Sep 30, 2009

BWO Feat. VELVET Take on the U K -LIVE & with "Right Here Right Now" single

BWO are about to take on the U K market with the
latest release from Big Science Album
'Right Her Right Now'
Then with this new Mix they have a secret weapon of the
Fun-Tasic singer
Velvet doing back-up.
She brought us 'The Queen' from her
new album and in Melodifestivalen 2009.

Yet Sweden did not pick either of these great
Artists for there Melodifestivalen Final 11 at Globen !

Its been a BIG week for BWO who thanks to 'scandipop' did a
LIVE show at Borderline in LONDON Town, its been over a year since
BWO performed in the U K They sang a 9-song set to over 200
strong UK Fan base. See some great pics & report at

Let hope the Brits take the new single both to their
Hearts N The Charts!

Sep 28, 2009

Peter Jöback & Laakso 'Italy Vs Helsinki' a Fantasic Vid

Peter Jöback is a SwedishMan in New York - With a New Album

Peter Jöback is back, has he ever been away? Well Yes,
he has been living in New York City for
the past year enjoying some time-out of the limelight.
In fact Svt T V have recently shown
a documentary of Peter's time in the Big Apple entitled- 'Happy Handsome &
Unknown' directed by Anders Halberg. Peter is far from unknown in
Sweden he is one of the countries best Male singers. Since his breakthrough
performing in Bjorn & Benny's
'Kristina' Musical (the swedish original) Peter is better known for his starring
roles in Musicals Miss Saigon, West Side Story, Grease & Cabaret.
Not one to be type cast, he has a success Pop career as well with regular
hits in his homeland. Then in 2007 he got together with indie band
'Laakso' to bring out the single 'Italy Vs Helsinki' one of his best I think.
This indie theme seems to be continued with the upcoming release of
his NYC album 'East Side Stories' recorded near Woodstock! the lead
single is a duet with B52's Kate Pierson.

I am overjoyed the song chosen is a Travis
classic song 'Sing' ( Travis for me are Best Brit Band- EVER ) check
out the most varied track-list of the album of covers. its out
in October.

  1. Absent Friends (The Divine Comedy)
  2. Sing / with Kate Pierson (Travis)
  3. Somebody (Depeche Mode)
  4. A Horse With No Name (America)
  5. The Drugs Don't Work (The Verve)
  6. This Love Affair (Rufus Wainwright)
  7. Everybody Hurts / with Declan O'Rourke (R.E.M)
  8. God Loves Everyone (Ron Sexsmith)
  9. Wicked Game / with Sia (Chris Isaak)
  10. I Can See a Little Something (Declan O'Rourke)
  11. No Surprises (Radiohead)
  12. Our Mutual Friend (The Divine Comedy)
Peter & Kate's version of 'Sing' is amazingly available
internationally on i-tunes Now
CLICK Here SVT Documentary

Sep 27, 2009

Nanne Grönvall with 'Otacksamhet' back in the Swedish Charts

Nanne Grönvall - Otacksamhet

Nanne Grönvall who brought us 'One More Time' Swedish
Pop group of the 80's and into the 90's
and perhapes the Melodifestivalen Best Anthem of All-
Time the entry 'Håll om Mig'
This song came 2nd in 2005- and so many swedes
voted for Nanne over Martin Stenmarck that year!

Yet, still the thumbing Bass and tune called
'Hold Me' ( in english) is Nanne's best loved song..
Well she has done it again with her
new single 'Otacksamhet' riding high in the
Swedish Single charts at No:2

Before 'One More Time' the band was called 'Sound
of Music'- And back in August Nanne re-joined
singer Angelique Widengren at 2009 Pride Park.
To sing their 1986 Melodifestivalen hit
Eldorado (4th) & 1987's entry Alexandra (4th)
See a short clip HERE

We are hoping with a New album on the way
Nanne could even be one of the Stars to be
confirmed to be part of
Melodifestivalen 2010 - Listen to the new tune see
What you think? Is Nanne an early contender for
Melodifestivalen 2010. Here is Nanne's last
Melodifestivalen performance in 2007
with her dancers ...and

'Jag Måste Kyssa Dig'- (I must kiss you)

We have our finger crossed that she will be back?

Sep 25, 2009

Kerry Ellis -'You Have To Be There' from Kristina The Musical

Bjorn and Benny in New York this week put
on a musical Presention of the musical 'Kristina' now
finally translated into english.
Two music concerts at Carnegie Hall on September 23
and 24, Following this there will be a Cast Recording
CD released of the music.
The show is very different from ABBA or Mamma
Mia, yet it looks set to be another success story
for Bjorn & Benny on Broadway.

This progression of the guys Musical career reminds
me of Abba's own career. How the likes of 'Waterloo' &
'Ring Ring' in 1973 brought us joy and fun song lyrics.
Who would have imagined by 1981 these swedish
songwriters would have us in tears, hearing songs from
the album 'The Visitors'. That time may have come around
again, we danced to Mamma Mia - now with
Kristina an epic emotional saga of emigrants
going over to the New World of America in the
1800's. Is it time to shed a tear or two?

'You Have to Be There'
is from the show when Kristina for the first time
is found questioning if God will be there for her following
her life's tragedy.
Kelly Ellis did an amazing version of this in Hyde Park
during the Abba Tribute Concert..will it even gain her a
new part on Broadway? Hope so..

Lets wait and see.

Sep 23, 2009

Jade Ewan - Superstar for 2009

Jade has come a long way already with her career during 2009.
She was selected by the British public in 'Your Country Needs You' to bring UK back to
its former Eurovision Song Contest glory- it worked she came 5th in the Moscow Final.

Singing 'My Time' this song sounded like an very fitting tribute
to Jade herself. Wrote by Andrew LLoyd Webber & Diane Warren it became
UK's Eurovision Entry for 2009.
As Jade wore the Eurovision UK crown proudly in Moscow.

Jade Ewan is from Plasistow, London and is no stranger to the World of Dance-Pop.
She was a member
of her own R&B band called 'Trinity Stone' back in 2005- They managed a couple of Radio Hits in U K Ireland & Russia yet they never released their debut album.

She is part Jamaican-Italian, on her fathers
side and her mother is blind & her dad partially blind, so Jade spent a lot of her teenage
years looking after her family at home. Still Jade managed to find
time at aged 12 to star in the West Ends Lion King as Nala. Another musical honour
is for Jade's songwriting having collaborated with a few other artists.
She co-wrote for R&B band 'Booty Luv' a song called "A little bit"
this was follow up to the big hit 'Boogie 2 nite'
for them.
Now she will join the successful R&B Pop band 'Sugarbabes' with the launch of their New album

While this week Jade's new single 'My Man' is making lots of waves
back home in U K -its a great track.
lets hope it puts her this time in UK Top 10..

Sep 22, 2009

JADE EWAN goes from Eurovision to the Sugarbabes & a New Hit 'My Man'

Our Jade certainly loves a challenge joining the R&B Pop band
that has a history of UK No:1 singles and
Here is the fab solo single from Jade out NOW 'My Man'
See how she really has it 'All'- at the moment, check out the Vid..

Sarah Dawn Finer sings 'Moving On' from Melodifestivalen 09

Sep 20, 2009

Elisabeth Andreassen & Alexander Rybak Perform 'Klinga Mina Klockor' & 'Det Är Vi Ändå'

Two winners of Eurovision Alexander (2009) with Elisabeth (1985-part of Bobbysocks) these two Norwegian
Stars in fact toured together before this years Eurovision Contest in May. As part of Elisabeth Andreassen
tour for her new Album Spelemann, here they sing two folk classic songs wrote by Benny Andersson. What a great duo
they make...
even if 'La Det Swinge' (Bobbysocks 1985 song) was not on their playlist! perhapes in Oslo 2010.

Sep 18, 2009

Agnetha's JUMPSUIT DRAMA Down-under in Melbourne ! ('The Age' News today)

Victoria Police have issued an SOS and are currently on the hunt for the white jumpsuit originally worn by Agnetha Faltskog during their 1977 Australian Tour.

The jumpsuit, which Agnetha wore on Arrival cover, and is seen in the opening scene of ABBA The Movie. The jumpsuit has Agnetha's name on the back, and is believed to have been stolen from a Healesville house then sold on at a garage sale.

The famous jumpsuit was gifted to a Qantas flight attendant in 1977 as Agnetha was on the long journey home from Abba'a Australian Tour. This year the flight attendant leased out her home with this treasure stored in the shed at the house.

The tenants are now being interviewed by Police, a Victoria Police spokeswoman said. Police would like to speak to anyone who may have attended a garage sale at the Don Road House in May this year.

What about Frida's jumpsuit, is no one bothered about that one ? At least Frida's had the nice ties at the bottom made for her boots- it was always the blond one though ! Stay tuned for more jumpsuit News....

Healesville, Melbourne -Victoria, Australia

Sep 14, 2009

Kylie & Benny at ABBA Tribute Concert

With Love.
(via Hyde Park)

Here it is, Kylie's Dream come true-
An Emotional Performance

'When all is said and done' was recorded on ABBA's final Album release
'The Visitors' in 1981. That must be just the best version since!

Sep 10, 2009

1000's of Songs pour into NKR office- As over in Sweden a Net Wildcard will be choosen for 2010

It maybe a quiet time for Melodiestivalen & Norsk Melodi Grand Prix,
we can only reflect on some great old entry thats gone by. Yet for some TV stations all across Europe it's a most hectic time. The pressure is still on, as deadlines are met for new songs for
Eurovision 2010- to be put in for each national Pre- Selection TV show, to
find the one song to fly the flag in Oslo next year.

Over in Norsk-land they are calling it the 'Rybak effect' as they have now a record number of
songs and norwegian songwriters- flooding into the office! This will create a lot of international attention to NKR'S Melodi Grand Prix 2010. As well as a more serious and better quaility of music submissions in Norway following last years runaway win. We will track the progress on the blog.

Meanwhile over in Stockholm at Melodifestivalen H.O. plans are just being put in place. Each year Melodifestivalen picks 4 wildcards for the semi-final heats. One these 2010 wildcards will
be choose by a 'new' on-line selection, this has been done by Spain in recent years with
great success.
Sweden has picked unknown performers before for Melodifestivalen back in 2007. They picked up Marie Lindberg took her out of her class room where she was a school teacher. Marie was a singer songwriter and performed her magical 'Trying to Recall' she went on to Globen, became a firm favourite with the public . Which gave her fifth place that year, see this clip- of Marie, or is it a drag queen! its from GayGalan 2008!

Sep 7, 2009

Yohanna "Is It True" from Iceland- Making waves with her new album

Yohanna recorded her first album at the age of nine, which was released only in 2000. This debut album was a huge success and was followed up by a second album in 2001, confirming her as Iceland's child prodigy.

Yohanna’s teenage years were spent working in and out of the studio with musical instructors, songwriters and producers. After turning down a recording contract with a major label, Yohanna spent some time in Denmark working on her vocal techniques. During this time she also recorded her first adult album ”Butterflies and Elvis” with British songwriter Lee Horrocks and sound engineer Thomas Yezzi. This album has now been re-vamped and released internationally with critical acclaim all over Scandinavia. + this fantastic video for her popular Hit "Is It True?"

In 2008 songwriter Óskar Páll Sveinsson asked Yohanna to sing “Is It True?” for the 2009 Iceland's Eurovision Pre-selection Contest. It famously won 2nd place in Moscow, Eurovision 2009. Giving Alexander Rybak a good run for the top position.

Sep 3, 2009

its SPRING Celebration- Madonna: The VId for a dance tune that will last all summer Long!!

OK YES this artist will never be in Melodifestivalen for sure
Yet following a long Winter in Melbourne City- Down-under
at the Schlager Tunes HQ we are celebrating that spring is
finally in the air.
So we are having a bit of a celebration with the good company of

the Great Miss M

Come join the party- or at least see the Vid - while it lasts see not the FULL HD clip! but just as good