May 29, 2011

A Greek Star is Born- Loukas Giorkas- With a new song as well

This year's Greek entry for Dusseldorf 'Watch My dance', took alot of risks. The song combined the rap of Stereo Mike & traditional powerful vocals of singer Loukas Giorkas. During the National selection Tv contest a pop-dance hit called ' I don't wanna Dance' sung by Nikki Ponte was the firm favourite. However the pure vocal-power of Loukas & Stereo Mike won on the night. Afterwards the song won much praise, but also many found it too different in Greece. In fact in the lead up to Eurovision some radio stations chose not to play 'Watch my Dance' Loukas spoke out
afterwards that he even had throughts of a possible withdrawal from Eurovision 2011! at this point.
After the semi-final 1 performance that was simply stunning - Greece had infact a 11 point lead over the winning song 'Running scared' from Azerbaijan who due to their high votes with both the jury & televotes won Eurovision Song Contest 2011. It is one of the rare times the Eurovision winner had not been also a winner and qualifier from the Semi final show The same thing happened with Russia's Dima BIlans win of 2008.

Loukas Giorkas during this last week appeared on 'Greek Idol' to do a reprise of 'Watch My Dance' as well as present his new song & single on the show check it out here the New song/performance

Loukas himself had won Greece's X- factor with his amazing voice- following his Eurovision final 7th placing we think he is set for a wonderful career in homeland Greece & overseas.
He certainly impressed many also see his songs from

May 26, 2011

Here are the results from Eurovision Song Contest 2011 Juries

Finally at last-- hot off the EBU press,

For some reason it has been a longtime coming in 2011, but we finally find out the results
from Eurovision 2011 Final juries- as expected it was Italy who lead with the juries. This is
not a big surpise as Ralpael Gualazzi gave a wonderful performance in the rehearsal & this was matched in the Eurovision final Yet there can only be 1 winner--

Final- Jury VOTES.

1st Italy -251
2nd Azerbaijan -182
3rd Denmark -168
4th Slovenia- 160
5th Austria- 145
6th Ireland - 119
7th Ukraine- 117
8th Serbia- 111
9th Sweden-106
10th Germany-104
11th Bosnia-Herzeovina- 90
12th France- 90
13th Romania - 86
14th Greece -84
15th Moldova -82
16th Finland -75
17th Georgia -79
18th Estonia- 74
19th Iceland -72
20th Lithuania - 66
21st Hungary-60
22nd United Kingdom -57
23th Switzerland- 53
24th Spain- 38
25th Russia- 25

and the Televoting scores separated from the 50% jury looked like this- and shows how Italy or even Sweden missed out on a win from televotes on the night! And Greece made an impressive comeback from ranking only 14th with the jury result!

Televoting Alone (50%)

223 Azerbaijan
221 Sweden
176 Greece
168 Ukraine
166 United Kingdom
151 Bosnia-Herzeovina
138 Georgia
138 Russia
113 Germany
101 Ireland
099 Italy
098 Moldova
089 Serbia
079 Romania
076 France
073 Spain
064 Hungary
061 Denmark
060 Iceland
055 Lithuania
047 Finland
039 Slovenia
032 Estonia
025 Austria
002 Swtizerland

Loukas Giorkas, a hit with the public voters on the night- more than the jury vote-

May 21, 2011

UK's Eurovision icon Kathy Kirby dies at 71-

Tribute to Kathy- via Telegraph features I Belong (1965)

Kathy gave UK it's very first eurovision female singer triumpth in 1965. When she was runner-up to Luxembourg's France Gall's 'Poupee de cire, Poupee de son' she sang 'I belong'.

Kathy had her big hit 'Secret Love' the year before in 64, She was regularly compared to Marilyn Monroe, and often topped the bill at the London Palladium. Back in 1963 she was awarded NME award of readers Top British Female singer. She had two Top 10 hits in homeland UK – Let Me Go, Lover followed Secret Love in 1964 – and three more in the Top 40, which earned her her own BBC television series.

In 1971 the death of her mentor and bandleader Bert Ambrose, meant a decline in Kathy Kirby's career, Bert had managed her career from the age of 16 with his orchestra. Kathy later became bankrupt and suffered various health problems after Ambrose's death. The only real comeback was in 1981 when she re-worked Charles Aznavour's classic 'She' (renamed He)

Kathy's back-cataloge has an impressive 6- song for europe selection from 65- Of great tunes like 'One Day' & 'I'll try not to cry' Kathy will be remembered for her great voice and classic 60's look.

We will Miss Kathy Kirby.

The results of 'Song for Europe 1965'
all sung by Kathy Kirby--

1st I belong -110,495 votes
2nd I'll try not to cry -96,252 votes
3rd My only Love -61,993 votes
4th One Day
5th I won't let go
6th Sometimes

May 18, 2011

Eurovision Song Contest 2011 - What a Final Show in Dusseldorf- & the voting!

Now the glitter and dusk has settled after Dusseldorf 2011. The final was one massive amazing show once again packed full of artists & songs each finalist was in its own way a winner!
When we look at the contest historically has in some small ways made a public statement of it's own,
and we are not refering to block voting here!
The favourites of France, UK & Hunary seemed to be something of a myth when the final votes came up on the scoreboard! the media-buzz of 2011 -was very much claiming Eurovision to be just the Jedward & UK's Blue show. How wrong was that- although both UK & Ireland gave a performance worthy of any prize.
So what happened? suddenly the sleepers like -Italy, Sweden, Greece, Germany & Ukraine became the 'new' winners based on more out-standing performances on the Final night. It showed us the europeans voted on what they 'liked on the night'- and not who- was just in the news in the day before.
It was a close-race and never before have so many songs each received top 12 points at some stage in the voting. Azerbaijan came out with the most appeal and just 3 times 12 points, while Italy got 4 times 12 points! 'Running Scared' took the victory with 221 points. Another interesting fact was Azerbaijan came 2nd in the semi final result to Greece, I think in the end 'Running scared' appealed to more age-groups - as well as a rather haunting melody.

check out this clip of eurovision top3 interview (thanks to
- see Lena almost in tears, you can see she just does not want it to be over- & close her Eurovision chapter, ahhh-hh!
Lena you can always comeback again?

May 16, 2011

Introducing the two swedes who also won Eurovision 2011- in Dusseldorf!

Azerbaijan - won Eurovision Song Contest 2011- thanks to this swedish songwriter - Stefan Örn He´s with a band called Apollo Drive - who have a East coast Rock sound very different from ESC.
Check out 'Papercut' Live clip (stefan plays guitar) Together with lyric by Sandra Bjurman. These two swedes found success writing 'Drip Drop' in Eurovision 2010 as Safura sang for Azerbaijan, the song-writers repeated this success as being choosen from 15 submissions for Eurovision 2011 coming from mainly Azerbaijan as well as Spain, Greece, Romania, Sweden & Australia.
As two artists Nigar Jamal & Eldar Gasimov had been winners of a 7-heat semi-final started back in Nov 2010 just to choose the best performance-artist for the Song Contest. Later the names were changed Ell & Nikki.
The rest has become Eurovision history in Dusseldorf. (below 'Apollo Drive')

Azerbaijan- they came and made Eurovision their own in 2011


Azerbaijan have only been in Eurovision the past 4 years- never once been outside the Top 10
with their entries final placing It began in 2008 with Elnur Guseynov & Samir Javadzade- and 'Day after day'
They love the duo's ( only Safura was a solo act last year with 'Drip-drop' ) in 2011-

They won Running Scared -- Ell & Nikki - by the same songwriters as ' Drip Drop' in 2010
the swedes Stefan Orn-Sandra Bjurman.

Ell & Nikki partied on til 430am on saturday night- when they sung the song 'Running Scared' again-
at the after party together with Shirley's Angels check out
the x-clusive clip here - they did lip synch 'Running Scared 'as they had been up most of the night!

May 14, 2011

All smiles- As Eric Saade is in the Eurovision Final 2011

Eric will sing as Song 7
- drawn for the Final running order

Jedward Media-Divas of ESC 2011

Here we find the Jedward's with their fun tastic Red 'Lipstick' suits for Eurovision- this morning they made the CNN international news report and did an interview-
who needs a Dana International when we have 2 media diva's with the irish twins...

Grand Final dress- rehearsal with Jury scoring begins

-Action-Man Russian Alexej is out to 'Get you'

All the fun & glamour has starrted early in dusseldorf, with a slight change to the voting procedure in Eurovision 2011. During the final full dress rehearsal, each countries jury will make their minds up and give scores based on this rehearsal, so the pressure is on for each artist to give 100% even for the run-though before Final night. This will be filmed also, just incase the ESC Final on saturday's broadcast was interupted for some reason and the back-up rehearsal can be shown.
When it comes to vote counting on final night -the countries will present the results of -50% jury, 50% televote- in an order set and based on the jury results already found from the rehearsal (and kept secret of course). So how does this change things? it means this collecting of Eurovision-votes will be the most nail-biting of all.
After the past victory from Alexander Rybak & Lena -last year who actually took run-away leads in the voting this change will add to more schlager-excitement!

Can our euro-nerves stand it?
and what about in the green room will the performers crack-up?
will Jedward twins just explode into a red-jacket glittery mess on the floor !!

-jedward rehearsals before breakfast!

Semi-Final Results- and The artists met the Press ready for Eurovision Final 2011

Blue- are ready on the Eurovision Final Bus- who will join them?

The final 10 songs have been choosen in dusseldorf-
You can view all the excitement as the artists chat and draw the song positions
they will sing in the grand final night.

Watch here- Aussie fans do not watch if you have not watched the show as this will reveal
the winners already from semi-final 2

Hello it's Melbourne calling with our results of Semi Final 1

Julia & Sam get into the spirit with German national dress for Eurovision week

Here down under in Australia we have a delayed broadcast of Eurovision and both semi-finals. this means a weekend of back-to-back Eurovision shows without a break.
Plus- our very own commentators -Julia Zemiro & Sam Pang (above) who do an awesome job for SBS, also because we cannot vote of course.
Each time the phone numbers are due to be shown on screen for the semi finals SBS just show their web address to vote on line (free) This year it seems to have worked very well, the votes are closed off -just after the Tv broadcast. However while Ebu in europe never reveal any semi-final results til after the final -it's very interesting to see how Australia judged the songs from Semi Final 1

So here are the results of Australia's
Webvoting in Semi final 1

1- Greece- 10361 votes
2- Serbia- 7515 votes
3- Iceland- 6135 votes
4- Turkey- 6054 votes
5- Portugal- 5515 votes
6- Finland- 4870 votes
7- Croatia - 4630 votes
8- San Marino - 4178 votes
9- Hungary- 3930 votes
10- Poland- 2747 votes

11-Russia - 2499 votes
12- Switzerland - 2445 votes
13-Malta - 2178 votes
14-Norway - 2040 votes
15-Armenia - 1503 votes
16- Georgia - 1470 votes
17-Azerbaijan - 1470 votes
18- Albania - 1178 votes
19- Lituania - 955 votes

-Its interesting to see finalist Lituania, Georgia and then Azerbaijan- so very low in the results.
Azerbaijan are a top favourite to win this year, but this may shows they have not such a convincing high scoring tune as expected?
And these three songs qualified in europe! and Portugal shot to a Top 5 position according to the australian viewers. I aggree with Poland & Croatia as qualifing songs in this result.
Just shows how anything can happen.

May 12, 2011

Real Double-trouble in Semi Final 2 in Eurovision 2011- Jedward Vs The Twiins

That's right Jedward are not the only set of twins in Eurovision! - a pop duo called The Twiins are singing for Slovakia a slow ballad called 'I am still alive' these girls are visually
a euro-treat even if they don't have a showstopper like 'Lipstick'
Yet as we have learned from Eurovison Semi final's just anything can happen! already we have lost Norway & Poland in 2011. Both we think are worthy finalist.
Here is the top 10 favourites of Semi 2 from schlagertunes- in a random order.

-Slovenia -No one- Maja Keuc
-Sweden- Popular-Eric Saade
- Moldova- So Lucky- Zdob si Zdub
-Ireland- Lipstick- Jedward
-Estonia-Rockefeller Street- Getter Jaani
-Latvia-Angel in disgise-Musiqq
-Denmark- New Tomorrow- A Friend from London
-Austria- Secret of Love- Nadine Beiler
-Ukraine- Angel-Mika Newton
-Romania- Change-Hotel FM

2 close running-up we feel have worthy songs but may miss out The Netherlands & Bosnia & Herzegovina- it certainly will be a close call ..

Austria's Nadine Beiler is one of the best female vocalist of 2011

Eric Saade meets Uk's Blue in Eurovision city- Dusseldorf

Eric Saade +Blue-what a line up in Dusseldorf old town

Eric Saade finally met U K hot favorites Blue for a photo op for the swedish press- this seems to be the only time both acts have met as they are very likely to be rivals in this years final. Of course Sweden and Eric Saade has to gain a place in the final first,
and the pressure is on.
This year Sweden have gone for a performance based song
With a lot of dancing and finally the Wow factor of the breaking glass along with a
Great song that has been top of the Swedish charts for weeks. Certainly Eric is certainly no newcomer
at home in Sweden he has recently had a few chart hits and top selling debut album. All under the wing of master of svenska pop Fredrik
Kempe so he is 'Popular' already. Eric is creating alot of publicity due to last year's disapointment Sweden became a non-qualifing country in Eurovision 2010 in Oslo

However Eric has also been overwhelmed by international support for him He told Poplight site-
'I have received several awards, it's crazy. In Russia, it felt like I had awesome support, and in France, I got a standing ovation" "It's great to have all this overseas success suddenly abroad.

Eric has come a long way since last May presenting the Swedish votes last year in Oslo- when he really wanted to be there in person. Let hope he does to put Sweden back on the Eurovis' Map- Go Eric--

Check out Eric Saade's full uncut official

May 11, 2011

Iceland's magic strikes again in Dusseldorf with 'Coming Home'

-Iceland in 2011 has a song and tribute to the songwriter Sigurjón Brink who died suddenly in the past January.

The only Nordic country without a massive history in Eurovision, they first entered in 1986 with ICY and finished 16th place with 'Gledibankinn' this 80's pop band featured Eirikur Hauksson- who represented Iceland in 2007. This showed the quailty this small country Iceland could offer to Eurovision- Since 1986 they have never -missed a heartbeat!
Johanna- proved they can win coming 2nd to Alexander Rybak in 2009- for sure 'Fairytale' became unbeatable. So to be runner up in 2009 this really was a victory in it's self. Joanna came back to the National Final however did not win witha new ballad 'Slow down' just as good as 'It's True'
For the past 3 years Iceland have qualified in the Eurovision final, not easy as it used to be for some of the nordic countries.
This year's 'Coming Home' is no different, what a terrific melody - a wonderful harmony and performance from Sjonni Friends I hope this tune gets a top 10 it deserves we will see?
Another face you may remember in Sjonni Friends is Gunnar Olason he was part of Two Tricky and sang 'Angel' for Iceland back in 2001- and finished 23th.

May 10, 2011

The scary truth about Turkey's Yüksek Sadakat !

I knew I had seen Turkey's latest rock band before- in a different decade
maybe - then I learnt how they

"They sleep all day party all night. (kewl)
Never grow old! (hmmmm...)
Never die, its fun
when your a V#***re"

-Now the lyrics of 'Live it up' make sence -
please beware Duncan, Lee, Antony & Simon don't get to near to Yüksek Sadakat just in case..... (we need u guys to bring it home)

May 9, 2011

My Top 10 Songs--from Semi-Final 0ne

Who would think Eurovision week in Dusseldorf would come around so soon.
Yet each year Eurovision grows not with just more countries, or old ones like Austria & Italia,
also with progress it developes and grows. Certainly the time when this European Song contest
was an introduction to several brand new songs never heard before are over-
With the internet websites u-tube and downloads stores the battle of the favourite song, begins weeks before- if we choose we can hear a countries tune over and over.
This I personally find this all refreshing, as for example Iceland's 'Coming Home' has grown to be a favourite of ESC 2011, and while it may well get missed among the up-beat showstoping effects of the other entries.
Its a tune that grows on you- and in past growers have never stood a chance much.

So after many listens, + having seen some of the rehearsals-
this is schlagertunes top10-- of semi final 1 ( in a random order)

Malta's Glen Vella living the dream of his 'one life'

-Poland -Jestem -Magdalena
-Turkey- Live it up - Yuksek Sadakat
-Norway- Haba haba- Stella
-Russia- Get you- Alexej Vorobjov
-Serbia- Caroban- Nina
-Malta- One Life- Glen Vella
-Azerbaijan- Running scared- Ell & Nikki
-Iceland- Coming home- Sjonni's Friends
-Hungary- What about me? Kati Wolf
-Armenia- Boom boom- Emmy

The Eurovision teens of 2011- Opening party in dusseldorf-
feel the excitment.

May 8, 2011

BLUE rehearsal in dusseldorf!

Lot of artists have completed rehearsals in Espirt Arena- now it is the turn of the big 5-
Blue finally reveal not only a new mix and take on I can but some wonderful backdrop
screen visuals --

May 6, 2011

Blue on BBC Breakfast Tv - reveal All !

check it out buff -Blue boys - tatts'n' all
click here to see it.

also one great Tv appearence in Holland- on
Life4you hear gary barlow & robbie williams
views on Blue- 'I can'

May 5, 2011

jedward have landed in dusseldorf & hung out with Lena already!

during 1st rehearsal - Jedward

Jedward boys are full of irish-joy- check out their first interview with a translator-
we heard the lads were so excited about using a foreign translator.
Everyone else just was left thinkin' just how can anyone possibly translate at the pace the twins both talk? well- it turned out they can, in russian anyhow - Also in true Jed-style Lena the german winner of Eurovision could not wait to met them, she organised to pick them up in a limo from the hotel
to take them on the first journey to Eurovision Espirt Arena. As you can imagine Jedward were in their element to met Princess Lena Meyer Landrut.
Hear all bout that and more - in 3 secs chat here-------

jedward met Lena on U-tube-
check this out for all the fun when the 2 met

May 3, 2011

Jedward Strike a pose- as they get ready for Eurovision 2011

Jedward follow in UK's Blue centerfold for 'Attutide' They have appeared on GT Magazine (GayTimes) for this month-
check out Jedward- as guests Plus Jedward have this past week interviewed on the 'Late Late Show' - chatting about Royal wedding-goin to Eurovision & how Germany's Lena said raved about Ireland's bid for Euro fame. The guys seem to be very excited ... as the countdown begins...

May 2, 2011

Lena performs 'Taken by a Stranger' and interviewed on Tv before Dusseldorf

this is a sneak preview of how Lena's performance will look in the final- very different from last year with robotic dancers adding to the mood of the song- currebtly Lena is in the middle of her tour though-out germany. This should help sharpen up her act, bring a ray of new confidence for the singer who can do no wrong.
In this interview she names Jedward, Blue (she was a big fan of UK's Blue boys-back then) & Kati Wolf as her favourites in Dusseldorf
check out the song & chat here--

May 1, 2011

Dana International is back in Eurovision 2011- this time as a songwriter as well!

Isreal again will send Dana International to Dusseldorf. She won back in 1998 with 'Diva' a winning song played quiet often still. Dana has actually sent her song writing talent to the ESC even more recently in 2008 as she wrote 'Fire in your Eyes' sung by Boaz. This tune finished in 9th place in Belgrade.
Dana international has wrote 'Ding Dong' that seems to relate more to her Diva- roots that to the Boaz entry. How she will do will depend alot on the performance in her Semi-Final.
I hope it will qualify cus you want some schlager Diva-glam in any ESC final-
The official video of Ding Dong- is now out

'1, 2, 7, 3- it is Showtime' As rehearsals have began in Dusseldorf for Eurovision 2001

It certainly is -Showtime...

Its also a full 2-weeks to go, before Eurovision Song Contest 2011. The favourites are now established, and the internet is alive with reviews and polls on this year's songs.

You can even now check out on you-tube Germany's ARD1 reviews lots ESC 2011 tunes with Songchecker's Euro-Expert verdicts (in german)

Meanwhile in Dusseldorf at its all kicked off already- the press and artists have started to arrive in Germany. One of the great advantages of you-tube is- we can often view how its going with Eurovision rehearsals -on your favourites. Even if lots of us Euro-fans down under cannot be in Germany this year.
We can see how the artists look and sound 'live' in the arena, early on Estonia's 'Rockefeller Street' is one to watch for schlagertunes,
See here Getter's first soundcheck at Dusseldorf Esprit Arena--
Estonia's Getter Jaani one of the first to have a rehearsal slot for 2011-

- Getter Jaani Live in Estonia's national final 'Eesti Laul 2011'