Apr 30, 2010

Maria Haukaas Storeng feat. Måns Zelmerlöw "Precious To Me"

Norway mets Sweden as the Fantastic Maria Haukaas Storeng
has a wonderful new single featuring the likes of Måns now this is
one perfect combination- we wanna see something like this in Oslo,

check out a Norsk Breaky TV version of 'Precious to Me'

Apr 29, 2010

Magnus Carlsson & Wille Crafoord cover a Melodifestivalen classic of 1973

'Sommar'n Som Aldrig Säger Nej'

was Melodifestivalen winner of
1973 sung by Malta duo. The song was translated into english as 'You are summer'
and in Luxembourg gave Sweden a 5th place at ESC 1973. Rather wonderfully
last year Magnus Carlsson covered this classic 70's hit. A one-off single release
Magnus with Wille Crafoord, its available from i-tunes..
check out the english version with lyrics of
'oh, you're breasts are like swallows that are nestings'
that line has ranked among the most famous Eurovision lyric of all time.
Here is the swedish vers 'Live'

classic 70's schlager done so well.

Apr 28, 2010

There is a Schlager-Wedding on the cards in Stockholm this summer?

Charlotte Perrelli & Magnus Carlsson -together, but they are not the couple getting wed ! They are to record and release a duet Wedding song called 'Mitt livs gemal' for Royal Princess Victoria's
wedding on 19th June 2010. It is not the first time Big Schlager Stars have been selected to
perform at such a Royal Wedding celebrations. When King Carl Gustaf married Silvia on 19 th June 1976, Abba performed a future hit 'Dancing Queen' somehow I cannot see this new
release having the same inpact! but you just never know-

Aftonbladet Exclusive Video of Bart's New Band -Gravitonas 'Kites'

At last the release of Alexander Bart's new Band 'Gravitonas' with the great new
single 'Kites' its available from i-tunes internationally today- Also see the exclusive
new video below. It certainly has a more serious coldplay-rock sound than
BWO, the previous band
of Bart who over the year's have built their sucess from various entry's in Melodifestivalen.
This is a fantastic sound new project but we are sorry to hear BWO have now taken a
break, and we know what that often means in music biz terms..could be the end of BWO.

Still Looking forward to a Gravitonas album soon..

Apr 25, 2010

Peter Jöback & Secret Garden (Norway's Winners of ESC 1995)

Thank you Peter, for Making Melodifestivalen 2010

Introducing InCulto

Watch out!!! for when 'Inculto' from Lithuania turn up in your office
or Supermarket near you that Eastern Euro Funk will get you.

Is the singer wearing Original Ruper the Bear trousers? yes they are!!

Apr 20, 2010

Come in Switzerland -Michael von der Heide - Il Pleut De L'Or

Another one to watch in Oslo 2010- its been a while since Switzerland made the final
I think this is the one to break the drought. Good luck Michael

Apr 17, 2010

Greece Eurovision 2010- 'Opa'

-Just had chance to see some of the floods of Oslo entry's in Eurovision Song Contest
2010 One stands out for the original tune and you cannot get away from
the Leather! it will certainly be a finalist- in Oslo next month

Apr 7, 2010

Come back Luxembourg to ESC 2011 ?- Bring some style back like Baccara in '78

Baccara, more famous for their disco smash in '77 'Yes, sir I can boogie'
The spanish duo of Maria & Mayte were plucked from a resort Hotel.
Where the girls
performed for German tourists, dutch Producer Rolf Soja took them to Hamburg
to Write & produce "Yes sir.." & a best selling Album.
At Eurovision 1978 they sung 'Parlez vous Francais' for Luxembourg.
The tune finished 7th with 71 points. As well as adding to the girls
list of European hits mainly in Germany, Spain & Holland. Baccara's songwriters
tried again in Eurovision 1986 with Luxembourg entry "L'amour de ma vie"
this tune did better and came in 3rd place. Sung by Sherissa Laurence.
It was unfortunately one the the last successful results for Luxembourg
at Eurovision Song contest. Having been a 5 time winner in the past,
Luxembourg dropped out in 1994 -and never returned.

Apr 4, 2010

TOPPLISTEN The Top 10-its a OLA-Re-shuffle !

This weeks Top 10 has some interesting results. As after a
4 week run Anna Bergandahl's winning song drops to 4 in the chart!
Yet 3 other songs from the final hold on Eric Saade is still one step
away from his debut chart topper.
While Ola's 'Unstoppable' jumps up to the top from No: 5-
Amazing coming from the guy who was no big favourite to win at
Globen. Yet Ola has a amazing track record in Sweden of 5 No: 1's to
his name since April 2006. With hits 'Rain', (the same hit Anthony Callea had
in Australia) 'Natalie', 'S.O.S' and last years
'Sky's the Limit' His other Melodifestivalen hit from 2008
"Love in Stereo" made No: 2. Not bad at all for a guy came 8 th in
Swedish Idol back in 2005.

TOP 10.

1- OLA unstoppable
2- ERIC SAADE manboy
4- ANNA BERGANDAHL this is my life
5- SALEM Al FAKIR keep on walking

6- LADY GAGA & BEYONCE Telephone
7- DARIN you're out of my life
8- EDWARD MAYA & VIKA stereo love
9 -OWL CITY fireflies
10-LADY GAGA bad romance

Apr 2, 2010

Salem Al Fakir just keeps on walking to the top of the charts

Salem Al Fakir has taken the Swedish album charts by storm in 2010
his new album 'Ignore this' shot to the top spot right away- And its been there for
2 weeks now. It certainly is a great album, and not his first number
one album in homeland Sweden

'This is who I am' which made No:1 back in February 2007. Then as we know
Salem went on to almost win Melodifestivalen 2010 with 'Keep on walking'

This was largely due
to a mega Dance Hit Salem Al Fakir had with 'it's true'
It began as a simple ballad in typical Salem style. Then was remixed by the likes of Axwell
and Sebastian Ingrosso, it was a great Mix- Yet the original I think is still like best.
check the video out ...