Dec 30, 2009

ABBA - Happy New Year 2010

its almost N Y E as another decade draws to a close -
they are calling it the fastest Decade ever!
At the stroke of midnight in Swedish TV each year they play this special Abba clip
of 'Happy New Year' as sweden's new year theme.
Over the years the songs line ' What lies waiting down the line, At the end of 89..' has out dated

Perhapes it should have given a longer spell, been wrote as
What lies waiting down the line,
At the END OF 2009... Bjorn, what were you thinkin?

inroducting Eric Saade- 'Manboy' will be his song for Melodifestivalen 2010!

Dec 24, 2009

this ALMOST was the Christmas No; 1 in Sweden..Lady GaGa. Bad Romance- Luv it.

Over in SVENSKa Land there is not too many surprises in the chart. As the recent idol
winner Erik Gronwall was in fact the highest seller with 'Higher' We are just
ga-ga crazy about the new one from Lady Gaga- And she ended up on step away
from the festive topper with this tune. Check out the vid'

Dec 19, 2009

This is Didrik, who sings Opera and will take part in Norway MGP 2010

Yes, this is Didrik sort of has the same ring to it as Maria Haukaas
Storeng we think. He has a wicked smile, could he even have the Rybak factor to
represent Norway in 2010. He will compete in semi final 3 in Skien, Norway his song "My heart is yours" ( hmm..I am liking it already!) But wait there is even more Sir Fredik Kempe wrote
the entry with Hanne Sovaag ( she gave us Velvet Inc's 'Tricky' in MGP 2009 )

In the semi final he will be up against -Mira Craig ( she wrote 'Hold on be strong' winner in 2008 ) and boyband A1 with a self penned song 'Don't wanna lose you again'
Just check out his vocal talent on this NRK Tv clip. Playing violin for him is Alexander
the Rykak himself,

YES, Didrik could have what it takes to win MGP in 2010. Just on his hair style alone !!!

Alexander Rybak's his Fairytale lives on as reported in a NEW interview

Mr Rybak has become Eurovision's winner who has not only put Norway back
on the international map. He has brought new life to the song contest, as well as making 2009 his began with a fairtale and before the end of this year he met President Obana
and performed at the Nobel Peace Prize concert.
This week a new interview with Norsk Dagbladet was put out. Alex himself has said this 'Wow! In 2 pages, Line Tiller in this interview manages to catch the essense of my whole life'
you can read some quotes of the interview here- we hope a full english translation sooon?

Meanwhile, while snows falls all over the UK- Alexander has joined forces
with swedish schlager star Lotta Engberg for the christmas classic
'Baby, its cold outside'
plus a Fantastic Visual photo gallery of Alex- in 09

Dec 14, 2009

Shirley Clamp's 'Min kärlek' is decared Our MELODIFESTIVAL SONG of THE DECADE

1st SHIRLEY CLAMP Min kärlek

= 2nd LENA PHILIPSSON Det gör ont

=2nd CAROLA Evighet/ Invincible


=4th MANS ZELMERLOW 'Cara Mia'



8th SANNA NEILSON Empty Room

Just click- on the songs to see the Clips


BWO 'Lay all your Love on Me'


E M D 'Baby Goodbye'


The Mf Charlie's Angels, Lena Shirley & Carola turn out to be Tops in
our Blog Poll to find SchlagerTunes
Melodifestivalen Song of the Decade. Interesting to see how Carola pulled winning
song 'Invicible' back from equal 3rd in the Poll of just the Melodifestivalen
winners' From 19% of the vote she scored 27% in the final poll. Both Lens Ph &
Carola in fact are only 1 vote away from a win. Yet Shirley Clamp who
showed just how a classic schlager-tune should sound. 'Min Karlek (My Love)'
this song finished in 2nd place in 2004, after coming-back from 2nd Chance round.
The tune was also recorded in english by Shirley in 2009- as

Well done Shirl'

Dec 11, 2009

Melodifestivalen 2010: Parade of The Stars (Goteborg and Malmo)

Here is a Show 'n Tell Parade of the confirmed Artists for Melodifestivalen 2010
Darin gives an interesting interview & the New look Sibel is Fantastic- We
hope for a more up-beat offering from her with the song 'Stop'

Dec 9, 2009

introducing NEO - Sweden's own Mika for Melodifestivalen 10

Neo- is to sing the song 'Human Frontier' in the Malmo Semi Final.
we like this oldie retake of Leo Sayer- and Neo even has the Sayer hair to boot!

Dec 8, 2009

Round Two- Semi Final details are releaved..

The second semi final has more than a fair share of newbie artists. We have looked at Eric
Saade who comes from boy-band 'What's up' and has the advantage of the Kempe Magic touch
for his tune 'Man boy'. Anna Maria Espinosa is from Idol, yawn!
but wait, check out her single 'A Little Moonlight' its rather good, her style is almost Cyndi Lauper-Esque. Highlights, are of the new skool Dansbands in sweden. Fronted by Andreas Wistrand ( from Fame Factory 04 ) they look good but what can they do for the winning web
joker tune 'Come to me' something drastic is needed here to give the tune a chance.

Ola has had a alot of Hits at home & in Europe, most recent is No:1 'Sky's the Limit' this tune would not be outa place in Melodifestivalen. Just without the bag-pipes Ola is in Semi Round 1 and could well be unstoppable this
time around. Who is Calle Moraeus we asked? He is a very famous fiddler who is
known for playing in Benny Andersson's folk Orkestra no less. He has released the odd
solo folk stuff on the Mono Lable. So expect a traditional folk style with 'Wonderful'

With all these new names we will look more at the artists before they make their debut.
stay for this schlager ride..

Semi Final 2 - Sandviken 13th February 2010.

Come To Me - Highlights (Web-joker song)

Hippare Hoppare - Dogge with Second Generation

Innan alla Ljusen brunnit Ut (Before all the lights go out) - Anna Maria Espinosa

Manboy - Eric Saade

Manipulated -Hanna Lindblad (a Musical star from Singin 'in the Rain "svensk vers)

Underbart- Wonderful - Calle Moraeus with Orsa fiddlers

We Can Work It Out - Andreas Johnson

Joker - Unknown, is yet to be announced!

Dec 7, 2009

Quess Who is coming back for Melodifestivalen 10 ?

ALCaZAR Joy they are now confirmed they will sing the new song 'Headlines'
in next years Melodifestivalen.. now that's given us one big schlager Smile..more details to come.

Dec 4, 2009

Peter Jöback comes back to Melodifestivalen

Now it is official the 3rd joker for 2010 is Peter Jöback.

Frederick Kempe & Anders Hansson are the writers behind the song, which is called "Hollow". It is described by Peter Jöback as a "big ballad". We all know how Peter can perform a ballad

most effectively. As his debut hit 'Guldet Blev til Sand' proved with his breakthough in 1995 . Add to this Kempe's Magic when it comes to

delvering a winning song, he wrote winners 'La Voix' and 'Hero'
-One of Peter's quotes to the press today "When people think they know where I am at, I would always do something else completly different" this is no different.
Linda Martin is a producer for Melidifestivalen 2010 (not the irish singer who sung 'Why Me')

she said..
"Peter is the artist that I have tried to persuade more than anyone else to join Melodifestivalen again.

He is a super professional who always delivers the highest international level and performance."

Linda certainly is not wrong, here is a great christmas clip from

Peter with Norwegian songstress Sissel

Dec 3, 2009

Sara Löfgren sings 'Åt Helvete För Sent'

There has been alot of controversy about the recent song that was
disqualified 'Åt Helvete För Sent' Susie from Lili & Susie had a hand in the song-writing credit. As
you can hear its very different from the pop style of the blond 90's Duo. The
singer who sang the hit 'Som Stormen' in Melodifestivalen 2004 and finished 7th

Sara Löfgren would have been perfect to present this beautiful swedish song - hear the
full song just click on her link above. See what you think, a Mf classic may well
have been lost..

Peter Jöback & Fredrik Kempe - the New Sensation in 2010?

Rumours are coming in from Stockholm, of the Stars
to be performing in Melodifestivalen 2010.
Each day a new story
comes out.. we do have some more Jokers from Svt. It looks from
what we have so far, the line-up is in need of a couple more Big
names At least.

One such, has got us very excited is the
possible return of Peter Jöback who was almost
unknown & just 18 years old in Melodifestivalen 1990
when he performed 'En Sensation'
What makes this tale more exciting Peter will
to be performing a
Fredrik Kempe ballad, this certainly would be a
winning combination.
For now let's remember
Peter Joback the last time, back in 1990.

'YES, it's True Peter Jöback is in for 2010'

Dec 1, 2009

Round One (ring-ding) Semi Final details are revealed..

So here is the list of confirmed artists who will perform in the first semi final
in February next year. It looks like a mixed bag, of hard rock and classic pop.
This is not the final running order of songs. 'The Saviour' sung by musical star Anders Ekborg is a replacement for another
disqualified entry. It has been made public the entry 'Åt helvete för sent' wrote partly by Lilli & Susie star, was cancelled. As the artist to present this song could not be desided between Rikard Wolff and Sara Lofgren, finally the whole song was thrown out. So 'The Saviour' is another replacement long with 'You're making me hot hot hot' both in this first semi. Its good to have Anders making a debut in Melodifestivalen at least.

Semi Final 1 - Örsköldsvik 6th February 2010.

A Place to Stay - Jenny Silver (formerly from Ohlund)

Did It For Love - Jessica Andersson (from Fame )

Keep on Walking - Salem Al Fakir (the Mystery Joker 2 )

Road Salt - Pain of Salvation (Pain for sure, as they are a Heavy Rock band! )

Single - Frisprakarn

The Savior - Anders Ekborg (he like Peter Joback - played a lead role in Musical Kristina in 90's)

Unstoppable - Ola

You're Making Me Hot Hot Hot - Linda Pritchard