Jan 31, 2010

Finally BBC reveal plans for Eurovision 2010 -Pete Waterman

Yes the man behind Kylie & Jason, who also gave us Dead or Alive's 'You spin me round (like a record)' Pete Waterman he will produce and write Eurovision Entry for the UK.
It all started 25 years ago when Pete formed the hit factory Stock Aitken Waterman, they became Britian's most successful songwriting & production partnership scoring
40 hits since they began working together in 1984. Then in more recent times he gave us popsters Steps!
The list of Stars Pete could bring back for this event is endless as he has worked with the likes of Jason Donavan, Rick Astley, Donna Summer, Bananarama, Sonia, Hazel Dean, Lonnie Gordon, Snitta, Samantha Fox even Cliff Richard..oh but hold on, Sir Cliff had his Eurovision turn twice!
Then Kylie Minogue, if any of these names would perform a new Waterman song remains to be seen. Lets just step back in time and relive 'Better the devil you know' from 1990- if Pete can come up with anything like this for Oslo 2010 how perfect would that be?
Pete Waterman is overjoyed as ever to be given the chance to produce UK Eurovision
song for Oslo.

Hey, I think even we are too!

Jan 27, 2010

Melodifestivalen TV Trailer as the SVT final countdown begins

Let the FeST begin- with Presenters Dolph Lundgren, Christine & Måns...

Jan 25, 2010

Jessica Andersson is back in 2010 for More Melodifestivalen fame

Jessica Andersson joined forces with Magnus Backlund back in
Melodifestivalen 2003
as the duo Fame they won Melodifestivalen and went on to represent
Sweden in Eurovision Song Contest Riga that year.
Fame gained 107 points to give them a 7th place in ESC 2003
This year Jessica is back, and will sing the song 'I did it for love'

Last time she just lost out on a Globen place in 2007 with 'Kom'
and was also very popular with her entry
of Melodifestivalen 2006 'Kalla Natter'

Jessica is in top form we think and further proof is
her oustanding
New Pop/60's tribute Album of last years, check it out
if you have'nt its called 'Wake up' we hope to see
her this time in the final.

Jan 24, 2010

Here is Didrik Solli-Tangen's power ballad for MGP Final 2010- 'My heart is Yours'

This song is by far the most anticipated performance of the Norwegian semi finals last night. As the full version
of Didrik's song and the power of his ballad for Oslo was heard in full for the first time.

It was no great surprise he made the final, and many expects say he has the Rybak factor to
bring a double win, or for sure a Top 5 place for Norway in Eurovision 2010. It certainly is a
wonderful performance.

Jan 22, 2010

Eric Saade is Sleepless in Sandviken- holding out for 13th February

Eric Saade is' Sleepless' its his fun-tastic New Single released this week over in sweden.
We think it could do well for Eric and just in time before, his debut in Melodifestivalen
with 'Manboy' which promises to be very popular.
The entry for Sandviken semi - final is wrote by The Master Fredrik Kempe
with Peter Bostrom. As is this new single and released on the Roxyrecording lable in
the company of Agnes, Sarah Dawn Finer & Peter Joback -way to go Eric!

Jan 21, 2010

Maria Haukas Storeng just made my day- with her 'Hold on be strong -pt2'

Over in Norway MGP Season has begun with the exciting third semi final happening this weekend in Skien.
Already we have one firm favourite with Maria Haukas Storeng 'Make My day'
it really is a 'Hold on be strong' part 2- yet even more uplifting than Maria's
Norwegian classic from 2008.
The competition will be tough in Oslo's MGP Final we hope to see Didrik Solli-Tangen qualify
and perhapes A1.

Jan 17, 2010

MELODIFESTIVAL 2010 Running Order for 4 Semi- Final's starting 6th February, 2010.

And so let the competions begin, SchTunes has been away on a short Festive break
now we are back- with heaps EuroNews to report. Along with the running order,
SVT have made some changes
again to Mf 2010. Gone is that international jury! from 2009. Now in a bold new step, the 11 regional juries always used to make up the Final vote. The 11 juries will be made up of
five will be swedish and six international. These new juries will be made up from all over Europe, then 50%
of the votes will remain the same from swedish public as in previous years.

Here is the running order starting out with Ola and closing with Peter Joback;
looks like a case of "Lets here it for the boys" in 2010.

Semifinal 1 - Örnsköldsvik, 6 February

1. Unstoppable -Ola

2. A place to stay -Jenny Silver

3. You're Making Me Hot-Hot-Hot -Linda Pritchard

4. Road Salt -Pain Of Salvation

5. The Saviour -Anders Ekborg

6. I Did It For Love -Jessica Andersson

7. Singel -Frispråkarn

8. Keep On Walking -Salem Al Fakir

Semifinal 2 - Sandviken, 13 February

1. Manboy - Eric Saade

2. Hippare Hoppare -Andra generationen & Dogge

3. Innan alla ljusen brunnit ut - Anna Maria Espinosa

4. Come and Get Me Now -Highlights

5. Sucker For Love - Pauline

6. We Can Work It Out -Andreas Johnson

7. Underbart -Kalle Moraeus & Orsa Spelmän

8. Manipulated -Hanna Lindblad

Semifinal 3 - Gothenburg, 20 th February

1. Headlines -Alcazar

2. Tonight - Johannes Bah Kuhnke

3. Doctor Doctor -Elin Lanto

4. Hur kan jag tro på kärlek -Erik Linder

5. Yeba - Getty Domein

6. Kom -Timoteij

7. You're Out Of My Life -Darin

8. Heaven Or Hell - Crucified Barbara

Semifinal 4 - Malmö, 27 February

1. Stop - Sibel

2. Magisk stjärna-Py Bäckman

3. Human Frontier -NEO

4. Thursdays -Lovestoned

5. This Is My Life - Anna Bergendahl

6. Jag vill om du vågar -Pernilla Wahlgren

7. Idiot -Noll disciplin

8. Hollow -Peter Jöback

Jan 8, 2010

Pauline is the last joker for Melodifestivalen 2010

Introducting 'Pauline', she has never performed in Melodifestivalen ever before. Yet she
was the artist to sing the demo for last year's popular 'Killing me tenderly' which
ended up being one of the favourites of 2009. Without making it to Globen.

Although we had not heard of Pauline before she had two hit in Sweden previously
'Give me a call' & 'Running out of Gas' she sing in a modern R n B style. So this will
add a bit of variety to the mix this year.

The song is "Sucker for Love", written by Fredrik" Fredro "Ödesjö, Andrew Levander, Johan" Jones "Wetterberg.
We can expect something of a Shirley Bassey style song and performance from this lady.
Pauline may even have an impact like Caroline Vennergren did in 2005 with 'A different kind of Love'
the hit of Melodifestivalen.

Jan 1, 2010

Met Miro - Bulgaria's chosen Artist for Oslo 2010 -with his hit Losing Control

All 39 countries who will take part in Eurovision 2010 have been revealed in time for
May. The only countries dropping out this year are
Andorra, Montenegro, Czech Republic and Hungary.
While Georgia comes back to the Contest.
Not many changes to Eurovision Song Contest of 2009, 2 semi finals will lead to 25 songs in the
Final For the first time the Semi Final's will have jury & televotes, same as were
used in Moscow 2009 Final

We have been checking out some of the talents from Bulgaria's artist Miroslav "Miro" Kostadinov
he is already success in his homeland and in eastern europe.