Apr 6, 2014

a BIG Eurovision 'congratulations' to ABBA 40 years since 6th April 1974 win.

Back then in 1974, on 6th April
              TODAY...when Abba exploded into the international music markets around the world with Waterloo' by winning the 1974 Eurovision Song Contest in Brighton UK.
That very same date 6th April 1974 Olivia Newton-John sang the UK entry 'Love Live Love' one of the Eurovision favourites of that year and Melbourne's Luvly Livvy came in 4th place in the annual song contest, I am remembering both ole tunes today...

Mar 11, 2014

Sanna & Ace Wilder - battle of Melodifestivalen 2014: Sanna Won..

  Finally Sanna Neilsen's Undo' won. It was Sanna seventh entry for Melodifestivalen

Strangely enough the first timer 'Ace Wilder' was wearing a Number 7 - baseball style T-shirt, was she hinting at something all along.
The emotional victory was breathtaking you could see that Sanna Nielsen has waited for this moment during her long outstanding career. We will look at that shortly here as well.
There is not many artists in Sweden who are better suited to a Eurovision success or victory than Sanna. Of course it is all about the song, we know but having the perfect artist and presentation is half  way there, Go Sanna ...

Mar 6, 2014

Melodifestivalen Grand Final 2014- Are we busy expecting nuthing?

It's been quiet a strange Melodifestivalen for 2014, it's turned out very different from last year.
Besides the strange chemisty of the 2 hosts, and a slap-dash presentation, the focus has been more on the music and artists and that crazy scoreboard. Some real shockers
as Panetoz and Ace Wilder take final spots unexpectedly from some more established artists.
Poor Martin Sternmark, what a trooper he was.
Then Panetoz & Ace Wilder have both taken pole-position of Song 9 and Song 10 in the funny Final running order personally I would have expected Alcazar to finish the show with a bang! instead we have Ace with her Pajamarama Song. (Still not a fan I am sorry to say.)

Ohhh..That's where the busy outfits came from?

There's been a lot of Eurovision fan speculation on will, or won't Helena Paparizou take the Melo victory, she will have that great power with the international juries, that's a given fact- but I think the jury may also see this song's weakness. 'Survivor' has a great hook, but far too repeative to set Copenhagen on fire. I think.
So Alcazar could they pull it off finally? once again 'Blame it on the Disco' not the very strongest of tracks from them. Although a wonderful performance.
I think for Alcazar, they will do well in the public vote, so it all depends on how the International jury take to this disco stomper. They may surprise us? same goes for Sanna Nielsen she is already sweden's favourite for Melo 2014, yet Sanna needs a strong International Jury vote as well to win the prize. If she has that it could be in the bag.
Then we have Anton's 'Natural' he will have the top public votes together with Sanna & Alcazar and with Ace as well maybe. yet I think the International jury will let Anton Ewald down on the scoreboard

 I personally, I  think Sanna's  'Undo' is the best choice for Copenhagen, all round.

At this early stage alot of entries for Eurovision Song Contest 2014 are choosen, and just ask yourself how many power ballad's are there this year? Not many. and normally at this point in the Eurovision entries we are complaining we have too many ballads, no so for Copenhagen 2014.

that Final Running Order:

1. Anton Ewald – “Natural”
2. Ellen Benediktson – “Songbird”
3. Alcazar – “Blame It On The Disco”
4. Oscar Zia – “Yes We Can”
5. Linus Svenning – “Bröder”
6. Helena Paparizou – Survivor”
7. YOHIO – “To the End”   --Toilet Break--
8. Sanna Nielsen – “Undo”
9.Panetoz – “Efter solsken”
10. Ace Wilder – “Busy Doin’ Nothin’”

Finally Maybe SVT should have invited Linda Martin over to Friends Arena to run a red-hot debate in the interval,
  certainly will miss our Linda this weekend...

Mar 3, 2014

EUROVISION United Kingdom have choosen a new modern singer Molly Smitten-Downs- Wow- she looks like a winner to me?

Molly, she must pull in some Euro-votes

Word Out on London streets is BBC have choosen Molly Smitten-Downs, for Copenhagen for United Kingdom...
she is a new singer rather famous and discribed as a modern soulful version of Dolly Parton !
& she have never even dreamt of being a Spice Girl !

The rumour at the moment is said to be true, as a recording was made of the new entry called 'Children of the Universe' according to UK's Daily Star, all is revealed in about 12 hours ...
If it is true, remember who told you first- 

if not, well do we still have Geri's mobile number somewhere?  

Mar 2, 2014

Estonia's Eesti Laul final gave a very interesting Amazing' Result for 2014


If you are a regular to Schlagertunes blog you will know One of the countries I like to follow regularly is Estonia.
Estonia always seem to bring a accurate reflection of the national musicialy young talent of the time.
I guess this means Estonian music talent still see Eurovision as the best outlet for international
Exposure and success.

So in doing this they always seem to bring some quality musical treats for us at Eurovision.
Even through they tend to be abit alternative in the musical genre. but that's not a bad thing.
The entries from Estonia normally have an element of surprise each year.

So the Grand Final 2014 gave us, some regular favorites to the Eesti Laul competion with Lenna (Supernoova) and the band Traffic, I liked Traffic's offering 'Fur Elise' both these songs just missed out on qualifing for the super final Top 2. With Traffic in 3rd place, and Leena in 4th placing.

I really liked the comeback tune- from SandraNurmsalu of Urban Symphony fame (Eurovision 2009) so much so that I download the tune right away, however for the jury it must have got lost in transalation. As this song did not do well with the jury at all...however in Eestri Laul the public televote does not count very highly, and Sandra scored s 5th placing.

The interesting rock track of the evening was very popular from a band called ...
 wait for it... Super Hot Cosmo Blues Band, a band that sound and look like Iggy Pop doing Eurovision, however the song was really very caughty and likable 'Maybe-Maybe' as the Final scoreboard was alive with top points to the Super Hot Cosmo's it looked like they had the ticket to Copenhagen all covered. Good luck to them...

Eesti Laul 2014 Final Running order

Brigita Murutar "Laule täis taevakaar"
Traffic "Für Elise"
Norman Salumäe "Search"
Wilhelm "Resignal"
Lenna "Supernoova"
Super Hot Cosmos Blues Band "Maybe-Maybe"
Maiken "Siin või sealpool maad"
Kõrsikud "Tule ja jää"
Tanja "Amazing"
10 Sandra Nurmsalu "Kui tuuled pöörduvad"

Then in the final battle they got beaten by a new singer called Tanya and a song called 'Amazing' an up lifting dance track, and although the song is original Tanya did a performace that borrowed just alittle from Loreen. I can see a fair few compaisons between Tanya & Loreen in Copenhagen 2014.

 I for one think the song lives up to the title and is rather amazing -and I will tick the box marked 'Personal Favourite'
for Estonia (again) for 2014.

Mar 1, 2014

Ireland have set the pulse racing with Can Linn ft. Casey Smith song 'Heartbeat'

              Last night's EUROSONG 2014 Special 'Late Late Show' turned into quiet an amazing memorable  National Final. For a few years Ireland has developed a music industry mentor process of choosing their tune to send to Eurovision. It is a very open and honest selection process, that seems to successfully combine a internal selection with a tele-vote jury final.

            The show had plenty of Euro Fan focus and wonderful performances and chat from Johnny Logan and Paul & Charlie guys who performed 'Rock n Roll Kids' at Eurovision 
It showed us how the irish take this song contest very seriously, and so they should. Then as the songs were performed 'live' on the Tv show a huge stand-off and full argument erupted between Linda Martin & the music mentor of Song 5.
           Former Eurvision winner Linda Martin left her seat to confront the mentor who expressed his real anger with the options given so far, for the popular Song 3 'Heartbeat' This seemed to be a case of a real spoil-sport and ruined one of the very best performances of the night, from his own singer Laura O'Neil. Who turned out to be almost an irish version of Adele. 

            It all came about as X Factor judge Louis Walsh had been invited to simply talk in the TV show on a irish panel of experts, although Louis did have a past association with Casey Smith (via girlband 'Wonderland') singer of Song 3. Even Johnny Logan had a few words to say on the subject afterwards on the show, the irish Eurovision entries have always been debated strongly recently, even when Jedward won the Eurosong two years running
 (Jedward had been mentored by the luvly Linda Martin, as well )

           All the fuss aside it all made some great Live Tv and Irish Eurosong even had 3 terrific songs of the 5, to offer in this years selection. The two songs that missed out in the voting was Eoghan Quigg's  'The Movie Song' and Laura O'Neill's  'You don't remember Me'. However Can Linn & Kasey gave a winning performance and a song that did sound just perfect for Eurovision. As well as being very ethnic and original as well, it struck me as the best choice for Ireland. I think it will become an instant fan favourite as well. 
       Hats off to both show-stoppers Casey and Linda (don't mess) Martin..

Feb 23, 2014

Alcazar going up, up, up, and back to their Disco roots for Mf 2014

 Well , It was abit of a nail biting Semi- Final 4 result last night.

With Anton Ewald being the first act to go direct to the Melo Finale, his performance was as amazing as expected, yet I felt it was lacking the fantastic routine he had for 'Begging' in 2013.

Linda Bengtzing was another hot number Ta Mig' I liked this song a lot and she had the Gold hot pants as well. Only a schlager diva could look like that.
So imagine the suspense when the second song going direct-to-final result came down to Alcazar Vs Linda Bengtzing.
It was a hard choice, but Alcazar rode their Disco ball all the way to the final. (hurrah)

Meanwhile the hard rock tune, and a tune I'd rate as one of the worst melo songs of 2014- 'En himmelsk sang' went to second chance round.

'Blame it on the Disco' seems to be almost date back to those boogie tracks from the 'Casino' debut album back in 2000. Alcazar have done a full circle and finally look in 2014 like they could have the goods to win Melodifestivalen 2014.
if those International juries are supportive.

Feb 22, 2014

Is Ewald the Natural-choice at Melodifestivalen 2014- Semi final 4

Anton Ewald- with his brand of soul/pop 'Begging' from last year's Melodifestivalen 2014.
He went on to built a whole career as one of the top pop artists today. So lets not under estimate the power of  Ewald in semi final 4.
The song seems to continue the same groove and performance of last years entry for Melo 2013. I believe that last year Sweden could have in ESC 2013 been up there with Denmark on the final scoreboard if they had chosen 'Begging' so lets hope the new song is as good or better.
With great pride I can say Alcazar are another favourite of semi final 4 as well as taking pole Song 1 position in the songs running order should see them do well with a giant Disco ball to boot off with!
Yet it's never that simple in Melodifestivalen is it?

As although I adore Alcazar I think they need to have a song to equal 'Stay The Night' from 2009
 To go over to Copenhagen in 2014. As I write now only heard the song snippet I am not convinced they have that yet!

So what else do we have in the last semi final? Linda Bengtzing I like her new style and track 'Ta mig' and I feel sure she will go to second chance round with this one. The other two to watch I think is Josef Johansson and IDA although the IDA track I am not keen on myself. So once again anything can happen ... Let the fun begin.

Feb 20, 2014

What Happened- Our Schlager Shirl' is knocked out in Semi Final 3- Goteburg!

  The third Melodifestivalen semi-final, was we felt the weekest link of the Melo season.

The only good thing was we had one more wonderful piece of Kempe magic in the shape of the Saade clone Oscar Zia with 'Yes we can' the performance seemed to borrow a few on stage-tricks from Blue's 'I can'
performance at Eurovision Song Contest 2011.
Yet certainly the performance and tune of the night was rather superb. So Oscar took the teen 2014 girlie vote all the way to the final. If Ewald & Oscar make the final they could both split the teen voters and cause a few broken hearts.

Outrigger certainly had something different to offer as well, and I rather liked 'Echo' and the trash metal song in the cages. I was expecting them to go directly to the final. I prefered this to the State of (yawn) Drama's song 'All we are'

Then came Shirley Clamp, who gave one sizzling performance of one of the best songs for 2014 -with 'Burning Alive' Why this tune did not at least make the Second Chance- we will never know. Poor Shirl' I hope she will comeback again. Meanwhile we have the prospect of a Shirl'Less Melo Final.
Ohh and some chick called Ace Wilder qualified for the final with a song called....errr. 'Busy Doin Nothing' the song certainly was busy doin nothing for me.

Well Roll on, semi- final 4, with a list of stars like Alcazar, (hurrah) Linda Benggt zing, Anton Ewald begging for me success (+ Janet Leon)

"I can,          be Lee from Blue when I grow up"

Feb 8, 2014

The Return of Martin Linköping!

I am thinking this weekend could be one of the most exciting Semi-Final's for 2014. It certainly has two of the biggest stars in the swedish music scene, with the return of Sanna Neilsen, and then the mighty Martin Sternmarck. Last time we saw Martin with 'Las Vegas' at Melodifestivalen 2005, and although his entry did not do all that well in Kiev, it did launch his massive career in homeland Sweden.

Having these two stars, should mean an easy qualifing Mf final placing for both. Sanna is the favourite to win Melodifestivalen 2014 together with a Fredrik Kempe magical tune called 'Undo'

The winning songwriter's who brought us 'Euphoria' Peter Bostrom & Thomas G'Son. Have a new hit called 'Love Trigger' by JEM. Its a very 90's flashback dance tune, which may well be popular in Linköping but as a Eurovision Song Contest entry for Sweden, I think it could be a big mistake.

For the Second Chance' round I am going to tip JEM with Little Great Things' and/or 'The Refreshments' Their tune 'Hallelujah' is very caughty, I think having the Sanna/Sternmarck factor to compete may lose The Refreshment the mature audience tele-vote. It's always differcult to perdict what will turn out to be great songs from the SVT 1-minute previews available. I am expecting alot more from Sanna Neilsen in her full length version of her song. Martin Sternmarck sounds like his massive No:1 hits  "7milakliv" & "100 ar fran nu (blundar)" that can only we a good thing with the swedish voters.

Yet we all know how crazzy the votes can get in the semi-final rounds.

Feb 2, 2014

'Never made it to the Bedroom..' Or even Melodifestivalen Final- We Luv'd Alvaro.

Well the race is Melodifestivalen kicked off in Malmo yesterday. As always there was some shocka televotes going on, and that superpower of Yohio. He managed to take Song 1- directly to the final with 'In the End' not an easy task, as David Lindgren (2013) & Ola back in 2010 proved.
Yet no other song or artist has taken song 1 directly into a grand final placing since the semi-finals began.

Comparing 'In the End' Vs 'Heartbreak Hotel' from last year, the new tune is slightly less annoying for me. Yet 'In the End' as a Eurovision entry for Sweden, I feel it may well bomb. Which brings us to poor Alvaro Estrella, now he did'nt bomb- he actually came 6th, and did a killer performance. I liked this George Michael-esque tune alot. I was just hoping swedes would be kind with the tele-votes.
However a very hard one to sing 'Live' so maybe it is best for our ole 'Melo playlists'. It will be intresting to see how this goes in the single charts as well- as with 'Casanova' but I think 'Bedroom' will make an impact over Elisa's schlager romp on the charts. So the future looks bright for AE.

So the rest was as expected Helena Paparizou's 'Survior'  did not quiet make the grade, however Andra Chance round may well be kind to Helena. If she can qualify I predict the international juries would just adore her song and performance, certainly Greece would give 12 points.

Then Ellen Benediktson is a real fantastic singer, so why has she got a less than average ballad to sing? ('Songbird')  I hope in another time, and place/or Melo contest, Ellen will do rather well. I think we have yet to see a real Melo winner.

There is still so much schlagertastic stuff to hear from the likes Sanna, Alcazar, Janet Leon and Linda Bengtzing plus newbies J.E.M + two Saade clones Oscar Zia & Anton Ewald.

Ohhh and the one, I am so looking forward to is the return of the amazing Princess of Schlager.

Miss. Shirley Clamp.  ( having Shirl' in Melo is almost like a Schlager Royal visit)

-OMG has overnight Yohio turned into 'One Direction' ?