Jan 17, 2016

Review of Germany's Song for Stockholm 2016- One's to watch out for..

                                Thanks to FB for photos cover pics

Well this year Germany have certainly turned things around after that last placing in Vienna. When
Ann Sophie sang 'Black Smoke' Then after much confusion about the Xavier Naidoo-saga last year, NDR did a 90 degree about turn, and went from a internal selection to finally having a National selection next month. (as they normally do anyhow! phew! )
Alot of the songs in the final, are released already this month and available to listen to, and I am impressed with a few entries. The standard seems to have lifted in the past 12 months in Germany, one of my favourites is KEOMA a duo who have the haunting 'Protected' song, with the right presentation this certainly has a 'goosebumps factor 9' and the one to check out for me. (I have it download already + dance mix)

Then we have a safer choice of Jamie Lee Kriewitz singing 'Ghost' this has already risen to No: 11 in the German charts last month, as Jamie Lee was the most recent winner of The Voice of Germany. So this will certainly be the one to beat as the german public should vote for a radio hit song they know so well.
Ralph Siegel has some serious competition with Laura Pinski, yet this tune has been kept under wraps and should be completely new and fresh, I hope it will be very different from 2015's 'Chain of Light' and put Herr Siegel back on top?

Here is the full line up for the German National Final, it should be an interesting and lets hope non of the artists opt out like what happened in 2015 at the national final.

Alex Diehl - Nur ein Lied
Ella Endlich - Adrenalin
Gregorian - Masters Of Chant
Jamie-Lee Kriewitz - Ghost
Joco - Full Moon
Keøma - Protected
Laura Pinski - Under The Sun We Are One
Luxuslärm - Solange Liebe in mir wohnt
Woods of Birnam - Lift Me Up (From The Underground)

The show 'Unsere lied for Stockholm' is on 28th February 2016

                                             'Hello, my name is Jamie- Lee from Germany'

Thanks to FB for photos cover pics

At Last, Ralph Siegel returns to Eurovision Germany 2016

         He is know as Mr Grand Prix with a long history of writing Eurovision hits for his homeland Germany. Ralph penned the first Germany winner 'Ein Bisschen Freiden' way back in 1982.
        In recent years Siegel has each year presented the San Marino Eurovision entry, three years running sung by non other than Valentina Monetta, and just last year Michele Perniola & Anita Simoncini's 'Chain of Light', Ralph has wrote the Germany Eurovision entry 14 times in the past.

        The last time was back in 2003 when Germany finished in 11th place and Lou sang 'Lets get happy' it's been a long while since then.

The new song is 'Under the sun we are one' for the Germany and will be sung by Laura Pinski on 25th February 2016, it will be great to see Ralphy back in Stockholm this year.

Jan 3, 2016

Eurovision Song Contest: Time Machine Flashback 1988.

The year was 1988 the tune- Shangri-La, the location  was Dublin, Ireland just after Johnny Logan's second runaway victory of 1987 The song written by songwriter Peter de Wjn, who wrote 'Ticket to the tropics' a previous dutch number one hit for Gerard Joling in 1985
On the scoreboard, Greece and Luxembourg gave Netherlands 12 points, however the song was up against tunes from Celine Dion and UK's Scott Fitzgerald.

Gerard's career took off after Eurovision not only in Netherlands he sold many Gold records in Asia as well, later in 2005 Gerard became a headliner of the popular schlager group De Toppers and this meant he returned to Eurovision stage in 2009  in Moscow with the song 'Shine'.

As was the requiement at Eurovision 1988 this song was sung in dutch, I enjoy the english version alot more and it is available still in i-tunes, if you can check it out as well.

Dateline: Eurovision 1988
Country: Netherlands
Song: Shangri-La
Result: 9th place
Artist: Gerard Joling

Dec 12, 2015

Måns & Petra Mede to be the host duo for Eurovision in Stockholm 2016

Sweden's newspaper Expressen have released the story, hot on the heals of SVTs big announcement on Monday, It's taken a while for the decision to be made at SVT and this may well have been while contracts for the hosts was being drawn up.

Further words heard on the Stockholm gamla streets is that Mans wants to present his new music during the Eurovision shows, as super-Mans is busy touring and recording a planned new album release next year, as well. That would be a wonderful idea and I hope that becomes a reality too.

Mans Zelmerlow really is one of the best TV presenters already in his homeland. As Mans has proved during his long music and stage career. So it's not a case of the winning singer stepping in to try out abit of something new here.
Then what can be said about the amazing fantastic Petra Mede, she simply delighted the Eurovision world in Malmö 2013.
Petra made doing a one woman show, look so very easy, and her fast takin funny comments are just Euro gold itself. Personally I think no single host has made such an impression since Katie Boyle way back then in the Eurovision history book.
It will be a good choice from SVT to have a duo of presenters that work well together, it's a formular that has worked well at Eurovision Song Contests in the past.
Finally lets hope the rumour is true, when all is officially released on Monday. To quote the old Pointer Sisters 'I'm so excited. And I just can't hide it.......'
This story just had to be told.

Dec 9, 2015

Eurovision Song Contest: Time Machine Flashback 1994.

Before the National Final season gets into full swing in europe, we are taking a time to choose an historical entry from past years. A song that maybe did not do so well but should not be forgotten. I just luv delving into the ole Eurovision history book, as there is often a little gem to find and even download as some have stayed around in i-tunes and found on spotify.

Dateline: Eurovision 1992
Country: Croatia
Song: Nek Ti Bude Ljubav Sva
Result: 16th place
Artist: Tony Cetinski

This was the second time Croatia had entered Eurovision Song Contest, the best result they have produced to date in the contest is with Doris Dragovic & Maja Blagdan finishing in 4th place in 1999 & 1996. While back in 1992, Tony was already a new Croatian singer and his success grew to make him one of the best known singers through out the balkan countries today. Tony is also best known for his duet with the late Tose Proeski. He sang 'Nek Ti Bude Ljubav Sva' in 1992 this gave him the first huge hit, and this classic tune is available on i-tunes as I discovered and added to my evergreen collection.

Dec 6, 2015

Donny is finally back for Lituania for 2016.

How can anyone forget the 'Love is Blind' performance in Baku  from Donny Montell (Donatas Montvydas) back in 2012.

Lithuania is a country that have never won Eurovision yet they certainly know how to make an impression at the contest. This sometimes works like LT United's 'We are the Winners' in 2006, (6th place) other times it leaves a long lasting impression like InCulto's 'Easten European Funk' in Eurovision 2010 that somehow failed to quailfy for the grand final! Since LT United, Lithuania seem to take the contest alot more serious and the results like Donny's 'Love is Blind' 14th placing are on the up.

Well appearently Donny has been waiting for the right song to make his return to the Eurovision stage. The song has arrived with 'I've been waiting for this night' and an impressive video in the can, filmed on location in Stockholm. A song written by Jonas Thander & Beatrice Robertsson and we like it, however it may not be a winning song for Stockholm.

Last year the Lithuanian national final became abit of a puzzle they have Artist selection and a song selection, and some how the two are married together. It worked really well for the calibration of two artists Monika Linkytė & Vaidas Baumila to present 'This Time' we are wondering how this will work for Donny who has a fantatstic solo track. You can see the new song video below:

Nov 29, 2015

Melodifestivalen 2016: Just add schlager sugar and plenty of it.

As always with sweden's Melodifestivalen 2016 season, we will see plenty of variety in the artists and tunes. As it is the music song contest that stops a nation as very almost all the swedes watch to see just who will win the prize. To stay home, and get a ticket direct to Globen arena from Friends Arena. (in fact they could almost walk it over there!)
This musical variety  is always a good thing, and it seems that next year SVT have not forgotten plenty lumps of schlager, so on the eve of the big reveal on Monday of the 28 songs and artists.

Here is my reasons to be schlager- cheerful about Melodifestivalen 2016.

Artists to watch-out for in Melodifestivalen 2016.

1. Dolly Style: we just loved 'Hello Hi' but it was just lacking a little something to take them to the Melodifestivalen final in 2015, with Thomas G:son writing their new tune. They must be on their way to the Melodifestivalen final?

2. Anna Book: Just the biggest schlager 'wow' factor, Anna gave us the amazing 'Samba Sambero' now in 2016 Anna is finally back, we luv her and have high expectations that she will continue to deliver schlager magic.

3. Afer Dark:About time too,  they have been to Melodifestivalen twice before as well as giving us the schlager classic 'La Dolce Vita' in 2004. I am hoping they sing in english this time for a change?

4. Oscar Zia: 'Yes he can', he made a great impression with his 2013 performance and has only grown in popularity since then for his Melodifestivalen comeback

5. Samir & Viktor: After opening Melodifestivalen final 2015, they are very much still the pop duo to watch out for in Sweden. Plus they have Fredrik Kempe helping out with song writing as well. Very schlager tastic indeed.

6. Dinah Dah: Another star from last year is set to return to deliver a better electro dance track than her  'Make me (La La La)' we know this gal can really dance so with the right tune, who knows where she will go next year?

7.David Lindgren: Another flashback to Melodifestivalen 2013 when David gave us a very popular track 'Skyline' so it will be intersting to see where he goes in 2016.

8. Linda Bengtzing: Its been such a long journey for Linda at Melodifestivalen and who can forget 'Alla Flickor' back in 2005, you can be sure the Bengtzing Energy will be back in stage next year.

9. Molly Petterson Hammar: We are hoping the press stories are true? and Molly will deliver another amazing performace as she did last year (fingers crossed)

10. Panetoz: A welcome return to the soul group that had a big hit before with Efter solsken' in Melo 2014.

We hope to see these names on monday when SVT release the full list of 28 will at least make for a very up beat Melo season at the very least. I am excited already.

             -Dolly Style, thanks to Facebook page

Nov 28, 2015

Russia will they send their secret star: Serey Lazarev to Stockholm 2016

Could this be the face of Russia at Eurovision Song Contest 2016? If the rumours are true then Yes.
He is a mega star in eastern europe -Serey Lazarev, if the name sounds familiar that could be because he has been linked to Eurovision a few times in the past. He came in 4th placed to Dima Bilan back in 2008 in the Russian National Final with a song called 'The Flyer'
In fact Serey started his career in a boy band called Smash! and went on to have many best selling albums as well as an acting career in Russia. Serey has covered the 80's classic hit 'Shattered Dreams' (originally released by Johnny Hates Jazz) which became one of his greatest hits.

Recently at a russian music bash, he told his audience that he was likely to be representing Russia in the next Eurovision Song Contest, so it looks likely we may see Serey finally in the Eurovision Song Contest for 2016, as the Russia's internal selection.

It sounds like a great Russian entry in the making for next year- lets wait and see...Meanwhile, as a bit of a teaser check out Serey Lazarev's recent hit 'Take it off' (+ a very Eurovis' style dance routine)

Here is a more recent rock release '7 Wonders' as well

Nov 5, 2015

Eurovision's Best Duets Ever, My All Time Top 10

     One of my favourite moments from back in Vienna 2015, was seeing just how well contestants Mans Zelmerlow (Sweden) & Guy Sebastian (Australia) got on together during that week. Then this great freindship even transcended onto the Eurovision scoreboard, when both countries gave each other 12 points. There was even talk of a future duet between Mans and Guy, that would be special. This has got me thinking how many times has two stars of the past Eurovision Song Contests have actually got together to make a duet? besides covering a Eurovision entry, itself.

  I did some searching and came up with my Top 10 Eurovision artists duets.

1. Maria Haukaas Storeng & Måns Zelmerlöw- 'Precious to Me'

 2. Christer Björkman & Shirley Clamp- La Vie/ This is My Life

 3. Agnetha Faltskog & Tomas Ledin- Never Again

 4. Johnny Logan & Nicole - No One Makes Love like You

 5. Elisabeth Andreassen & Tor Endresen- All over the World (MGP 15)

 6. Olivia Newton-John & Cliff Richard- Suddenly (From Xanadu movie)

 7. Timoteij Feat Alexander Rybak-Vända Med Vinden

 8. Malena Ernman & Sarah Dawn Finer - Sancta Lucia (2013)

 9. Jan Johansen & Jill Johnson- Let it be me

10.  Anita Skorgan Med Jahn Teigen- Friendly

Nov 2, 2015

Estonia is ready and waiting, for their National Final Eesti Laul

What a great ad with all the estonian stars of Eurovision in recent years. Lets hope some of them comeback for 2016, in some shape or form...

Oct 29, 2015

Melodifestivalen 2016 - Who will be in the line-up next year?

As we head into November over in Sweden the annual speculation begins as to who will be selected to perform at Melodifestivalen 2016. The old rumour mill goes into overdraft as most of the swedish press try to guess who? what? with which songwriter. Its almost a game of 'I spy... ' and then when the full list of the 28 songs and artists are anounched there is always plenty of surpises left.

A sure bet is Samir & Viktor who gave us 'Groupie' this year in Melodifestivalen, and have gone on to become the hit duo of the summer in Sweden. With a second platinum selling hit called 'Saxofuckington' under their belt they seem to be on golden run. For their return to Melodifestivalen 2016 they are said to have a Fredrik Kempe song, no less. I hope they do something in english this time around.

Another two returning stars are Ace Wilder (who it appears has not been- busy doin nothing' since 2014) and Oscar Zia who also had a great song last year in Melodifestivalen with 'Yes We Can'

We will keep you posted as more names and new stars get revealed, this is a great starter but we are left wondering what is the main course? Plus lets not forget, Melodifestivalen has been won in the last couple of years by a veteran Melodifestivalen artist, Mans, himself and Sanna Nielsen.

Oscar, with hair to die for...