May 31, 2012

Eurovision 2012 - Road to Eurovision by Julia Zemiro

                 All the glam and glitter is over for Eurovision 2012- time to reflect on what may be remembered as the Eurovision 2012- For the year when Sweden returned to glory after so long.
But also what may have been the most political Eurovision in history -due to the Baku location. Here in Australia - schlagertunes  the best thing in 2012 was SBS's and Julia Zelmiro outstanding coverage and interviews with just about everyone in Eurovision past and present in Baku host city. If you have Eurovis' blues watch these two coverage shows with Julia- 

Part 2- at 40:15min- see Julia & Loreen have a relaxing chat-- 

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Then don't miss my favourite Road to Eurovision- Part1 -see new interview with Gigolia Cinquetti, (amazing)  Lyn Assia and Johnny Logan - what a winning journey Julia took us on.

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May 29, 2012

Take a Look at Loreen's journey from Globen- in words & music

Christer Bjorkman- Mr Melodifestivalen- after 11 years finally he has the Eurovision 
winning glory to celebrate in Baku 

May 27, 2012

Loreen has brought victory home for Sweden's 5 th Eurovision win

             We are in a state of shock- that Loreen and sweden pulled of the historical 5th win.
It was a close competion between Serbia and Russia, that Loreen final scored 372 points- a full 113 points a clear winner in the end.

Finally Eurovision return's to the West, safely surely in Stockholm for Eurovision Song Contest 2013.

Eurovision Grand Final 2012 Random thoughts..

  What can I say... Eurovision 2012 is almost up on us. 

It has been so far with the two semi-finals a wonderful show from Crystal Hall. In particular the winners
interval act featuring Alexander Lena Dima & 5 years of winners -  that was a Eurovision treat that would have been better placed I think- for in the final tonight. Only thing I would common on -was  the winners medley were together with traditional azerbaijan instruments! 
 I found myself saying- "What they have traditional folk music and culture?' how come we never knew about it?
 Answer- "It has never shown up in any Azerbaijan song contest entries past or present- oh well maybe for 2013.

  This year once again it is difficult to pick a winner?- the same problem as I recall in 2011 in Dusseldorf.
Now in 2012- we have alot stronger performers I think- and the song quality well is it better?
Personally I think some countries have put forward a great song, knowing as song it may certainly not win. Could this be because 
Eurovision has become so huge only certain countries have the resources and money to be a host country? There is discussion from the EBU that the contest may experience a down scale in 2013.

I get the feeling that maybe it is time for a favourite to shine- abit like Alexander Rybak did in 2009 in Moscow- It goes without saying at schlagertunes -we want to see a Sweden's Loreen win. Not only does she have the most popular song of 2012 and wonderful performance- she is a fantastic very original artist. 
Yet- is it true the favourites don't win anymore?

Ok if that is the case we can rule out Sweden even Italy- another song and artist I like alot this year. So if it turns out
we find 2012 is the year of perhapes a dark horse coming forward to take the prize -

There can only be one - dark horse this year -it is Estonia Ott Lepland' he is the one to watch and most certainly his semi-final performance was amazing. Lets see what happens...good luck to them all may the
very best song win. :)

May 25, 2012

My random Pad comments from Eurovision Semi Final

Outside in wet cold Melbourne winter weather - it is perfect for this year's Eurovision theme Light my fire As well as my random Pad comments/options (without any clues to the results) as we settle into Semi Final 2 along with bees Scott Mills & Sara Cox Serbia- a popular favorite certainly

Serbia- a country that know how to put on a ballad that will have mass appeal and with the talents of the brilliant Zelio how can this not qualify
FYR Macedonia- all the Baltic countries made it into this semi finals so it will be interesting to see what effect this will be - boom or bust ! I like only a few of them but this one I have to pass on!
Le Netherlands- one of my personal faves Joan s tune has grown on me and she certainly does nail this tune live and audience in Baku seem to agree with me as well it is becoming a bit of a gay anthem
so  Go Go Joan- 
Malta- The Luvly Kurt from Malta - is nt he just perfect for Eurovision ? Only This is the night' is a theme we have heard before in the competition that may cost Kurt the votes to make it.. I do hope he makes it.
Belarus- another uptempo rock tune for band Litesound I think Belarus wanted to stand out from all the Euro pop With this band but I think they got the wrong semi for that Yet I do like the singers vocal & looks they may surprise us making it to the final
Portugal- I do like this tune however I think she may well get lost in the sea of dreamy female singers with this same type of tune is it me? Or do we have so many in 2012.
Ukraine- oh I liked this tune heaps, however seeing it live I am unsure... Her vocals are not for me are too screamy Plus why has she got flowers on her head! It should be make the final though
Bulgaria - this tune was more interesting for me hearing the studio version on the CD and just not sure if it is a qualifier but may do well with the jury vote.
Slovenia - Eva Boto is very popular in Euro sites and with this performance she does stand out - I give her half way 5 or is that 6?
Croatia- sorry not a high flyer for me even through Croatia need to make it to the Final
Sweden- Loreen was outstanding her vocal fantastic- only I am not sure it was the actual same routine as at Melodifestivalen - did'nt it miss the fall to the ground bit- makes no difference she has to be a finalist
Georgia- Now the fun begins Anri is rather OTT  with the stage act, entertaining certainly - but not a Eurovi Finalist if you ask me..
Turkey- some Eurovis' you don't like too much as a song only I found Love me back' bit average yet with Can Bonomo performance I like it alot more - the dancers are great - Will he qualify no I think not!
Estonia - I saw Ott Lepland win his Estonian national final and certainly he has improved this song and performance since then he has what I call 'the goose bump factor' when a song has that emotional element - a stand out track for me...
Slovakia- Max Jason seems to be flying his very own heavy rock flag- it may go down well and bring out European rock fans, but for me it's just your average melodic rocker...
Norway- for me it's not a Eurovision final without Norway and this year they have pulled out all the stops with a new artist- and Tooji is not really an Saade clone. Perfect for Baku- so this year Norway got it right..
Bosnia & Herzegovina- another baltic ballad they do them so well- yet it does get abit lost in transaltion for me - you just want to know what is going on.
Lithuania- every now and again in Eurovision a great singer and artist comes along that you really wanna hear more of Donny Montell is great- a perfect performance a place in the final - yes most certainly I hope so-

Best song of the night -  'Euphoria'  & 'Kuula'

May 24, 2012

My random comments from Tuesdays Eurovision semi final 1

All the excitement has finally begun in Baku While here in Melbourne down under we have delayed telecast broadcast on Friday evening I tend to download a broadcast from my motherland in Uk and as I like Scott Mills he's fun. So this post is some schlagertune comments as I saw and heard the songs for the first time on stage- (other than listening to the Eurovision 2012 official Cd of course) 
So if you have yet to see the semi final 1 (just don t worry this post will not reveal any results for any Aussie fans and bloggers). 
Montenegro - Must be one of the worst Eurovision opening songs ever ever! And the horse what was that for? It did not work or make sense to me!
 Latvia - This is one of my firm favorite songs of 2012 from the Cd I still luv it yet am worried the performance and set is too minimalistic for the song .... but please mr god let it qualify? 
Greece - I was not so keen on this tune but now I luv it! It really takes us back to 2005 and The performance is for me very Helena Paparizou -Mark II and the song is very modern
Albania - A classic example of a fantastic singer with a bare terrible tune now see how Albania will qualify for all the wrong reasons - Scott Mills said 'hide your pets' before the song started too right-
 our puppy charlie was scared !
 Iceland - this song for me just has'nt got it for me- it just has never yet clicked but I cannot imagine a Eurovision final without Iceland in it-
 Romania - this is a country that has -one of the best-track records in recent Eurovision history and I luv their entries- so imagine my horror to find I am sorry to say -I am just not keen on this year's offering !
Romania you can do much better?
 Switzerland -it's the Swiss Italian version of 'The Killers' I hope the lads qualify they sound great Live although the song is rather average in Eurovision Tune-terms - for me
 Belguim - a sweet ballad - its almost the Tom Dice - Me & My guitar- effect again with a female singer Sorry belguim not a second time ! I cannot see Iris in the final.
 Finland - a much better ballad Than "Would you" yet will a Swedish ballad pick up a lot of votes Swedish Melodifestivalen has not chosen a ballad for a very long time hmmmm...I think I understand why not now!
Isreal - this song is very different for 2012 and suddenly I think it may work- but Isreal you are up against the Russian grannies/Jedward will take the novelty votes for 2012 is their any left for Isreal?

My Pad-random comments from Semi final 1 : part two

San Marino - its Ralph Siegel how can I not like it just cannot understand why S.N Song is not a lot more popular on the web
 Cyprus - we seem to have heard this song so much yet the live performance is a smasher I just luv this song so much much more
 Russia- they turned out to be everything we hope for I just dare them not to win Hungary - a real quality song for me-  I luv it want Compact Disco to be 2012 'A Friend from London' for this year -just gotta be Top 3 for me ...oh did I saw the singers cute as well
 Austria - I began actually started out liking this fun rap German hit and not only for the funny lyrics but now I think live it's a non qualifier but hey anything can happen in Eurovision
 Moldova - another country that normally do qualify but this year I have to say loose that trumpet cus you won t need it!
 Ireland - Jedward with the hair down I like it with a great performance Dare I say it about the shower effect Eric Sadde did it first in 2010 We still want Jedward in the final 2012.

 My Best song of the night - 'LaLa Love' (Cyprus) & Sound of our hearts (Hungary)

May 21, 2012

Loreen's interview from this week

Sweden's Loreen is still the favourite to win Eurovision Song Contest 2012.
  Here we have a great first interview with this amazing lady Loreen....

May 19, 2012

Donna Summer an icon and Diva- she will be missed so much

Yesterday I was infact speechless- after the sad news of Donna Summer so suddenly leaving us, and at a time when she seemed so healthy and doing concerts and recording in the studio an unreleased new record.
 Donna was so full of real joy and happiness- she has been called by BBC 'the reluctant diva' yet she was a
quiet ordinary and down-to-earth lady. With her music in the 70's it was not all about songs of 'bad girls' & 'I Love to love' she always had a gospel tone to so many of her album tracks and B-sides in her hey-day as well as the disco anthems we know so well.

To bring back a 'smile' to our faces- here its a RARE fun Fan interview from 2009- when Donna even speaks german- wow and so well 

'We miss you Donna Summer'     -Heaven knows we do.

May 16, 2012

Julia in a Kamper-van his names Karl - see inside Karl os

this is very exciting on the SBS leadup to Euro-vision in Baku-
      we feel so inspired we wanna do a trip over to Europa very sooon..too

May 12, 2012

A Lost Eurovision Cover-classic from 1977 covered by Farrah Fawcettt

When it comes to Eurovision cover versions I find very often they don't live up to the originals However there is always an exception to the rule. Recently I found one in a version of English/French version of the very successful Italian entry from Eurovision Song Contest 1974 a song that finished 2nd place to Abba's Waterloo winner of that year. Gigola Cinquetti who won Eurovision for the first time in 1963 was looking for a second Victory with "Si" - It did have a English version at the time called "Go (before you break my heart)" the single even became a hit in the British top 20.
                      Farrah Fawcett was certainly in the mid 70s was unknown at all for her singing she did however become an iconic original Charlies Angel and will be remembered fondly for this part and her blond bombshell-  look that came to captured the face of a whole decade - the 70s. We did very sadly lose Farrah Fawcett recently in 2009 when she died at only 62- of cancer.
                      In 1977 Farrah duetted with a French actor Jean-Paul Vignon who was equally famous yet seems to sing alot better than Farrah on this track. Farrah's part on the duet is mostly spoken and almost Marilyn Monroe-eque yet works very well to change this rather traditional Eurovision latin ballad. Why this Eurovision runner-up was re-vamped a full 3 years after 1974- is unclear and it had very limited success in Europe mainly due to both these artists involved I would say-
                      Yet I do like how the whole style of this song was developed into a very different take on 'Si'
when it became 'You"   (click here to hear the track)'s just not Eurovision 2012 for us downunder- without the incredible Julia Zemira

With each year SBS Australia sends to Eurovision one of two wonderful commentator Julia Zemira- and this year
  she is travelling in style in an Eurvision Baku camper- van!
Julia we are the lucky one's to have you interviewing & being our eyes of Baku..
                                                        - Schlagertunes

Find out more here from eurovision. tv

May 5, 2012

Jedward flying the flag- but just what have they done to 'Lipstick'

Jedward- how to make great use of last year's expired eurovision entry-
                 this way they won't have to take the bus all the way down to Baku 2012!

Eurovision songs from the Baltics 2012- Latvia, Lituania gets a thumbs up!

Each year at Eurovision I do confess to being very partial to each selection from Estonia A country that always takes it's Euro entries very serious and normally comes up with a song very different each year- Certainly they bring to the stage the very best artists this small country can offer from a well of great modern talent.
This has been rather successful in seeing Estonia so often in the Eurovision grand final.

For Baku 2012, I confess I do like Estonia's 'Kuula' by Ott Lepland. He has made a lot of waves already in Eurovision cycles.

Plus, in 2012 both Latvia & Lituania are favourites of mine- to make the whole trio of baltic countries.
Especially with one of the most caughty songs of recent modern Eurovision tunes if you ask me is
'Beautiful Song' a tune on first listen sounds like a montage of name drops with Johnny Logan winner from 1980, followed by Mccartney and then Mike Jagger. Yet this tune really does stick in the head-
like all eurovision songs should- added to the pure charm of the stunning Anmary as our Latvian singer.

Check out the fab Video of 'Beautiful Song'

Then Lituania, who's greatest success is in fact Eurovision 2006's bold 'We are the Winner' that finished in 6th place. For Baku they are sending a cute singer called Donny Montell ( or Donatas Montvydas )
with a rather polished pop song called 'Love is blind' a song that is a really grower-
In fact - it is almost a follow-up to Sasha Son's 'Love' for Eurovision Moscow in 2009.
If you like this tune - like I do- then do go on and check out Donata's solo album on i-tunes. It's just as good.
Maybe not as strong as Beautiful Song' I hope -Donny can qualify along with the two sister balic countries.

                                              Donny he wants your vote in Baku-