Aug 27, 2013

Sweden's Best summer Albums in August 2013

Just checking out Sweden's Top 10, this week as I do from my fave chart site-

Wonderful to see Agnetha's 'A' back on the rise up the chart again to No: 4 followed by the Abba-Gold shadow
at No: 6. Then just about the only remaining Melofestivalen 2013- album is actually now Yohio's 'Break the Border' will he try again in 2014 with a better song next time we think..

The Wild Hunt
2Mando Diao
3Lasse Stefanz
Trouble Boys
4Agnetha Fältskog
Det måste gå att dansa till
Gold - Greatest Hits
Break The Border
8Danne Stråhed
13 rätt... 13 nya låtar
9John Mayer
Paradise Valley
10Gyllene Tider
24 Hits! Soldans på din grammofon

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Aug 13, 2013

For 14th August 2013- We have the latest Schlagertunes Top 15 Playlist--

TOP 15

Dance the Pain Away- Agnetha Faltskog 
2 Strobo Pop -Die Atzen & NENA NEW 
3 Glorious- Magnus Carlsson NEW 
4 We own the Night- The Wanted NEW 
5 Would that make me Love you - Anton Eward NEW
A S A P -Lena feat.Miss Li 
7  Begging- Anton Ewald 
8  I feed you my Love- Margaret Berger
9  Alibi- Eddie Razaz  RE ENTRY
10 On Top of the World - Swedish House Wives
11 Kedvesem (Zoohacker Remix)- Bye Alex
12  Magnetic Heart-  Marco Mengoni 
13  Believe in Me (Blutonium Boy & Matty Menk Radio Mix)- Bonnie Tyler
14   City (linus loves remix)- Lo Fi Fnk
15  Invincible- Jack Rowan  

Aug 3, 2013

Agnetha does Pride - a extra special appearence for her hometown

   Just on Thursday night the much published appearance at the Stockholm Pride 2013 from ABBA's Agnetha dropped in on the Schlager-Thursday evening of non-stop musically events. Okey she did not sing in the event but had a bief chat with the crowd. As well as being presented with a Gold record for sales of "A" gladly Australia got a special mention as being an overseas territory where "A" has gone gold as well. This created a huge response from the gay pride crowd as well..

   Wow, what a fantasic outfit n top- she is so luv-ly and recently realy shown she is back in top form - and although she has been away from the stage and studio for great lengths of time. Agnetha's brave smart charm will always be
around to pop up every now and then, and amazing vocals of course that we missed so much. She is certainly comeback at last...