Mar 17, 2012

Italy and San Marino have new songs for Baku- What do we think?

It's not all over yet- all countries taking part in Eurovision have the next couple of weeks to arrange their final songs for the big competition in Eurovision Song Contest in May- In the past we have had a few last minute changes, coming mainly from Ukriane. Who back in mid-March 2010 ditched the song and artist selected for Oslo (Vasyl Lasarovich) and held last minute National Final- only to end up choosing a different song again from the final winner!
Over in Belarus a runner up artist and song was prefered with Litesound's 'We are all Heros' instead of the real winner in 2012 of Alyona Lanskaya with her song 'All of My Life' Certainly I think the right song was selected here in Belarus- at Eurovision 2012.
In Italy it was annoched that Nina Zilli would be the artist from San Remo Contest this year- Nina's San Remo winning tune 'Per Sempre' was the choice and a new bilingual version was due to be created for Eurovision.

Then suddenly last week it was annouched that Nina's record lable had a preference for Nina's latest release 'L'Amore e Femmina' certainly
this new tune has a boom-boom kinda Eurovision ring ring to it- so it seems to be less of a promoinal decision to change this song.
However Per Sempre' certainly would have done equally well in Baku we think- certainly Italy have got it right for the second year back in Eurovision.

Meanwhile San Marino really need to qualify at Eurovision 2012- as with their past 2 entries failed to make the final.
So no current changes in San Marino- however a strong artist called Valentina Monetta with a tune written by none other than Ralph Seigel- the songwriter who has wrote 19 past Eurovision entries for Germany Luxembourg & many more.
I was so excited by this schlager rumour and news- and La Papa Pingouin, la papa pingouin-' began ringing in my ears.
This sounded like a real qualifier already for San Marino to put them on the map- then I heard and saw the song
called- wait for it...

it is far from a Eurovision winner - and rather typical of some of the more modern Ralph Seigel tunes.
Some people like this social-media pop- I am not really sure as I do luv and respect Ralph's past glories.

Will this song really get past the EBU's rules- we think not-
I hate to bring up the subject of Sweden's Lotta Enberg's Melodifestivalen winner 'Fyra Bugg & Coca-Cola' was changed to 'Boogaloo'
for advertising reasons- in Eurovision 1987 -and most certainly facebook is the Coca Cola brand of the modern times.

Does this mean we need let yet another song change for Baku 2012? I think so ---otherwize what next year
(take me to your) 'ikea-heaven''?

-Valentina models her new Baku-chair in 12 pointa-grey

Stop-press-- the EBU have annoched 19/3/2012 that 'Facebook uh oh uh' lyrics are in breach of Eurovision Song Contest rule
book The rule 1.2.2. this was the same rule enforced for Georgia's 'I don't wanna Put In' in 2009 for the political message!

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