Mar 5, 2015

Guy Sebastian for Australia! Wow, what a choice!

Guy Sebastian was revealed on SBS just in the last hour.....

What a great choice, a big opportunity for Guy Sebastian to take his career into international status. Plus Guy has always been a performer that has such alot of postive energy as well as huge confidence in his fantastic voice. After winning a early Australian Idol 2003 he has gone on to become a household name in his homeland.

To Guy's credit he has had minor hits in Germany and hit No :2 in Norway with 'Battle scars' Yet back home he remains the only male artist to have six number ones singles. As well as no less than six platinum selling albums since 2003.

During the press interview Guy Sebastian was very up-front about the new song choice- in that it will be a song from his latest album released in November 2014. This is understandable as to come up with a brand new song they have only a matter of a few weeks left, it is almost impossible.

At the press interview Guy seems to be keen to present a 'ballad' more than a up-tempo dance number- there are 2 or 3 slow tempo songs on his new album 'Madness' The title track 'Madness' is one, the other I think is- 'One of Us' I actually downloaded 'Elephant' a simple tune I like more than these other more commercial choices-
So SBS if you're listening I think with the right staging this could be the one?

check his song out and see what you think??

Feb 16, 2015

Thank you Serbia..they comeback to Eurovision with a Diva in a frock purrerfect (Grand Final for sure)

Just when all eyes are on the nordic finals for the schlager comebacks. Over in serbia they come up with the amazing 'Bojana Stameno' and she's going to vienna, will 2015 actually be a repeat of 2007, a 'Molitva' moment?

Feb 14, 2015

Melodifestivalen schlagerbus travels to Malmo-o tonight...

Yes,  it's semi-final two from Malmo, and we are simply dizzy with all the excitment of Magnus Carlsson's long awaited return to Melodifestivalen this year. With what promises to be a schlager classic  already. Then thanks to Svt we saw a teaser of Robin in his valentine boxers, and a vest, no less!! the vest has to go, Mr Paulson. Find out lots more here-

thanks Svt...

Feb 12, 2015

SBS HQ reports....more on Australia in Eurovision 2015

Australia is a country buzzing with all the talk of 'Who will sing for us at Eurovision Song Contest 2015 ?.

Yes, I can report there is lots of talk on the streets ..all about just 'who' SBS will send over to Vienna. The wonderful spokes 'superwoman' Julia Zemiro had been on breakfast TV in fact to tell us that in fact SBS have no early indications as to who, it will be? she knows nothing...

My favorite rumour is Kylie Minogue who conveniently has a May break from her 'Kiss Me Once' world tour..and just what better way to promote your big 2015 tour, than a slot in Eurovision in May? All this said though,  Julia so rightly pointed out 'it can be, all about the right fit of an 'artist and the song'. So many times in Eurovision a great big artists have gone to the song contest (Olivia Newton John in 74) with just the wrong song..that's when it does not work.

Plus lets not forget Australia it is a song contest not an artist contest, that song needs the right hooks and some magic. A winning tune needs a real story to tell, be emotional and able to connect with all people personally. In Eurovision just the latest party anthem with glitter and a great groove- is not actually what wins..choice carefully SBS you may have just one shot at this.... but get it right and Euro-glory could be months away.

Feb 11, 2015

The wonderful news Australia finally is calling from accross the globe in the 60th anniversary ESC show.

early this morning Australia woke up to the news Australia will be one of the now 40 countries in Vienna for the Eurovision Song Contest 2015- wow oh yeeeah..

Feb 7, 2015

all the latest News from Goteburg..Thanks to Aftonbladet Feat. Eric Saade

Although this clip is in svenska, keep watching for the Måns smile towards the end

Dec 6, 2014

Its here.. the full list of songs for Melodifestivalen 2015

The PAULSON Factor 15

We have a ‘brand new’ host Robin Paulson, and he is coupled with Sanna Nielson no less, to take us on the Melodifestivalen journey of 2015. How very very schlager tastic is that...
Heat 1: Göteborg – 7th February 2015 
  • Jessica Andersson – Can’t Hurt Me Now (Aleena Gibson, Fredrik Thomander)
  • Behrang Miri feat. Victor Crone – Det rår vi inte för (Behrang Miri, Albin Johnsén, Måns Zelmerlöw, Tony Nilsson)
  • Dolly Style – Hello Hi (Emma Nors, Palle Hammarlund, Jimmy Jansson)
  • Molly Pettersson Hammar – I’ll Be Fine (Molly Pettersson Hammar, Lisa Desmond, Tim Larsson, Tobias Lundgren, Gavin Jones)
  • Elize Ryd & Rickard Söderberg – One By One (Elize Ryd, Jimmy Jansson, Karl-Ola Kjellholm, Sharon Vaughn)
  • Daniel Gildenlöw – Pappa (Daniel Gildenlöw)
  • Eric Saade – Sting (Fredrik Kempe, Hamed ”K-one” Pirouzpanah, David Kreuger, Sam Arash Fahmi)

Heat 2: Malmö – 14th February 2015 
  • Mariette – Don’t Stop Believing (Miss Li, Sonny Gustafsson)
  • Emelie Irewald – Där och då med dig (Emelie Irewald)
  • Linus Svenning – Forever Starts Today (Aleena Gibson, Anton Malmberg Hård af Segerstad, Fredrik Kempe)
  • Samir & Viktor – Groupie (Anton Malmberg Hård af Segerstad, Kevin Högdahl, Maria Smith, Viktor Thell)
  • Neverstore – If I Was God For One Day (Thomas G:son, John Gordon, Jacob Widén)
  • Magnus Carlsson – Möt mig i Gamla stan (Thomas G:son, Lina Eriksson)
  • Marie Bergman & Sanne Salomonsen – Nonetheless (Andreas Stone Johansson, Allison Kaplan)

Heat 3: Östersund – 21st February 2015 

  • Andreas Weise – Bring Out ​​the Fire (Anton Malmberg Hård af Segerstad, Henrik Janson, Thomas G:son)
  • Isa – Don’t Stop (Isa Tengblad, Johan Ramström, Gustaf Svenungsson, Magnus Wallin, Oscar Merner)
  • Kalle Johansson – För din skull (Martin Eriksson, Thomas G:son, Thomas Karlsson)
  • Kristin Amparo – I See You (Kristin Amparo, David Kreuger, Fredrik Kempe)
  • Ellen Benediktson – Insomnia (Ellen Benediktson, Anderz Wrethov)
  • Jon Henrik Fjällgren – Jag är fri (Manne Liem Frije) (Jon Henrik Fjällgren, Erik Holmberg, Tony Malm, Josef Melin)
  • Andreas Johnson – Living To Die (Andreas Johnson, Bobby Ljunggren, Karl-Ola Kjellholm)

Heat 4: Örebro – 28th February 2015

  • Caroline Wennergren – Black Swan (Nicklas Eklund, Joel DeLuna, Aimee Bobruk)
  • JTR – Building It Up (Erik Lewander, Iggy Strange Dah)
  • Midnight Boy – Don’t Say No (Johan Krafman, Kristofer Östergren, Olle Blomström)
  • Annika Herlitz – Ett andetag (Amir Aly, Maciel Numhauser, Robin Abrahamsson, Sharon Dyall, Sharon  Vaughn)
  • Hasse Andersson – Guld och gröna skogar (Anderz Wrethov, Elin Wrethov, Johan Bejerholm, Johan Deltinger)
  • Måns Zelmerlöw – Heroes (Anton Malmberg Hård af Segerstad, Joy Deb, Linnea Deb)
  • Dinah Nah – Make Me (La La La) (Jakke Erixson, Karl-Ola Kjellholm)

May 12, 2014

Congratulations to Austria's second historical Eurovision win for 2014

The Grand Final 2014 in copenhagen, what a fun tastic show and evening.
While 'Only Teardrops' in Malmo last year made the whole voting on the night very predicable
you could'nt say the same in 2014. In the end Austria's Conchita Wurst James Bond eque theme
'Rise Like Phoenix' scored a big 13 top 12 pointers around Europe.
More surprises as The Netherlands country-ballad ' Calm After The Storm' became an established runner -up, presenting a Dolly Parton Vs Fleetwood Mac style.
In fact The Common Linnets, have since raced into many European i-tune charts even ahead of the Austrian winner in some places? So they really seem to be a joint-winner and great news for a Eurovision country that failed to quailify for the final for 8 years running up until 2013.

So who is Conchita Wurst?, she was previously Tom Neuwirth-  and at 17 years old formed a boy band called Jetzt Anders! (Now Different)

called as part of TV talent quest Starmania . However Tom, decided following his continued discrimmination and experience growing up- It was time to make a statement to the whole world, and created singer/ drag artist  'Conchita Wurst', to make a statement that being different & what you look like is not important, as what is on the inside.

The rest has become Eurovision history.. in 2014,

May 7, 2014

TOP 15- EUROVISION 2014 - Top 3: Le Charlie's Angels of COPENHAGEN 14

NO: 1   SWEDEN - 'Undo' - Sanna Nielsen

NO: 2   UNITED KINGDOM - 'Children of the Universe' - Molly 

NO: 3   SPAIN - 'Dancing in the Rain' - Ruth Lorenzo

May 6, 2014

Le TOP 15- EUROVISION 2014 schlagertunes Favourites

NO: 4   NORWAY - 'Silent Storm' - Carl Espen

NO: 5   FRANCE - 'Moustache' - Twin Twin

NO: 6   GREECE - 'Rise Up' - Freaky Fortune & RiskyKidd