Oct 31, 2011

Sarah Dawn Finer is moving on -to become a Host in Melodifestivalen 2012

Not many artist have made such a huge impression with just two entry's for Melodifestivalen - Sarah's debut was the ballad 'I remember Love' was sung in 2007- It went on to become the ballad of the contest that year- as well as giving Sarah her first hit album in Sweden- debuting at No:2 in the album charts. Although born in stockholm Sarah Dawn has an American mother- and of Russian heritage.
She returned in Melodifestivalen 2009 singing a Fredrik kempe tune 'Moving On'
this became her biggest hit- and brought us a fantastic studio album of the same name "Moving On"-
So for Melodifestivalen 2012 Sarah will be just one of the Presenters- not as a contestant it seems.
Another choice is Gina Dirawi - who's fame on SVT started with her popular Blog- However in a few days- Melo 2012 will made public the offical list of hosts to take part in Melodifestivalen 2012 & this year there is planned to be more than the standard two stars.
The three female -Mf hosts 2012- Sarah Dawn Finer & Gina Dirawi with Helena Bergstrom-

Oct 23, 2011

Ell & Nikki comeback together in London- and chat about Baku + that Loose Dennzy Report from 2011!!

Ell & Nikki -
the duo who have made Eurovision history as well as Azerbaijan history in 2011- Infact the last time a girl/boy
duo won Eurovision - we have to go back to Denmark's first win in 1963 when Grethe & Jorgrn Ingmann sang 'Dansevise' in London.
So will this mean a lot more Love-duo's will be seen in the Eurovision contest in the future? it certainly was alot more common place back in the 60-70's
Meanwhile Ell & Nikki have still to record even a debut album together or a follow-up single to 'Running Scared'
the couple did come together a few days ago for 'a celebration of 20 Years of Azerbaijan' independence held in Central Hall
in Westminster- For Nikki it was a short bus ride from her home in Palmers Green- where she lives, but for Ell it was his very first time in
London amazingly!
Thankfully ESCtoday/Russel Davis -was there to record this event for everyone in an interview with these Eurovision 2011 winners this casual chat about the next
Eurovision 2012, Baku- a New album, wine !- we think Nikki is so much fun
telling us how she still scans U-tube watching more Eurovis' clips- It's time to make her an honest -
Recording artist Ell?

Ell & Nikki sung there one & only tune (to-date) 'Running Scared'

Nikki had alot more to chat about on ITVs Loose Woman -with the faab Denise Welch- very funny

& recap of 'Dennzy Does Dusseldorf' (Loose Woman's Eurovis' report with Blue) - this must rank as the best Eurovision Report of the 2011 ( send Dennzy to Baku -pleeeze for 2012)

Oct 22, 2011

Lena Philipsson Pop-Power is on the way back with an album for 2012!

Lena Philipsson-
is one of the icon's of Melodifestivalen -she has been in the song contest 4-times previously & most of Lena's tunes had become swedish Schlager classics:

Kärleken är evig (1986),
Dansa i neon (1987),
Om igen (1988) & last time Lena's 2004 winner 'Det gör ont'/'It hurts' that has gone on to be one of the most popular
songs ever to come out of Melodifestivalen.

So each year there is speculation on if Lena will comeback to improve on her winning position of 2004. It's a bit of a risk that diva's like Carola & Charlotte Perrelli have already taken the plunge and returned to the Melo stage to follow-up on a past win. Now even if Lena was
to return- it would be one of the best kept Melo-secrets for sure. However Lena Philipsson's lable maybe
just giving us a 'massive hint' with the up coming Pop album of Lena's due for release very soon.
The lead single has come out Nästa säsong & climbing the swedish chart lists.

The album was due for release at the end of November 2011- It has been delayed by her lable now until February 2012. It seems a little strange to want to release this long-awaited album - right in the middle of the Melo- season and at the time of the Melodifestivalen Globen-final. Unless the reason is Lena Philipsson will have another stab at Melo/Eurovision glory!
-Or it could mean just another Melo-guest appearance as Lena Ph did this year in the semi final in Linkoping
when she sung 'Idiot' an eletro-pop single from this same album- whatever happens this new album promises to
be amazing pop treat for us all.
But- certainly the ultimate would be to have lena Philipsson back at Globen singing for Sweden.

Oct 16, 2011

Tim from 'A Friend in London' chats about life after Eurovision 2011 & makes a TV return on DR

Tim Schou (from Denmark's 'A Friend In London') was recently in London to do a one off solo gig while the Danish rock band took a short break from putting together a debut international album. Tim Schou did a interesting
Interview with alfitude Infact Tim did have a solo career and his own album called "Far away from London"
that is actually very different from the danish rockers indie sound- certainly the band's Top 5 position seems to have
worked well in opening a lot of doors to a sucessful international career for 'A freind from London' certainly Tim
made an inpact himself on the night- with a look and style that very almost put Jedward in the shade-

Look out for the new single 'Calling a friend' and that new album promises to be just as good.

Check out the duran-ish NEW VIDEO here

--and for something very completely different from Danish DR Tv see Tim Schou singing Moves Like Jagger (Maroon 5) & even 'somewhere over the rainbow' on Hidden Stars (winning finale-performance)

Oct 15, 2011

UK's 'The Wanted'- Are wanted your country needs you

There has been alot of talk on the Eurovis' UK streets as to just who can follow up on Blue's massive appearence in Dusseldorf- although the lads scored 11th place in the final
they brought UK back onto the Eurovision favourites.
For Baku there has been talk of JLS or even Steps- Well Steps have confirmed a comeback massive 2012 tour but no Eurovision. Perhapes a more curent band like The Wanted? they would be just perfect- if you want any further evidence check out the boys most recent single "Glad you came" -it's even 3 mins long and a tune like this would certainly go down a storm, even create a full on lovestorm! this single is now big hit downunder as well

Of course the BBC would still need to have a National competion to choose the best track- come on lads you are Wanted in europe as well.

Swiss German TV -DRS3 Are going all R&B on us with Songs for Baku 2012

The swiss National final is coming up soon on 10th December 2010- So alot of Web voting has been going on to select the finalists- it's all very confusing actually how-when the songs are selected! we are confused. The first of the three stations in Switzerland DRS3 have choosen the first 3 tunes for the Swiss final.

Two of them have a very R&b flavour which is a little different for the swiss entry.

Guillermo Sorya (above) is a popular swiss soul singer- who is very easy on the eye & has a great voice to boot! his song is 'Baby baby baby'
it's certainly is a popular entry already- however check out some of Guillermo's other singles - 'Donut' & more recent 'Love Trigger' I am not completely sold on the song 'Baby Baby Baby' certainly as an artist Guillermo is great for Baku.
The other two tunes- are not real winners however the swiss answer to the Sugababes are in with a chance with a tune called 'Black Symthony' check out their vid as well as Fabienne Louves & Patric Scott singing 'Real Love' the third song- Here

Atomic Angels -so which one is Jade?

Oct 8, 2011

Bearforce 1- Are ready to lift off ..... All the way to Baku 2012 !

Last year at Dusseldorf Eurovision 2011 we had Blue- comeback to represent UK with 'I Can' this must have inspired another boyband to reform with a bid for Netherlands 2012.
Ok certainly Bearforce 1 are not as well known as our Blue lads! Yet Bearforce1 have certainly made international name for themselves as being the world's first gay-bear man-band, they even had minor hits downunder in Australia. The band's tracks get regular airplay on Melbourne's 94.6 JOY Fm check out

-This great Dance Medley of anthems like I Feel Love / You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real) / Boys Boys Boys / Respectable / Don't Go / You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) on one track

Bearforce Anthem (what a grrrr -clip) from 2008.

The four bears have comeback together to be part of The Netherlands Nationaal Songfestival competition 26th February 2012 with a tune called 'Action Man' they have a secret weapon for this journey to represent their home land Holland. In the songwriters - Dimitri Stassos who has written the 2009 Spanish entry- but wait there's more.......schlager-writer Gerard James Borg who penned dozens of National Final songs in Malta -his most successful being a 2nd placed 'Seventh Wonder' by Ira Losco at Eurovision 2002.
However Borg is better remembered for entries like 'On Again..Off again' (2004) 'Desire' (2000) & 'Vertigo' (2007) as well a tune we luv although it did not qualify back in 2003 at
the Dutch Nationaal Songfestival 'Heatwave' Ebonique.

We are excited and can't wait to hear 'Action Man' and could the bears lift off their shirts and bring Netherlands back to the Eurovision Final in 2012 let's see- Meanwhile check out a interesting ESCtoday interview with Bearforce1

Vote for Yuri - send him to baku 2012

Oct 7, 2011

Alexander Panayotov "Till tomorrow" The Video clip- making of...

Alexander Panayotov or александр панайотов as he is know to his friends- has an album
coming out soon 'Cocoon' in homeland Russia sung in english- we are hoping Alexander will hold back a tune for Baku- as he has competed in the russian national final 3 times before 2005-2007 & 2008- and one time for Ukraine in 2009- for now here is a great teaser for Alexander's new vid'
+see just the Full video-music clip from Russia

Oct 2, 2011

The current Melodifestivalen 2012 Rumour-Mill from Stockholm

-Erik from EMD puts on his Melo-socks for 2012

To quote Donna Summer-'there's a rumour- rumour has it- all around the town' ..

This is certainly is true in Stockholm-town- as Svt prepare for Melodifestivalen 2012. The press story's we like the best
and hope will become a reality is for E M D the three guys gave us the fab 'Baby Goodbye' in Melo 2009. Although the
lads have a new album coming up- they will only appear in Melo 2012 as solo artists. Last year we had Danny-
(In the Club) so next year could see 2 submissions from both Erik Segerstedt & Mattias Andreasson.

Another boyband to go head-to-head is both members of 'Rebound' Eddie Razaz & Rabih Jaber who recently split-up.
Lili & Susie could be following up on 2009's 'Show me heaven' as well as Timoteij another great idea, we approve of these two.

Former Eurovision winner Helena Paparizou is said to be part of a schalger-diva battle between Helena & Charlotte Perelli. We think charlotte could have the upper-hand here in the shape of some Kempe magic for her song.
As well as Jenny Berggren formally with Ace of Base- and Jenny did sing in Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2011. However Jenny has never done Melodifestivalen. (she did do Dallas! no sorry- that was Debbie- lol)

Martin Rollnski from BWO & Alcazar's Lina Hedlund both could to be going solo for Melo next year. As well as Eric Saade's main love interest Molly Sanden & huge euro-dance artist September who has never done Melo before.

A strange-but maybe true rumour is for Fredirk Kempe to write a rock-tune for H.E.A.T who have the added advantage of a popular new lead vocalist Erik Gronwall ( he won Sweden's Idol 2009 ) We are thinking young Erik has just enough time to grow his hair longer before Febuary 2012 !

-Turning up the H.E.A.T for Melo 2012

The rumour we so want to be true is the return of Magnus Carlsson- it's been 5 years since his a-ha inspired Melo submission 'Live Forever'
Magnus previously from Barbados- has always been just perfect for Melo/Eurovision and coupled with the right tune could do Sweden proud.

so stay schlager-tuned to find out more--

A New Playlist -The Best Tunes-Oct 2011

1- You Came to Me Classic NRG Mix- Anne Marie David
2- Boom- Lo-Fi Fnk
3- Yes Man- Bjorn Johan Muri
4- Pusti Me U san- Luka Nizetic (Croatia 07)
5- Till Tomorrow- Alexander Panayotov -NEW
6- Eaten Alive- Man Meadow
7- A Song for Our Friends- German Tenors (Germany 00) -NEW
8- I'm so in Love- Sanna Neilsen
9- Hearts in the Air- Eric Saade feat.J-Son
10- Magic (Peacy & Murphy Mix)- Olivia Newton-John
11- Bailamor (English Vers) - Lili & Susie -NEW
12- We don't wanna put in- Stephane & 3G -NEW
13- Get up- DiscoBrothers & The Weather Girls (Germany 02) -NEW
14- Running Scared (Niclas Kings Mix)- Eldar & Nigar
15- Songs that live forever- Thomas Anders (Germany 06) -NEW
16- I Believe in You- RXM Project & Jenny Silver -NEW
17- Little Lies- Tone Damli Aaberge
18- Wake up (Ola Salo/Jens Anderson Remix)- Lo-Fi-Fnk
19- Guess who rules the world- Roger Cicero -NEW
20- Fantasy Island (New Version 2010)- Tight Fit

Le Playlist chart - is what's on the listening-pod of schlagertunes- each month our playlist
of The 20 best songs we have -on repeat--
So you may well notice alot of German melodi
pre-selection songs in the chart for October. Like the grand tune from Modern Talking's Thomas Anders (No:15) who has wrote of Eurovision before- however in 2006 was 2nd placed
when Texas Lightning won with 'No No Never' Plus certainly the tune what may take the prize for the best ever disqualified tune in Eurovis' History In 2009 -Georgia 's Stephane & 3G who did not really want to put in?

or did they? the group have turned out to be more than a political novelty (No:12)