Nov 28, 2013

Little Great Things- is Abba- the third generation & bid for more Melodifestivalen glory..


It will be 41 years since Agnetha Benny Bjorn & Frida took to the Melodifestivalen stage with the pop favourite 'Ring Ring' then in the meantime 'Waterloo' a follow-up managed to created international pop music history. Then even a Abba museum opening this year in Stockholm stad.

In 1986 the second generation Peter Gronvald (Benny Andersson's son) joined forces with the famous Nanne in a 80's pop band called 'Sound Of Music' and the 4th placed 'Elorado' being the first time we saw the Andersson-clan back in sweden's favorite national song contest. 'Sound of Music' became then 'One More Time' and even sung for Sweden at Eurovision Song Contest 1996 when they finished in third place.

Now two son's of Nanne & Peter namely Felix & Charlie have formed their own band called
'Little Great Things' and will compeat in the Melodifestivalen 2nd semi-final in 2014 with their own song called "Set Yourself free'
so during the 40th anniversary of 'Waterloo' We will witness the third generation of Abba, in Benny Andersson's grand son's - The best of luck to the band that should bring us some great things ..

- 'Little Great Things'- or Spot the Benny's? (the 2 with beard's it must be surely)

Nov 27, 2013

Melo- Names for 2014 - The artists are revealed and Helena is back for Sweden-

Yes, now we have the first of 2 batches released from SVT of the artists for Melodifestivalen 2014.
There is not too many surprises for next year and alot of first timer artists here with lots of old timer songwriters in the music credits.

After a few years of rumours former winner Helena Paparizou
enters for the first time for Sweden. Her song will be 'Survivor' and certainly will be in with a big chance in semi-final 1. As one last year's success stories Yohio, he was pipped to win in Melo 2013 and finished up with a huge hit with the tune 'Heartbreak Hotel' although he did'nt impress the Melo juries so much in the Melodifestivalen Final contest. Will Yohio better this 2013 fantastic debut?

Here is the full run down on the first two semi-finals: (not in any running order of course)

Also so great to see former Melo winner Mr Martin Sternmark back for the first time since 2005.

Semi Final One.
Mahan Moin- “Aleo” (Mahan Moin, Anderz Wrethov)
Alvaro Estrella - “Bedroom” (Jakke Erixson, Jon Bordon, Lauren Francis, Kristofer Östergren)
Linus Svenning - “Bröder” (Fredrik Kempe)
Sylvester Schlegel - “Bygdens son” (Sylvester Schlegel)
Elisa Lindström- “Casanova” (Ingela “Pling” Forsman, Bobby Ljunggren, Jimmy Jansson)
Ellen Benediktson- “Songbird” (Sharon Vaughn, Johan Fransson, Tim Larsson, Tobias Lundgren)
Helena Paparizou- “Survivor” (Bobby Ljunggren, Henrik Wikström, Karl-Ola Kjellholm, Sharon Vaughn)
Yohio - “To the End” (Andreas Johnson, Johan Lyander, Peter Kvint, Yohio)

Martin's ready for Race 2
Semi Final Two.
Panetoz - “Efter solsken” (Johan Hirvi, Mats Lie Skåre, Nebeyu Baheru, Njol Badjie, Pa Modou Badjie)
Manda - “Glow” (Joy Deb, Linnéa Deb, Melanie Wehbe, Charlie Mason)
Pink Pistols - “I Am Somebody” (Joakim Törnqvist, Nestor Geli, Per Ivar Hed, Susie Päivärinta, Tord Bäckström)
JEM - “Love Trigger” (Thomas G:son, Peter Boström, Julimar “J-Son” Santos)
Martin Stenmarck - “När änglarna går hem” (Andreas Öhrn, Alexander Bard, Martin Stenmarck, Peter Boström)
Little Great Things - “Set Yourself Free” (Charlie Grönvall, Cristoffer Wernqvist, Felix Grönvall, Adam Dahlström)
The Refershments - “Hallelujah” (Joakim Arnell)
Sanna Nielsen - “Undo” (Fredrik Kempe, David Kreuger, Hamed “K-One” Pirouzpanah)