Feb 28, 2010

Peter Jöback - Hollow - Kempe Magic returns to Melodifestivalen

Here it is, Peter certainly has the song to beat in Melodifestivalen
Globen 2010 Final- What a performance, we always knew Peter would do
us proud. And he has...

Anna's Glory moment as she found out her song 'This is my Life'
was on it's way being the first to qualify and go on to Globen Final

Peter Jöback & Pernilla Wahlgren sang together back in 2007 / 1995

Two freinds party in Malmo after Melodifestivalen

Two of the best entry's in Malmo Peter 's 'Hollow' & the wonderful schlager tune
'Jag vill om du vagar' during the night we could see the chemistry between
these two Stars- If we do a flasback... the two sung together before in Fotbollsgalan 2007
the funny duet 'He is with me now!' (clip above)

PLUS A bit more serious a jzzy ballad called 'Late at Night' from Pernilla & Peter

Peter Jöback & Anna Bergandahl- Go direct to Globen in Malmo Semi-Final

tack Aftonbladet Tv for showing Peter's Reaction after the Semi Final
last night after one amazing performance.

Darin 'You're Out Of My Life' a winning performance

see this..Just one of our Hot Globen finalists. It will be a Globen-battle of the Ballads
between Darin & Peter's 'Hollow'

Feb 27, 2010

Just Who is Lovestoned ?

This is a new four piece band made up of Par Stenhammar, Emelie Fjallstrom,

Robert Kragh ( from Colombia) Elena Boyadjyevda (from Bulgaria) Although a new band
they have one German Hit single to their name already with 'Rising Girl' In Malmo
they will sing a great pop number "Thursdays" its a great pop tune a little
different yet this could be a recipe for success in Melodifestivalen 2010.
Check out 'Invincible'- Lovestoned style!

Feb 26, 2010

Dolph Lundgren is coming back to Mf as a Leather Queen!

Here is one of the exculsive pics revealed by 'Expressen' News
in Sweden.
While our Melodifestivalen host Dolph cannot appear himself
in Malmo
semi final. He will star in the special pre-recorded interval filler
- this time as a Village People type Leather Man- perhapes even
do a chorus of 'In the Navy'
anymore details are kept under raps for now. We think Mans looks much
better in leather thou'

Feb 25, 2010

Here is Malmo the 4th Semi final - with the songs all ready to hear!

Here is Sibel in her ring for 'Stop'

As rehearsals are taking place in malmo just now.
It has become clear that Sibel & Peter 's song were leaked
early at the start of the week. So now the short song clip
we get in advance are out as well Early.

the songs for Malmo Semi Final 4

Feb 23, 2010

Guess Who is coming to Federation Square Melbourne? ABBA

Abba- World will hit Australian shores for the first time in Melbourne June 2010. ( just
after Eurovision Song Contest 2010 yeh)
As you can imagine fans here are excited... the band who will surely always be the biggest
Melodifestivalen Stars of all-time. As well as about to enter the Rock n Roll hall of Fame
this month. This clip from Michael B Tretow (Sound Engineer) somehow sums it all up.

Nanne Grönvall's New Single- Watch as Nanne gets steamy in the new Clip !!

Nanne is back with a fab new song- it is in fact a Tomas Ledin Classic
'I Natt ar jag din' (Tonight I'm Yours) check out more on Nanne-

Feb 21, 2010

Måns Zelmerlöw our Mf Host does a parody of Japanese Ad's with 'Cara Mia'

'Timoteij' are the winners in Goteberg-Go Direct To Globen and Stardom

We have a brand new Star of Melodifestivalen.
As Folk-band Timoteiji beat off all the competion to gain first place honour
and went direct to Globen in Goteburg last night along with Darin with
his power- ballad.

Celebrations for Darin - He is now all smiles, with Alcazar who made 2nd chance round

Feb 20, 2010

Who is Erik Linder?

Erik will perform a modern folk song called
'Hur kan jag tro på kärlek'
He is a new artist who had his debut album out just last year
for this album he covers classic swedish songs from the likes of
Marie Fredrikkson
Kent, and even Eva Dahlgren's classic 'Angeln i Rummet'
He became a finalist in the Tv show Talang 2009.
He has been called a young -Ted Gardestad, and does a version of

'För kärlekens skull' on his album, as well as Ted's songwriting brother

Kenneth had a hand in writing this melodifestivalen entry. Erik is 190 cm tall

and if there will be a swedish song at Globen in 2010, this is the best qualifier. He's up against

Darin & Alcazar so Erik may have to get there from the second chance round.

HEAR NOW clips of this song

+ al the songs for Goteburg Semi-Final

Good luck Erik going for the Svenska Euro-Folk vote in 2010.

Feb 19, 2010

Alcazar's Rehearsal chat- & preview the Moves for 'HeadLines'

Hey look, Tess has got Peter Joback's Glasses on !!

Lets Hear it for the GIRLS in GoTEBURG - Your Globen Needs You !

Met 'Timoteij' they have a real Folk-pop tune 'Kom'
which should be real
popular. We certainly need some girls for the all-male singers
Globen final so far! Yet the
girls have competion from not only another
all girl-band 'Crucified Barbra' ( 'heaven or hell' )
PLUS, Elin Lanto is back with 'Doctor Doctor' with a
mannequin or 2 for her routine.
-Sorry Elin, but we prefer the Yetta Dancers!

Boys Boys we can expect in Goteburg from the Getty dancers

Lots of excitement is building in Goteburg as we perpare from Semi-Final 3
Once again expect a real vareity of Acts and songs. More Hard Rock
folk-Schlager from Timoteij Sweden even has their
very own Seal -he is called Getty. With a song called 'Yeba'
it's a case of 'yeba yaba- doo' from the audience at rehearsals.
when you see his
sexy dancers, you can see why
Will they up-set the Tele-vote on saturday!

Feb 18, 2010

Darin is the Favourite in Semi-Final 3 with a new 'Empty Room'

Can this man make us cry?
That's right, Darin is tipped to win the third semi of Melodifestivalen
with 'You're Out of My Life'
a strong ballad- And something of a style-change for Darin who has brought out
so many up-beat dance hits. The latest No:1 being his great version of Coldplay's
'Viva La Vida' He says this song is about a broken relationship, which is sung
from the heart as just 18 months ago he broke-up from a recent romance
over in Melodifestivalen ready for a new 'Empty Room' like
the tear-jerker smash from Sanna Nielson in Mf 2008?

Here Darin with some recent Tv chat

They are Back in 2010 -ALCAZAR with the song 'Headlines'

Yes, last year ALCAZAR brought us one of the biggest Melodifestivalen
Hits 'Stay the Night'
so it was wonderful news to find them back 2 years running.
Here are some of the first rehearsals from Goteburg, ready for satuday's
Semi Final 3 which promises to be
one of the best. From some svenska reports on first hearing the song
'Headlines' is this year- less disco more hard dance-sound, not unlike an updated
'Love in Stereo' from Mf 2007 - This must be a hot contender to go Direct to Globen.
Yet they are up against Darin (joker) Elin Lanto & Johannes Bah Kuhnke.

BONUS he is a fun Tv Parody of 'Stay The Night' calling themselves
Diamond Dogs- very funny

Feb 14, 2010

Will there be a Melodi CHART ATTACK for Singles Released in 2010?

this is Bjørn Johan Muri from Melodi Grand Prix, his song 'Yes man' finished
fourth in the final now he is the nations No:1. Its rather strange synth pop track with great hook, and
as we take a early look at the latest singles charts in Scandinavia. Yes Man has
managed to keep their MGP winner Didrik Solli-Tangen with
'My heart is yours' off the top spot in Norway (No:2) . A1 ( MGP runners up ) is
up to chart position 4. Another favourite Venke Knutson who has shot into
the Top 5 at 5- with 'Jealous 'cause I love you' -I agree this is a great
track stands out for me after the MGP Finale.

Meanwhile over in Sweden Melodifestivalen has begun with a bit of a ripple
in the SverigeTopplisten Chart. We follow this chart each season, as a landslide
of Mf Songs will normally take over the Top 20 by the time
Globen Final comes around in March.
Its good to see how the results in the Mf show translate to
the public buying the
studio releases as they come available in Download & CD releases.

This week we find Darin & Agnes are sticking around in the charts with
their recent big hits at No:25 & Darin's Coldplay cover at No:32. Yes there
is a one Mf 2010 song here 'New' at No:27
its Linda Pritchard surely on her way to be the
hit of the first Semi final- Only where is Jenny Silver's 'A place to Stay'?

just stay schlagertuned

two More Manboy's Go Direct to Globen

Last night was a full of tears and champagne in Sandviken,
after the second semi-final.
As expected Eric Saade with 'Manboy' was first off the ranks to go
into the Globen final, and
what a great performance he gave. He certainly reminde me of a
new Mans Zelmerlow, so it was ironic that Mans chatted to him
before presenting his winning reprise. Asking what is a Manboy?- or Eric should have said 'well you tell me Mans? !'
Nanne Gronwall has been quote as saying Eric is the act
to beaten so far in the Globen final, according to this schlager-diva
"he is the most dangerous, but may not win the prize !"
certainly dangerous he is with all that water and
AC/DC mix in his act. Along with Andreas Johnson's latest
"We can work it out" they both won the night, and celebrated until dawn.
There was some excellent songs, in this semi perhapes a little different.
All in all much better than semi 1, one such highlight
was 'Manipulated' very much in the vien of Lady Gaga-
I luved this tune and performance.
its just a real shame Hanna
got knocked out! while Pauline's 'Sucker for Love'
and the folk tune 'Underbart' by Kalle
Moraeus & Orsa went to 2nd Chance. So far we have an all male final -
Svt really are now Holding out for a Hero!

Nanne's reviews on Semi Final 2- are so true.

Feb 13, 2010

What's happening in Sandviken for Melodifestivalen 2010 part two.

Sandviken show promises another fantastic night! with something missing... and we know Rolph won't be with us. But hey, where is the schlager?

we learned
how this year's Mf 2010 will have fewer big artists more new stars.
Thankfully this week, we do have Eric Saade
with 'Manboy' & the 'Highlights' have done a decent dansband-mix
on that web-joker tune by MiSt.

Thats bout all the schlager we can expect! our Mf hosts Mans & Christine will do their very own dance number for us-
we hope for key change or two from them. This could be turn out to be the highlight
of the show along with Eric's shower scene. Kalle & Orsa do have a very promising
folk song which should do very well, the song 'Underbart' however as we have seen in
years unless your name's Nordman folk does not always go on to Globen.
Lets listen & remember still its all bout the song. ( and finger pointing)

Here is songs and artists.that will appear.

    hear STV song clips here

  1. Eric Saade - Manboy

  2. Andra Generation Dogge - Hippare Hoppare

  3. Anne Marie Espinosa - Innan all ljusen brunnit ut

  4. Highlights - Come & get me now

  5. Pauline - Sucker for Love

  6. Andreas Johnson - We can work it out

  7. Kalle Moraeus & Orsa Spelman - Underbart

  8. Hanna Lindblad - Manipulated

Hanna Lindblad a Leather routine

the spunk of the night Andreas Wistrand from Highlights

" at last- at least some finger pointing"

Feb 12, 2010

NEWSFLASH ! Eric will make the biggest Splash! in Melodifestivalen 2010.

Eric Saade will be song one in the next semi- final in Sandviken this saturday
night with his Fredrik Kempe song 'Manboy' ( co-wrote by Peter Blostrom ) the press
have reveal these pics from the rehearsals showing how Eric will make us
all wet! (again ) as towards the end of his amazing dance routine he will
get completely soaked.

Eric is known to be a great dancer and singer, and we think this wet-look
could well go down well in Sandviken. Is a young cute 20-something with an
up-beat schlager the ticket Sweden need for Oslo.

Let's see ... brollies at the ready.


see a few of Eric's dance steps with some svenka-chat here..

Feb 11, 2010

Danish Star- Tomas N'Evergreen is a Danish Man in Moscow

-the male half of N'evergreen & Chanee, who will represent Denmark in Oslo.
This is Tomas N'evergreen, he made a name for himself a few years
back with his Euro Hit 'Since you've been gone' most of his success was found in eastern
europe .. Where he had a few Russian No: 1's the most recent being "She believes in Gold"
The dane is from Aahus, and was born Thomas Christiansen, alot more danish
than N'evergreen! He now lives in Moscow, and performed his song
'One More Try' in the Russian National Selection last year for
Eurovision Song Contest- click on
the song to see this try-out for Russia. We prefer much more the
Russian Hits, one such vid' below- this must all mean a
12 points from Russia if Denmark qualify to ESC Final 2010-
One Smart move- from Denmark good luck.. : )

Feb 10, 2010

inroducting Bryan Rice- Runner up in Dansk MGP 2010

Bryan Rice, he sung 'Breathing' (click to see Vid) a song that came second in Dansk Melodi
Grand Prix 2010
on saturday night. Bryan was defeated by Chanee & N'evergreen -a strange male/female duo
with a ditty called 'In a Moment Like this' ( am normally a big fan of the Danish enrty-
but sorry I cannot get into this one )
'Breathing' is the second year running Rohan Keating has submitted his songwriting
talents to Denmark's MGP. Last year his song 'Believe Again' won a place in Moscow ESC
This year's offering Bryan Rice, had several hit singles in homeland Denmark, as well as a
great cover of 'No Promises' We hope Byran will come back we certainly will
give him a second chance for sure
and with a more up beat track like the recent single here-
called funily enough 'Second Last Chance'

Feb 9, 2010

Rewind Anders Ekborg from Semi-final 1 -'The Saviour'

This Schlager Anthem was knocked out at the
first post. Certainly a lot more could have been
done with the Stage Presentation,
as a great tune & chorus,
next time Anders..

Feb 7, 2010

A Champane-Party for Winners + a Fab Chicken Ad from Charlotte Perrelli (See Clip)

Ola & Salem, both turned out to be 'Unstoppable' on the journey Direct to Globen
It was touch and go for Ola as it was down to him
and Jessica Andersson
as they awaited their fate in the Green room
Ola went though, while Jessica's
'I did it for love' went to second chance round with
'Road salt' by Pain of Salvation, perhapes the song
that sounds least like a swedish Mf song ever !!

Congratulations to Didrik Solli-Tangen: A new Star of Eurovision is born

It was a Big Super Schlager weekend when three european countries picked
the song that would represent them in Eurovision Song contest 2010. Iceland, Norway
& Denmark
held there Melodi Grand Prix final,
in Oslo the pressure was higher as the winning
song does have an automatic place in the ESC 2010 Final
( seeing as Norway is the host country in 2010 )

In Norway fter 2 rounds of Jury & public votes the three favourites came out on top
Didrik Solli-Tangen, A1 ( brit boy-band) & Hard rockers -Keep of Kalessin in the
final vote. Didrik won the night with 466, 675 votes. Swedish songwriter Fredrik
Kempe wrote this song along with Hanne Sorvaag (she wrote 'Disappear' for No Angels
girl-band in ESC 2008 for Germany )

Its wonderful to see Fredrik Kempe going into his third Eurovision Final, in the past
he has won a place for homeland Sweden with 'Hero' & 'La Voix' - PLUS we
are certain this will not be the last time Kempe Magic will fill the Eurovision Stage...

Måns is one Amazing Host Ohhh and Dolph too.

Svt certainly got it right with this year's three host, hats off to Dolph who sang a
great version of the Elvis hit 'A little less conversation'
but best of all for us,
was grand Master of Melodifestivalen Mans.
Meanwhile it has been reported in the swedish press Dolph will only appear once more in the Globen final as he will be away working in L.A. for this time.
Måns Zelmerlöw click here to hear a great interview
in english (!!) on his new host role
for Melodifestivalen with eurovision tv

Linda's Hot, but out!

ohh no she is out, Linda Pritchard came close but no cigar! check out her
schlager stomper 'You're making me ( hot hot hot )'
is she in fact the new Shirley Clamp
in the making? Shirley herself suffered in the first round of Melodifestivalen 2009. Yet
following her treatment in the schalger-ambulance
Shil' bounced back- all the way to
the top spot in swedish singles chart. It will be interesting to see how this new hit does?

Melodifestivalen - Semi-Final 1 Searching for a Hero in 2010

The opening night of Melodifestivalen 2010- the STARs of the evening had to be

Charlotte Perrelli, Sonja Aldén
& Nanne Grönvall

an amazing performance of 'Holding out for a Hero' three ladies who had no songs for Melodifestivalen 2010 to offer this year but still stole the whole show- and the public re-action
was please please send them direct to Globen.....

the results to follow- when the schlager-ambulance was called out twice !!!
schlager shock- horror in Örnsköldsvik

Feb 6, 2010

Anders Ekborg- Who is this man?

He made his debut 1986 in the musical “Zorba”. He is well known
for his
leading performances in “Kristina from Duvemåla” and “Chess”
(written by Benny & Björn), “Evita” and
“Jesus Christ Superstar” to mention a few. During 2007 he did
performances featuring music by Queen in “Another kind of magic”.

Anders was asked Why Melodifestivalen now in 2010-
"Every year people send me songs for Melodifestivalen until now I haven’t
got any song that I really wanted to do. For me it is important that the
song has humour and some power in it and this song really has it all.

How does Anders describe 'The Saviour' It’s both an up-tempo and a ballad.
A ballad with a beat and lot of high notes.
A little bit like Queen and with some Italian influences as well.

Melodifestivalen 2010: Are we ready?

Time to listen to Clips of
Örnsköldsvik- semi-final 1 (click here to listen)

As always Svt give us a 1-minute clips of the first eight tunes
to be performed on saturday night.
On first listening the stand-out tracks are Ola's 'Unstoppable' certainly
he missed out on a Globen place with 'Love in Stereo' This time he should
make it. 'The Saviour' Anders Ekborg has come up with a tune much better than
Christer Sjorgren 'I love Europe' to which this song is being compared to.
We luv this Saviour's chorus!
Along with Ola & Jessica Andersson, 'The Saviour' is the hot hot
favourite while New diva Linda Pritchard carries the hopes of this season's
first schlager stomped. -Go Linda Go
What will happen on the night? just incase
our crew in the schlager-Ambulance are on call for
any possible causality...

Feb 4, 2010

Only just a few more sleeps to go til Melodifestivalen 2010

svt have begun the countdown....
tick tock to the opening of Melodifestivalen 2010.
We are excited - if you want to relive some schlager memories
of Melodifestivalen of the past check out this 1hr special shown
few weeks back on svt, it's all in svenska - But, features the amazing return
of Mr Henrik here - Find out what it's all bout.

"Melodifestivalen 2010- vägen till Oslo"

Come in Oslo- it's time for your Melodi Grand Prix Final 2010

In Scandinavia this weekend, there is a whole fest of Melodi Grand Prix
finals, as Denmark & Norway will both make the choice of Songs for Oslo 2010. Norway's Finale
has attracted alot of attention. As who can follow-up on Alexander Rybak's victory last year. Well there
is some strong contenders for Spekturm on saturday with A1 boyband who are riding on the crest of a
comeback wave just now. Maria Haukaas Storeng with a firm favourite already with the homeland.

If something a bit different is required I think ' Jealous'cause I love you' by Venke Knutson should
not be overlooked if you asked me. Heavy Rocker tune 'The Dragontower' promises to be a vote
puller this year in Norway. Alexander Stenerud has Alexander Rybak's lucky Song 6 spot from
MGP 2009 as we shall have to see if 'Give it to me' is as good as 'Find the Girl' from last year.

The best is almost the last in the running order, always a good place to be in. So SchlagerVotes & hopes
go to Mr Didrik with his Opera Ballad "My Heart is Yours" come on Norway, it's been noted this guy
could be the one to do the double for Norway! Here is the running order of the songs, click on any artists names
to see clips from those semi finals in Norsk-land.


  1. A1 - Don't wanna lose you again
    (Ben Adams, Mark Read, Christian Ingebrigtsen)
  2. Maria Haukaas Storeng - Make My Day
    (Merethe La Verdi, Mats Lie Skåre/Merethe La Verdi)
  3. Venke Knutson - Jealous 'cause I love you
    (Laila Samuelsen, Alexander Kronlund, Lucas Hilbert)
  4. Bjørn Johan Muri - Yes man
    (Simone Larsen, Simen Eriksrud, Bjørn Johan Muri)
  5. Maria Arredondo - The touch
    (Rolf Løvland)
  6. Alexander Stenerud - Give it to me
    (Alexander Stenerud)
  7. Didrik Solli-Tangen - My heart is yours
    (Hanne Sørvaag, Fredrik Kempe)
  8. Keep of Kalessin - The dragontower
    (Arnt Grønbech/Arnt Grønbech, Torbjørn Schei, Vegar Larsen, Robin Isaksen)

Feb 1, 2010

Finland have choosen Kuunkuiskaajat-The Blond Factor for Eurovision 2010

A very different scandinavian winner from Finland's
'Kuunkuiskaajat' they gave us hardrock Lordi and
teckno Waldo's People. Now a blonde folk duo who
have been together
for 11 years, and promise to use the ole Sandie Shaw
technique of performing bare footed in Oslo flying the
The Flag for Finland- & a Thumbs up from us...

The other very popular choice from Finland was from
with a song called 'Hulluna Humpasta'
this is certain worth of a view, however I think the right choice
was made as 'Hulluna humpasta' would not of qualified past
its Semi-Final.
The trend in Finland seems to have followed Estonia's very successful
'Rändajad' (Urban Symphony) entry from last year- sung in Estonian.
Lets not forget the other runner -up -an
english song that qualified from the Finnish Final 'Cider hill' by Nina Lassander