest in 1956- The winner was Dennis Lotis (see pic above- I want Dennis 's lounge) with a song wrote by Peter Hart & Norman Newell
"Everybody Falls in Love with someone"
so had Beeb been better organised would Eurovision History be different. Particularly if they had
choosen Matt Monro who took this tune and made it one of his well known hits of that year.

The official UK Eurovision entry came the very next year in 1957 when Patrica Bredin sung 'All' (she finished 6th at Eurovision SongContest 1957)
so this is the very first UK song that never made the deadline- check out Matt Monro's rare 1957 version here-

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