Jul 30, 2011

Schlager-Pop in Eurovision: Peter Sue & Marc- Part one

It's time to look at some Eurovision History from that ole Book on the shelf ( -always repeating it's self ? )

Schlager today and here on schlagertunes is so often associated with the scandinavian countries, however its orgins do come from the Germanic parts of Europe- Germany, Austria & Switzerland. A good place to start..

The Swiss vocal band that formed back as far as 1968 in Bern. In the style of New Seekers with a German folk style the group was made up of Peter Reber (the songwriter of many Eurovision hits during the 70s & 80s), Sue Schell and Marcel Dietrich.

In europe long before Sweden's Abba set the blue-print for 70's European Pop. Peter Sue & Marc had a string of hits and represented Switzerland an amazing 4-times

In 1971, Switzerland was one of the first Countries to submit a pop-group for Eurovision Song Contest, in Dublin they sung Illusions of us vingt ans (The illusion of our twenty years) in this year only Sweden submitted a vocal group with Family Four singing 'Vita Vidder' Sweden finished 6th & Peter Sue & Marc came only 12th. The formal commentary of these Eurovision times - often refered to these groups with a title of..

'The Family Four- group' or 'The Peter Sue & marc -group' and seemed to highlight how out of place they were in a contest of solo vocal performers - with the odd -normally male/female -duo.

However this song scored a hit for Peter, Sue & Marc not just in Switzerland also in the charts of Germany, Austria, and even Japan, where they performed several concerts. The song was sung in French and a German version called Keiner hat gesagt (No one has said). No english version that we know of was recorded.

Meanwhile The New Seekers from UK proved Vocal pop could be winning force in Eurovision in Edinburgh in 1972- 'Beg Steal or borrow' came 2nd to the winner Vicky Leandros.

In 1975 the Peter Sue & Marc released the singles Ein neuer Tag and Zigeuner. As well as submitting a unsuccesful new tune for the Swiss Pre-selection for Eurovision 1975 with a song called Mild-toi, soleil.

The three-some returned in 1976 with Djambo, Djambo a song penned once again by Peter sung in english -all about a lovable clown that was also part of the act in Eurovision Song Contest 1976 In fact the clown accompanied them on stage. As Brotherhood of Man took the trophy home for UK -Peter Sue & Marc came 4th.

In 1977, Peter wrote Swiss Lady for the Pepe Lienhard Band who sung for Switzerland. This fun swiss-folk tune did well & came in 6th place with 71 points.

In 1978, Peter Sue & Marc switched teams and tried out in Germany at Pre-Selection with the song Charlie Chaplin, this pop tune and tribute finished in 3rd place in the Germany. Strangely Greece in 1978 had a song also titled Charlie Chaplin, which presumably would have left some confusion in the final back then.

In 1979 Peter Sue & Marc took their third Eurovision entry sung in german and called 'Trodler & Co' to Jerusalem- for Switzerland. At this stage the group had gained an even larger success in europe, so it could have been 3rd time lucky! however this new tune seemed to be all about a scrape-metal 2nd hand merchant! something like 'Steptoe & Son' they came 10th -this was the very same year UK sent Black Lace 'Mary-ann'- who got a 7th placing somehow! crazzy times indeed!

Thankfully in 1981 Peter Sue & Marc came back for Switzerland with 'Io senza te' (Without You), a beautiful melodic song that seems to be the favorite song in the history of Peter Sue & Marc this came

in 4th place for the Swiss- and become a Euro-classic featuring the bands famous pan-pipes intro-

As a songwriter Peter had another entry for switzerland back in 1980 Paola's 'Cinema' it was co-wrote by Veronique Muller (she sang for Switzerland in 1972) Peter conducted the orchester that year as well

the song finished .... yes again- 4th.

Jul 23, 2011

Danes A Friend from London- release a video for New Tomorrow-

Rock bands in Eurovision can be very much make or break- however danish band A Freind from London- certainly did Denmark proud. Apart from winners Azerbaijan, Denmark managed to retain a Top 5 placing at Eurovision 2-years running. With 'New Tomorrow'- this may not be all the band will be remembered for either at Dusseldorf 2011 when the cute lead singer Tim Schou shouted out
"You know baby, I want to...I want to f**k you" to the camera during voting -amied at the 12 points from Netherlands. It was simply an excited reaction to Mandy Hudts the announcer for Netherlands votes. (see NL voting clip)
However this may go down in history as the only time bad language has taken place during the LiveESC voting!
Hey but wait there is more- strangely 2 months following all promo & buzz of Eurovision
A Freind from London have only just done the video for 'New Tomorrow' single!
had they used this clip at the time- who know how much further they could have gone to a top placing in Dusseldorf? check it out the vid here-

Jul 18, 2011

Playlist chart this week--

Jamala- we think she should have been the smiling face of Ukraine!

PLAYLIST 17th July 2011.

1 Hearts in the Air- Eric Saade
Ft J-Son
2 Yes Man -Bjorn Johan Muri
3 Magic (Peachy & Murphy Mix) -Olivia Newton John
4 Can't stop this feeling (Soundshakerz Club Mix) -Sophie Ellis-Bextor
5 When we were Young (Club Mix)- Bucks Fizz
6 Running Scared (Niclas Kings in Air Mix) - Ell & Nikki
7 Karma Karma-Same Difference/Alcazar
8 Gimme (Key Mix) - One (cyprus 2000)
9 I Wanna be alive (Remix)-English vers Om du forlater mig- Mf 2000-Date
10 Smile - Jamala (Ukraine 2011) -NEW
11 Beatiful Life -Jose Galisteo(Spain 2010)
12 Maya Showtime -Alexander Panayotov
13 Fantasy Island (New Version 2010) -Tight Fit
14 Popular (SoundFactory Radio Mix) -Eric Saade
15 Save Tonight -E M D
16 My heart is refusing me (Amarillo & Finer Remix Radio version)
17 Don't tell it- Fabrizio Faniello (Malta 2005)
18 Vagar Du Vagar Jag (Soundfactory Remix)- Sanna Nielsen
19 When We're Together -Josan Catalin
20 Feel You -Magnus Carlsson

Jul 13, 2011

Anne Marie Da-vid the Diva is back at last

-One of historically the most famous french singers from Eurovision Song Contest's 50 year past is Anne Marie Da-vid. She sung for Luxembourg in 1973 with 'Tu Te Reconnaitras' in the times B.A (before Abba) Anne Marie managed to bring Luxembourg it's
2nd in a row victory- after Vicky Leandros big winner the year before with 'Apres Toi' Anne Marie
was discovered while performing in 'Jesus Christ Superstar' -and while no country
had at this stage had really won 2-years running ( if you don't count 1969 as 4 countries tied for first place) . Anne Marie was very confident she could break this record of a double-win with 'Wonderful dream' (english title )
In fact historically only Isreal repeated this feat in 1978-79, Ireland managed 3 in a row during the 90's. Anne Marie returned in Eurovision 1979 singing for France with 'Je Suis L'enfant soleil' another powerful
ballad that put France in a close run 3rd place that year.
Since then Anne Marie David - had a succesful career in Europe mainly due to her concerts, then she went to live & have a big career in Turkey for many years- Finally choosing to settle in Norway- Then although being very quiet for so many years Anne Marie David released an album of french material in 2010 'Rencontres'

Then this year saw the release of a power-dance ballad
wrote by non other Tony Power for an 80's inspired dance album called

'Diva-Power' (check out more details here--)
on a new release featuring
Three Degrees,
Sonja, Niamh Kavanagh & Tina Charles the vocal-power
coupled with Hi-Energy beats
promise to breath-taking.

We are overjoyed with this dance comeback track from
Anne Marie David who gave us for sure one of Eurovision greatest moments..

Jul 10, 2011

A New playlist Top 25 - plus a new No;1

PLAYLIST 8th July 2011.

1 Can't stop this feeling (Soundshakerz Club Mix) -Sophie Ellis-Bextor -NEW

2 I Wanna be alive (Remix)-English vers Om du forlater mig- Mf 2000-Date

3 Popular (SoundFactory Radio Mix) -Eric Saade

4 Maya Showtime -Alexander Panayotov

5 Magic (Peachy & Murphy Mix) -Olivia Newton John

6 Gimme (Key Mix) - One (cyprus 2000)

7 Feel You -Magnus Carlsson

8 When we were Young (Club Mix)- Bucks Fizz

9 When We're Together - Josan Catalin

10 Yes Man -Bjorn Johan Muri -NEW

11 Running Scared (Niclas Kings in Air Mix) - Ell & Nikki

12 Karma Karma-Same Difference/Alcazar

13 Hearts in the Air- Eric Saade
Ft J-Son

14 Beatiful Life -Jose Galisteo (Spain 2010) -NEW

15 My heart is refusing me (Amarillo & Finer Remix Radio version)

16 Your Song - Didrik Solli-Tangen

17 Never let me go (DJ Pierre Mix)- Human League

18 Save Tonight -E M D

19 Fantasy Island (New Version 2010) -Tight Fit

20 Don't tell it- Fabrizio Faniello (Malta Nf.2005)

Sophie Ellis-Bextor has never signed up for Eurovision in the UK yet we think she would be just perfect with her dancefloor grooves. Which have been rather delightful recently like the new track straight in at No:1 in our chart. In fact her latest album is full of treats like this. Recommend very highly its called
Another debut artist Bjorn Johan Muri who for Norsk MGP 2010 scored the biggest hit- being great fans of Didrik Solli- Rangen last year to begin with we did ignore young Bjorn- Now we think he would be a good choice for Norway in 2011. (with a follow up to 'Yes Man' ) Another re-discovery from last year is Jose Galistreo with the bril' Dance track 'Beatiful Life' - in fact it's all rather dancey our top playlist at the moment.

Jul 7, 2011

State of SAADE - Vol 1 - As Eric takes on the World

The Eurovision Contest has been a spring board for many artists over the
past 50 -odd years. However today in 2011 its become more common place, that you don't need to win this European extravaganza to find international success. Remember Baccara, Gina G, Tomas Ledin, Anna Vishy & Sakis Rouvaas from Greece they all found huge success after Eurovision. Most artists who gain a Top 5 placeing can be assured today- they are sure to gain at the least a large new fan base, and not just back at home.
Eric Saade is one such name, he came on a mission to put Sweden back in the Eurovision Top league of countries for 2011. This he achived puting Sweden in third place in Dusseldorf- just what Dr.Kempe (song writer) ordered in Melodifestivalen 11. After missing out with 'Manboy' last year- Eric Saade worked hard on making him a domestic pop sensation in Sweden- so now he has matured & moved from boy to man.
Eric is so full of talent, he is just ready to go-pop! & this he has done with the digital release of
'Eric Saade Vol 1'

Now Eric Saade has released his 2nd studio album -It's called Vol 1 -And will be followed by Vol 2 a follow up of 10 more tracks from Eric before Christmas. An idea that worked well recently for Robyn with her recent international release in 2 parts.
the lead single is 'Hearts in the Air' this is for me even better than Eric Saade's offering than Eurovision' Popular' single- It's interesting to note 'Hearts in the air' feat J-Son rapper- is also a 3 min song that suggests it may have been wrote with Melodifestivalen in mind- I am not sure
it's amazing to find out that Eric has been getting only some luke warm reviews to the album in Sweden -could this may have something to do with the very international-feel to the new tunes And certainly the 'Hearts in the Air' vid has a very American feel as well for a Eric Saade Video.
This album for me is a worthy follow up to ' Masquerade' his debut album. That I have been playing to death.. other great news is...

As a follow on from the brilliant interview with Danny 2weeks back on Melbourne's Joy Fm show Cafe Latte- will have an interview Alan Ross did with Eric Saade all bout his new album & songs- stay tuned for more info on that I will be listening that sunday for certain. In next 2 weeks (17th July)

Jul 3, 2011

The One's that got away- part 2- Jose Galisteo

For a new month- July. As its freezing cold down-under in M.E.L.B.
we need something it keep us warm and smiling. So I have come up with a new feature to look at some artists
who missed out on a Eurovision place. We already featured Josin Catalin from Romania- and his
many talents & tunes for Eurovision.

Now we go to from Romania to Espana- and Jose Galisteo. Jose being very easy on the eye, plus he has a terrific
swedesque Electro-Dance sound to go with it.
Jose was born in Viladecans, Barcelona. He competed in 'Operacion Triunfo' in Spain a Tv talent show that has brought us Beth, Ramon & Rosa (ESC 2002)
In may 2007 he did his first 'Remember' english album of 80's/90's dance versions of classics.
This gave us great new versions of classics like 'Big in Japan' & 'I promised myself'
these gave Jose his first taste of sucess in Europe- After his promo- duty on this 1st album
In Febuary 2010 he sung one of the 2 Spanish entries for Eurovision in Oslo- wrote by
super-swede Thomas G:Son
The song called 'Beautiful Life' came in only 7th place in the national final for Spain 2010.
The winner was actor turned singer Daniel Diges with 'Algo pequenito' However this terrific G;son tune
went on to be Jose's biggest hit to date.
Let's hope Le Thomas G;son puts his songwriting faith in Mr Galisteo again -for Eurovision cus we think this combination was pure schlager-dance magic. Meanwhile check out more ..

With the spainish single vid- 'Logicamente No' & 'Mis Trampas' (March 2011- release)

-all available on i-tunes international (sigh)