May 12, 2014

Congratulations to Austria's second historical Eurovision win for 2014

The Grand Final 2014 in copenhagen, what a fun tastic show and evening.
While 'Only Teardrops' in Malmo last year made the whole voting on the night very predicable
you could'nt say the same in 2014. In the end Austria's Conchita Wurst James Bond eque theme
'Rise Like Phoenix' scored a big 13 top 12 pointers around Europe.
More surprises as The Netherlands country-ballad ' Calm After The Storm' became an established runner -up, presenting a Dolly Parton Vs Fleetwood Mac style.
In fact The Common Linnets, have since raced into many European i-tune charts even ahead of the Austrian winner in some places? So they really seem to be a joint-winner and great news for a Eurovision country that failed to quailify for the final for 8 years running up until 2013.

So who is Conchita Wurst?, she was previously Tom Neuwirth-  and at 17 years old formed a boy band called Jetzt Anders! (Now Different)

called as part of TV talent quest Starmania . However Tom, decided following his continued discrimmination and experience growing up- It was time to make a statement to the whole world, and created singer/ drag artist  'Conchita Wurst', to make a statement that being different & what you look like is not important, as what is on the inside.

The rest has become Eurovision history.. in 2014,

May 7, 2014

TOP 15- EUROVISION 2014 - Top 3: Le Charlie's Angels of COPENHAGEN 14

NO: 1   SWEDEN - 'Undo' - Sanna Nielsen

NO: 2   UNITED KINGDOM - 'Children of the Universe' - Molly 

NO: 3   SPAIN - 'Dancing in the Rain' - Ruth Lorenzo

May 6, 2014

Le TOP 15- EUROVISION 2014 schlagertunes Favourites

NO: 4   NORWAY - 'Silent Storm' - Carl Espen

NO: 5   FRANCE - 'Moustache' - Twin Twin

NO: 6   GREECE - 'Rise Up' - Freaky Fortune & RiskyKidd

May 5, 2014

Le TOP 15- EUROVISION 2014 schlagertunes Favourites

NO: 7   GERMANY - 'Is it Right?' - Elaiza

NO: 8   ESTONIA - 'Amazing' - Tanja

NO: 9  IRELAND - 'Heartbeat' - Can-Linn Feat Kasey Smith

May 4, 2014

Le TOP 15- EUROVISION 2014 schlagertunes Favourites

NO: 10   PORTUGAL - 'Quero Ser Tua' - Suzy

NO: 11   BELARUS - 'Cheesecake' - TEO

NO: 12   MALTA - 'Coming Home' - FireFly

Le TOP 15 Favorites for Eurovision 2014 from Schlagertunes


The first three entry's for our Top 15 chart- are well established artists and been around for a while. Pollaponk, have almost abit of the Olsen Brothers factor- in that these guys have worked together since school days in varies different bands. They look like a grandpa-version of The Wiggles, (australian kids pop band) 

we like the look, and tune, very muchos plus they did a Euroclub remix, at gotta give them points for that.

Then Valentina Monetta can she really made it third time lucky with,  Maybe? I like this tune but think she may have a struggle again to make it to the final. But we luv Valentina.

     An interesting concept and song from Hungary, with 'Running' I think this will make a big impression in Copenhagen a certain finalist, although not a big favourite for us. Just don't drop the teddy bear. ok?

NO: 13   ICELAND - 'No Prejudice' - Pollapönk

NO: 14   SAN MARINO - 'Maybe' - Valentina Monetta

NO: 15  HUNGARY - 'Running'  Andras Kallay-Saunders 

The glammer glitz and pure Euro Fun has begun in ole Copenhagen

Well Eurovision 2014 is here! Already the dans are proving to be the perfect host for Eurovision 2014..
They did it not so long ago in 2001, that was one of the first years that the contest filled a sports arena
 with fans and started a trend that has become common today. No longer do we see dinner jackets and  cocktail skirts as a dress code for a contest that look like a posh cheap Cabaret Show in the 70s 80s!

Australia is taking part this year, if only as an interval act during semi final 2 this is a wonderful step forward for the land down under - What next ? Dare we ask, could Australia have a voting jury and tele vote? That would be exciting and it certainly is a huge event in Australia with SBS doing amazing things.

The songs and this years contestants, to begin with  it looked like Norway's
 Carl Aspen would be the clear favourite for 2014, yet that has now changed. I personally think this song is going to do amazing things on the night. Yet I feel there is some other tunes to beat and Carl
 could fall behind or be pipped at the post in the Final , I have a bunch of personal favourites as well myself along with "Silent Storm"
 As always anything can happen, we can only hope for a fair voting procedure on the Final night, after all the problems unearthed in 2013.

At schlagertunes blog there will be a Top 15 countdown , to show our favourites based mainly on the song content as we have tried to stay clear of too many rehearsal u tube footage from 2014. As remember this is still a song competition.

May 2, 2014

Yes, Julia has landed and in Copenhagen 2014- & meets Conchita Wurst

Julia Zemiro, one of our Australian hosts each year, she is simply the best interviewer and brings pure glitter & joy to the Eurovision coverage each year..Julia & Conchita together, we want more..: )

Apr 6, 2014

a BIG Eurovision 'congratulations' to ABBA 40 years since 6th April 1974 win.

Back then in 1974, on 6th April
              TODAY...when Abba exploded into the international music markets around the world with Waterloo' by winning the 1974 Eurovision Song Contest in Brighton UK.
That very same date 6th April 1974 Olivia Newton-John sang the UK entry 'Love Live Love' one of the Eurovision favourites of that year and Melbourne's Luvly Livvy came in 4th place in the annual song contest, I am remembering both ole tunes today...

Mar 11, 2014

Sanna & Ace Wilder - battle of Melodifestivalen 2014: Sanna Won..

  Finally Sanna Neilsen's Undo' won. It was Sanna seventh entry for Melodifestivalen

Strangely enough the first timer 'Ace Wilder' was wearing a Number 7 - baseball style T-shirt, was she hinting at something all along.
The emotional victory was breathtaking you could see that Sanna Nielsen has waited for this moment during her long outstanding career. We will look at that shortly here as well.
There is not many artists in Sweden who are better suited to a Eurovision success or victory than Sanna. Of course it is all about the song, we know but having the perfect artist and presentation is half  way there, Go Sanna ...

Mar 6, 2014

Melodifestivalen Grand Final 2014- Are we busy expecting nuthing?

It's been quiet a strange Melodifestivalen for 2014, it's turned out very different from last year.
Besides the strange chemisty of the 2 hosts, and a slap-dash presentation, the focus has been more on the music and artists and that crazy scoreboard. Some real shockers
as Panetoz and Ace Wilder take final spots unexpectedly from some more established artists.
Poor Martin Sternmark, what a trooper he was.
Then Panetoz & Ace Wilder have both taken pole-position of Song 9 and Song 10 in the funny Final running order personally I would have expected Alcazar to finish the show with a bang! instead we have Ace with her Pajamarama Song. (Still not a fan I am sorry to say.)

Ohhh..That's where the busy outfits came from?

There's been a lot of Eurovision fan speculation on will, or won't Helena Paparizou take the Melo victory, she will have that great power with the international juries, that's a given fact- but I think the jury may also see this song's weakness. 'Survivor' has a great hook, but far too repeative to set Copenhagen on fire. I think.
So Alcazar could they pull it off finally? once again 'Blame it on the Disco' not the very strongest of tracks from them. Although a wonderful performance.
I think for Alcazar, they will do well in the public vote, so it all depends on how the International jury take to this disco stomper. They may surprise us? same goes for Sanna Nielsen she is already sweden's favourite for Melo 2014, yet Sanna needs a strong International Jury vote as well to win the prize. If she has that it could be in the bag.
Then we have Anton's 'Natural' he will have the top public votes together with Sanna & Alcazar and with Ace as well maybe. yet I think the International jury will let Anton Ewald down on the scoreboard

 I personally, I  think Sanna's  'Undo' is the best choice for Copenhagen, all round.

At this early stage alot of entries for Eurovision Song Contest 2014 are choosen, and just ask yourself how many power ballad's are there this year? Not many. and normally at this point in the Eurovision entries we are complaining we have too many ballads, no so for Copenhagen 2014.

that Final Running Order:

1. Anton Ewald – “Natural”
2. Ellen Benediktson – “Songbird”
3. Alcazar – “Blame It On The Disco”
4. Oscar Zia – “Yes We Can”
5. Linus Svenning – “Bröder”
6. Helena Paparizou – Survivor”
7. YOHIO – “To the End”   --Toilet Break--
8. Sanna Nielsen – “Undo”
9.Panetoz – “Efter solsken”
10. Ace Wilder – “Busy Doin’ Nothin’”

Finally Maybe SVT should have invited Linda Martin over to Friends Arena to run a red-hot debate in the interval,
  certainly will miss our Linda this weekend...