Mar 29, 2011

Will Eric Saade bring back his Manboy shower-scene for 'Popular'?

Team Saade- over in stockholm have a task of updating the winnng song 'Popular' performance for Dusseldorf 2011. Some of Eric's dancers may need to be changed, and required to add backing vocal to the track, as also only backing vocal tracks are allowed in Eurovision. This is normal as at Eurovision, also only 6 people are allowed on stage for the performance at one time.
The other problem is that breaking glass effect may well not be able to be used for the track in Dusseldorf. In Melodifestivalen Eric performed last in his semi-final & at Globen for that reason - that any broken glass could be cleared away once all acts had performed.
It has been suggested that Eric Saade bring back his shower water effect of 'Manboy' in 2010.

I think this was alot better effect than the smashing glass, and as with Eurovision very often if you don't use a performance effect at the time..before too long someone else will! Plus Eric does that wet t-shirt look so well.

Note- it has now been confirmed Eric will use his original breaking Glass effect for Dusseldorf - hurrah

Mar 27, 2011

Melodifestivalen Chart Update: oh my god what's happening?

Week of 25/3/2011 -
- This week in the swedish sales Top 10- Eric Saade, holds the top slot however Swingfly has replaced Danny's second place hold. Another strange move is The Moniker's 'Oh my god' that continues upwards towards the Top 3- while most other Melodifestivalen songs seem to have peaked chartwise, outside the Top 10. Sanna Nielsen, Linda Bengtzing are still keeping schlager-alive but move downwards- as does Nicke Borg at No: 12 & Loreen' s 'My heart is refusing Me' at No: 14. For the 2nd year running Eric Saade seems to have the Melo' Hit of the season.

Mar 26, 2011

We are The Winners in Denmark- A Friend From London

Over in Denmark they had a massive Dansk Melodi Grand Prix Final- show and some very varied Songs and artists. A fan favourite was disco-group Le Freak & Ace of Bace vocalist Jenny Berggren who had a power-pop tune called 'Let your heart be mine' -which I felt would have worked so well in dusseldorf and an artist most european countries could identify with and remember from the 90's- 'I saw the sign....' Plus it was wrote by schlager-tunesmith Thomas G;son.
On the night the danes went with a home-grown -rock band called 'A Friend from London', who have had some international success & even toured over in Canada.
The song is very strong favourite called 'New Tomorrow' and different from last year's 'In a moment like this' that did so well for the danes in Oslo 2010. I think this as far as songs go this is better than
last years tune, so I expect to see this in the final this year.
Denmark has historically been one of by adopted Eurovision counties, that each year seem to come up with the well as sometimes the unexpected and A Friend from London' is that I hope it works for them.
-Jenny of Ace Of Base- still smiles although she did not make it to dusseldorf in MGP 2011

introducing Amaury Vassilli- a singer tipped to bring France back to Eurovision in 2011

The last time France won Eurovision was back in 1977 with Marie Myriam with 'L'oiseau et l'enfant' but now as early odds on favourite has turned out to be French opera singer Amaury Vassilli with a song 'Sognu' opera tenors have yet to make any major impact previously at
Eurovision. For examples Latvia's (Questa Notte) Norway's Didrik Solli-Tangen & Krassimir Avramov & the mighty Malena Ernman in 2009 for Sweden. All came from opera backgrounds.
I think Amaury has an advantage with this song, its more classical song than popera. Along with France the UK is named as a favourite as well with 'I can'. Its very interesting to see how the Big four/five countries now since Lena from Germany found victory to break the ice in Oslo 2010. However back in 2005- 2006 & 2007 France UK Spain & Germany failed to progress out of the bottom 5 positions in the ESC Final. It took until 2009 to chance this low voting trend and with the likes of Patricia Kaas (France) & Jade (UK) who although had the advantage of qualification into the ESC final (that was previously doomed) - both songs made the Top 10 in 2009 (Jade- with a Lloyd-Webber penned 'My time' came 4th- Kaas finished 8th)

Blue- a boyband with the vocal power to bring UK back to the Top 10

So can France now at least return to the old times of Eurovision glory? they have won historically Eurovision 5 times before. Or can even Blue do this, and take us back to the 90's- on their comeback trail for UK. We think the French do have a good simple tune that can be very effective on stage. Check out the video for 'Sognu'

-10 points to France, & 12 points to UK...
from schlagertunes

Mar 22, 2011

The latest Swedish Top 10 Hits- as Sarah & Swingfly move into poll positions

Week of 18/3/2011 -
The top 2 remains the same- as Eric Saade gets more popular, and Danny- the clubber stays at No:2. Swingfly justifies his Globen placing from semi final 1- by rising to No:3. Six globen finalist made the Top 10 + the fantastic Loreen track 'My heart is Refusing Me' is the only non- finalist at No: 10. I am just wondering had Loreen gained a place in the final just how far could this track have gone, its a real grower.
Now outside this top 10 - we find Linda Bengtzing up to No:15. Sanna Nielsen is way back at No: 31 for some reason but on the rise. while Sanna's new album 'I'm in love' is top 3 on the album chart. Sweden has a melo artist at No:1 in the album chart- of all the artists The Playtones 'Rock n Roll King' album is new entry this week. Swingfly and Linda Pritchard have both entries in the top 20 album-lists.

Thanks to for chart list- click here to view full chart list