Aug 29, 2015

Lena Andersson - returns a Schlager Legend from 1972-

Lena Andersson is back via the Schlager Time Machine, returning this week to Stockholm city to my complete pure delight. 

She has a brand new english CD released after a long long break since the mid 80’s.  Lena Andersson was a Polar artist who worked with Bjorn and Benny as producers and songwriters from 1971 onwards. She also had minor hits in West Germany with german versions of Abba’s ‘Fernando’ ‘Hasta Mañana’ & ’S.O.S’ Lena first found fame back in 1971 at the age of  just 15, Stig Anderson took Lena under his wing and her version of ‘ I’m gonna be a country girl again’ (Är Det Konstigt Att Man Längtar Bort Nån Gång) was her first number one on Svensktoppen chart in 1971. In a strange twist of fate, today in 2015,  Lena is a country girl again! As Lena lives on a farm in Arizona, USA together with her american husband and sings mainly gospel and country-pop music and is rarely seen on the swedish music and TV scene. 
Last Thursday she sang a free live set at The Pop House Garden, Stockholm.  

Lena Andersson has an amazing vocal, and I have always felt her Melodifestivalen entry ’Säj Det Med En Sång’ is just timeless, wrote by Bjorn and Benny a year before ‘Ring Ring’ in 1973. This tune is a ballad in the true schlager queen style, so how it came only 3rd for Lena Andersson at Melodifestivalen- I don’t understand, however she had some fine competition in Melodifestivalen 1972 from Tomas Ledin, Bjorn Skifs, Monica Zetterlund & Sylvia. Lena’s Melodifestivalen tune she reprised this week at Pop House , Stockholm.

You can check out more Lena facts -on the forgotten Svensktoppen star, and Lena’s brand new album ‘Open Your Heart’ at her Facebook page

Lena Andersson sings  ’Säj Det Med En Sång’ on SVT

Aug 20, 2015

Lena- the Queen of Schlager' is back at Last

Lena has been silent for a long time, but now she’s back - yes, Ms Lena Philipson. 
Who can forget Lena’s Eurovision performance back in 2004, when she sang ‘It Hurts’ for Sweden at Eurovision Song Contest in Istanbul and finished in 6th place.
Lena’s performance and her mike-stand- who can forget that- is already a piece of Eurovision history. Before that big Melodifestivalen victory of 2004 with “Det Gor Not’. Lena Philipsson had three previous attempts to win a place at Eurovision Song Contest as a singer in the 80’s. Then two more times at Melodifestivalen in the 90’s as a songwriter for her friend Pernilia Dahlgren in 1991, and the group Arvingarna in 1999.
Lena has become in Sweden a household schlager queen, and seems to stick to music and songs mainly in her native language now-a-days    

Lena’s new album is due out in September 2015- produced by Alcazar’s producer, Anders Hansson we just can't wait…   

Lena’s new single is out now, and called ‘Jag är ingen älskling’ (I am no Darling) Really, she is a darling we luv her so.

Check out this wonderful TV performance of the new song wrote completely by Lena Ph as well, there seems no end to Lena’s talents.