Mar 11, 2012

Globen- Our hearts were with Danny, As Loreen took the Melodifestivalen Prize 2012.

There is always in any competion - a firm favourite that Loreen proved she was before the Final- however before Loreen's victory you could feel the emotional supense
as the public voting was slowly unfolded. Loreen managed to get 22 points more than Danny Saucedo's 'Amazing' from the international juries. For some strange reason Bosnia Hertz gave Danny no points at all ! Loreen was sure to give Danny a big commiserations hug as soon
as her win was annouched- that was very touching yet you could see the hurt in Danny's eyes!
As Christer Bjorkman put it " To come a runner up two years running is not very funny at all- We hope Danny will find courage to comeback to the competion again" even Peter Joback who is over in London currently said on-line 'Danny is a great man- and his professionalism made Peter feel proud to be swedish tonight'
Even Sarah Dawn Finer in a recent interview told reporters - one of the main reason she took great pleasure in being one of 2012's out-standing hosts of Melodifestivalen 2012. Is because this meant she could take part in Melodifestivalen without being a contestant at all- as back in 2009 when Sarah Dawn sang 'Moving On' and finished 6th she found it emotionally just too much for her.
It is tough at the top of the Melodifestivalen tree- yet there can be only one winner and one song and Loreen has shown us great calm and the perfect new personality to represent Sweden in Baku. A quality that is equally as important -as a great Eurovision song just remember Germany's Lena in 2010.
Outside the Top 2- the results were a lot less predictable as who would believe Ulrik Munther would pull off a third placing- and Top Cats took themselves out of Second Chance round to finish in 6th place. I hope we see both of these new artists back again in Melodifestivalen their tunes are certainly growers. Molly Sanden did not quiet gain the public votes that I was expecting from the winnner of semi- final 2
and took the 5 placing.
It's all over now for Melodifestivalen 2012 (sniff) - yet at least we have one fantastic good reason to tune in to Eurovision 2012 in May. Thank you Loreen for coming back after 2011. Loreen shows that you can always find the stength to comeback after a fall. (Loreen's 'My heart is refusing Me' never qualified for last year's Globen final)

Final Globen Scoreboard-
1. Euphoria - Loreen - 268 points
2. Amazing - Danny Saucedo - 198 points
3. Soldiers - Ulrik Munther - 88 points
4. Shout It Out - David Lindgren - 88 points
5. Why Am I Crying? - Molly Sanden - 77 points
6. Baby Doll - Top Cats - 68 points
7. Mystery - Dead By April - 52 points
8. Jag Reser Mig Igen - Thorsten Flinck - 43 points
9. Why Start A Fire? - Lisa Miskovsky - 39 points
10.Mirakel - Bjorn Ranelid ft. Sara Li - 25 points

All smiles for Top Cats after Globen result-


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