Sep 30, 2010

Mr Magnus is Back with a Pop Galaxy of Pop Hits-

Take a look at the official video for the Magnus Carlsson single "Feel You"
- a pulsating Dance track with a hint of eighties pop!
And there is much more of the same on his 26 track bonanza of a new album
called Pop Galaxy available from i-tunes just about everywhere..
Yes, your schlager needs this.

Sep 26, 2010

Måns Flashback - Miss America- just Zelmerlöw/Kempe Magic seems ages since we had a flashback clip on the blog.
what better than that combination of Fredrik Kempe & Måns - and an ace clip

Sep 12, 2010

Didrik Solli-Tangen is back- At Jnr Melodi Grand Prix with his 'Best kept secret'

Didrik, he is certainly Norsk's best kept secret, we think- and this is the title for the new single..
- luv it..

Sep 11, 2010

Will Nanne +One More Time- make it one more time for Eurovision in 2011?

Danny of EMD, Shirley Clamp & Sanna Nielsen, Lasse Stefanz and Lili & Susie are said to be certain names to perform in Melodifestivalen 2011. According to Aftonbladet (newspaper) last weekend they say Christer Bjorkman has a half full list of Stars. Who are going to make up a larger list of top names for 2011, the normal 4 Top Star jokers will increase next year to 15

Legend Nanne Grönvall is said to be certain for a comeback with her band One More Time, they did have 2 successful entries in the 80s Then One More Time won Melodifestivalen in 1996- they came 3rd at Eurovision with 'Den Vilda' More Melodifestivalen veterans in Sanna Nielsen and Shirley Clamp who
have been missing in recent line-ups.

Danny, without his EMD brothers (shame!)

Among the artists who have expressed an interest in the festival as well is Magnus Carlsson, Alice Svenson, & Marie Serneholt. Plus following an ole Mf tradition; Ace of Base are rumoured to take part (rumoured again!!) - they are on the comeback with two new female singers in sweden at the mo...

Sep 7, 2010

Same Difference for EuROVISION 2011

Ok- yes, it has been said before -Same Difference are just perfect for Eurovision 2011-
come on UK what are you waiting for?
The new single proves they have what it takes born out of X Factor.
Here is an idea - UK could hold an ole sckool 'Song for Europe' & just vote on 6
great songs all sung by Same Difference for UK's selection next year?
just how could they lose?
PLUS what is almost as exciting is Same Difference have got together with Super Swedes Alcazar for one amazing hit planned for the next Same Differrence follow up to their debut Pop album
Amazing we will listen out for that one!

Sep 2, 2010

Golden Girl of EUROVISION in the 60's KATHY KIRBY & her real 'Secret Love'

Kathy Kirby was one of the Golden Girls of Female 60s pop a couple of years before Sandie Shaw with her Puppet on a string!
Kathy was only the second girl ever to sing for UK at Eurovision Song Contest in 1966, in fact she was put forward to represent Britain in 1964 yet heartthrob Matt Monroe was chosen to sing " I love the little things" instead that year. The following year Kathy had proved herself with hit records plus her own successful series on BBC Television
The Kathy Kirby Show. It was on her show, televised on 29th January 1965, that Kathy performed six specially commissioned compositions.
The cream of British songwriters wrote the songs. Tony Hatch (who composed many of Petula Clark's hits) Leslie Bricusse, Tom Springfield (Dusty's brother) Les Reed and Barry Mason, Chris Andrews (who wrote songs for Sandie Shaw) plus two relatively unknowns Peter Lee Stirling and Phil Peters.
The Song for Europe winner was a power ballad called " I belong" that only Kathy could deliver in a style of Bassey crossed with Doris Day.The five songs were very strong for the UKs selection following Matt Monroe's 2nd placing the year before. Kathy also became 7 points away from the winning position in Naples Italy, but France Gall won for Luxembourg.

Kathy went on to have a string of Uk hits she looked very much a Star from Hollywood, however the reason her career never ventured further than Uk & Europe was revealed when Kathy told all in a Newspaper exclusive interview (read here). She has lead a Garbo-style existence for the past 20 years only recently has she came back after sadly fallen from grace. Kathy does still belong as one of Eurovision's Golden moments of 60s Glory.