Jun 30, 2011

My Top 25 Songs --playlist this week

Alexander Panoyotov- sung in the Russian NF 2010 -with 'Maya Showtime'

PLAYLIST 30th June 2011.

1 Magic (Peachy & Murphy Remix)-Olivia Newton John

2 Maya Showtime -Alexander Panoyotov

3 Popular (SoundFactory Radio Mix) -Eric Saade

4 My heart is refusing me (Amarillo & Finer Remix Radio version)

5 I Wanna be alive (Remix)-English vers Om du forlater mig- Mf 2000-Date

6 Feel You -Magnus Carlsson

7 When We're Together - Josan Catalin

8 Never let me go (DJ Pierre Mix)- Human League

9 Absent friends- Peter Joback

10 Gimme (Key Mix) - One (cyprus 2000) -NEW

11 Fantasy Island (New Version 2010) -Tight Fit

12 Karma Karma-Same Difference/Alcazar -NEW

13 No One Else Could -Sebastian

14 When we were Young (Club Mix)- Bucks Fizz -NEW

15 Lost In Love (Germany MGP 1999) -Wind

16 The land of make believe (2008 NewVersion)-Bucks Fizz

17 Raggio di luna (1979) - Matia Bazar

18 Your Song - Didrik Solli-Tangen

19 Running Scared (Niclas Kings in Air Mix) - Ell & Nikki -NEW

20 Don't tell it- Fabrizio Faniello (Malta Nf.2005)

21 Save Tonight -E M D -NEW

22 Nothing to say- Josan Catalin

23 Otacksamhet- Nanne

Kära Syster-
Benny Andersson Band /Helen Sjöholm

25 Something in your eyes -Jenny Silver

We do have a new top-tune -Olivia's own re-work on 'Magic' remixed specially
for charity and a terrific dance hit here down-under- As top swede Eric Saade is looking popular to take on the top slot soon. As Alexander Panoyotov his hit from Russia in 2010 was we think a worthy winner back when russia picked Peter Nalitch- what were they thinkin?
Our new tunes being played alot is bit varied with One's 'Gimme' tune that still sounds great to me-
what happened to One?- could they do a Blue style boyband comeback? Alcazar/Same Difference made a chart debut in the Top 25 with danceable 'Karma Karma' Le Bucks Fizz have a second classic single from the mid-80's with the bril' 'When we were Young' + E.M.D. who are currently working on a new album- this is a cover of 'Save Tonight'
At last I found a Remix of 'Running Scared' I like so I am listening to this years Eurovision No:1 again..

Jun 26, 2011

Bjorn Gustafsson- takes a starring role in the New 'Crown Jewels' Movie

From swedish director Ella Lemhagen who made the hugely successful "Patrik.1.5"
comes 'Kronjuvelerna' (crown jewels) this looks like a great swedish new movie. Perhapes in the vein of 'The Girl with the dragon tatoo' However it also has the added attraction of starring none other than Bjorn Gustafsson.
He is considered to be sweden's best loved comedian- who presented Melodifestivalen back in 2008- he certainly brought major Fun factor to Melodifestivalen- check out his
What is Love- routine from back in 2008.
Although one of the most popular men on tv in Sweden, in the past 2 years he has been very quiet- and due to a burn-out had to cancel one of his tours of Sweden. He was last seen on the Melodifestivalen stage again in 2010 performing with Salem Al Fakir ( as a shock double-act ) performing 'Keep on walking ' in the Globen final.
Now Bjorn is back again with a new surpise as he has a serious straight acting debut in a major swedish movie-check out the trailer here
- it's a must see for me..

Jun 25, 2011

ALCAZAR - Reveal they will Take a break! with a farewell gig

During Stockholm Pride 2011- Alcazar will do a farewell gig at the gay Festival. At least for a while -this news was revealed in QX. The disco-defenders will now pursue other projects. The reason for this break is that the group feel they are stuck in a rut. It was revealed in the recent interview.
- 'Right now it feels like we are at a standstill' says Tess to QX Magazine. (read interview here)

Alcazar +Magnus Carlsson.

Alcazar was formed in 1998 and was a trio consisting of Andreas Lundstedt, Tess Merkel and Annikiafiore. Then in 2002 Magnus Carlsson joined the band in 2003 and debuted in Melodifestivalen with Not a Sinner, Nor A Saint, which became a big hit. Then they repeated great success in Melodifestivalen 2005 with poptastic tune- Alcastar which went on to be another massive summer hit. The foursome took a break at this stage, and then both Magnus and Annika left the group- it did look like it was all over at this time as well. Then suddenly Lina Hedlund joined the band in 2009 -the new 'Alcazar' was born of Andreas, Tess & Lina they sung a new tune Stay The Night, which finished 5th at Melodifestivalen, with the tune that many consider the Alcazar's greatest Melodifestivalen entry - This tune certainly looked & sounded set for Eurovision glory back in 2009.

Currently the band's leader Andreas Lundstedt is set to appear in musical 'Legally Blonde' and Lina & Tess have their own solo commitments to go on with.

Let's hope its still not really the end of Alcazar ....

Jun 22, 2011

My Top 20 Songs --playlist this week

Eric Saade- on the rise Now in our top 5.

PLAYLIST 23th June 2011.

1 My heart is refusing me (Amarillo & Finer Remix Radio version)

2 When We're Together - Catalin Josan

3 Magic (Peachy & Murphy Remix)-Olivia Newton John

4 Fantasy Island (New Version 2010) -Tight Fit

5 Popular (SoundFactory Radio Mix) -Eric Saade

6 Lost In Love (Germany MGP 1999) -Wind

7 I wanna be alive- Date (English vers- Om du förlåter mig) -NEW

8 Never let you Go (DJ Pierre Mix) -Human League -HIGH MOVER

9 Absent friends-Peter Joback

10 Feel me -Magnus Carlsson -NEW

11 Hajde da ludujemo ( Party Extended ) (1990) -Tajči

12 The land of make believe (2008 NewVersion)
-Bucks Fizz

13 Maya Showtime- Alexander Panayotov (2010)

14 LA Today -Alex Gold feat.Phil Oakley

15 Otacksamhet- Nanne- HIGH MOVER

16 No one else Could -Sebastian -HIGH MOVER

17 Your Song - Didrik Solli-Tangen

18 Raggio di luna (1979) - Matia Bazar

19 Bubblin' (single version) -Blue

20 Nothing to Say -Catalin Josan -NEW

21 Kära Syster-
Benny Andersson Band Feat. Helen Sjöholm

22 -Un Peu de Poivre Un Peu De Sol - Tonia (ESC 1966)

23 Once in a lifetime -Ines

24 Something in your eyes -Jenny Silver

25 Don't Tell Me - Fabrizio Faniello (Malta 2005) -NEW

- With a bit of a eastern feel to the playlist this week as Catalin Josan has two of his popular tunes of recent years in our chart-The most popular being 'When we're together' from 2007 Romainan Pre-Selection As well as Alexander Panayotov from Russia who had a great bid for Eurovision 2010. With other new tunes from the great Magnus Carlsson with his best single from his recent album Pop Galaxy' at 10 for this week.
The very highest new tune is a blast from Melodifestivalen boyband 'Date'- they had a terrific remix of their Melodifestivalen hit of 2001- 'Om Du forlater Mig' that was done in english & for me came out alot better. Just one historical Melo tune worthy of lots plays-- more next week

Jun 21, 2011

Mr Romania- Cătălin Josan: The One's that got away -part 1

His name is Cătălin Josan- born in Moldova, a massive star in homeland Romania & he also has a record deal with Universal Music. This came about when he won a TV talent show called 'Megastart' in Romania, since then Josan has had 4 entries in the Romanian National Final for Eurovision in

2008 with two songs- "When we're Together" came 3rd in semi-final 1

'Run Away' came 4th in the Final
2009 with "Stop" came 2nd
recently in 2010 with 'Around Around' finishing 4th.

The best track for me is 'When we're Together' it been featured in My Top 25 as well. Yet this is the tune that somehow did not make the Romanian final of 2008 As one of the most successful Eurovision countries in recent years -Romania, did well ESC 2011 and finished in 17th with Hotel FM's 'Change'- so they will be looking for a strong artist to fly the flag next year.
We hope Josan comes back to the Romanian National final in 2011- as an artist with great stage presence and a soulful vocal that with the right tune can be perfect for Eurovision.

Hope to see Josan in Baku.

a German Melodifestivalen contest for 2012 - is das a german secret?

Here on schlagertunes we try to keep away from the rumour mills- as so many stories often turn out to be untrue. This is one such News item unconfirmed - but to us it sounds rather exciting we have to tell.
Sadly Herr Stephan Raab has left the German Eurovision camp now- and is to be replaced by the new host Thomas D (above)
a former lead singer with the band 'Die Fantastischen Vier' this raises the question will the ARD Tv formate for 'Unser Star fur Baku 2012' remain the same?

It appears that the Brainpool's music division had asked German artists if they would consider appearing in a selection process with semi-finals, just like in Sweden's Melodifestivalen and a selection method used already in a few scandinavian countries like Norway, Finland & Iceland. If the news turns out to be true, the result is likely to be four semi-finals of 6-8 songs each broadcast with some of these proceeding taking place in major cities all over Germany.

A German Melodifestivalen- how awesome - we approve!

Jun 16, 2011

My Top 25 Songs --playlist this week

PLAYLIST 16th June 2011.

1 My heart is refusing me (Amarillo & Finer Remix Radio version)

2 When We're Together - Catalin

3 Fantasy Island (New Version 2010) -Tight Fit

4 The land of make believe (2008 NewVersion)
-Bucks Fizz

5 Popular (SoundFactory Radio Mix) -Eric Saade

6 Magic (Peachy & Murphy Remix)-Olivia Newton John

7 Lost In Love (Germany MGP 1999) -Wind

8 Bubblin' (Single Version) -Blue

9 Show me the way -Magnus Carlsson -NEW

10 Once in a lifetime -Ines

11 Hajde da ludujemo ( Party Extended ) (1990) -Tajči

12 Absent friends-Peter Joback

13 Your Song - Didrik Solli-Tangen

14 LA Today -Alex Gold feat.Phil Oakley -NEW

15 Something in your eyes -Jenny Silver

16 Maya Showtime -Alexander Panoyotov -NEW

17 Changes -Dima Bilan -NEW

18 Raggio di luna (1979) - Matia Bazar

19 Un Peu de Poivre Un Peu De Sol - Tonia (ESC 1966) -NEW

20 Otacksamhet- Nanne

21 Never let you Go (DJ Pierre Mix) -Human League - NEW

22 Sveta Ljubav -Maja Blagdan (ESC 1996) -NEW

23 Supersexual -Blue

Kära Syster-
Benny Andersson Band Feat. Helen Sjöholm

25 No One Else Could -Sebastian

- With eight new entries or in some cases older entries on my top 25 chart this week- I have been listening
to a bit of Le Human League with their new single that is a great comeback hit- Also
down-under- she's back- Olivia Newton-John' has one fantastic dance mix of 'Magic' getting lots of radio airplay here- mixed by sydney DJ Dan Murphy- Certainly gets the highest new song entry honour here--

Jun 11, 2011

Danny goes Down-under-On the radio

94.9 joy FM- Cafe Latte Show

This sunday on Alan Ross's legendary 'Cafe Latte' we have a
worldwide exclusive interview with Danny Saucedo who was one step away from Melodifestivalen glory this year with 'In The Club'

Its fantastic news- we at last have some swedish melo'popstars
getting air-play downunder here in Melbourne. I have heard also this interview is due to be followed up with an Eric Saade interview, that for me is even more exciting
what with Eric's new digital 2 Vol album coming out very sooon...
-now will Alan ask the guys about that Melodifest' Kiss of 2011?

The fun starts at 3pm M E L B- time & you can steam live on Joy FM

Jun 9, 2011

My Top 20 -Monthly Playlist

We all have our favorite Tunes on your i-pod and seeing as we have these quiet months ahead of us. Now that June is here..
spring in Europe and near mid-winter down in Melbourne Australia.
The times when nothing much is happening in schlagerland cus now Eurovision is done, and the Melodifestivalen rumors of 2012 artists -are yet to start. Well here is a random idea- to just let blog-readers know - what's on the Schlagertunes playlist just now
& being played at our Hampton Schlager Court and on my phone.
Mostly made up of Eurovis' Artists old'n'new I will be showing my most played tracks in the form of a Top 25 -Cus we luv chartlists.
My top 25- changes by the day- however some of those Pop-raves just stay around forever

With regular updates on the blog
You may find some tunes you will like too? let me know cus alot will be album trks- and not singles of the hour.

PLAYLIST 9th June 2011.

1 Once in a lifetime (2000) - Ines

2 My heart is refusing me (Amarillo & Finer Remix Radio version)

3 The Land Of Make Believe [2008 Extended Version]
-Bucks Fizz

4 Absent friends -Peter Jöback

5 When We're Together - Catalin

6 Something In Your Eyes - Jenny Silver

7 No One Else Could -Sebastian

8 Otacksamhet- Nanne

9 Hajde da ludujemo ( Party Extended ) (1990) -Tajči

10 Bubblin' (Single Version) -Blue

11 Raggio di luna (1979) - Matia Bazar

12 Popular (SoundFactory Radio Mix) -Eric Saade

13 Your Song - Didrik Solli-Tangen

14 Little Rag Doll (1969) -Cliff Richard

15 Fantasy Island (New Version 2010) -Tight Fit

16 Lost In Love (Germany MGP 1999) -Wind

17 When We Collide - Matt Cardle

18 Kära Syster-
Benny Andersson Band Feat. Helen Sjöholm

19 Do you really wanna love (2009) -
Mihalis Hatzigiannis

20 Waterslide (Entry Iceland Nat Final 2010) -
Sjonni Brink & friends

21 I've Got The Music In Me -Le Freak

22 I Can (Funky Viva Remix) - Blue

23 Supersexual -Blue

24 All Over The World -Ola

25 Run - Anders Fernette

Jun 5, 2011

Bucks Fizz are back on CD for 30th Anniversary Collection - but wait there's more.

'A band for Europe' in 1981- just before Eurovision Song Contest

'Making your mind up' has to be one of the most popular and memorable of the five Uk Eurovision winners. To celebrate there is a brand new CD collection called Up until Now that spans the bands whole 80s career on 2 CD's and brings alot of 12" remixes & bonus tracks, not released previously. Like Cheryl's lead vocal of
'Heart of Stone' this song that was no great success for 'the Fizz' back in 1988. However Cher gave the tune new life and made it a hit for her in 1990. So it's good to hear it as the original female-vocal version with Cheryl- along with 2011 New Remixes versions of 'Making your mind up' & 'You & Your heart so blue'

As we know since the mid-nineties Bucks Fizz have many member changes, always missing the 2 original girls Cheryl Baker & Jay Ashton. David Van Day joined the band for a while and created a feud between David & Bobby Gee for the use of the Bucks Fizz trademark.
However at long last following 'Pop goes the band' Tv show Cheryl & Jay made up their minds to forget the differences and join forces with Mike Nolan to form 'Original Bucks Fizz' band. Bobby G continues with his version of Bucks Fizz- there is a BBC doco from 2002 called
'Trouble at the top' on the whole sad saga of the name copyright. I had never saw this in the complete version- its shows just what happened with the Dollar colabration
of Bucks Fizz Vs Van Day's Dollar.
Its sad Bobby G cannot join forces with Cheryl, Jay & Mike now they are finally together at last-
we shall have to see what happens next..

The Fizz... that is Cheryl, Mike & Jay play non-other than London Palladium on 11 th July 2011.
An impressive comeback gig for them, and this will follow a new album featuring some new
recorded songs to be called 'Fame & Fortune'

Bucks Fizz in 2011- 3 original members- all smiles again &
looking fizz-ulous as ever

The fizz does sparkles on in 2011- with all those memories of the 80's hits & impressive singles & albums
and lets not forget when it all began with the 1981 Eurovision glory.