Apr 29, 2012

Italy's Nina Zilli - can she improve on last years 2nd place at Eurovision

After some 13 years away from Eurovision Song Contest- one of the original countries Italy returned last in Dusseldorf 2012 
with Raphael Gualazzi's 'Madness of Love' that finished in 2nd placing.. one amazing comeback.

In the past Italy have been represented by the likes of Gigolia Cinquetti, Domenico Modugno,Toto Cutugno, Ricchi & Poveri and Umberto Tozzi, Al Bano & Romina Power & Franco Battiato-  to name a few. Although the list of artists reads like the royality of Italian music- they have won only twice in Eurovision history - and last year's runner up position is only the 2nd time they have been a runner-up- previously to 2011. We have to go back to 1974 when Gigolia Cinquetti came second to Abba's 'Waterloo'. 
For Eurovision Song Contest 2012 Italy have choosen San Remo artist Nina Zilli. She looks like almost like an italian Amy Whitehouse with a song called 'L'Amore e Femmina (Out of Love)' we think this could even be the one- 
with a modern song + a little of Eurovis Sparkle to be a winner

Apr 22, 2012

Le Electro-Vision for Baku 2012- Belarus & Hungary!

Electro pop has not been perfect for Eurovision in the past for some reason!
One example of this is the fantastic 'Comme ci, comme ca' from Evridiki for Cyprus back in 2007.
This tune finished in 15th place in the semi final- so Eurovision was not ready for the Electro 
pop generation back then.
In fact we can even go back to 1980 when synth pop was fresh and very different Electro pop Telex had become the french answer to Kraftwerk in germany. Today they are considered a pioneer of Electro music, yet at Den Haag in Netherlands in April 1980 they sang for Belgium last in that years running order. They looked and sounded perfect for a top place in the contest- with a caughty tune called 'Euro-vision' yet when the votes came in from the european juries they finished 17th with only 14 points! only the portugese jury voted for this new
synth sound giving belguim 10 points. 

In Baku for Eurovision 2012- we have two countries once again taking the brave step to send to Eurovision Song Contest a top national Electro band.
With two groups  LiteSound & Compact Disco-

Is over in Hungary the band Compact Disco- are not retro in anyway very 2012 with their sound. 
A huge band from Budapest formed back in 2009 & enjoyed a huge dance hit in UK/Europe with the hit          'I'm in love'
This year's entry is refreshing after last year's very popular Katy Wolf entry for Hungary in 2011 with 'What about my Dreams' that borrowed 
largely from the 90's sound of Celine Dion and such. 'Sound of our hearts' the new song could almost be a 
David Guetta track from his last album. With the right performance from the band at Baku this band could put Hungary 
in the Top 10. 

Next is Belarus, a new eastern european country that in the past 8 years have only qualified for the Eurovision final twice Koldun in 2007 and in Oslo with Three +2 singing 'Butterflies' So they really want to get back into the final -For this reason they selected a electro-Rock song that actually finished 2nd in their National Final in 2012. So this new three piece Litesound got the european break they had been hoping for with a good tune 
called 'We are the Heros'- This tune seems to be almost a flashback to the Italian pop-sound of Eiffel 65 
of the late 90's as Litesound have an italian born singer Jacopo Massa.

I hope both these countries bring some Electro- sounds to Eurovision at Baku

Apr 21, 2012

My favourite old- Eurovision Song Contest 1985- When Bobbysocks won!

Just recently I enjoyed many Eurovision memories & made a Euro-discovery on U-tube where Le wonderful Euroensiklopediya has the whole 2 hours
plus from way back in 1985 available to view (see below)- The year Goteburg hosted the show following the previous
84' win by Herreys with 'Digga Loo Digga Ley'- at this time in Eurovision history. It was 1985
so the contest had a full-orchestra & conductor to play on each entry- the song had to be sung in the countries
national language.

As well as one solo-presenter in Goteburg- none other than Lill Lindfors she just stole the show in more ways than one-
so grab a cuppa tea, put your feet up and enjoy ESC 85 again on the Full clip below- oh plus
there is even Sir Terry Wogan's BBC commentary - ohhh I now miss ole Terry -

Apr 6, 2012

Exclusive Interview with Eurovision Winner/Legend Linda Martin (1992)

- Linda Martin, Jedward n' Chilly Willy no-less doing Panto

We simply luv an indepth Eurovision Interviews when they pop up-and thanks to the wonderful Garrett Mulhall for his detailed interview
for Eurovision Ireland- well done- & Many Thanks

My Top 20 Playlist- March 2012 (month that was--)

1- Eurthoria- Loreen
2- Shapeshifter- Rikke Normann
3- Amazing - Danny
4- What a feeling (Hardwell Mix) - Kelly Rowland
5- Take our hearts - Jesper Nohrstedt
6- Make it better - Tommy Fredvang
7- Dix Pas Cent Pas - Kati Wolf ft Marc Mysterio
8- Kuula - Ott Lepland
9- The boy can dance - Afro-dite
10- Baby doll - Top Cats

11- Forlat Mig - Mattias Andreasson
12- Don't let me down - Lotta Engberg & Christer Sjogren
13- Why am I crying - Molly Sanden
14- Aldrig Aldrig - Andreas Lundstedt
15- The Girl - Charlotte Perrelli
16- Salt and Pepper - Marie Serneholt
17- I will fight for you (Papa's song) - Fabrizio Faniello
18- Shout it out - David Lindgren
19- This is the night - Kurt Calleja
20- Nar Jag Blundar - Pernilla Kalsson

My current playlist this month reflects perfectly the very best tunes
that have been delivered for Eurovision in Baku particularly in Norway & Melodifestivalen 2012
(it's almost My Melo-12 chart-list)
and I think we will be listening to these for a while yet-?