Mar 28, 2010

This week's Chart Top 20 in Sweden

TOP 20.

1- ANNA BERGANDAHL this is my life
3- SALEM Al FAKIR keep on walking
5- OLA unstoppable
6- DARIN you're out of my life
7- EDWARD MAYA & VIKA stereo love
8- LADY GAGA bad romance
9 -LADY GAGA & BEYONCE Telephone
10-OWL CITY fireflies
11-PAULINE sucker for love
12-PAIN Of SALVATION Road salt ^15
13-PETER JOBACK hollow
14-ALICIA KEYS try sleeping with broken heart
15-ALCAZAR headlines
16-TAIO CRUZ break your heart
17-KALLE MORAEUS & ORSA underbart
18-JASON DERULO in my head
19-RISE AGAINST hero of war

The Topplistan Chart has lost some Melodifestivalen songs
this week, with Andreas Johnson Jessica Andersson
Neo & Pauline all dropping out.They are still outside the Top 20.
Still the Top 6 is full of Melodifestivalen hits from
Globen final just with a slight re-shuffle- but no change with Anna
still No:1.
The Heavy Rock acts doing well this week as Pain of Salvation
jump up 15 places. Plus Casablanca go up 20 places to
No: 28 with their version of 'La voix' (from Globen interval)

Mar 25, 2010


Just lately I have had my whole 2CD set of Melodifestivalen arrive in the
schlagermail down-under in Melbourne
thanks so much to Christian..So it have been on repeat for the last few days.
As the Mf songs make or break it in music sales- it has given me chance to rate
my favourites in my own Top 20 - So lets countdown up to No:15 -

15. 'You're making me hot hot hot' -LINDA PRITCHARD

-this song by far has been one of the most succesful non-finalist
Mf songs of the season in fact Linda scored the highest number of
votes for any 5th place semi-finalist (& not making it even to 2nd chance round)
Yet this terrific radio tune is heading back to the Top 10 singles in sweden-
after already reaching No: 8 last month-wow!

16.'Underbart' -KALLE MORAEUS & ORSA

-just a touch of folk music, which was very popular it took this ditti all
the way to second chance round. Kalle did us proud
but was it really what Sweden needs in Oslo?- perhapes next time Kalle
come back to melodifestivalen very soon..

17. 'Jag vill om du Vagar' -PERNILLA WAHLGREN

Pure schlager fun from Pernilla who's performance could not be faulted
in semi final 4 in Malmo. She went all the way to Globen final with
a stop at 2nd Chance round. Where she had to give up being at her
own brother's wedding to perform in the extra Mf round. It was well worth
it, as she made the final- The song always sounded just like the tune Linda Bengtzing
should have sung?

18. 'Singel' -FRISPRAKARN

-Melodifestivalen & Rap have never been the perfect match! yet Frisprakarn had
one of the biggest growers in the Mf 2010- the more you hear it
A great tune, I really ended up huming it and luvin it.

19. 'Human Frontier' NEO

A very popular single from 2nd chance Neo was so close to Globen it's not true.
Now he has really arrived with his new album is No:9 with a bullet! He has already
charmed the public in Poland, and set to be released to China this month as well.
I do like Neo, but for me the song was never a winner. I could too easily
see it flopping in Oslo more of a Radio hit.

20.'Doctor Doctor' ELIN LANTO

I like Elin Lanto. I just adored her debut 'I won't cry' that would be ideal for
melodifestivalen 2010- instead she gave us ' Doctor Doctor' and at first I was
unsure if this was better than Elin's 2007 entry 'Money' -Sorry Elin, for
me 'Money' had the edge. Better luck next time we know she
can come up with those Electro beats from her recent great singles.

Mar 22, 2010

Melodifestival HITS still Holds strong with TOPPLISTEN Top 20

TOP 20.

1- ANNA BERGANDAHL this is my life
4- SALEM Al FAKIR keep on walking
5- OLA unstoppable
6- DARIN you're out of my life
7- NANNE I natt ar jag din
8- DANSBAND FOR HAITI Vill kan alla gornat
9 -ANDREAS JOHNSON we can work it out
10-LINDA PRITCHARD you're making me hot hot hot
11-PAULINE sucker for love
12-ALCAZAR headlines
13-JESSICA ANDERSSON I did it for love
14-PETER JOBACK hollow
15-OWL CITY fireflies
17-LADY GAGA bad romance
18-EDWARD MAYA & VIKA stereo love
19-PERNILLA WAHLGREN jag vill om du vager
20-LAZEE ft APOLLO calling out

bubbling under...

21- LOVESTONED thursdays
27- PAIN OF SALVATION salt road
28- NEO human frontier
31- CRUCIFIED BARBARA heaven or hell
41- GETTY -yeba RE ENTRY
51- NOLL DISCIPLIN - idiot
54- ELIN LANTO- doctor doctor
60- ALEXANDER RYBAK- fairytale

Mar 18, 2010

U K Have Now Make its mind up, with a SAW Song for 2010

..its called 'That Sounds good to me' its a little bit Jason, little bit
Kylie- yet a lot more Rick Astley with the compete unknown singer
Josh Dubovie.
Mike Stock has joined forces with Pete Waterman to Produce & write
the tune, and has said in the press this week the song will sound
& be very different when performed in Oslo. Most certainly all the
artists picked for the UK Final 'You're Country Needs You' were
raw to say the least. Only two of the singers could hold their notes,
one of them won, thats Josh.

Watching the clip again, two words come to mind -'Make Over'

Mar 14, 2010

The Globen Score Board (with public votes in brackets)

1-Anna Bergendahl (132) 214
this is my life

2- Salem Al Fakir (88) 183
keep on walking

3- Eric Saade (110) 155

4- Darin (66) 117
you're out of my life

5- Timoteij (44) 95

6- Andreas Johnson (- ) 50
we can work it out

7- Ola (- ) 47

8- Jessica Andersson (22) 37
I did it for love

9- Peter Jöback (11) 32

10- Pernilla Wahlgren (-) 12
jag vill om du vagar

It was a very different Melodifestivalen 2010. With a flood of new young talent who
mostly turned out to be the popular choices of the swedish public. Instead of the
veterans of stage and TV screen, who have been popular in most recent Mf contests
it was time for some new sounds and faces.
Then even the voting was different, with now 6 european duries added for 2010.
They gave something to the Euro'result, yet the verdit they gave was not in-tune with Swedish options at all. So the tele-votes came in and changed the score-board to give
Anna Bergendahl her almost landslide victory.
Not at all like the cliff-hanger result we had with Malena Ernman's win last year.

There can only be one winner....

Anna Bergendahl will sing 'this is my life'
for Sweden in Oslo 2010. Check out one of the first
english interview with TVoikotimes (thanks)

See more short Artists interviews below previous posts

Mar 13, 2010

Bjorn Gustavsson is brought in at the last minute to help Salem Al Fakir- & Shrley is BACK!

-it just would not be Melodifestivalen without Shirley Clamp

Who's that guy? - its the amazing comedian Bjorn Gustavsson,
has been a terrific funny host for Melodifestivalen in
the past- It was revealed during rehearsals, Bjorn can be seen
during the closing part of the song 'Keep
on Walking' as bit of a crazy gimmick for Salem's song!!
Just how it all works, we shall have to see.

Anyhow it looks like a Globen Final to remember with a whole
complete list of Eurovision stars of the past from both Norway & Sweden.
They are:

Shirley Clamp
Maria Haukaas Storeng
Marie Rosenmir (Nocturne)
One More Time (Den Vilda)
Lars-Ante Kuhmunen
Roger Pontare
Wig Wam
Jakob Samuelsson (Poodles)
Towa Carlsson
Hanne Krogh
Kikki Danielsson
Kikki, Lotta & Bettan

schlagertastic ; )

TOPPLISTEN Top 20 CHART -before Globen FINAL

TOP 20.

1- ANNA BERGANDAHL this is my life
3- DARIN you're out of my life
5- SALEM Al FAKIR keep on walking >up 29
6- OLA unstoppable >up 19
7- SVERIGES DANSBAN for HAITI vi kan alla gora nat
8- PETER JOBACK hollow
9 -LAZZE FT APOLLO calling out
10-ALCAZAR headlines
11-BROLLE anything she wants
12-PAULINE sucker for love >up 36
13-LADY GAGA bad romance
14-PLAY famous
15-OWL CITY fireflies
16-NEO human frontier >up 15
17-ANDREAS JOHNSON we can work it out
18-PERNILLA WAHLGREN jag vill om du vager
19-JESSICA ANDERSSON i did it for love

Bubbling under ....

27- LINDA PRITCHARD you're makin me hot hot hot
32- CRUCIFIED BARBRA- heaven or hell NEW
36- SIBEL - stop
39- PAIN of SALVATION - road salt NEW
43- ELIN LANTO -doctor doctor
45- LOVESTONED thursdays

Just before Melodifestivalen Final we have a new chart list- this clearly
shows the popular songs of the time- and many songs that have had
lots of airplay and radio friendly Hits. There has been discussions saying
this may well show in advance how the public vote will go.
Lets not forget Malena's La Voix winning song in 2009 did not hit No:1
in alot of chart lists.
In the Top 20 chart only 6 songs are non- Melodifestivalen. Which
shows just how this song contest takes over the homeland, even
more than X Factor or Idol. This chart attack happens each year
at this time, its great to see some of the songs from 2nd Chance
also big movers as Alcazar 'Headlines' hit the Top10.
One song I became a fan of early on was Pauline's 'Sucker for love'
she has moved up a massive 36 places to No: 12. Its just
sad there was no room for these to at Globen.

Mar 11, 2010

The six countries that will have Juries in Melodifestivalen GLOBEN final are...

-Globen Stage during rehearsals in process as we speak..

in no particular order.. The New Juries....

Russia, Ireland, Norway,

Greece, Serbia & France.

ok, but where is U K -or even Germany?

dry and then...
wet Eric, gets all soaked again!!

Globen favourites & Those NEW Euro Juries

There seems to be no clear favourite in Melodifestivalen 2010- Many
of the swedish press are showing different poll leaders Anna Bergendahl,
Eric Saade, Salem Al
Fakir & Darin. Here at schlagertunes we are thinking it should end up
a race of the three best songs for a Eurovision audience, between
Peter Joback's 'Hollow' Eric's 'Man boy' or Timoteij 'Kom'
The final 10 songs suffer from a
ballad traffic-jam of having 4-5 songs all mellow love-songs So this could
they will split up the votes too much.
If the public vote for too many of the favorite ballads,
it maybe one up-beat song that wins the day. This would be good
for Sweden in Oslo where there is already more than the normal amount of ballads

At just 18 years old, Anna Bergendahl has become one of the
TOP favourites in many polls for Globen 2010- with her tune

'This is my live'
She scored only a 5th place in Sweden's idol 2008. Anna's Mf performance
took her direct-to-Globen leaving her competion behind.

Anna's emotional Mf encore performance

It is a great tune, but is ESC 2010 really looking for a repeat of Iceland
Yohanna- 'Is it true'
(2nd in Russia 2009)

Whatever the swedish public vote for we have the New European juries
to add to the Globen mix..very soon we will find out from which
6 european countries they will come from? It will make for a
very interesting final vote this year. Please 'vote with care' Sweden
we need you in the Oslo Final at least.

Mar 10, 2010

What a Globen Final without Alcazar- What went wrong?

The more I hear this 'Headlines' the better it gets a real grower,
it is in someways better than 'Stay the Night' However
Jessica Andersson's 'I did it for Love' is equally good for me!
It just seems abit unfair having no Alcazar at Globen, will they ever
come back to Melodifestivalen after this? We hope so.

Mar 9, 2010

Luxembourg's Anne Marie David returns to sing her Eurovision 1973 winner

Anne Marie David is back to duet with Harel Skaat who
will represent Isreal in Oslo ESC 2010- Together they show us
just what a Eurovision Song winner should really be made of !
The english version of 'Tu Te Reconnaitre'

Mar 8, 2010

Are we ready?

for GLOBeN

The Running order.

Song 1 You're Out of My Life

Song 2 We Can Work it Out

Song 3 Jag vill om du vagar

Song 4 Kom

Song 5 Hollow

Song 6 Unstoppable

Song 7 I did it for Love

Song 8 Keep on walking

Song 9 This Is My Life

Song 10 Manboy

Mar 7, 2010

Måns Zelmerlöw does his version of 'A View to a kill' (Duran Duran) 85 classic

What an absolute treat as Måns does an opening number
singing Duran Duran's hit 'A View to a Kill' with the
of all the stars from 'Andra Chance' competion in
their various
duels. We luv it! - more of this for next weeks final please..

Check out the stairwell -that the fiddlers walk down during
the duel with Neo - could this be the stairs at Gripsholm Castle
where Abba took
for the photos for the Waterloo Album cover sessions (back shot)

- Yes, We Luv this- Måns is schlager-tastic!

Schlager Cheer as Jessica & Pernilla win a place in Globen Final

In the second chance, this
competion was full of already popular tunes, all hoping
for the last chance to be part of
Melodifestivalen Final 2010. Here's is how the duels went
to put not 1 but -2 schlager diva's in the

  • Duel one: Pernilla Wahlgren qualify, Pain of Salvation are eliminated
  • Duel two: Crucified Barbara qualify, Pauline is eliminated
  • Duel three: Kalle Moraeus & Orsa Spelmän qualify, Neo is eliminated
  • Duel four: Jessica Andersson qualifies, Alcazar are eliminated
  • Duel five: Pernilla Wahlgren goes to the final. Crucified Barbara are eliminated
  • Duel six: Jessican Andersson goes to the final. Kalle & Orsa are eliminated

Mar 6, 2010

MELODIFESTIVAL 2010 Takes on Topplistan Singles Chart early this year !

18 songs are NEW entry's to this weeks chart. Anna Bergandahl winning
tune from last weeks semi-final took the top slot! and last week's
Timoteij proved just as popular at No:2. Normally a couple of weeks
before Globen final only the songs that have been eliminated
are released and available. In 2010 this has been changed so
all Melodifestivalen songs are out for purchase, at least as download.

It will be interesting to see just how this will end up effecting
the Globen final Mf result. If these early sales will be repeated as votes
on final night next saturday?

This weekend we have the 'second chance' round, and certainly the
three favourites Alcazar & Pernilla Wahlgren with Neo have
shown they are the most popular in the charts. So will this
mean they gain a place in Globen final? just stay schlager tuned
to find out.

the TOP 60.

1- ANNA BERGANDAHL this is my life

3- LADY GAGA bad romance
4- OWL CITY fireflies
5- PLAY famous
6- ERIC SAADE manboy
7- BROLLE anything she wants
8- DONKEYBOY ambitions
9 -DARIN you're out of my life
10-LAZEE FT APPOLLO calling out

13-PETER JOBACK hollow

24- ALCAZAR headlines
25- OLA unstoppable
26- ELIN LANTO doctor doctor
29- PERNILLA WAHLGREN jag vill om du vagar
31- NEO human frontier
33- ANDREAS JOHNSON we can work it out
38- ERIK LINDER hur kan jag tro pa karlek

44-SALEM Al FAKIR keep on walking
48- PAULINE sucker for love
51-SIBEL stop
54- LINDA PRICHARD- you re making me hot, hot
56- JESSICA ANDERSSON- I did it for love

Mar 1, 2010

Where is Jenny Silver come back to A place to Stay.. As Mf Chart attack gets hot

Linda Pritchard is the first Melodifestivalen 2010 artist to
make the ToppListen Swedish Top 10- 'You've making me
hot hot hot' is at No: 8. Hanna Lindblad's 'Manipulated'
is new at 19.
Left us wondering whatever has happened to the wonderful
Jenny Silver's 'A place to stay' she was Song 2 in the
first Semi-Final of melodifestivalen. Jenny did hit No: 12
in the chart last week, she certainly gave a fab performance
even if the song was not for Globen.