Dec 16, 2012

The Malmo drop-out list for Eurovision 2013 -Ohh no !

Well I guess it was almost to be expected that a few countries given the current financial climate in the EU would be unable to afford to go to Eurovision next year. In fact everyone held their breath as Greece confirmed- and then their was a 24 hour panic on the web! As Spain one of the big 5 looked like they would be missing in Malmo! However finally Spain confirmed so all seemed well.
Until the sister-land Portugal shocked everyone by confirming their non participation
At Eurovision 2013 this was sad as Portugal often produce such great song in the full spirit of the European song contest. Although Portugal are not always Top 10 placed in the Grand Final  have not sent Eurovision typical song often original. So I will certainly miss Portugal and equally Poland who  will be out for a second year running.

Then yesterday came the news of Turkey was dropping out! Well now, Turkey! seem fairly
 financial so everyone is asking what is the story, here? It seems although one of the most successful European nations recently. Turkey gave given reasons such as 50/50 jury & Big 5 Final qualification rulebook changes back in 2011 and other rule changes recently as their reason to not be at Malmo 2013. This seems strange coming from one of the most successful Eurovision countries, since Turkey won Eurovision back in 2003 they have only once missed a great placing from taking part in the Eurovision final.

And now Bosnia & Herzegovina look most likely to be another 'popular' regular Eurovision country to be missing for 2013. Unless they find some independent funding. While the TV BHRT certainly cannot afford to send a song to Malmo, I think past songs such as Laka 'Pokusaj' (2008) and 'Bistra voda' by the unforgettable Regina prove Bosnia will be missed as well if they don't make it somehow?

Dec 8, 2012

The 1st Song for Malmo 2013- from Belarus 'Rhythm Of Love'

Just last night Belarus held their Eurovision National final- so this has brought us the very first song for 'Eurovision Song Contest 2013' and we are gonna just add a extra 'subject to change' note. And not cus it's a bad song or anything, just that last year Belarus had varies re-votes and changes to the winner until a runner -up entry from Litesound got the final honor to represent Belarus in 2012. In fact Alyona Lanskaya was the winner of last year's Eurofest National Final with 'All My Life' as well - so surely they cannot possibly reject her of winning honours 2 years running ? Or can they ?

This time Belarus have choosen well enough, certainly the disco-ball and dancers will help this eletro eastern-pop tune at Malmo- 'Rhythm of Love' by Alyona Lanskaya. Check out the clip
   Be Warned  of  - Le top-less sexy dancer alert

Nov 27, 2012

For sure 'Army of Lovers' are back- for Melodifestivalen 2013

                             Prepare the dressing room, bin those ole glitter balls- prepare to shoot that Laserbeam- As they are on the way....

 Yes,  it's confirmed Army of Lovers will make their very first international comeback with a song competing in Melodifestivalen- this one I am so looking forward to.

Check out perhapes their most famous UK hit Cruified video, they were a glimmer of dance glamour during the serious Dance scene of the early 90's...Le originale line up is- Alexander Bard, Jean Perrie Barda & Camilla Henemark- the three have comeback together for the song 'Rockin The Ride'

Nov 18, 2012

it's Nicole & Hugo from Belguim- Yes, the one's with those purple 70's jumpsuits!

It's not only UK's ole Brotherhood of Man from 1976 who are still doing the cabaret circuits even today. We were surpised to find non-other than Beguim's Nicole and Hugo

It was their performance from way back in 1973 when Nicole & Hugo sung 'Baby baby'  that created Eurovis History.Who can forget those purple jumpsuites and that dance routine - they made such an impact! However back in the years B.a. - before Abba
 this song actually finished up in last place! Nicole & Hugo were just ahead of their time.
However due to poor Nicole falling ill for Eurovision back in Dubin in 1971 Another Belguim duo called Lily & Jacques (!!)  stole all Le Nicole & Hugo' glory at Eurovision 71 singing Nicole & Hugo's own hit
  'Goeiemorgen, morgen' (check out 71 rehearsal)

This tune was a great success in Belgium so Nicole & Hugo choose this for their own 2012 comeback- I just had to go straight to i-tunes to buy this classic.
 We must say Nicole & Hugo are still doing those -baby, baby dance-steps in the vid and looking and sounding just    'fantastive'

Nov 10, 2012

Eurovision's Song 2 or even Song 3 - Is it really the kiss of death?


 The debate is running 'hot' should Eurovision Song Contest's Grand Final running order be choosen or not? Or a random draw as has been the case according to the rule-book recently. Just how important is it?
For a long time it has been asumned that if your country sings early on in the massive Grand Final proceedings you have not a chance of winning- or even getting a respectable Top 3 placing particularly for song 2 or even Song 3.
     Most certainly early on you would perhapes want to make the best and the greatest memorable impression- but surely that is a minor draw-back?

  So we consulted the -Eurovision History book To find out how many songs if any have found success on the scoreboard from singing early on...

We have a couple of Song 1 winner's famously UK's Brotherhood of Man in 1976 'Save all your kisses for me' and Sweden The Herreys in 1984 with 'Diggi lou, Diggi lay'

 Of course the first song 1- does stay in our memory-bank better we know this- but historically Song 3 in fact has given us a few more winners than lucky Song 1- The three winners were-

1958- France: Andre Claveau "Dors, Mon Amour

1971- Monaco: Severine "Un Banc Un Arbre Une Rue"

1994- Ireland:  Paul Harrington Charlie McGettigan "Rock n Roll Kids"

So what of the Song 2 stigma - that is talked about so much- is it really true?

Well being the Song 2 has still actually brought two 3rd places-

1997 Turkey: Sebnem Paker "Dinle"

and two 4th places.

1974 United Kingdom: Olivia Newton- John 'Long live love'

1977 Monaco: Michele Torr 'Une Petite Francaise'

Most recent being in 2002 -
UK's Jessica Garlick - 'Come back' -

She was a unlucky Song 2 that scored 111 points and finished in 3rd place. Since then in 2002- UK entries have not improved on this result! that was all born from a Song 2 running place at Eurovision final. Then in Dusseldorf Eurovision 2010 -Bosnia & Herzegovina's Dino Merlin sang the Song 2 'Love in Rewind' going on to
score a big 125 points and a 6th placing. It was certainly one of that years highlights and successes.

So what if 2009's Alexander Rybak was a Song 2 with 'Fairytale' would the history books been very different? I think not, perhapes Norway may not have clocked up massive 387 points. But you cannot change a good song- and mostly a massively popular song wins regardless, I think. The few exceptions above we found out- are actually rather great old songs still remembered fondly in Eurovision-dome.

So for Malmo and Eurovision Final 2013- pick carefully EBU/Svt  that song 2. It may turn out to be a huge success after all...

Nov 8, 2012

All now Making plans for Malmo 2013


  As the plans are taking shape for Eurovision 2012 over at SVT / EBU some interesting format changes came to light recently for next year.
               One of the most interesting was for the competition to return to the single host format as Eurovision scales back- on the annual bigger and better annual progress- normally resulting in more
special effects and larger sports venues. Finally they realized this is a song contest  and not a sport. So for Malmo it will be back to basics certainly no LCD screens on stage and an element of  smaller eurovision contests of the past. With only one contest host this news was a surprise annouchment I think seeing as Melodifestivalen contest normally offers two or more hosts that format seem to entertain rather well for the home national audience. So Sweden has a whole army of possible presenters for a Tv host at Eurovision 2013 it will be a hard one for SVT to pick the best one? It will have to be someone who can Sing Dance and be multi lingual?

But wait there is more changes for Malmo- we know how SVT love to change things around and next year will be no different. Yet this time they plan to get rid of the random song running order selection for Eurovision grand final. This has created quiet some reaction in Eurovisdome and on the web myself I think it will not made too much difference and this rule has always been a double edged sword. As in the past one of the best songs of the year can be lost in the early song placing as well as a bad song taking a prime place in the running order. A smooth running order made by the show producers would nt be too bad - as long as only the songs that prove their worth in the semi final voting get prime Grand Final places. It would be outrageous to give a top 3 semi final song as Song 2 or 4 in the final running I like this new rule and think it fits in well with the back to basic contest format. Til then it will cause some debates as did the 50/50 jury voting change.

Oct 7, 2012

Look who has gone back into the Studio- Abba's Agnetha

'another comeback' what joy-

This week saw a exciting News report-

Abba's Agnetha Faltskog- she is so often labled as the recluse, the abba member who is constanlty in hiding?
all these crazy stories. Yet as far as keeping the schlager-dream alive, she is the only one member of the band today who wants to do more 'new' music for the international market.
 Abba -who almost single handedly changed the musical pop landscape forever in the mid- seventies, have never reformed on stage or in the studio. Yet Agentha looks set to record another international album - after her 2004 'My Colouring Book'

The blond-one Agentha so often under estimated in the shadow of her band mates and main songwriters Bjorn & Benny. Certainly she has wrote her own pop tunes since her breakthrough in 1968 in Sweden. Last time- at the time of 'My Colouring Book' questions were asked- will we see any completly new
songs penned by Agnetha? Then the whole album turned out to be an album of covers - a tribute, in her very own style- to those 1960's female singers that Agnetha grew -up with.

This new concept will not be simply a 'Colouring Book 2'- we think. Seeing as it's been confirmed in the press that Agnetha's producer will be
Jorgen Elofsson, who has worked with Celine Dion, Westlife and wrote Britney's 'You drive me crazy'  
and recorded recently with Marie Serneholt, Charlotte Perrelli Eric Saade & Agnes.

Certainly this new album release should finally put those Garbo rumours to rest, it seems very likely Agentha enjoys a full and active happy life-style on her farm. She pops up at public events, quiet regularly in Stockholm now-a-days and now in her sixties still has a passion to let her voice be heard all over the world-
it's likely to be a long wait for her the abba-studio process has always been a long one - and well worth waiting for.

Read more here

Sep 22, 2012

Lets speculate- bout Melodifestivalen 2013: In true Aftonbladet style!

Rumour  has it..... just all over Stockholm Town this month- and although at the STV Melo HQ the 2 500 new songs submissions for Sweden's own National Final have hadly had chance to hit the mail room floor. As already one of Sweden's gossip rags Aftonbladet- no less, are speculating on just what big names will be taking part in Melodifestivalen 2013. It seemed like last year there was a lack of  big stars returning to Melo- however in 2013 we have the added big bonus of that Free ticket all the way to the Eurovision Grand Final in Malmo if you win. That has got to create some interest we think-
and we have some returns from the Queen diva herself -Carola- as well as Sarah Dawn Finer. Jessica Andersson (one half of Fame pop duo of  2003) Jessica has a new album due for a release delayed until Spring next year. What a dead- give away - or maybe wishful thinking. In fact at this early stage, although songs may have a particular artist in mind anything can happen often at Melodifestivalen things change at the last minute.
 Cast your eyes over the full rumour list below, you'll find the ever popular host/ pop singer Mans Zelmerlow. If Mans does not find the right tune, we think he would most certainly be a perfect presenter from Stv for Eurovision 2013.

Linnea is from Sweden's Idol 2010- and currently in the Top 3 singles -with a hit called 'Lyckligare nu'
  • Sean Banana
  • Linnea Henriksson
  • Cookies N Beans
  • Jump the Gun
  • Carola
  • Helena Paparizou
  • Måns Zelmerlöw
  • Nordman
  • Jenny Silver
  • Jessica Andersson
  • Jessica Folcker
  • Martin Rolinski (singer from BWO)
  • Eric Amarillo
  • Sarah Kelly
  • Youngblood
  • Mimmi 
  • Cecilia Vennersten
  • Sarah Dawn Finer
  • Gravitonas
  • David Lindgren
  • Swingfly
  • Topcats
  • Linda Bengtzing

Sep 15, 2012

ABBA Deluxe coming soon feat: Austrialian Historial TV Special

Yes, that history book on the shelf - keeps repeating itself. Yet here at schlagertunes, we don't mind at all..
Especially when it comes in the format of the Deluxe Album/DVD Editions of Abba's past albums, this year already we 
had the final 'Abba- The Visitors' had this Deluxe 2 disc treatment and this Deluxe set even had the bonus of a rare unreleased demo track from Abba's vaults on it. It has been almost the norm for universal/polar to release one of these remastered albums each year. So image the delight to find out for 2012 we have 'two for the price of one'- Ohhh hold on! not such a good deal 'two for the price of two!'then is more accurate. 
Anyhow this package released in November from Universal will include the full 'Abba In Australia' special that was watched my more people downunder than the 1969 moon landing! As well as booklet notes on the set by Carl Magnus Palm who recently did new interviews with Bjorn & Benny about the recording and production of the Abba album 
check out more details from the Abba guru - at his site     C M P

here is the track-list

1.  Mamma Mia
2.  Hey, Hey Helen
3.  Tropical Loveland
4.  SOS
5.  Man In The Middle
6.  Bang-A-Boomerang
7.  I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do
8.  Rock Me
9.  Intermezzo no 1
10.  I’ve Been Waiting For You
11.  So Long
Bonus Tracks:
12.  Crazy World
13.  Medley: Pick A Bale Of Cotton – On Top Of Old Smokey – Midnight Special
14.  Mamma Mia (Spanish Version)
1. ABBA In Australia (Television Special Export Edition)
Mamma Mia
Hasta Mañana
Ring Ring
Tropical Loveland (Hawksbury river clip)
I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do
Rock me
Dancing Queen (not included on Australian edition)
Honey, Honey
So Long
2. Made In Sweden – For Export (SVT)
Mamma Mia
I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do
So Long
3. SOS (Seaside Special, BBC)
4. Mamma Mia (Top Of The Pops, BBC)
5. The Best Of ABBA, TV Commercial
6. Greatest Hits, TV Commercial
7. International Sleeve Gallery

Sep 6, 2012

Loreen is currently hidden away working on here debut Album

Yes- I for one cannot wait to hear the follow up to Euphoria- from Sweden's Loreen. And if this preview clip is anything to go by- it will be another dance floor stomper as a follow-up.
The album will be called 'Healed' available on 24th October 2012..before then we will see the new single from the album in 2 more weeks

Aug 12, 2012

The Spice Girls- turned down Eurovision- but are confirmed to do London Oympics 2012

There have been some almost annual rumours that the Spice Girls, and or Geri Halliway would sing for U K at Eurovision Song Contest. Back in 2010 it seems boyband Blue bet the girls to it.
The Spice Girls re-union is finally happening .. for the Closing Ceremony of the London Games 2012 this coming Sunday night- how exciting it promises to be a pop extravaganda with the likes of Pet Shop Boys, George Micheal, One Direction, Coldplay and even a promise of Kate Bush doing 'Running down the hill' -of course what else?

See some pics already in the press from the rehearsals- via The Mail  Here

Jul 29, 2012

Ivi Adamou turns out to be the Sweden's Summer Hit of Eurovision 2012

  Here at -schlagertunes, HQ M.E.L.B - our blogging is on a winter/summer (GMT) break. Blame the London Games 2012... however please do not worry we will return to regular blog-casts later on - it's just there is not too much Melodifestivalen or Eurovis' stuff to report or review just now. Except for-        

 A very interesting developement has happened over in Sweden's Top 10 singles. A massive seller has turned out to be the Cypus entry from Baku- Way back in January 2012 Ivi Adamou's song for Cyprus became a fan-favourite in Eurovis'fandom and certainly Cyprus delivered with an amazing performance. To be honest I was expecting Cyprus to perhapes give us a Top 5 placing maybe? instead a mere 16th placing in the Grand Final for lovely Ivi. Sweden gave Cyprus there 12 points- to make up the total of 65 points on the scoreboard. Plus this 16th placing still turned out to be Cyprus's best result since 2004
Lisa Andreas sung 'Stronger every minute'    

Then the unexpected the swedes followed this up with an amazing chart run for 'La la Love' as a single-
As you would expect Loreen's 'Euphoria' enjoyed 6 weeks at poll No: 1 position in Sweden back in April this year  already, yet after the Swedes Eurovision 2012 win you'd expected more chart success. Instead Ivi is looking up, up , up towards No:1 in her own right with 'La La Love' while Loreen is at No: 9 !
This shows how Eurovision votes- don't measure always sales and Hit potential.

Sweden's Top Ten- this week- thanks to-

12Flo Rida
Poe Boy/atlantic / Warner

21Alina Devecerski
Flytta på dej!
Anders Johansson Enterprise/emi Music Sweden / Emi

Dansa pausa
Wm Sweden / Warner

44Ivi Adamou
La La Love
Day1 Entertainment / Sony Music

56Norlie & KKV
Där jag hänger min hatt
Fantabolous Music / Universal

65Carly Rae Jepsen
Call Me Maybe
Interscope Records / Universal

710Simple Plan feat. Sean Paul
Summer Paradise
Atlantic Records / Warner

88Gotye feat. Kimbra
Somebody That I Used To Know
Samples'n'seconds Records / Universal

Wm Sweden / Warner

109Maroon 5 feat. Wiz Khalifa
A&m/octone Records / Universal

Jun 23, 2012

The only way is Up Up for Loreen after Eurovision 2012

Loreen has had a huge impact with the dance tune and hit 'Euphoria' and grand winner of Eurovision. Even before the contest 
been Loreen's Melodifestivalen winner had charted already in 14 countries, abit of a record for a entry that at the time not 
been presented on the Eurovision stage.  

Strangely enough in recent Eurovision year dance music and Eurovision have not been 
a wonderful mix, it was Gina G's 'Oh aah just a little bit' of 1997 that proved one of the only historical exceptions to the dance music
rule. Gina's UK No 1 hit kick-started her pop dance career yet only finished in 8th place at Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo.

Loreen's victory in Baku- as expected the swedish favourite had even greater chart success all over Europe. However what was
quite unexpected was the record breaking UK chart success. While the Brits love and get into the annual Eurovis spirit of things each year
The Eurovision winning songs have not found any real record breaking sales success even names like Alexander Rybak and Germany's Lena hardly cracked the mighty
UK Top 10 singles. Until 'Euphoria' that is- the tune debuted at No: 85 and shot into the top 3 and peaked at No: 3 the last time a Eurovision winner was so high in the UK
sales chart was way back in 1987- With the second Jonny Logan winner and international world wide hit 'Hold me Now'

Loreen will I am sure continue her success in Europe with a planned new Album promised soon later this year. It will be very interesting to see 
 the musically direction this record will take? I hope Loreen will continue her work with wrier and producer Peter Bostrom, on some of the new tracks. One
thing we will be assured of is Loreen will have her own style and amazing spirit to whatever come after this Euphoria of wonderful

May 31, 2012

Eurovision 2012 - Road to Eurovision by Julia Zemiro

                 All the glam and glitter is over for Eurovision 2012- time to reflect on what may be remembered as the Eurovision 2012- For the year when Sweden returned to glory after so long.
But also what may have been the most political Eurovision in history -due to the Baku location. Here in Australia - schlagertunes  the best thing in 2012 was SBS's and Julia Zelmiro outstanding coverage and interviews with just about everyone in Eurovision past and present in Baku host city. If you have Eurovis' blues watch these two coverage shows with Julia- 

Part 2- at 40:15min- see Julia & Loreen have a relaxing chat-- 

Just copy Link

Then don't miss my favourite Road to Eurovision- Part1 -see new interview with Gigolia Cinquetti, (amazing)  Lyn Assia and Johnny Logan - what a winning journey Julia took us on.

Just copy Link

May 29, 2012

Take a Look at Loreen's journey from Globen- in words & music

Christer Bjorkman- Mr Melodifestivalen- after 11 years finally he has the Eurovision 
winning glory to celebrate in Baku 

May 27, 2012

Loreen has brought victory home for Sweden's 5 th Eurovision win

             We are in a state of shock- that Loreen and sweden pulled of the historical 5th win.
It was a close competion between Serbia and Russia, that Loreen final scored 372 points- a full 113 points a clear winner in the end.

Finally Eurovision return's to the West, safely surely in Stockholm for Eurovision Song Contest 2013.

Eurovision Grand Final 2012 Random thoughts..

  What can I say... Eurovision 2012 is almost up on us. 

It has been so far with the two semi-finals a wonderful show from Crystal Hall. In particular the winners
interval act featuring Alexander Lena Dima & 5 years of winners -  that was a Eurovision treat that would have been better placed I think- for in the final tonight. Only thing I would common on -was  the winners medley were together with traditional azerbaijan instruments! 
 I found myself saying- "What they have traditional folk music and culture?' how come we never knew about it?
 Answer- "It has never shown up in any Azerbaijan song contest entries past or present- oh well maybe for 2013.

  This year once again it is difficult to pick a winner?- the same problem as I recall in 2011 in Dusseldorf.
Now in 2012- we have alot stronger performers I think- and the song quality well is it better?
Personally I think some countries have put forward a great song, knowing as song it may certainly not win. Could this be because 
Eurovision has become so huge only certain countries have the resources and money to be a host country? There is discussion from the EBU that the contest may experience a down scale in 2013.

I get the feeling that maybe it is time for a favourite to shine- abit like Alexander Rybak did in 2009 in Moscow- It goes without saying at schlagertunes -we want to see a Sweden's Loreen win. Not only does she have the most popular song of 2012 and wonderful performance- she is a fantastic very original artist. 
Yet- is it true the favourites don't win anymore?

Ok if that is the case we can rule out Sweden even Italy- another song and artist I like alot this year. So if it turns out
we find 2012 is the year of perhapes a dark horse coming forward to take the prize -

There can only be one - dark horse this year -it is Estonia Ott Lepland' he is the one to watch and most certainly his semi-final performance was amazing. Lets see what happens...good luck to them all may the
very best song win. :)

May 25, 2012

My random Pad comments from Eurovision Semi Final

Outside in wet cold Melbourne winter weather - it is perfect for this year's Eurovision theme Light my fire As well as my random Pad comments/options (without any clues to the results) as we settle into Semi Final 2 along with bees Scott Mills & Sara Cox Serbia- a popular favorite certainly

Serbia- a country that know how to put on a ballad that will have mass appeal and with the talents of the brilliant Zelio how can this not qualify
FYR Macedonia- all the Baltic countries made it into this semi finals so it will be interesting to see what effect this will be - boom or bust ! I like only a few of them but this one I have to pass on!
Le Netherlands- one of my personal faves Joan s tune has grown on me and she certainly does nail this tune live and audience in Baku seem to agree with me as well it is becoming a bit of a gay anthem
so  Go Go Joan- 
Malta- The Luvly Kurt from Malta - is nt he just perfect for Eurovision ? Only This is the night' is a theme we have heard before in the competition that may cost Kurt the votes to make it.. I do hope he makes it.
Belarus- another uptempo rock tune for band Litesound I think Belarus wanted to stand out from all the Euro pop With this band but I think they got the wrong semi for that Yet I do like the singers vocal & looks they may surprise us making it to the final
Portugal- I do like this tune however I think she may well get lost in the sea of dreamy female singers with this same type of tune is it me? Or do we have so many in 2012.
Ukraine- oh I liked this tune heaps, however seeing it live I am unsure... Her vocals are not for me are too screamy Plus why has she got flowers on her head! It should be make the final though
Bulgaria - this tune was more interesting for me hearing the studio version on the CD and just not sure if it is a qualifier but may do well with the jury vote.
Slovenia - Eva Boto is very popular in Euro sites and with this performance she does stand out - I give her half way 5 or is that 6?
Croatia- sorry not a high flyer for me even through Croatia need to make it to the Final
Sweden- Loreen was outstanding her vocal fantastic- only I am not sure it was the actual same routine as at Melodifestivalen - did'nt it miss the fall to the ground bit- makes no difference she has to be a finalist
Georgia- Now the fun begins Anri is rather OTT  with the stage act, entertaining certainly - but not a Eurovi Finalist if you ask me..
Turkey- some Eurovis' you don't like too much as a song only I found Love me back' bit average yet with Can Bonomo performance I like it alot more - the dancers are great - Will he qualify no I think not!
Estonia - I saw Ott Lepland win his Estonian national final and certainly he has improved this song and performance since then he has what I call 'the goose bump factor' when a song has that emotional element - a stand out track for me...
Slovakia- Max Jason seems to be flying his very own heavy rock flag- it may go down well and bring out European rock fans, but for me it's just your average melodic rocker...
Norway- for me it's not a Eurovision final without Norway and this year they have pulled out all the stops with a new artist- and Tooji is not really an Saade clone. Perfect for Baku- so this year Norway got it right..
Bosnia & Herzegovina- another baltic ballad they do them so well- yet it does get abit lost in transaltion for me - you just want to know what is going on.
Lithuania- every now and again in Eurovision a great singer and artist comes along that you really wanna hear more of Donny Montell is great- a perfect performance a place in the final - yes most certainly I hope so-

Best song of the night -  'Euphoria'  & 'Kuula'