Jun 28, 2009

Hey Barbie ! Look who's back & No:1 in Denmark-We just adore this vid for- Aqua

Who can forget the single "Barbie Girl" by Aqua- I never really liked it
Yet the Danish band, did some good other stuff like "Cartoon Heros" &
"Turn Back Time.."
Well now they have turned back the clock all the way to the 80's with another
No:1 in Denmark & all over Europe..
A greatest Hits album will be released + three new songs on it !
and Aqua will be going on tour this summer. Please come back downunder ?

Jun 27, 2009

Michael Jackson 1958-2009 - Many tributes from all over the World- As Sweden's Top artists recently spoke out

SMILE with Michael as we remember him- 
back in 1979 

"For me, he has never been  greater! 

I will play his songs all day!" 

- Ola Svensson

"I have not enough words to describe what you meant to me. 

You are, and will always be the greatest artist and performer the world seen.

You have inspired me in everything and I am so sorry that you are gone, "

- Måns Zelmerlöw.

"I will always remember this day as the day of the true King of Pop, 

the fantastic Michael Jackson, passed away" 

 -Sarah Dawn Finer

Other Swedish artists who have been declared admirers and paid tribute to Michael are- Erik Segerstedt from EMD, Carola Häggkvist, Danny Saucedo, Darin , Mattias Andréasson and Elin Lantos.

Alex Swings Oscar Sings- One of the best looking back on ESC 2009- Now we have DVD at last!

Jun 23, 2009

Måns Zelmerlöw recently performed 'Hold On' the NEW single from his Album- MZW

Schlager-Hero's 7-Magnus Carlsson/Barbados: Living Life FOREVER !

Magnus Carlsson grew up in Fristad outside Borås and has now taken part in Mf for an amazing seven times! He rose to fame as the lead vocalist with dansband Barbados. Magnus lead the band during their most successful years from 1992 up until December 2002. Barbados performed in Melodifestivalen three times, twice coming 2nd with 'Se mig' in 2000 & 'Allt som jag ser' in 2001 Again in 2002, with their Hit 'Världen utanför' coming 4th that year
Magnus Carlsson officially became a member of Alcazar in January 2003. Joining forces with his partner at the time, Andreas Lundstedt - Alcazar had a mega Hit with 'Not a Sinner, nor a saint' in Melodifestivalen 2003 finishing 3th. The tune became
one of the most famous favourite Mf Hits with the swedes. Alcazar following this went on to great international success with 'This is the world we live in' and others. In 2005 they came back to Mf with 'Alcastar' once again finishing in 3 rd place-
it seems we could all become a Alcastar...according to the No.1- Yet that autumn the band took a break and the 4-piece never came back together again!
On February 25, 2006 Magnus participated in Melodifestival Semi-Final in Karlstad with the song 'Lev livet' (Living Life) Written by Anders Glenmark & Niklas Strömstedt and finished 8th in the Globen final. In Melodifestivalen 2007, Magnus sung "Live Forever" just missed out on going direct to Globen yet became one of his biggest +Best Hits! . Magnus has focused on his solo career and Album 'Live Forever' proved him to be a great singer in his own right.
Magnus we salute you as a real Schlager Hero in the true Schlager tradition..
May Manus live forever in Schlager wonderland....

Barbados + Magnus Mf debut entry 'Show Me' in this rare english version

Jun 20, 2009

PAST & PRESENT Benny & Bjorn in 1970 ( before Abba) from 'Lycka' LP

Kara Gamla Sol. (Side 1-4. on Lycka album)

Some Wonderful old Pic's of Benny- this song has lasted so well, I think compared to Benny's BOA stuff
today-its just as great from 1970- almost 40 years on still writing those classics.

Benny Andersson's 'Give me my Song' performed Live!

Give me my song  ( B.Andersson-Y.Eggehorn)
From 2004, I had not heard this track before, I was thinking it was from the english version of B&B's Kristina -Musical. 
It is actually "Saknadens Rum" and "Karlekens Tid" medley called 'Give Me My Song' with a little luck the tune could be featured in BOA Live concert on Hampstead Heath London in two weeks? Watch the clip til the end and see Benny in the crowd.

FLASHBACK -Where is ICELANDs Silvia Night? We still Luv you- comeback soon

Once upon a time in the sugar forests of
iceland lived a being so beautiful & fabulous that time stopped for a one moment 
in Athens, Greece during Eurovision Song Contest 2006!!
The behaviour of Silvia Night builds on what people do and say in modern day  Iceland. 
Silvia repeats what has been said, 
all the way from people at cafe's to people in media and press.
She was misunderstood or perhapes far ahead of her space-time, check out her
great video for 'Congratulations'-   "Silvia this is Schlagertunes calling...where are you?"
 We all miss you Silvia Night,
+ the 2 guys in her vid were just as FAB tastic!

Jun 19, 2009

Stenmarck in Las Stockholm ! Live 2005

Back in Melodifestivalen 2005- Martin Stenmarck sung his winner 'Las Vegas' the sunset strip, ... even caesars palace... and then just outside Ahlens, in Central Stockholm !

Jun 18, 2009

Shirley Clamp in Rhapsody in Rock show

Shirley Clamp returned to Melodifestivalen 2009 with a wonderful ballad, 'Med Hjärtat Fyllt Av Ljus' it shot to No:1
in the singles chart & helped launch Shirl's Greatest Song collection 'För Den Som Älskar ... En Samling' this year.
This woman is a perfect performer for Mf and always manages to amaze me with her talents. For the
first time this year she was a presenter for Sweden in ESC Moscow, what will be next?
Way back in 2005 she toured with 'Rhapsody in Rock'- I saw this gem on u tube from the show - Shirl' makes
this song 'Thousand Miles' her very own, as Shirley does so often before...

Jun 14, 2009

MELODIFESTIVALEN Time Machine 1992- with Kikki Danielsson and Maria Rådsten (One More Time)

The next stop on the MF Time Machine is March 14th 1992 at Cirkus in Stockholm. When after Carola's win at ESC 1991, Sweden went from 1st to almost Last! as Christer Bjorkman (himself) won Melodifestivalen 1992 with a ballad wrote by Niklas Stromstedt ' I morgon är en annan dag' (Tomorrow is another day) The song finished second last (22nd) with only 9 points. Still the tune became a popular Swedish hit peaking at 5- in the singles chart. And Christer went on to become Mr Mf of the 2000's & beyond.
The song festival had no shortage big names, with a Kikki Danielsson's comeback to Mf, (with song 'En Enda Gång') Wizex Feat. Lena Pålsson, Py Bäckman, Shan of The Shanes (60's band) Plus 2 singers from One More Time ( Peter Gronvall's new pop band ) Thérèse Löf and Maria Rådsten each sang an entry wrote by Nanne & Peter Grönvall for 1992. Maria's song 'Vad Som Än Händer' was the most popular, and during the cliff hanger voting she and Kikki lead the pack in the early stages. She finished up in 3 rd place, while Lena Pålsson's song "Som om himlen brann" was 2nd and a popular choice missing out by 5 points behind Christer's ballad.

Here is the best from 1992 the clip of 'Vad Som Än Händer'- which was translated into an english version 'I'll show you wonders'
one of the best tracks from One more Time's Highland release ( see previous post) Maria & Nanne waited 5 more years then took the MF winning prize in 1996 with 'Den Vilda'

FLASHBACK One More Time- 'Highland' (Extended Version)

One More Time - Nanne Grönwall, Maria Rådsten, Peter Grönwall & Therese Lof ( Peter is Benny Andersson's son ) As
a three piece they won Melodifestivalen back in 1996 with 'Den Vilda' I recently have been listening to 'Highland'
One More Time's superb album released in 1992. It certainly has that Papa Andersson influence even back in the early 90's. Another fascinating fact is the album was engineered by Hans Fredriksson, -who just happens to be Anni-Frid Lyngstad's son !
'Highland' would have been so much better as a Melodifestivalen Song for 1992, however way back then entry's were only sung in swedish due to Eurovision rules. If you hear this album again you will find like I did one more ... entry
from Melodifestivalen. Stay tuned to find out which one, & enjoy this fantastic video clip
thanks 77Romuluz77 for U-clip

Jun 12, 2009

Artists in Skansen' Summer Show 2009

What an wonderful summer line up of stars this year at Skansen, its almost as exciting
as Melodifestivalen itself . Svt every summer puts on a sing-a-long celebratity show of Swedish
Stars in this famous Stockholm Park Skansen.
It's shown on Tv as well on those hot
summer nights, the line-up is rather sizzling this year lets see...

June 23: Tomas Ledin, Henrik Dorsin, Måns Zelmerlöw, Anna Maria Espinosa, Owe Thörnqvist.

June 30: A Camp, Malena Ernman, Johan Palm, Lisa Ekdahl, Ann-Louise Hansson, Mia Cutting Inger, Klara Zimmer Gren.

July 7: Caroline af Ugglas, John M E, Claes Eriksson, Anne-Lie Ryde, Lotta Ramel, Rolandz.

July 14: Alexander Rybak, Elisabeth Andreassen, Larz Kristerz, Anna Book, Marcus Birro, Stockholm Boys Choir.

July 21: Lars Vegas Trio, Lili & Susie, Monica & Carl-Axel Dominique, Wille Crafoord, Magnus Carlsson, Jack Vreeswijk, Jonas Carlsson.

July 28: H E A T, Timo Räisänen, After Dark, Malena Tuvung, Per Myrberg, Toralf Nilsson and Theresia Widar PhD from Glada Hudik Theater.

August 4: Final Program with Swedish Lyxorkestern, Björn Skifs, General Song, Markus Krunegård, Bosse Larsson.

our Skansen regular Mans is back.
here are some clips & chat from him. thanks Svt

MAGNUS is back 'This is Disco' new single is coming out in Sweden- this Month.

       The new single from the fantastic Magnus Carlsson is about to be released in Sweden, 
a live version of the new tune was previewed on Sweden's national day 6th June in Stockholm this month. 
The new single is available as download from 10th June 2009 & in 5 track jewel 
case CDS on 26 th June. Tracklist is;

1 This is disco                
2 Money (greedy honey)
3 This is disco (Soundfactory Radio)
4 This is disco (Soundfactory Paradise Anthem)
5 This is disco (Soundfactory Paradise Dub)

Jun 11, 2009

BUCKS FIZZ 'If you can't stand the heat' 1983 & Jay's 'Easy Love' in 1982 !!

To celebrate the new 'Original Bucks Fizz' return to the stage..
we searched & found these History Fizzical Clips
a truly wonderful 1983 TOTP's performance- with perhapes the band's
best tune 'If you can't stand the heat' Then below is a 9 mins performance
of Bucks Fizz from Blazers Club, this captures well the band amazing Live
show of the mid 80's- Jay Aston's solo track 'Easy Love' will she do a
reprise of this in the new Fizz Show-
We certainly hope so...

Jun 10, 2009

The Fizz Are Back in 2009- here they chat all about Eurovision in 1981

Cheryl Mike Jay

Just before the Eurovision 2009 in Moscow- the original Bucks Fizz ( as the new line-up are now known )
minus Bobby Gee, + the fabulous return of Jay Aston. Appeared on BBC before they performed a
one off show at G.A.Y. club in London- Here Cheryl Mike & Jay seem to have no problems
with the heat in the kitchen ( if you can't stand the heat - one of the band best Hits ) getting
along just they chat & giggle about their Eurovision moments. See the new
Original Bucks Fizz Live Show BELOW and courtesy of the
Original SchlagerBoys blog.
(Ta Lads)

G.A.Y Show

Schlagertunes are so xcited expect more FIZZical News
soon as the Band plan a UK Tour!

MELODIFESTIVALEN Time Machine 1998 - 'Avundsjuk' -Nanne Grönvall

What a performance from Nanne Grönvall with her now most famous song and hit 'Avundsjuk' (Jealous) in 37th Melodifestivalen
contest in 1998. Strange but true Nanne only came 4 th this year with 35 points, as you watch this clip its
very clear to see how ahead of the times Peter Grönvall & Nanne Grönvall were. This song would have gone down a storm
in Eurovision today.
Yet the winner was the equally wonderful song wrote by Bobby Ljunggren & Ingela 'Pling' Forsman a ballad 'Kärleken är'
sung by a newcomer of 1998 Jill Johnson. The english title was 'Eternal Love' and infact the swedish original lyric

was inspired by the death of Princess Diana in 1997 in Paris.

This song became a Top 5 hit at home in Sweden and came 10 th in Eurovision Song Contest that year. It would be interesting
to see how Nanne would have done in 1998 if she had gone to met Dana International in ESC in Birmingham that year-
imagine these 2 Euro Diva's on the same night?

Jun 2, 2009


We have just boarded the ole Mf Time Machine heading back to the Melodifest Time - 21st February 1981, The Song Contest had a
short list of only 5 songs and artists it featured the likes of Bjorn Skiffs Elisabeth Andreasson Kikki Danielsson & Britta Johansson (Sweet n Chips)
Anders Glenmark & Janne Lucas Persson.
The final result was choosen by 12 regional Juries of experts, Bjorn Skiffs had a narrow victory. Yet the public found Sweet n Chips ( 2nd place) & Janne Lucan Persson the popular choice, and both songs went on to be big hits in Sweden. Almost forgotten was the lovely ballad wrote by Agnetha Faltskog and lyrics by Ingela Forsman 'Men natten är vår' (The night is ours) we think the night was Kicki Moberg's.
Bjorn Skiffs went on to give Sweden only a halfway 10 th place in the Eurovision Song Contest 1981 in Dublin.
Check out this fantastic preview clips of the evenings event & wonderful intro....til our next
Mf Time Machine stop enjoy 1981.