Dec 16, 2012

The Malmo drop-out list for Eurovision 2013 -Ohh no !

Well I guess it was almost to be expected that a few countries given the current financial climate in the EU would be unable to afford to go to Eurovision next year. In fact everyone held their breath as Greece confirmed- and then their was a 24 hour panic on the web! As Spain one of the big 5 looked like they would be missing in Malmo! However finally Spain confirmed so all seemed well.
Until the sister-land Portugal shocked everyone by confirming their non participation
At Eurovision 2013 this was sad as Portugal often produce such great song in the full spirit of the European song contest. Although Portugal are not always Top 10 placed in the Grand Final  have not sent Eurovision typical song often original. So I will certainly miss Portugal and equally Poland who  will be out for a second year running.

Then yesterday came the news of Turkey was dropping out! Well now, Turkey! seem fairly
 financial so everyone is asking what is the story, here? It seems although one of the most successful European nations recently. Turkey gave given reasons such as 50/50 jury & Big 5 Final qualification rulebook changes back in 2011 and other rule changes recently as their reason to not be at Malmo 2013. This seems strange coming from one of the most successful Eurovision countries, since Turkey won Eurovision back in 2003 they have only once missed a great placing from taking part in the Eurovision final.

And now Bosnia & Herzegovina look most likely to be another 'popular' regular Eurovision country to be missing for 2013. Unless they find some independent funding. While the TV BHRT certainly cannot afford to send a song to Malmo, I think past songs such as Laka 'Pokusaj' (2008) and 'Bistra voda' by the unforgettable Regina prove Bosnia will be missed as well if they don't make it somehow?

Dec 8, 2012

The 1st Song for Malmo 2013- from Belarus 'Rhythm Of Love'

Just last night Belarus held their Eurovision National final- so this has brought us the very first song for 'Eurovision Song Contest 2013' and we are gonna just add a extra 'subject to change' note. And not cus it's a bad song or anything, just that last year Belarus had varies re-votes and changes to the winner until a runner -up entry from Litesound got the final honor to represent Belarus in 2012. In fact Alyona Lanskaya was the winner of last year's Eurofest National Final with 'All My Life' as well - so surely they cannot possibly reject her of winning honours 2 years running ? Or can they ?

This time Belarus have choosen well enough, certainly the disco-ball and dancers will help this eletro eastern-pop tune at Malmo- 'Rhythm of Love' by Alyona Lanskaya. Check out the clip
   Be Warned  of  - Le top-less sexy dancer alert