Dec 29, 2010

Måns reveals- this was our Life: Melodifestivalen a Year in review.

Måns Zelmerlöw- our perfect host for Melodifestivalen 2010 returns with a festive
NY review of Melodifestivalen- plus some preview of the artists for next Feb & March.
Also we can see again the funtastic clips of Christine Meltzer & Dolph Lundgren with those funny vid clips from 2010.
(Click on title above to see the full program).

Hostess with Most-est couple -Måns & Marie- she will take on Melodifestivalen Host in 2011.

Dec 12, 2010

Switzerland Have choosen for Eurovision 2011 Anna Rossinelli

It seems a little early but Switzerland have choosen following there National Final they had just last night-based on the song alone 'In love for a while' is not too bad - and its first year in a long while that Switzerland have not just made an internal selection within SF Tv.
So they want to select a great song that can at least put them in the Grand Final 2011, can this one do it? if you want to see what Anna was up against see more entries here ( these clips have lots of de swiza-deutch)

Dec 11, 2010

Anders Fernette he will sing 'Run' - With some different writers!

The previous song 'Don't Stop' had to be disqualified, and while it was though the same songwriter ( JC Chasez formally with N'sync) would come up with an equally strong tune for Anders Fernette. Well that did not happen so some more American writers came forward- namely-
Desmond Child, Negin Djafari, Hugo Lira,
Ian-Paolo Lira & Thomas Gustafsson.
The most famous of all these is Desmond Child who has wrote best seller tunes for the likes of Bon Jovi, Cher, Ricky Martin, Kiss, Alice Cooper, Roxette, & Aerosmith he has wrote over 70 US billboard Top 40 hits. Looking at the track record, this Melodifestivalen entry 'Run' could be more a rock orientated track - with a spanish flavour -as Desmond is from Miami.
We are glad anyhow Anders certainly has made the grade and like his new songwriters
This news filling one of the 2 gaps in Melodifestivalen 2011 line-up. The last song- is the one sung by new girl band Love Generation

Dec 6, 2010

ITALY'S History in Eurovision Song Contest up-to date (1997)

-With the news of italy's return let's look back at previous entry's
All the songs (click here to u-tube - a great medley of them all)

-Alan Sorrenti in 1980 he came 6th


1956 - Franca Raimondi - "Aprite le finestre"; + Tonina Torrielli - "Amami se vuoi"
( in 1956 the year all countries sent 2 entries each)
1957 -Nunzio Gallo - "Corde della mia chitarra"
1958 - Domenico Modugno - "Nel blu, dipinto di blu"
1959 - Domenico Modugno - "Piove (Ciao, ciao bambina)"
1960 - Renato Rascel - "Romantica"
1961 - Betty Curtis - "Al di là"
1962 - Claudio Villa - "Addio, addio"
1963 - Emilio Pericoli - "Uno per tutte"
1964 - Gigliola Cinquetti - "Non ho l'età" Winner
1965 - Bobby Solo - "Se piangi, se ridi"
1966 - Domenico Modugno - "Dio, come ti amo"
1967 - Claudio Villa - "Non andare più lontano"
1968 - Sergio Endrigo - "Marianne"
1969 - Iva Zanicchi - "Due grosse lacrime bianche"
1970 - Gianni Morandi - "Occhi di ragazza"
1971 - Massimo Ranieri - "L'amore è un attimo"
1972 - Nicola di Bari - "I giorni dell'arcobaleno"
1973 - Massimo Ranieri - "Chi sarà"
1974 - Gigliola Cinquetti - "Sì"
1975 - Wess & Dori Ghezzi - "Era"
1976 - Al Bano & Romina Power - "We'll Live It All Again"
1977 - Mia Martini - "Libera"
1978 - Ricchi e Poveri - "Questo amore"
1979 - Matia Bazar - "Raggio di luna"
1980 - Alan Sorrenti - "Non so che darei"

1983 - Riccardo Fogli - "Per Lucia"
1984 - Alice & Battiato - "I treni di Tozeur"
1985 - Al Bano & Romina Power - "Magic Oh Magic"
1987 - Umberto Tozzi & Raf - "Gente di mare"
1988 - Luca Barbarossa - "Vivo (Ti scrivo)"
1989 - Anna Oxa & Fausto Leali - "Avrei voluto"
1990 - Toto Cutugno - "Insieme: 1992" Winner
1991 - Peppino di Capri - "Comme è ddoce 'o mare"
1992 |- Mia Martini - "Rapsodia"
1993 - Enrico Ruggeri - "Sole d'Europa"

1997 - Jalisse - "Fiumi di parole"

2011- Italy return to Eurovision after 13 years away!

1971- Massimo Ranieri's Hit single

Dec 4, 2010

After 13 years away- ITALY is offically in for EUROVISION-DUSSELDORF 2011

Well first up it was Austria, now- we have the fantastic-o-news that Italy have just met the deadline of last friday to submit applications with the EBA for Eurovision 2011. So that means they are down to take part, as long as they do not pull out before the end of this month! Yet broadcaster Rai say there is no reason why Italy would pull out.
It has rumoured for the Italian entry they will have their current X-Factor winner Nathalie Giannatrapani.
Italy has won Eurovision twice in 1990 & 1964, and been present almost non-stop from 1956- 1997 ( except 2 short breaks at start of 80s & 90s )Many of Italy's major stars have taken part thu these years -Domenica Modugno, Ricchi E Poveri, Franco Battiato, Romina Power & Al Bano, Umberto Tozzi & Raf, Mia Martini, Matia Bazar and Gigliola Cinquetti (above) she sung one of the greatest winners ever with 'Non Ho L'eta' in 64.
(this is a classic -schlagertunes often play today)

Then Gigliola Cinquetti came back and almost stole Sweden's Abba glory in 1974 finishing 2nd with 'Si' . In english 'Go (before you break my heart)' was the song that year.

-That original '1974 Eurovision Scoreboard'- Italy finished on 18 points. (abbaworld)

Eurovision Tv announced 'We are eagar to show the Italian people how Eurovision has developed over the past 13 years- And feel sure they will be postively surprised' its wonderful they have made the journey back..another original country missing is Luxembourg who last took part in 1993. They cannot say they have not been successful- as they are a small country with 5 Eurovision winners, last time in 1983 with Corinne Hermes. It's perhapes too late for Luxembourg next year but we hope they will return one year soon also.

JEDWARD for Eurovision -Yes! and they got SchlagerT's vote already

Its true, Jedward the twins who set the X-factor contest into a frenzy, wanna continue with Eurovision in their sights for the next Jed-conquest. The twinz Edward & John rose to fame from UK X-factor now they have confirmed they will be part of the irish selection for 2011. They had a 2009 No;1 hit in homeland Ireland with 'Under pressure (ice ice baby)'
& have gained an army of Jedward fans.
This is part of a new process of Ireland's Eurovision selection where 5 music mentors from the irish music scene will be a choosing an artist a song each to compete in a final on 11th February 2011 Live on the 'Late Late Show -Eurosong' We think certainly with that right song Jedward have that special real Euro-Star quality- Eire needs.
It seems this is not a recent developement for the boys in fact Louis Walsh (X factor judge) spoke out at the end of Eurovision 2010 in Oslo -just how he felt that Jedward would be great for Eurovision

Then there has been on-going facebook pages to see Jedward in Eurovision since
last year.
It would fit well in the plan for the twins to go international , they are currently being launched in Japan. Then a chance to go Dusseldorf in 2011 would be perfect.

I even confess to having the 'Planet Jedward' album, somewhere...gulp!