Jun 5, 2016

Eurovision Grand Final 15th May 2016: Justin Timberlake singing 'Can't Stop this Feeling'

In years to come this must rank as one of the best interval acts, along with Riverdance' This is a vid made from yours truely on the Eurovision 2016 Grand Final night.

Apr 23, 2016

Thunder Lightning (& wind machines) It is getting exciting.. Sergay tells us.

Well it's just a matter of days before the Eurovision circus arrives and the Globen arena is almost set-up those retractable wind machines, working and oiled up ready (that's good)
Certainly on social media the two big favourites are Sergay Lazarev from Russia with his traditional pop schlager hit "You Are The Only One" In the ring we have on teh other side France's Amir with his french-english perfect tune "J’ai Cherché" this tune seems to have everything from handclaps + so many hooks.
Russia certainly came up with the goods in Vienna 2015 with Polina Gagarina, for me this song was a slightly better song than "You Are The Only One" Yet I am certain Sergay is going to certainly have an amazing performance at Globen. He has waited long enough to step out into the Eurovision spotlight and certainly the votes are going to be flowing for this amazing wonderful artist. He is the only one, already a huge name in homeland Russia and ready to conquer Europe this spring.
Will he bring a 2nd victory for Russia at Eurovision in 2016? Lets wait and see..

Apr 17, 2016

Eurovision Song Contest: Time Machine Flashback 1960. Wyn Loop

While in Eurovision 2016 we seem to have a bumper year for the male vocalist, back in the early Eurovision Song Contests they were not so common at all. Although this changed 
in London at Eurovision Song Contest 1960 when Germany sent one of the best vocalist to date with Wyn Loop (Winfried Lüssenhop) Lyn was one of 8 male singers. Wyn had an impressive vocal and sung a german tune with a french title "Bonne Nuit Ma Cherie" and was the eleventh song in a competiion of 13 entries. So the male singers actually out numbered the girls in 1960, while the winner was female -Jacqueline Boyer singing 'Tom Pillibi' from France won. I think Lyn Loop was worthy of a better placing than equal 4th place back in London, 1960. 
See what you think?

Apr 7, 2016

FRANCE is back in 2016, with a song J'ai cherché - that has all the right moves!

France, an historical Eurovision country that has won the Eurovision song contest five times in the past. Way back in the 60's and early 70's when Eurovision was almost a french chanson contest, and France had Monaco, Begium and Luxembourg beat at the top of the scoreboard each year. As french seemed to be the main lauguage of choice, back then beleive or not.
It's all very different in Eurovision today, and the last time France won ESC was actually back in 1979, so are they making a comeback? Like many big 5 countries they alway make an internal selection. Often France chose to have a song sung in french, or bi-lingual as it the case with 'J'ai cherché' the tune for Stockholm 2016.
On first listen I found this french tune rather instant and very caughty indeed, something you cannot say about many of the entry's for Stockholm 2016. It seems to be a year when most all artists and songs are trying to be something different.So this french tune is popular for being simple and very modern. Amir seems to be not trying too hard, he won 'The Voice' in France.
It's been some years since France was one of the favourites to win Eurovision, they are currently 4th favourites, and a firm fan-favourite already and this trend looks set to continue.

I can see a few 12 points coming France's way in Stockholm, and wish Amir lots of Luck...

Mar 25, 2016

Måns Zelmerlöw has new music for 2016- check out this great new demo- 'Renegades'

I am not sure how long this demo track will be around for, but this certainly is track we may hear performed in Stockholm 2016 from our host?

Mar 14, 2016

UK Eurovision duo Joe and Jack have today released an official video for 'Your Not Alone'

This tune is really grown on me, after a few plays 'Your Not Alone' -its almost like Ant & Dec do Coldplay. Plus the preview video is not bad at alland very simple compared to Electro Velvet last year. See all here..

Many thanks to

Melodifestivalen Final 2016 - What a night.

Well what an amazing Melodifestivalen Final 2016. Hats off to SVT.

The show was filled with great music laughs, and a truely fantastic schlager trip down memory- lane. Mans came back and made us proud all over again.
Then young 17 year old Frans became the new prince of Melodifestivalen to take the top prize. With his huge amount of public votes and support that was all to evident from social media and already No  1 on the swedish music chart lists. 'If I were sorry' even made an early entry over in Norwegian chart lists before the Melodifestivalen final.

The highlight for me was the refreshing new version of 'Heroes' from Mans. And that amazing jubilee Melodifestivalen medley, seeing Nanne back in Melodifestivalen stage in all her glory. It just left me cheering more, encore, encore...

It's a pity there was not too much scoreboard drama, it's interesting as Frans was naturally the favourite and when it came to revealing the public votes - it seemed 95% certain Frans would score enough top marks to win although 'if I were sorry' was one point behind Oscar Zia in the international jury vote. As all the international juries gave their votes and options, it was wonderful to see Australa featured in the international round up as well.

Personally I would have chosen 'Human' as a better tune to make an impact at Eurovision Song Contest. I hope I am wrong in my thinking. Frans's song is different trendy, and simple. I remember Vienna 2015 and The MakeMakes 'I'm Yours' another simple different song more rock oriented of course. Was'nt the The MakeMakes song hoping to have the same impact in a Eurovision final filled with showstopper and big productions? The tragedy came when it finished in joint last place, this will not happen for Frans I predict, but it just shows how simple songs can get lost in the mega Eurovision circus today.

It's all paving the way to an amazing Eurovision in Stockholm, I am keen to see who becomes the favourites as the weeks go by and the lead up the 61st Eurovision Song Contest. Meanwhile here at schlager tunes we will continue to look back at the national finals season to see some great tunes that got away or missed out.

Mar 13, 2016

it's Edward af Sillén, is a Melo producer-writer who is always interesting- Check out this interview....

This interview was right during Melodifestivalen Final 2016, and lots of chat from Edward. About his past work with Eurovision & Melodifestivalen & even Alcazar.

Thanks for this Museled Blog (we luv u)

a Bonus interview with Samir & Viktor from Museled Blog (tack)

Just 'bout the best Melodifestivalen Jubilee Medley Ever, at Melo Final 2016 From DJ Mendez to After Dark...

Mar 12, 2016

Look ! an interesting Sverige Topplisten Top 5 on the eve of Melodifestivalen Final

Question- Will this reflect the public vote on Grand Final night?
Many Thanks to Sweden's Topplisten site

"It looks like Melodifestivalen has taken over the whole Sweden's Topplisten Top 5 this week. Samir& Viktor had been at No:1 and are back on the rise up the charts. While brilliant Robin Bengtsson is the high-riser from 13 up into No: 2 position.""May the schlager-force be with you all" :)


[ 1 ]

[ 2 ]

Interviews from Melodifestivalen Final 2016 in Stockholm- Oscar Zia, Viktor & Samir + Robin Bengtsson

Many Thanks to the wonderful team at 'Radio International Eurovision

With the amazing Fredrik Kempe' as well......

Mar 6, 2016

The ones' that got Away, From Eurovision Song Contest 2016: Indrek Ventmann Estonia.

   After all the excitment of the big Eesti Laul Grand Final, I have been left listening to one of the great tracks that just missed out on an Eest Laul final placing.
This was the singer Indrek Ventmann.
with a song 'Hispaania Tüdruk' I liked a lot it would have been interesting to see how this track would have gone in Stockholm. It even echoed the previous Estonia entry 'Kuula' from back in 2012, although somewhat upbeat and a different tune, I guess it must have been Indrek's vocal that brought to mind  'Kuula'
    I certainly will be labeling this track as one of the one's that got away and missed out in 2016 Eurovision season. Let's hope we see Indrek again.

Mar 5, 2016

All eyes on Estonia tonight, for their Final Eesti Laul Final 2016.

As you may know each year I follow Sweden's Melodifestivalen rather closely as it developes and brings some of the best swedish hits of the year. Also I watch many other nordic country national selections as well, as Sweden is naturally not the only country who offer amazing talent each season.
Now another country that each year brings music and a competition of the best quality year after year is Estonia. 
What I love about 'Eesti Laul' is the national selection never has safe Eurovision entries, they are always take risking and stray from the norm. Perhapes Estonia more than any other country in Eurovision Song Contest stride to be different. In 2016 it is a final of real great music, I have picked out my own Top 3. Firstly I must say, it is a joy to see the return of songwriter Stig Rästa who gave us 'Goodbye to yesterday' back in Vienna last year, he has come up with the goods again with 'Play' another modern classic, also my top three have one word titles...strange but true.

No:1 Play

No:2 Sally

No:3 Seis

Thanks to Radio International, an interview with Måns Zelmerlöw about his amazing journey since Vienna 2015.

I just had to share this fab interview with Måns Zelmerlöw, he also comments about his two visits to Melbourne/Sydney for the Australian tennis open 2015/16.          Måns loves Australia! 

    We love Måns! In the words of legend
Demis Roussos- You are forever and ever,  and ever and ever ....welcome here mister.

**Many thanks to Radio International's David Mann, 

Great Video for "I Should Have gone home'

Mar 3, 2016

DAMI, DAMI, DAMI, Amor For Australia, at EUROVISION 2016 in Stockholm?

It could have been one of the best kept secrets in Eurovision history, but in a few hours it looks certain that Dami Im will sing for Australia in 2016.

-Thanks to Dami Facebook page 

                           The rumours of Deltra Goodrum (another Sony Australia) had been squashed as Deltra wrote on twitter this week 'it's not me, lovelies" and Deltra even indicated she knew who it was. So could it be Deltra was actually in the running or backed out even Delta seemed to be a dead-certain at one stage.
                           The exciting thing is Dami is just perfecto for Eurovision Song Contest, and Australia have her all in the (Fosters) can we recon, and the Sydney news sites have indicated the same yesterday.

So I asked Who is Dami...

She won X Factor in 2013, has 3 successful pop albums released in Australia.That means Dami certainly did not end up a X Factor one hit wonder. Plus she wrote most of her last album Heartbeats' herself. So she is not just a pop princess pretty face, with an impressive vocal range in fact formally she was a gospel singer no less.

We found out Dami is no stranger to Stockholm city either, in fact Dami has been over there last time in late January 2015 recording some very exciting amazing music tracks...As found on Dami's facebook page, and the photo of her in Gamla Stan, just over 12 months ago. The further mystery is why have these new tracks never seen the light of day since then? It could be that Dami was considered for Vienna 2015. Now she looks ready to shine and we cannot wait to hear what schager treats she has for us.

                                -Thanks to Dami Facebook page 

We want Dami for our aussie GLADIATOR.....

Mar 2, 2016

Sweden's Topplistan- Pre-Melodifestivalen Final Charts.

Here is the current Top 10 as of 26th Feb 2016.

12Alan Walker
Mer Musikk / Sony Music

24Rihanna feat. Drake
Westbury Road Ent./universal / Universal

Syco Music/rca Records / Sony Music

41Samir & Viktor
Bada nakna
Wm Sweden / Warner

55Jonas Blue feat. Dakota
Fast Car
Jonas Blue Music/universal Music / Universal

66Justin Bieber
Love Yourself
Def Jam Recordings / Universal

77G-Eazy X Bebe Rexha
Me, Myself & I
Rca Records / Sony Music

89Mike Posner
I Took A Pill In Ibiza
Island / Universal

911Twenty One Pilots
Stressed Out
Fueled By Ramen / Warner

108Otto Knows feat. Lindsey Stirling & Alex Aris
Dying For You
Disconap Ab/wm Sweden / Warner


Further down the chart list we find some more Melodifestivalen tunes. Isa' song 'I can Wait' is on the climb. As Samir & Viktor spent last week at No:1 slot, meaning they are the first chart toppers of Melodifestivalen 2016.

I Will Wait
Licious Music / Sony Music

Giant Records/wm Sweden / Warner

56Boris René
Put Your Love On Me
Giant Records/wm Sweden / Warner

Weight Of The World
Svenska Inspelningar / Universal

Thanks to site