Dec 12, 2015

Måns & Petra Mede to be the host duo for Eurovision in Stockholm 2016

Sweden's newspaper Expressen have released the story, hot on the heals of SVTs big announcement on Monday, It's taken a while for the decision to be made at SVT and this may well have been while contracts for the hosts was being drawn up.

Further words heard on the Stockholm gamla streets is that Mans wants to present his new music during the Eurovision shows, as super-Mans is busy touring and recording a planned new album release next year, as well. That would be a wonderful idea and I hope that becomes a reality too.

Mans Zelmerlow really is one of the best TV presenters already in his homeland. As Mans has proved during his long music and stage career. So it's not a case of the winning singer stepping in to try out abit of something new here.
Then what can be said about the amazing fantastic Petra Mede, she simply delighted the Eurovision world in Malmö 2013.
Petra made doing a one woman show, look so very easy, and her fast takin funny comments are just Euro gold itself. Personally I think no single host has made such an impression since Katie Boyle way back then in the Eurovision history book.
It will be a good choice from SVT to have a duo of presenters that work well together, it's a formular that has worked well at Eurovision Song Contests in the past.
Finally lets hope the rumour is true, when all is officially released on Monday. To quote the old Pointer Sisters 'I'm so excited. And I just can't hide it.......'
This story just had to be told.

Dec 9, 2015

Eurovision Song Contest: Time Machine Flashback 1994.

Before the National Final season gets into full swing in europe, we are taking a time to choose an historical entry from past years. A song that maybe did not do so well but should not be forgotten. I just luv delving into the ole Eurovision history book, as there is often a little gem to find and even download as some have stayed around in i-tunes and found on spotify.

Dateline: Eurovision 1992
Country: Croatia
Song: Nek Ti Bude Ljubav Sva
Result: 16th place
Artist: Tony Cetinski

This was the second time Croatia had entered Eurovision Song Contest, the best result they have produced to date in the contest is with Doris Dragovic & Maja Blagdan finishing in 4th place in 1999 & 1996. While back in 1992, Tony was already a new Croatian singer and his success grew to make him one of the best known singers through out the balkan countries today. Tony is also best known for his duet with the late Tose Proeski. He sang 'Nek Ti Bude Ljubav Sva' in 1992 this gave him the first huge hit, and this classic tune is available on i-tunes as I discovered and added to my evergreen collection.

Dec 6, 2015

Donny is finally back for Lituania for 2016.

How can anyone forget the 'Love is Blind' performance in Baku  from Donny Montell (Donatas Montvydas) back in 2012.

Lithuania is a country that have never won Eurovision yet they certainly know how to make an impression at the contest. This sometimes works like LT United's 'We are the Winners' in 2006, (6th place) other times it leaves a long lasting impression like InCulto's 'Easten European Funk' in Eurovision 2010 that somehow failed to quailfy for the grand final! Since LT United, Lithuania seem to take the contest alot more serious and the results like Donny's 'Love is Blind' 14th placing are on the up.

Well appearently Donny has been waiting for the right song to make his return to the Eurovision stage. The song has arrived with 'I've been waiting for this night' and an impressive video in the can, filmed on location in Stockholm. A song written by Jonas Thander & Beatrice Robertsson and we like it, however it may not be a winning song for Stockholm.

Last year the Lithuanian national final became abit of a puzzle they have Artist selection and a song selection, and some how the two are married together. It worked really well for the calibration of two artists Monika Linkytė & Vaidas Baumila to present 'This Time' we are wondering how this will work for Donny who has a fantatstic solo track. You can see the new song video below:

Nov 29, 2015

Melodifestivalen 2016: Just add schlager sugar and plenty of it.

As always with sweden's Melodifestivalen 2016 season, we will see plenty of variety in the artists and tunes. As it is the music song contest that stops a nation as very almost all the swedes watch to see just who will win the prize. To stay home, and get a ticket direct to Globen arena from Friends Arena. (in fact they could almost walk it over there!)
This musical variety  is always a good thing, and it seems that next year SVT have not forgotten plenty lumps of schlager, so on the eve of the big reveal on Monday of the 28 songs and artists.

Here is my reasons to be schlager- cheerful about Melodifestivalen 2016.

Artists to watch-out for in Melodifestivalen 2016.

1. Dolly Style: we just loved 'Hello Hi' but it was just lacking a little something to take them to the Melodifestivalen final in 2015, with Thomas G:son writing their new tune. They must be on their way to the Melodifestivalen final?

2. Anna Book: Just the biggest schlager 'wow' factor, Anna gave us the amazing 'Samba Sambero' now in 2016 Anna is finally back, we luv her and have high expectations that she will continue to deliver schlager magic.

3. Afer Dark:About time too,  they have been to Melodifestivalen twice before as well as giving us the schlager classic 'La Dolce Vita' in 2004. I am hoping they sing in english this time for a change?

4. Oscar Zia: 'Yes he can', he made a great impression with his 2013 performance and has only grown in popularity since then for his Melodifestivalen comeback

5. Samir & Viktor: After opening Melodifestivalen final 2015, they are very much still the pop duo to watch out for in Sweden. Plus they have Fredrik Kempe helping out with song writing as well. Very schlager tastic indeed.

6. Dinah Dah: Another star from last year is set to return to deliver a better electro dance track than her  'Make me (La La La)' we know this gal can really dance so with the right tune, who knows where she will go next year?

7.David Lindgren: Another flashback to Melodifestivalen 2013 when David gave us a very popular track 'Skyline' so it will be intersting to see where he goes in 2016.

8. Linda Bengtzing: Its been such a long journey for Linda at Melodifestivalen and who can forget 'Alla Flickor' back in 2005, you can be sure the Bengtzing Energy will be back in stage next year.

9. Molly Petterson Hammar: We are hoping the press stories are true? and Molly will deliver another amazing performace as she did last year (fingers crossed)

10. Panetoz: A welcome return to the soul group that had a big hit before with Efter solsken' in Melo 2014.

We hope to see these names on monday when SVT release the full list of 28 will at least make for a very up beat Melo season at the very least. I am excited already.

             -Dolly Style, thanks to Facebook page

Nov 28, 2015

Russia will they send their secret star: Serey Lazarev to Stockholm 2016

Could this be the face of Russia at Eurovision Song Contest 2016? If the rumours are true then Yes.
He is a mega star in eastern europe -Serey Lazarev, if the name sounds familiar that could be because he has been linked to Eurovision a few times in the past. He came in 4th placed to Dima Bilan back in 2008 in the Russian National Final with a song called 'The Flyer'
In fact Serey started his career in a boy band called Smash! and went on to have many best selling albums as well as an acting career in Russia. Serey has covered the 80's classic hit 'Shattered Dreams' (originally released by Johnny Hates Jazz) which became one of his greatest hits.

Recently at a russian music bash, he told his audience that he was likely to be representing Russia in the next Eurovision Song Contest, so it looks likely we may see Serey finally in the Eurovision Song Contest for 2016, as the Russia's internal selection.

It sounds like a great Russian entry in the making for next year- lets wait and see...Meanwhile, as a bit of a teaser check out Serey Lazarev's recent hit 'Take it off' (+ a very Eurovis' style dance routine)

Here is a more recent rock release '7 Wonders' as well

Nov 5, 2015

Eurovision's Best Duets Ever, My All Time Top 10

     One of my favourite moments from back in Vienna 2015, was seeing just how well contestants Mans Zelmerlow (Sweden) & Guy Sebastian (Australia) got on together during that week. Then this great freindship even transcended onto the Eurovision scoreboard, when both countries gave each other 12 points. There was even talk of a future duet between Mans and Guy, that would be special. This has got me thinking how many times has two stars of the past Eurovision Song Contests have actually got together to make a duet? besides covering a Eurovision entry, itself.

  I did some searching and came up with my Top 10 Eurovision artists duets.

1. Maria Haukaas Storeng & Måns Zelmerlöw- 'Precious to Me'

 2. Christer Björkman & Shirley Clamp- La Vie/ This is My Life

 3. Agnetha Faltskog & Tomas Ledin- Never Again

 4. Johnny Logan & Nicole - No One Makes Love like You

 5. Elisabeth Andreassen & Tor Endresen- All over the World (MGP 15)

 6. Olivia Newton-John & Cliff Richard- Suddenly (From Xanadu movie)

 7. Timoteij Feat Alexander Rybak-Vända Med Vinden

 8. Malena Ernman & Sarah Dawn Finer - Sancta Lucia (2013)

 9. Jan Johansen & Jill Johnson- Let it be me

10.  Anita Skorgan Med Jahn Teigen- Friendly

Nov 2, 2015

Estonia is ready and waiting, for their National Final Eesti Laul

What a great ad with all the estonian stars of Eurovision in recent years. Lets hope some of them comeback for 2016, in some shape or form...

Oct 29, 2015

Melodifestivalen 2016 - Who will be in the line-up next year?

As we head into November over in Sweden the annual speculation begins as to who will be selected to perform at Melodifestivalen 2016. The old rumour mill goes into overdraft as most of the swedish press try to guess who? what? with which songwriter. Its almost a game of 'I spy... ' and then when the full list of the 28 songs and artists are anounched there is always plenty of surpises left.

A sure bet is Samir & Viktor who gave us 'Groupie' this year in Melodifestivalen, and have gone on to become the hit duo of the summer in Sweden. With a second platinum selling hit called 'Saxofuckington' under their belt they seem to be on golden run. For their return to Melodifestivalen 2016 they are said to have a Fredrik Kempe song, no less. I hope they do something in english this time around.

Another two returning stars are Ace Wilder (who it appears has not been- busy doin nothing' since 2014) and Oscar Zia who also had a great song last year in Melodifestivalen with 'Yes We Can'

We will keep you posted as more names and new stars get revealed, this is a great starter but we are left wondering what is the main course? Plus lets not forget, Melodifestivalen has been won in the last couple of years by a veteran Melodifestivalen artist, Mans, himself and Sanna Nielsen.

Oscar, with hair to die for...

Oct 3, 2015

The first acts to go direct to Globen, Stockholm 2016- Highway.

As the month of October begins we have not one but two acts announced already to take the journey to Stockhom in 2016. One of the most interesting is from Montenegro who finished 13th in Vienna with 'Adio' that added some traditional melody to Eurovision 2015. For next year Montenegro have gone for the opposite in a pop-rock act that came 4th in X-Factor Adria. They are Peter, Marko & Luke called Highway  the trio and look and sound rather good.
Meanwhile Netherlands have also got in early with a big independant singer-songwriter called Douwe Bob who has two best selling albums to his credit already back in Netherlands. Douwe is likely to write his own uptempo entry for Holland. The song is due to be presented by soon.

                               Highway Trio- Tea for Three

Sep 26, 2015

Where have all the good men gone? asks Conchita. Last week on ORF Tv

Yes, our former Queen of Eurovision 2014- Is back home in Austria performing two new songs, one is her latest single 'Where have all the good men gone' which I like alot and makes me wonder why Conchita did'nt release this song before now? It has a touch on Beyonce to it as well.

Another hit on the way...

Sep 19, 2015

Stand by for 'Bracelet' coming soon- and just perrr-fect for Melodifestivalen 2016? We think...

Benny Andersson's association with Melodifestivalen, goes back as far as 1969 a songwriter of the first placed song 'Hej Clown' that very almost went to Madrid for the Eurovision Song Contest of 69. However Benny's tune lost out to Tommy Korberg's 'Judy Min Vän' in a tie break, that became Sweden's entry and finished in 9th position.

Then in 1974 Benny and Abba made international music history with 'Waterloo' that gave Sweden's first Eurovision win, yet the Melodifestivalen/Eurovision associations did not finish there.

In 1986 the second generation Peter Gronvald (Benny Andersson's son) joined forces with the famous Nanne (his wife) in a 80's pop band called 'Sound Of Music' and the 4th placed 'Elorado' being the first time we saw the Andersson-clan back in sweden's favorite national song contest. 'Sound of Music' became the pop three some 'One More Time' and won Mf to sing for Sweden at Eurovision Song Contest 1996 when they finished in third place. Next Nanne went solo and entred Melodifestivalen and very almost won Melodifestivalen of 2005 with 'Håll Om Mej' after four Melo' entries herself. Nanne became a huge name in Sweden, largely due to 'Håll Om Mej' becoming one of Melodifestivalen's famous top hits.   

Then if we fast forward on to 2014,  Benny's grandson's Felix & Charlie Gronvald formed their own rock band called 'Little Great Things' and became the third generation of the Andersson clan to be part of Melodifestivalen. 'Little Great Things' song 'Set Yourself Free' did not make Melodifestivalen 2014. However Charlie as a lead singer  and his brother Felix are about to launch a new three piece band, that includes a danish bass player Rebecca from Copenhagen, that are next month coming out as 'Bracelet' -onto the Swedish music scene. They have now joined forces with artist producer and songwriter Jimmy Jansson, who has a history of Melodifestivalen past hit tunes like 'Amanda' and 'Vi Kan Gunga' from 2005.

We cannot wait to hear what 'Bracelet' bring us, and at this early stage, whisper, whisper-  we have a feeling they could even pop up in Melodifestivalen 2016!  fingers crossed, as the Andersson musical clan continues...

Remember where u hear it first- Find out more on Bracelet here:

Sep 15, 2015

Melodifestivalen 2016- The contest dates are revealed

   Just today,  Svt have released the dates of each semi final, Andra Chansen and the Grand Final.
Interesting to see the coastal town of Halmstad included here (and birthtown of Roxette) for the first time, I think.

Melodifestivalen dates

06/02/2016  – Semifinal 1 -Göteborg – Scandinavium
13/02/2016 –  Semifinal 2 – Malmö, Malmö Arena 
20/02/2016-  Semifinal 3 -Norrköping- Himmelstalundshallen
27/02/2016-  Semifinal 4 -Gävle-Gavlerinken Arena 
05/03/2016- Andra  Chansen-Halmstad- Halmstad Arena
12/03/2015-  Grand final -Stockholm- Friends Arena

One of the popular Melodifestivalen artists Alcazar, did a radio interview and said they are so keen to return to Melodifestivalen 2016.. that would be a schlager treat. Alcazar who are currently doing a run of their popular show Disco Defenders in Stockholm now as we type.
May the schlager force be with Alcazar and for Melo 2016 as well.

Aug 29, 2015

Lena Andersson - returns a Schlager Legend from 1972-

Lena Andersson is back via the Schlager Time Machine, returning this week to Stockholm city to my complete pure delight. 

She has a brand new english CD released after a long long break since the mid 80’s.  Lena Andersson was a Polar artist who worked with Bjorn and Benny as producers and songwriters from 1971 onwards. She also had minor hits in West Germany with german versions of Abba’s ‘Fernando’ ‘Hasta Mañana’ & ’S.O.S’ Lena first found fame back in 1971 at the age of  just 15, Stig Anderson took Lena under his wing and her version of ‘ I’m gonna be a country girl again’ (Är Det Konstigt Att Man Längtar Bort Nån Gång) was her first number one on Svensktoppen chart in 1971. In a strange twist of fate, today in 2015,  Lena is a country girl again! As Lena lives on a farm in Arizona, USA together with her american husband and sings mainly gospel and country-pop music and is rarely seen on the swedish music and TV scene. 
Last Thursday she sang a free live set at The Pop House Garden, Stockholm.  

Lena Andersson has an amazing vocal, and I have always felt her Melodifestivalen entry ’Säj Det Med En Sång’ is just timeless, wrote by Bjorn and Benny a year before ‘Ring Ring’ in 1973. This tune is a ballad in the true schlager queen style, so how it came only 3rd for Lena Andersson at Melodifestivalen- I don’t understand, however she had some fine competition in Melodifestivalen 1972 from Tomas Ledin, Bjorn Skifs, Monica Zetterlund & Sylvia. Lena’s Melodifestivalen tune she reprised this week at Pop House , Stockholm.

You can check out more Lena facts -on the forgotten Svensktoppen star, and Lena’s brand new album ‘Open Your Heart’ at her Facebook page

Lena Andersson sings  ’Säj Det Med En Sång’ on SVT

Aug 20, 2015

Lena- the Queen of Schlager' is back at Last

Lena has been silent for a long time, but now she’s back - yes, Ms Lena Philipson. 
Who can forget Lena’s Eurovision performance back in 2004, when she sang ‘It Hurts’ for Sweden at Eurovision Song Contest in Istanbul and finished in 6th place.
Lena’s performance and her mike-stand- who can forget that- is already a piece of Eurovision history. Before that big Melodifestivalen victory of 2004 with “Det Gor Not’. Lena Philipsson had three previous attempts to win a place at Eurovision Song Contest as a singer in the 80’s. Then two more times at Melodifestivalen in the 90’s as a songwriter for her friend Pernilia Dahlgren in 1991, and the group Arvingarna in 1999.
Lena has become in Sweden a household schlager queen, and seems to stick to music and songs mainly in her native language now-a-days    

Lena’s new album is due out in September 2015- produced by Alcazar’s producer, Anders Hansson we just can't wait…   

Lena’s new single is out now, and called ‘Jag är ingen älskling’ (I am no Darling) Really, she is a darling we luv her so.

Check out this wonderful TV performance of the new song wrote completely by Lena Ph as well, there seems no end to Lena’s talents.

Jul 31, 2015

Stockholm Pride Goes all Schlager in 2015

The highlight at the Pride Park -Stockholm Pride 2015-  this past Thursday evening was some Eurovision legends from the past the schlager tasic line up was as follows:

Linda Bengtzing (Melodifestivalen) Timoteij ( Melodifestivalen) Rickard Soderberg (Melodifestivalen) Nordman, Andres Esteche, Anna Book (Melodifestivalen) Ace Wilder, Sanna Nielsen (Melodifestivalen 2014)  
Then that Eurovision history-book was opened with Anne Marie David,(who sang in the same Red dress from 1973 no less!! -see utube) and Ms Maggie MacNeal (Mouth & MacNeal)  Bucks Fizz (Mike Jay & Cheryl) & Penny McLean (Silver Convention-Germany 1977)  

Maggie sang the Netherlands ‘I see a star’ entry from back in 1974 when Mouth & MacNeal finished 3rd. As well as her own song ‘Amsterdam’ Netherlands entry of 1980 that finished in 5th Place. Well I just wish I was somehow there that night…

Here is 'Formally known as Bucks Fizz'- Mike Cheryl, Jay, & Bobby McVay as they sung 'Making your Mind Up' & 'Im Never giving up' (Sweet Dreams) clearly having so much Fizz Fun 

(Pic thanks to CherylMike Jay@twitter)

Plus, fresh from Melodifestivalen 2015 stars - Mariett, Dinah Nah, Molly Peterson & Midnight Boy. Of course the schlager show was not complete until  Mr Mans Zelmerlow, himself who sang 'Hope & Glory', 'Cara Mia' & 'Heroes'..amazingly as only Mans can.. check it all out here.

Jul 25, 2015

Melodifestivalen 2016: Dear Christer, My schlager Wishlist is....

                                Alcazar rolled in Gold (Alcazar facebook promo)

The new submissions for Melodifestivalen songs for 2016 season are open from 1st September 2016.

Each year some old favourites return to Melodifestivalen with each new year for another change at Eurovision glory. In fact Sanna in 2014 had been in the Melodifestivalen contest -seven times before she won with 'Undo' so certainly these big swedish stars can still make an impact on the Grand Final scoreboard still today for certain.

Then it is all about the right song for Stockholm 2016, that will go direct to the final in 2016, as Sweden is the host nation. So who is best would fly that swedish flag do we think? I have put together my wishlist for would look like this....

1. Alcazar
2. Timoteji
3. Shirley Clamp
4. Danny Saucedo- or just bring back E M D?
5. Magnus Carlsson
6. Sarah Dawn Finer
7. Marie Serneholt
8. Linda Bentzing
9. Robyn!   (she did actually write a Melo song back in the 90's)
10. Dolly Style
11. David Lindgren
12. Peter Joback

Top of the wish list is two schlager groups, its been a long long time since Sweden sent a group to Eurovision, and yes, Alcazar have always been just purrr-fect. They are currently touring in Sweden and have a disco new fab release - so I am certainly they would be up for -one more time,  at Melodifestivalen?
Check it out Alcazar's newie 'Young Guns'

                          -Here is the Abba girls both noting 'the mid-70's Melodifestivalen wishlists' back in the day!

Jul 15, 2015

Samir & Viktor they came to Melodifestivalen in 2015- and conquers all in the charts.

                                -Thanks to Samir & Viktor FaceBook page

Rap in Melodifestivalen, and even Eurovision Song Contest, it just has never really worked at all- For an example check out Austria's Trackshittaz, they were very popular in homeland yet finished last in the 2nd Semi Final in Baku 2012.
Then came Samir & Viktor, I had dismissed them as another rap pop act until- I stopped and listened to them in the Melodifestivalen 'Second Chance' round..Wait a minute, this really works well and is an amazingly caughty tune.The boys certainly set up Melodifestivalen Grand Final as Song 1- with their amazing staging of 'Groupie'
and certainly they went on to recieved the sixth highest public vote in the final.

Then 'Groupie' went on to have further massive success as the song remained on the Swedish singles charts for 21 weeks- to date, and along with Mans 'Heroes' (which you would expect after Sweden's 2015 win) are they are the only two Melodifestivalen singles still arround in the swedish charts this summer. Also Hasse Andersson's 'Guld och grona skogan' has given him a number one selling album this summer in Sweden. So in the sales ratings the two swedish songs from Melodifestivalen have won, could this mean Melodifestivalen 2016 -will bring us a swedish lauguage winner? that would be a turn up for the books..

Jul 14, 2015

Review of Bucks Fizz debut Album (1981) Track by Track

TRACKS + Bonus Mixes + Demos

Piece Of The Action- This was a killer second single from Bucks Fizz after Eurovision,
 it was the first time we heard those synth drums that were to be come the trademark
sound of Bucks Fizz. This was a highlight of the album, and this foursome really did
grap a massive slice of the UK action at the time

Midnight Reservation- I have a real thing about train songs, (and not in an anarak-
way either) the way the chorus
 builds to perfect vocals - when I first played the LP I remember this was my favourite
 (Abba's 'Nina' another example of Train Tracks- without train in the title)

It's Got To Be Love- Mike Nolan's debut slow ballad. If you didnt know,  Cheryl
Baker confessed on BBC Radio 2 that she had a love at first sight crush on Mike,
 during the band's early days.. a secret Cheryl never shared before with not
even Mike. Well as the pair duet on that very subject Love-  this tune takes on
a whole extra layer and new meaning.

Took It To The Limit- Another album highlight- the production is amazing on this
 track. So how it ended up as a B side on the 'Piece Of The Action' in hindsight
it could have been another single for the Fizz. It went off in a very funky jazz
direction towards the songs close. One for the dance floor for sure.

One Of Those Nights- The third single from the album and a showcase of
Bobby Gee's vocal style- and once again the shape of what was to come
from the Fizz- anthems and terrific building giant chorus. It was never
going to be another No:1 but a worthy follow-up hit.

Making Your Mind Up-  This song just never seems to age to me, and has
 so many hooks it's just not true. It was never an obvious Eurovison entry,
yet the perfect example of taking one of the biggest risks in the song
contest's history that paid off big time.

Lady Of The Night- This track was Bucks Fizz pushing the boundaries of 1981,
a song of ladies of the night, at the time I am sure I was not alone in never
realising that was what the song was all about. It was later recorded by
 Bardo as a B-side, however it did not compare with the B F original track for me.

Getting Kinda Lonely- One of the best Fizz ballads, and this showcases Jay
Aston's vocal power so well on this track, she always had a mature edge for
the band's baby. Plus some great orchestral arrangements on this track.

Shine On- Another favourite on the album for me. With a dose of Fizz funk on
this uptempo track, it would be a great oldie for the band to bring back
 into the Live shows they are doing all over UK and Ireland this summer.

The Right Situation- This track has always been 'Making your...' part two-
what a shame, there was'nt a third part, but I think the Rock n Fizz theme
was dropped after this album?
What a great album closer

Don't Stop- B side A worthy album track for certain this song and of course
everyone whole brought the Eurovision single got this as a wonderful B-side

 one of the Fizz's best.

Always Thinking of You- B side Another ballad with a difference, and Miss 
Cheryl tugged on the heartstrings with just amazing vocal production. 
Footnote Bardo did this track as well
 in a completely different style that worked
really well. I wonder if Bucks Fizz ever recorded 'One Step Further' -except the 

boys, demo cut of course.

One Of Those Nights (Demo)-
One Of Those Nights (Extended Mix)-
This is an Extended single version that actually never was around back

 in the 80s although the 2012 re-production is excellent, as well 
as a stripped down demo version

Piece of The Action (Demo)- 
Piece of The Action (Stephen Vaudin Dedication Mix)-
An amazing 7 minute remix of Piece Of The Action'one of this deluxe 

CD highlights I love it...

The Right Situation (Early Mix)- a stripped down mix without the
 JiveBunny effect, I actually like this more than the original album 
version. It still has the party vibe but a lot more bass
rythmn to it.

Making Your Mind Up (Fat Dog Mix)- This is a bit of a Demo 
Mix the vocals are fantastic and
 the handclaps are all there
- without those handclaps it's just not Making your mind up for me.
Making your Mind Up (2011 Anniversary Mix)- Not as good as F
at Dog Mix, but another great remix
that takes the track off into an almost pulp fiction direction -

if that is possible.

Making Your Mind Up (Matt Pop's Bending The Rules Mix)- This 
mix is a slow starter
 but I love the way the Eurovision anthem is blended at the start!  

It certainly is a sing-a-long mix more than get on the dance floor 
Mix that Matt Pop is famous for...I think I still prefer the 90's Hi
energy mixes of Eurovis' Classic.

Jul 11, 2015

EurovisionTime Machine, Review of Bucks Fizz debut Album (1981)

    It was back in late 1980 that producer Andy Hill & Nicola Martin set about the task of putting together a pop group for Eurovision Song Contest to represent the UK. A brand new vocal group who could possibly do what Brotherhood of Man had done previously in '76. Yet something new and fresh, that could have the impact that Sandie Shaw had back in the late 60's.
   The start of the 80's had seen the beginning of synth pop, as groups like Human League, Utravox, Adam Ant & Depeche Mode had begun to raise the bar in the UK market for highly produced and polished  pop/rock. How could Hill/Martin produce something to fit into this ever changing music market? Was it possible, it was that they need to win- and only a perfect-pop quartet could pull it off.
    It was a narrow points margin of only 4 points between UK and Lena Valatis with Germany's schlager sing-a-long tune 'Johnny Blue' France had a typical romantic ballad called 'Humanhum' a style -that had won them first place  at Eurovision 5 times before in the Eurovision history to date. 'Making your mind up' stole the show with the bright perky foursome of Cheryl, Mike Bobby & Jay in Dublin that night.
   The 'Making your Mind Up' single became huge and hit the number one slot, in eight european countries after the contest. Then Andy Hill had the project of a follow-up full album from the new group a self titled 10 track album that at first seemed to stick to that 3 minute pop formal of the Eurovision  winning tune.
Then came the second Bucks Fizz single 'Piece of The Action' this just missed out on a UK top 10 placing peaking at No:12 -Yet the tune make the Top 30  downunder in Australia & NZ !! - where the Eurovision glory in early 80's meant very little to those pop markets at all. So it was a winning follow up and perfectly produced along with a stella "Took it to the Limit" as the B-side.

The album tracklist were as follows:

Side 1
Piece Of The Action

Midnight Reservation
It's Got To Be Love
Took It To The Limit
One Of Those Nights

Side 2
Making Your Mind Up

Lady Of The Night
Getting Kinda Lonely
Shine On
The Right Situation

In July 1981 the Bucks Fizz album was released and it reached No:14 in the UK album chart an impressive debut. The final single from the album was 'One Of Those Nights' a tune that was perhapes not the strongest third track, however again Bucks Fizz made numberous TV appearences to promote this single that hit No: 20, Proving really these new Eurovision popsters would not be a one hit wonder. Then if you said -The best was yet to come, you would not be wrong...

This Fizz album has been relased in July 2015 in a deluxe CD package of 2 discs, all remastered with newly found bonus remixes of a Matt POP Remix of the Eurovision winner + a 2011 take on 'One of Those Nights' The best bonus tracks the first 2 Bucks Fizz albums- that was recorded - in spanish for the south american spanish market. A real rarity, and a spanish version trend, started by Abba in 1980.
Check it out more details on Bucks Fizz Deluxe CD

                          Here is the TOTP's Tv appearence Bucks Fizz did in August, 1981

Jul 9, 2015

A big Schlager Premonition, from the past

Well it's official SVT will be hosting Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm Sweden...
   So let the excitement begin, as for the date The Queen of Schlager her royal self Carola had it sussed all along it will be Saturday 14th May 2016...Amazing how Carola knew this way back in 1983!! what a woman the power of Eurovision future

Jul 8, 2015

The Fizz..just keep on fizzing with Cheryl Mike and Jay. They are just Paradise.

  As its Eurovision's 60th year one winning pop group from 1981 is back with a whole tour this summer and if the show reviews are anything to go by, they look and sound better than ever before. 
   The only slight draw-back or yawn-back is they have to go by their own names Cheryl Mike & Jay, due to the whole legal past complications with using Bucks Fizz as a name. Then early this year, the 3-original members found Bobby McVay, who actualy sang his Eurovision classic two years after Bucks Fizz in 1983 as part of short-lived Sweet Dreams- 'I'm never giving up' that finished 6th in Munchen Germany.
  What a perfect replacement for band member, Bobby Gee, who looks like forever being that missing Fizzical link. In fact 'I'm Never Giving Up' is even featured in those Paradise Regained shows from the Formerly B F. As well as their amazing hits like 'The Camera Never lies', 'If you can't stand the heat' & who can forget that 'Piece of The Action' When it comes to the UKs Eurovision pop group legends- I am certain Bucks Fizz out sold all the others (remember Abba are Le swedish ones) 
   I certainly hope the new Bucks Fizz make it down under at some stage-  as I would love to see them, as I was most impressed with one of the 80's Tours I saw back in the day.
   Mean while there are remastered Deluxe CD's newly available to keep the Fizz alive in 2015 of the first four studio albums the band released in the 80's I will be reviewing them soon I hope.

Meanwhile here's Bobby & Sweet Dreams on UK's 'Song For Europe' in 85-

May 30, 2015

The 2015 award for Eurovision Le Hunk: Went to the Spain's dancer

His name is Giuseppe di Bella (Edurne dancer) from our own Hampton jury we voted him hunk of the competition- and here thanks to wiwibloggs is a very exclusive interview with Giuseppe..

May 27, 2015

Eurovision at 60- So many years & memories

Well the ole Beeb,  cannot seem to come up with a Eurovision Song Contest winner in recent times, yet they can produce a most perfect doco covering all 60 years, so many rare clips and words of Eurovis wisdom from many like ireland's Dana, Bucks Fizz (who sing classic 60's hits!!)                     & Katrina (and the Waves)

May 23, 2015

Mans and Guy = Bromance.

Måns Zelmerlöw & Australiens Guy Sebastian hälsar från kvällens genrep!

Posted by SVT Melodifestivalen on Friday, May 22, 2015

Vienna Favourites- Germany 'Black smoke'

Every now and then there comes along a song you don't get and don't like. We know what first impressions can be like, well with Black Smoke, my impression was not good one. Then I found myself humming the song it really does get under your skin. Then Ann Sophie suddenly gelled with me and I was struck with Germany as a favourite to maybe not win but do very well.

May 20, 2015

Vienna Favourites- Hungary 'Wars for Nothing'

It has been said that a real great song will hook you in within the first 20secs in some way. Well Boggie does this witha simple opening line
 "Well you know our world is a mess..."
On first hearing this song completely passed me by, it gave me flashbacks to 'War is not Over' Walter & Kazha in 2005. A very different time and tune, I saw the song video then I got it, and from then on it has grown stronger and stronger. It maybe another 2015 slow anthem. I like it and for certain she will get lots of votes in Vienna's vote hungry Grand Final.

Boggie rose to fame with a top No:1 single called Perfume (Nouveau Parfum) and she will not only do amazing things in Vienna, also another top seller on the way.

May 18, 2015

Vienna Favourites Greece 2015 -In Review

Maria Elena Kyriakou from Greece gives us 'One Last Breath' the song with a large dose of the 'Celine Dion' lotion- it worked well for Hungary's Katy Wolf a few years back. Yet you have to wonder how much longer the Dion lotion can work well at Eurovision Song Contest?
This song is certainly a grower and for that reason Greece really need to qualify from Semi Final 1 as long as they do this will end up being one of the years highlights. As it is one of the most powerful of the  many great ballads at Eurovision 2015.

Maria Elena won The Voice- Greece in 2014 and certainly that powerful voice has brought Marai Elena this far and we hope Eurovision takes it further. She already has a record deal with Universal Greece,

May 17, 2015

Vienna Favourites Estonia 2015 -In Review

This year's Eurovision must be the one with the most male female duo Ever! 8 out of 40 in all.
We know how the Netherlands Common Linnets- made a real impact at Eurovision 2014 in copenhagen (2nd place) so maybe that is why? It seems strange then as Ell & Nikki from back 2011, never had this effect with male/female duo's all singing the following year?

Elina Bore & Stig Rästa, for me are the 'Golden Couple of Eurovision 2015', and not just as both of them look and sound fantastic with the upbeat 'Goodbye to Yesterday' The song that has produced a top selling hit in their homeland of Estonia as well as earning a massive 79% of the public vote in the local selection process. So they have become one of the Top 5 favourites to win in Vienna.

The song is a massive slice of meloncony-pop, with a great storyline-  as Stig is slipping out of bed in morning unheard, quietly to end their relationship. Leaving Elina alone staring at her phone in bed... the song leaves us like a classic ole 60's french movie. All wanting to know what happens next?

I may have said it before, but I feel at Eurovision, each year Estonia always come up with the goods, This maybe because they do take the song contest seriously and just seem to have a never ending talent of great artists. Often in a more musically alternative vein but Estonia never seem afraid to take risks at ESC,  so wish they could increase their win total from the one time back in Copenhagen 2002.

Stig Rästa is no stranger to Eesti Laul -Estonia's National Final, as being part of the pop-rock band 'Traffic' who entered several times in Eesti Laul, the most successful was 'Für Elise' last year that finished 3rd in the final and went on to be a huge hit. This was wrote by Stig himself. Another Eesti Laul success was a interesting song called "I wanna met Bob Dylan" by Outloudz in Esti Laul 2011. As well as a track called 'Enough' sung by Elina in 2013.
The song with the most potencial Eurovision previously was I think  last year's 'Für Elise' (above)    

May 16, 2015

Our Conchita's Even started a Home Shopping DayChannel

Seriously,          this must be the first Eurovision Contest winner of recent times, who has taken a whole year, 12 long months-  to prepare, and record, and select songs for her debut Album. We know by now just how amazing Conchita has been since back in May 2014 when she took the Eurovision prize.
In her own words she explains, and truly it's almost her own day-time shopping channel !
We luv U.

                                     'It's for you'  available in Australia now

Vienna Favorites- Russia: +Introducting Kat Vinter (Australia)

                   One song that has grabbed alot of attention in Vienna during the rehearsals is Russia's 'A Million Voices' among a million ballads (well it seems like..) this song manages to really stand out from the rest at Eurovision Song Contest 2015.
The song is sung by Polina Gagarina, an actress, model and songwriter, who's family settled in Athens, Greece. She won Russia's Star Factory in 2003 and has since enjoyed a few hits and two best selling album in Russia. Polina is all set to impress the audience in Vienna, and I think she will just walk through Semi Final 1 to the Grand Final. If not, well with a name like Polina she is perfect to join the schlager team 'Dolly Style' (who need a new girl- I believe)

                  Just behind Polina on stage will be another powerful new artist from Australia no less! and one of the main songwriters of 'A Million Voices' so Guy Sebastian will not be alone at all.

           -Kat, is she counting how many 12 points can my song get in Vienna?

Kat Vinter (Katrina Noorbergan) is from Sydney, Australia, she has done alot of dance-trance tunes vocals in past few years. As well as being a singer/songwriter in her own right. Kat's recent massive claim to fame, is that she has co-wrote 9 songs for Lena (Satellite, ESC 2010) brand new album 'Crystal Sky' This is Lena's fourth album and seems to be a change in direction for luvly Lena, and should go down well in Europe this month. (We Luv Lena)

This year Russia seem to have really come up with a very strong song, powerful that looks like a serious contender for the Eurovison title. Who can really forget just last year at Eurovision 2014- with all the negative press, and audience reaction in Copenhagen.  Russia's song 'Shine' was not, I felt  a strong memorable song yet was still placed in 7th place with 89 points.
This year looks to be very different we think, and with some aussie magic anything could happen. It is Eurovision after all, and already that Top 5 scoreboard looks rather crowded to me!

Check out some more tunes by songwriter Katrina (Aussie) here:

                              I am Polly- 

May 15, 2015

Vienna Favourites Italy 2015 -In Review

It was back in February that Italy confirmed this year's San Remo winner Il Volo would take up the Eurovision golden ticket. So we have been listening to this tune for a while, certainly it was a grower and has stayed with me all this time, I have even given a couple of Il Volo albums a spin on the i phone! as you do. Their 2011 debut was the best, and very sold well internationally so Eurovision would have not been an obvious choice for the boys.

'Grande Amore' has an instant appeal and although it's not a Eurovision tune in the traditional Euro schlager-sense. It is not so far removed from the show, as has been the case with pop opera tunes at Eurovision in the past. Yet I like the song but I have this nagging feeling it could go down the same road as France's Amaury with a 'Sognu' moment, and end up being a favourite that didn't really make the grade.

It would be great to have an Italian win for the Eurovision 60th year and Roma for 2016, yet somehow I predict maybe another 7th placing for the Italians in Vienna.

May 13, 2015

Melodifestivalen 2015-In Review & My Top 20

It was Christer Bjorkman himself who said it takes at least 6 months after the grand Melodifestivalen, before you know which songs have been the years best. Very true, and if we look at the music/record buying swedes charts. We see Mans "Heroes" is still around in the chart at 15, along with Hasse Andersson's big svenska hit "Guld och grona skogar". Plus the summer hit "Groupie" from Samir & Viktor are still hanging around. I think it was a wonderful Melo season with some great tunes and classic comebacks. So here is

My own Melodifestivalen 2015 -Top 20
  according to schlagertunes

1 Heroes - Måns Zelmerlöw
2 Möt mig i Gamla stan - Magnus Carlsson
3 Make Me (La La La)-  Dinah Nah
4 Groupie- Samir & Viktor
5 Sting- Eric Saade
6 Don't say No- Midnight Boy
7 Hello Hi - Dolly Style
8 Don't Stop Believing- Mariette
9 I'll be fine- Molly Pettersson Hammar
10 Guld och gröna skogar- Hasse Andersson
11 One by One- Elize Ryd & Rickard Söderberg
12 Forever starts today- Linus Svenning
13 Jag är fri- Jon Henrik Fjällgren
14 Can't Hurt Me Now- Jessica Anderson
15 Nonetheless- Sanne Salomonsen & Marie Bergman
16 If I was God for One Day- Neverstore
17 Don't Stop- Iza
18 Det rår vi inte för (Featuring Victor Crone)- Behrang Miri
19 I see you- Kristin Amparo
20  Black Swan- Caroline Wennergren

                            'See you next year'- Dolly Style & Dinah Nah...