Jan 28, 2013

It's ....the return of Petra Mede- she has been choosen to host Eurovision 2013

Anyone who saw Melodifestivalen in 2009 and remember the shows presenter - will know Petra Mede: she is a very famous comedian from Goteburg and great friends with Andreas Lundstedt. What else we know from back in 2009 is
.. if Eurovision Malmo is to be a onewoman show. Petra will do Eurovision proud, great choice Svt.

We expert only fantasic frocks!

Sarah Dawn Finer will she be Eurovision 2013's presenter ?

It's just a matter of hours minutes and seconds until SVT made public just
 who will be the presenter of the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 It was decided late last year that the show in Malmo will take an almost back to basic approch with a single show presenter. This is a format we have not seen since the Eurovision Song Contests of years ago in the 70s & 80s
Instead of having 3 or even 4 hosts for Eurovision semi finals and Final shows.

The other factor we think SVT will look for is humour in the shows presentation added to the fact that the presenter should be able to sing and dance when required. This has been evident in Melodifestivalen presenters in the recent past, all these ingredients come into consideration for choosing the right host. Now many Eurovision fans internationally have come up with just one name for this mega task and honour ......... Its .....Sarah Dawn Finer.

A singer who debuted at Melodifestivalen back in 2006 singer with a song "I remember you"
She became a firm favorite and even more so with her big hit "Moving On" at Melodifestivalen 2009.
Sarah then took on the big challenge of the star presenter last year at Melodifestivalen
and did an amazing job proving that she can sing dance present and make us laugh particularly with a skit she did in the shows final.
Sarah Dawn Playing the part of a British presenter who stumbled through place and artist names
At EBU headquarters this short clip pleased and made Eurovision fans laugh no end.

So we have finger toes all crossed that Sarah Dawn Finer will make 2013 Eurovision season

Malmo Gold for us all!

Jan 6, 2013

Melodifestivalen 2013- Let the musical fun and show begin

The Melodifestivalen season for 2013 is upon us... we can't believe in about 3 weeks all the fun will begin. Starting off with perhapes the most successful unknown artist from Melo last year David Lindgren.
 Also we see the return of Sean Banan and Ulrik Munther, strangely enough we can see from the semi-final list a noted lack of schlager veterans returning to Melodifestivalen this year. You would think with the one way ticket to a Eurovision final in Malmo alot of big names like Carola Lena Philipsson or even Magnus Carlsson would be there?. However we do have Eric Gadd- who has brought some fantastic Pop/R n B music and hits from 90's and since then in Sweden. Then Sylvia- as she was known in the 70's with her massive hit 'Y Viva Espana'
        This 'Belidorm' single in fact pre-dates alot of Abba's early 70's international hits of that time. Yet she has never done Melodifestivalen before...
    Lets have a look at the all important running order ...

Semi final 1:  Karlskrona 2nd Feb

1. "Skyline" – David Lindgren
2. "Burning Flags" – Cookies N Beans
3. "Paris" – Jay-Jay Johanson
4. "Gosa" Artist: Mary N’diaye
5. "Vi kommer aldrig att förlora" – Eric Gadd
6. "Heartbreak Hotel" – YOHIO
7. "Porslin" – Anna Järvinen
8. "We're Still Kids" – Michael Feiner & Caisa
Semi final 2: Göteborg 9th Feb
1. "Begging" – Anton Ewald
2. "Make Me No 1" – Felicia Olsson
3. "Annelie" – Joacim Cans
4. "On Top of the World" – Swedish House Wives
5. "Hello Goodbye" – Erik Segerstedt & Tone Damli
6. "Only the Dead Fish Follow the Stream" – Louise Hoffsten
7. "En förlorad sommar" – Rikard Wolff
8. "Copacabanana" – Sean Banan
Semi final 3: Skellefteå 16th Feb
1. "Alibi" – Eddie Razaz
2. "Island" – Elin Petersson
3. "En riktig jävla schlager" – Ravaillacz
4. "Dumb" – Amanda Fondell
5. "In and out of Love" – Martin Rolinski
6. "Hon har inte" – Caroline af Ugglas
7. "Falling" – State of Drama
8. "Heartstrings" – Janet Leon
Semi final 4:  Malmö 23 Feb
1. "Rockin’ the Ride" – Army of Lovers
2. "Must Be Love" – Lucia Pinera
3. "You" – Robin Stjernberg
4. "Trivialitet" – Sylvia Vrethammar
5. "Bed on Fire" – Ralf Gyllenhammar
6. "Jalla dansa sawa" – Behrang Miri
7. "Breaking the Silence" – Terese Fredenwall
8. "Tell the World I’m Here" – Ulrik Munther