Oct 31, 2009

Search UPDATE - Most popular Non-Finalist 2000-2009

So as the search continues...... for the Melodifestivalen Song of the last
- 10 years. We have looked at the Swed-TeleVotes, the final chart we have
compiled is the songs that really got away- Althrough the songs became
popular hits of the time, they failed to make the Globen final 10.
Its almost the underdog 10! On top came BWO's 2009 ballad entry
'You're Not Alone' with over 80,000 in one round- this song along with Carola's
'One Love' -I always felt these 2 should have been in the final. In fact the results
show with this year's new 'duel' selection process. Alot of high scoring Artists & Tunes
seem to miss out on the Final placing. No less than 5 x 2009 songs scored
among the decades Top 10 televotes ! does this mean this 2009 process is losing
excellent songs lost in the duel loop?

Okey, Okey Next up we will set up a 'Super 12 Melodifestivalen Songs' using
our 'Schlager analyst Calulator' we will feed in all the charts & results of
2000 - 2009. So stay tuned for the Super 12 poll -
to vote choose 2 songs you luv from the

NEW Melodifestivalen Poll.. above just look for the super twelve..

TOP 10 - Most popular Non-Finalist
Melodifestivalen 2000-2009

1 BWO You're not Alone (80 414)
charts- No: 11 ( 5 wks on chart )

2 CAROLA (Johnson & Häggkvist) One Love (79 106)
charts- No: 11 ( 8 wks on chart )

3 AMY DIAMOND Its my life (77 571)
charts- No: 14 ( 6 wks on chart )

4 SCOTTS Jag trot pa oss (73 455)
charts- No: 32 ( 3 wks on chart )

5 LILI & SUSIE Show me love (70 081)
charts- No: 6 ( 9 wks on chart )

6 NANNE Jag maste kyssa dig (65 791)
charts- No: 14 ( 11 wks on chart )

7 STAR PILOTS Higher (58 751)
charts- No: 6 ( 11 wks on chart )

8 KARL MARTINDAHL Love turns water into wine (52 923)
charts- No: 14 ( 9 wks on chart )

9 OLA Love in stereo (52 615)
charts- No: 2 ( 11 wks on chart )

10MAGNUS UGGLA For kung och fosterland (46 293 )
charts- No: 11 ( 7 wks on chart )

Note- the songs in this chart missed out on a place in
Globen Final -during 2nd Chance Round: knocked
out! & still scored the most votes in their Semi- Final.

Oct 28, 2009

MELODIFESTIVALEN Song of the Decade Winners TeleVote Results

The Winners Televote - TOP 10

the decade - 2000-2009

1 The Worring kind - The Ark

Melodifestivalen 2007 [492 180]

Charts- 4 wks at No:1 (20 wks in total)

2 Evighet - Carola

Melodifestivalen 2006 [437 876]

Charts- 2 wks at No:1 (24 wks in total)

3 Hero - Charlotte Perrelli

Melodifestivalen 2008 (397 907)

Charts- 5 wks at No:1 (19 wks in total)

4 La Voix - Malena Ernman

Melodifestivalen 2009 (322 657)

Charts- No: 2 (18 wks in total)

5 Det gor ont - Lena Philipsson

Melodifestivalen 2004 [298 722]

Charts- 7 wks at No: 1 (37 wks in total)

6 Give me your Love - Fame

Melodifestivalen 2003 (229 753)

Charts- 3 wks at No: 1 (18 wks in total)

7 Las Vegas- Martin Stenmarck

Melodifestivalen 2005 [208 716]

Charts- 1 wk at No: 1 (17 wks in total)

8 Nar vindarna viskar mitt namn-Roger Pontare

Melodifestivalen 2000 (173 641)

Charts- No: 2 (22 wks in total)

9 Never let you go - Afro dite

Melodifestivalen 2002 [162 612]

Charts- 1 wks at No:1 (17 wks in total)

10 Listen to your heartbeat- Friends

Melodifestivalen 2001 (96 380)

Charts- made No: 2 (22 wks in total)

Oct 25, 2009

MELODIFESTIVALEN Song of the Decade 2000-2009: Results


Song Of The DECADE.

TOP 40

Non-Winners (Favourites)

Televotes 2000-2009

1 Empty Room -Sanna Nielson (449 419)

charts- No:2

2 Cara Mia - Måns Zelmerlöw (402 133)

charts- No:1 (1 week)

3 Hall on Mig -Nanna Gronvall (373 928)

charts- No:1 (2 weeks)

4 A little bit of Love - Andeas Johnsson (371 222)

charts- No:3

5 Temple of Love - B W O (159 702)

charts- No:1 (1 week)

6 Sing for me - Andeas Johnsson (350 938)

charts- No:2

7 Lay all your love on me - B W O (320 741)

charts- No:2

8 Snalla snalla -Caroline af Ugglas (318 952)

charts- No:2

9 Just a minute -Rongedal (273 521)

charts- No:5

10 I lagornas sken -Nordman (233 467)

charts- No:6

11 Baby goodbye -E M D (231 098)

charts- No:1 (2 weeks)

12 I love Europe -Christer Sjogren (228 674)

charts- No:15

13 Trying to recall -Marie Bergnam (228 422)

charts- No:4

14 La Dolce Vita -After Dark (209 795)

charts- No:8

15 A different kind of Love -Caroline Wennersten (204 040)

charts- No:16

16 Stay the night -Alcazar (199 014 )

charts- No:2

17 Thank you -Amy Diamond (188 872)

charts- No:8

18 A sinner nor a saint -Alcazar (182 872)

charts- No:1 (1 week)

19 Hope & Glory - Måns Zelmerlöw (182 651)

charts- No:2

20 Night of Passion -The Poodles (180 784)

charts- No:2

21 1000 Miles -H.E.A.T. (178 283)

charts- No:3

22 Min karlek -Shirley Clamp (176 343)

charts- No:3

23 Tango Tango -Petra Neilson (172 873)

charts- 4

24 Alcastar -Alcazar (165 497)

charts- No:1 (1 week)

25 Paradise - E Type (159 702)

charts- No:2

26 I remember Love- Sarah Dawn Finer (157 227)

charts- No:4

27 Mama take me home -Rednex (154 115)

charts- No:3

28 Let your spirits Fly - Pernilla Wahlgren & Jan Johansen (156 702)

charts- No:10

29 Att Alska dig -Shirley Clamp (153 923)

charts- No:4

30 Adrenaline - Mendez (149 460)

charts- No:2

31 Moving on - Sarah Dawn Finer (146 300)

charts- No:3

32 Kom och ta mig -Brandsta City Slackers (147 700)

charts- No:4

33 Jag Ljuger sa bra - Linda Bengtzing (138 249)

charts- No:2

34 Hela varlden for mig -Sanna Neilsen (318 952)

charts- No:35

35 Vem e du vill ha -Kikki Bettan & Lotta (136 175)

charts- No:32

36 Vi kan gunga -Jimmy Janson (130 021)

charts- No:1 (1 week)

37 For att du finns -Sonja Alden (128 806)

charts- No:3

38 Nar tanker pa I morgon -Freinds (127 441)

charts- No:14

39 Thats is where I'll go -Sibel (120 587)

charts- No:6

40 Crazy in love -Jill Johnson (116 440)

charts- No:9

Note: this chart list is based on the swedish tele-votes

only- not final score board + swedish sales

chart positions at that time.

-a ballad from 2008 turns out to be No;1 with the tele-votes.
Sanna Neilsen came close yet finished runner-up to Charlotte Perrelli's 'Hero'

Oct 21, 2009

Replacement Melodifestivalen Entry is Hot !

hot hot -Linda Pritchard

As we found out "Never heard of him' this tune was disqualified from the new
list of songs for 2010 in the first week. Due it to it previously been make available on My Space
before. So this leaves one vacancy for one new song called....

"You're making me (hot hot hot)"
songwriters Tobias Lundgren, Johan Fransson and Tim Larsson this trio are
not unknowns they wrote the winner 'Las Vegas' for Martin Stenmarck as well as
swedish entries 'Alla Flickor' 'Om Natten' and 'Kalla Nätter' It is said to be suitable for
Linda Pritchard who was a contestant in Idol 2008 ,
we should not pass this off as a filler song,
'Cara Mia' was
brought in at the last minute in 2007
...the rest certainly is now History

Måns Zelmerlöw
who sung 'Cara Mia'

Oct 20, 2009

Nanne Grönvall is back- Your Melodifestivalen Needs You !

Nanne is back - with this fantastic Stomper
'Otacksamhet' we luv this new song.
And it brings up the question why is
the woman who brought us 'Håll om Mig' back in 2005
not making
a return to Melodifestivalen 2010 ?
With a tune like this new one would be fantastic.
In the meantime, lets see just how Nanne does in our
next round of
Schlagertunes search for Melodifestivalen Song of the decade.
-When we look at the favourites I'm
sure she maybe even on top?

Oct 19, 2009

MELODIFESTIVALEN Song of the Decade 2000-2005 Results -first 5 years

Song Of The DECADE

TOP 26 Melodifestivalen Tele-Votes.
Non-Winners 2000-2004

1 La Dolce Vita -After Dark (209 795)

charts- No:8

2 Not A Sinner Nor A Saint - Alcazar (182 736)

charts- No:1 (1 week)

3 Min karlek -Shirley Clamp (176 3430)

charts- No:3

4 Tango Tango - Petra Nielsen (172 873)

charts- No:28

5 Paradise - E-Type (159 702)

charts- No:2

6 Let Your Spirit Fly - Jan Johansen & Pernilla Wahlgren (156 702)

charts- No:10

7 Adrenaline - Mendez (149 460)

charts- No:2

8 Kom och ta mig -Brandsta City Slackers (147 700)

charts- No:4

9 Hela varlden for mig -Sanna Nielsen (136 984)

charts- No:35

10 Vem E De Du Vill Ha -Kikki, Bettan & Lotta (136 175)

charts- No:32

11 Nar jag tanker pa imorgon--Friends (127 441)

charts- No:14

12 Crazy In Love -Jill Johnson (116 440)

charts- No:9

13 Varlden Utanfor -Barbados (94 770)

charts- No:14

14 Maria -Osten Med Resten (92 722)

charts- No:51

15 T.K.O. (knock you out)--Bubbles (91 979)

charts- No:7

16 Som stormen -Sara Löfgren (85 132)

charts- No:16

17 Allt Som Jag Ser -Barbados (94 770)

charts- No:7

18 Har stannar jag kvar -Sandra Dahlberg (82 492)

charts- No:8

19 Ole Ole -Andres Esteche (79 723)

charts- No:18

20 Vindarna vander oss -Fame (76 003)

charts- No:23

21 Igar Idag -Sanna Nielsen (64 903)

charts- No:32

22 C'est La Vie -Hanson, Carson & Malmkvist (61 190)

charts- No:33

23 Aqua playa -Afro-dite (59 520)

charts- nil

24 Hon kommer med solsken -Osten Med Resten (59 149)

charts- No:38

25 Sista Andetaget - Jan Johansen (58 668)

charts- No:13

26 The One That You Need- Friends (58 634)

charts- No:24

Here is a Mf chart showing the first half of the past
decade of Melodifestivalen Songs. It's worth noting that
these first 5 years 'Melodifestivalen' was growing becoming
more and more popular with each year. In 2000 & 2001, a
basic 10-song
One night Tv Show competion format was used. This all
changed in 2002, with 4-semi final heats and one second
chance round used
to find the final 10 songs for the Final.
As we look at the public tele-vote scores, we see how Globen Final
contest grew and grew
up to the 298 722 tele-votes scored for Lena Philipsson's 'Det gör ont'
in 2004. Fame 's 'Give me your Love' was far behind with
229 753 in 2003.
I took the winners out of the above chart- so we see just how the swedish
public felt about the other finalists.
Even more public voting came in during Melodifestivalen
2005-2009 as you can imagine.
We will look at those years next, still its good to stop at 2004, cus
once we add the songs/votes in the next half of the decade
only a few of these great tunes above will
survive...stay tuned for that. Please vote in the Winners Poll
above in the side bar- if you have'nt yet.
we will have another Poll soon.
As the search continues..

friends- winners in 2001 feature twice in the chartlist

Oct 18, 2009

Agnes - "I Need You Now" What a great new Song & Vid.

its a Beautiful ..Melodifestivalen- Just which rumours are True !!

-Ola, we know your gonna sing it, you wrote it

Since the now - 26 songs titles & writers were made public.
One song has been
disqualified, so perhapes another Kempe Klassic or at least a
Alexander Bart Extravaganza can be put in as a replacement!

Meanwhile for the moment the swedish press are doing overtime at the
Schlager Mill making new different Melodifestivalen rumours.
The list is endless
some names we have heard many times before.
I dug out my Ace of Base Hits CD as I do each year, they have been named for
Melodifestivalen for the past 10 years
( even before 'All that she wants' was a hit !! ) I think they would be ideal
as long as Linn Berggren joins them again. The blond one has been
left out from the band's current line-up. Lena Philipsson is said to
be in the studio recording a whole new album due out in 2010,
once again we heard that one before.

If Lena does have a schalger tastic song from her album to add, to 2010 list please do
we want Lena Ph ( even the poll here- shows we luv her )
One almost certain name is Pernilla Wahlgren who has not been seen since her duet
'Let the spirits fly..' with Jan Johansen in 2003. Her song is said to be 'Jag vill om du vagar'
while Andreas Johnson has wrote a song, he just can't work out if he will sing it..and
that one's called "We can work it out" So we could see Andreas 4th Melodifestivalen entry since
'Sing for me' in 2006.
Elin Lanto is said to do 'Doctor Doctor' ( as long as its not in the style of Thompson Twins )
Ola Svensson finally confessed he will be back, with 'Unstopable'
this is said to be very up-beat number taking him further away from his normal pop
style. I liked Ola's 'Love in Stereo' so much in 2007,

and what about Rongedal boys,
did no one think to ring them this year ?
what happened, it takes 'Just a Minute'

I am hoping Ace of Base bring us joy to break -up
those Melodifestivalen ballads & rock songs.
Like this song...

Oct 17, 2009

Search for Song of the Decade 2000-09 continues.. with Results

Song Of The DECADE.

Here are the first 5 Melodifestivalen Winners & how popular they
turned out to be according to swedish televotes alone. Lets see how they scored
then we will look at all the others with the stop-watch halted at 2004!

The Winners Televote - TOP 5

the first 5 years only'

1 Det gör ont - Lena Philipsson

Melodifestivalen 2004 (298 722)

Charts- 7 wks at No:1 (37 wks in total)

2 Give Me Your Love -Fame

Melodifestivalen 2003 [229 753]

Charts- 3 wks at No:1 (18 wks in total)

3 När Vindarna Viskar Mitt Namn -Roger Pontare

Melodifestivalen 2000 (173 641)

Charts- made No: 2 (22 wks in total)

4 Never Let It Go -Afro-dite

Melodifestivalen 2004 (162 612)

Charts- 1 wks at No:1 (17 wks in total)

5 Lyssna Till Ditt Hjärta -Friends

Melodifestivalen 2001 [96 380]

Charts- made No: 4 (25 wks in total)

Oct 16, 2009

'Sing' by PETER JÖBACK & KATE PIERSON B52s -What a Vid! I just luv this now even more..

Peter Jöback's 'East Side Stories' Album is out on 28th October 2009.
'Sing' is out on i-tunes everywhere!

Oct 15, 2009

introducing Eric Saade- a New Måns Zelmerlöw

What do we recon is he Måns-enough to sing 'Manboy' (wrote by fredrik kempe)
in Melodifestivalen, on looks alone we give Eric the thumbs up.

MeLODIFESTIVALeN 2010: At SVT 27 Songs Writers are made public

Each year Melodifestivalen songs & contestants are announced to us
some of the song writers, then 4 wildcard -Big Swed Names.
Then finally the whole list of 32 artists, and the last one,
normally the wildest of the wild cards is kept very secret.
Well this does create Media Madness as in Sweden the papers will speculate who
will sing what, in the big event in Spring 2010. It looks certain already to see a
from Ola ( Love in Stereo, 2008) yeeeah
Elin Lanto (Money, 2007) that's exciting!
Errika Selin ( previously from Idol ) Sibel (to sing 'Stop')
Jessica Andersson and
Andreas Johnsson ( who is rumoured to not sing his offering, phew! )
a Pizza delivery band- re-order, Andra Generationen ( Kebabpizza, 2008)

Jessica Andersson tastes Andra Pizza!

Just...bring on those wildcards, we can't wait....
So first up we have a whole list of the songwriters of 27 of the entries,
certainly there does seem to be a lack of some of schlager's best songwriters.
At least we have Thomas G:son, Fredrik Kempe,but last year Kempe gave us 4
entry's to his credit this list shows just one!
a tune called 'Manboy' sounds promising, could it be a new 'Cara Mia'
-a singer in Måns league must sing this up-beat stomper.
I am hoping Agnes will be back again,
as the 2 songwriters of 'Release Me' are on the list.

The Songs +Writers.

A Place To Stay 

Torben Hedlund (t & m),

Doctor Doctor 

Tony Nilsson (t & m), Mirja Breitholtz (t & m)


Tony Nilsson (t & m), Peter Boström (t & m)

Heaven And Hell 

Håkan Larsson (t & m), Jörgen Svensson (t & m), Björn Lönnroos (t & m)

Hippare Hoppare

Vlatko Ancevski (t & m), Vlatko Gicarevski (t & m), Mats Nilsson (t & m),
Teddy Paunkoski (t & m), Otis Sandsjö (t & m)

Human Frontier 

Tobias Jonsson (t & m), Anneli Axelsson (t & m)

Hur kan jag tro på kärleken?

Kenneth Gärdestad (t), Tony Malm (m), Niclas Lundin (m)

I Did It For Love 

Lars "Dille" Diedricson (m), Kristian Wejshag (t)


Niklas Jarl (t & m), Per Aldeheim (t & m)

Innan alla ljusen brunnit ut

Stefan Moody (m), Danne Attlerud (t)

Jag vill om du vågar

Pontus Assarsson (t & m), Jörgen Ringqvist (t & m), Daniel Barkman (t)

Magisk stjärna 

Micke Wennborn (m), Py Bäckman (t & m)


Fredrik Kempe (t & m), Peter Boström (m)

Sarah Lundbäck (t & m), Iggy Strange-Dahl (t & m),
Hayden Bell (t & m), Erik Lewander (t & m)

Never Heard Of Him 
Figge Boström (t & m), Anna Engh (t & m)

Road Salt !
Daniel Gildenlöw (t & m)


Niclas Arn (t & m), Karl Eurén (t & m), Gustav Eurén (t & m)


Hamed K-One Pirouzpanah (m), Håkan Bäckman (t)


Mikaela Stenström (t & m), Dimitri Stassos (t & m)

This Is My Life

Kristian Lagerström (t), Bobby Ljunggren (m)


Thomas G:son (m), Peter Boström (m), Sharon Vaughn (t)


Sharon Vaughn (t & m), Anders Hansson (t & m)


Lina Eriksson (t), Johan Moraeus (m)


Dimitri Stassos (t & m), Alexander Kronlund (t & m), Hanif Sabzevari (t & m), Ola Svensson (t & m)

We Can Work It Out
Bobby Ljunggren (m), Marcos Ubeda (m), Andreas Johnsson (t)


Getty Domein Mpanzu (t), Tuomas (Tiny) Pyhäjärvi (m)

Åt helvete för sent disqualified
Lina Eriksson (t & m), Mårten Eriksson (t & m), Susie Päivärinta (t & m)

Extra song;
You're making me (hot, hot, hot)
Tobias Lundgren, Johan Fransson and Tim Larsson

Errika Selin

Oct 13, 2009

Just What is the Melodifestivalen - Song of the Decade?

The Search for Schlager-Tunes


Song Of The DECADE : 2000-2009.

starting soon here on the blog...
Its not an easy task to find one
song to be the best of last 10 years of Melodifestivalen. In fact it seems
also only fair to separate The Melodifestivalen Winners from the
favourites that never made it. The people vote for the other songs as well
as they become No 1 hits and top sellers on their own.
Many scoring more televotes than the actual winner !
First up, we will look at the Winning songs & have a winners poll-
and not forget the one's that got away.
Stay schlager tuned,
as we will analyse the other Melodifestivalen entries of
the past decade..