Jan 26, 2009

The ABBA History Book on the shelf, really did repeat itself ! As the girls Except a 'Lifetime Achievement' ROCKBjornen !!

Agnetha Faltskog (58 ) & Anni-Frid Lyngstad Reuss( 63 ) very rarely make any public appearences, so the girls who sung 'Waterloo' back in 1974.
Shocked the swedish public by taking to the stage to except ABBA's Lifetime achivement Rockbjornen ( Rockbears-Swedish Grammis ) This kind of award is so often excepted by Bjorn & Benny now-a-days.

This amazing event missed alot of international News reports and a few Abba fan site gave a full report. Yet a detailed 'english' report from Aftonbladet can be found HERE PLUS a swedish Agnetha Radio interview with many recent pics HERE

What the Abba girls gave was so much more than an acceptance speech, LIVE on stage a 10-minute interview followed. This most interesting chat from the girls revealed, they were always good Friends never enemies. In the bands hey-day although they lived the high life travelling and on tour they always returned home to domestic washing up and cooking.

Frida really put Agnetha on the spot a bit, when she said 'I always wanted to ask you if we could make an album together !' They both laughed & Agnetha explained it was difficult to be motivated today to make music when they have private lives now far removed from the music scene. Agnetha did reveal she still writes songs herself, and listens to Laleh & Robyn at home, Frida added she has been a big Robyn fan for a while !!

Yes, this History book on the shelf will always be repeating itself - Thankfully

ABBA's Agnetha & Frida Reunite for Top Lifetime Achievement Award & interview (translation in U-tube info)

Jan 18, 2009

THE STAR PILOTS perform 'Higher' in Mf Semi in Malmo. Lets hope they use these Outfits !!!

I have always had a fascination with the Air Pilots, in any shape or form, so as this Year Mf have there very own
'Star Pilots' I just had to find out more. They are know as M-30, M-31, & M-32 + Johan Becker. They had a recent Euro Hit with 'In the heat of the Night' a Digital Dog mix of this has been featured in Ministry of Sound 2009 Annual CD ( Hear MIX below) Most recently they have done an upbeat version of Chesney Hawkes 1991 No;1 Hit 'The one and only' which is just as good if not better than the original.

Johan Becker- The man behind the sun shades, he is a songwriter and former teacher from Helsinki. He was one half
of The Wallstones who sung 'Invisible People' in Melodifestivalen 2005. Johan wrote 'Har stannar jag kvar' for Sandra Dahlberg in Mf 2004 as well.

STAR PILOTS Digital DOG CLUB MIX-"In The Heat Of The Night" Single

Jan 17, 2009

Jonathan was streetwise, now he is reaching for Melodifestivalen Stardom

Jonathan Fagerlund at 17 years old will make his melodifestivalen debut with 'Welcome to my Life' at first Semi Final in Goteburg (for full artist running order see posts below)
Jonathan from Jonkoping, began as part of a boyband 'Streetwise' who went on to perform in USA & Europe.
Jonathan is often described as a young version of James Blunt crossed with Take That!! His first solo album 'Flying', produced a couple of hits in sweden alone. 'Angeline' and 'Playing Me' with the recent 'Dance in the Shadows' ( see vid below ) He has some real tough competion in the Mf opening Semi Final added to the fact he has song 2 spot, lets see how he does for a first timer...

Nina Soderquist-in 'WEST END STAR' singing an amazing version of 'Du maste finnas' from Kristina

Nina Soderquist will open Mf 2009 with "Tick Tock" she has starred in the WestEnd's Spamalot -BBC interview+clips below

Jonathan Fagerlund "Dance in the Shadows" Hit Vid' from 2008 He will be in Mf Semi Final 1

SEMI FINAL 4 - Malmö 28th February

1. Love Love Love - Agnes 
2. Higher Star Pilots  
Du är älskad där du går - Susanne Alfvengren 
Killing Me Tenderly - Anna Sahlene & Maria Haukaas Storeng 
Sweet Kissin’ In The Moonlight - Thorleifs 
6. Moving On - Sarah Dawn Finer
7. Esta noche - 
Next 3
8. La voix - Malena Ernman  

SEMI FINAL 3 - Leksand 21th February

1. The Queen - Velvet  
I Got U - Rigo & The Topaz Sound feat. Red Fox 
Så vill stjärnorna - Molly Sandén  
Baby Goodbye - E.M.D.
Du vinner över mig - Mikael Rickfors
Här för mig själv - Maja Gullstrand
Alla Sofia 
You’re Not Alone BWO

SEMI FINAL 2 - Skellefteå 14th February

1. Show Me Heaven - Lili & Susie
Jag ska slåss i dina kvarter - Lassse Lindh & Band
Never Been Here Before - Jennifer Brown  
1000 Miles - H.E.A.T   
Kärlekssång från mig - Markoolio 
It’s My Life - Amy Diamond  
What If - Cookies’n Beans 
Hope & Glory - Måns Zelmerlöw

SEMI FINAL 1 - Göteburg 7th February

1. Tick Tock - Nina Söderquist 

2. Welcome To My Life - Jonathan Fagerlund 
Med hjärtat fyllt av ljus - Shirley Clamp  
Jag tror på oss - Scotts
5. You’re My World - Emilia
Stay The Night - Alcazar 
Snälla, snälla - Caroline af Ugglas   
Disconnect Me - Marie Serneholt 

Jan 9, 2009

The NEW Barbados are 'Scotts' taking over in the ole Dansban-land

They are being called the new Barbados, the Dansband that in the mid 90's that gave us the fun-tastic Magnus Carlsson. Barbados gave us some great Melodifestivalen songs of recent years 'Se Mig' & 'Allt som jag ser' came 2nd followed by 'Varlden utanfor' came 4 th in 2002. At the same time they built a solid following thought the land as the top Dansband of the time.
Scotts make their debut in Goteburg Semi Final with 'Jag tror pa oss'  & certainly Scotts seem to have stepped into the dansband void left behind by Barbados. I hope they will at least make it to Globen. The Blond lead singer 
Henrik Stromberg does hold some of the appeal of Magnus, however with a somewhat different vocal style. Having taken runner up prize in 'DansbandsKampen' TV Talent Show in 2008 (see vid clip below) so they certainly know how to pull in the swedish public votes. Plus Scotts do a great cover of 'Angels' and have a rather great new Album the No;1 selling album in sweden
      just released last month             På Vårt Sätt.