Dec 20, 2008

Andreas Lundstedt hits the town with new Melodifestivalen host "Petra Mede"

A new host has been revealed to replace Kristian Luuks, who has been the popular host of Sweden's top songfestival for past few years. She is 'Petra Mede', a comedian who will bring her own brand of glitter & glamour to show. Rumours are going around she may have an equally fun side-kick at Goteberg semi-final opening.
Petra was recently seen out at 'Pigalle Club' Stockholm in the fantastic company of  'Alcastar' himself,  Andreas Lundstedt. He is very excited about his band Alcazar's Mf entry "Stay the night" . When interviewed by QX Mag recently Andreas mentioned he is writing a new book and feels Alcazar can represent Sweden in Moscow 2009. 


Andreas is the 'hot' favourite to win the Top Award of 'Gay of the Year' at QX Awards on 2nd Feb 2009 at Cirkus Stockholm. Other Mf nominations are Bjorn Gusafsson, for TV Star & Breakthrough Artist of the Year. Agnes is also nominated for the Years Best Artist, and the songs "Hero" and "Empty Room" from Mf 2008. Stay schlager-tuned for more on the QX Awards.

 You can view all nominations here    

Dec 17, 2008

Final BoyBand's - E M D & THE STAR PILOTS are prepared for MELODIFESTIVALeN Take Off !!

Who are The Star Pilots?

Well, along with E M D they have been confirmed for
Melodifestivalen 2009- So now all artists + songs + writers have been revealed.

E M D are three x swedish idol winner & contestants Erik Segerstedt, Mattias Andreasson & Danny (who had huge hit with Tokyo thought out Europe) these guys have No:1's already with the most recent topper being "A State of Mind" new album which is rather great for a debut. They will sing at Mf Semi- Final at Leksand, a self penned song called "Baby Goodbye"

Then the question remains who f#@ are the Star Pilots? they are a new 4 piece band comprising of Johan Fjellstrom & Joakim Udd who have produced Hit songs for A-Teens, E Type, Marloolio & Helena Paparitzou. They are about to take off with their new single "In the heat of the Night"
it may sound like an 80's cover! but its not, yet they do credit Samantha Fox, Top Gun & Eurythmics as influencing their sound. The song for Mf in Malmo Semi-Final is "Higher" and the 4 singers are known as

M-38, M-31, J-21 and J-38 complete with Tom Cruise sunnies !

Looks like a retro-summer to be had in sweden next year...

Dec 16, 2008

Estonia Eurolaul Favourites with ROLF Junior are back for 2009 ( One on One)

ETV have made public the 10 Artists for the Eurolaul final in March. Laura is back who sung "Sunflowers in 2007. 
One of my 
favourite tunes from last year was Rolf Junior with "One on One" Lets hope Rolf can come up with an entry as good 
as his bouncy hit that came only 4th in Eurolaul 2008. Check out his FAB Vid below:
other Artists confirned :
Chalice Traffic
Ithaka Marie Janne Saar
Sandra Nurmsalu StereoChemistry
Kook Lowry (soul Militia)

Dec 15, 2008

Johnny Logan in Eurovision Song Contest 2009 - Is this an offer he cannot refuse ?

                     JOHNNY LOGAN & Eurovision the two names go together like sugar & spice,  or milk & honey. The only artist to win ESC twice & again in 1992 when he took the winning song writing credit for Linda Martin's "Why Me". In fact his father, Patrick O'Hagen was an irish tenor who sang three times at The White House for three difference US Presidents, during his career.
                       So to follow in his fathers footsteps will Logan take to the Eurovision stage for a third time to sing in Moscow in 2009? According to the irish press. The Tv company RTE after Ireland's worst run of bad eurovision results, and failing shamefully last year with Dustin The Turkey. Have made Johnny Logan an offer to be the chosen artist, and to sing for ireland next year, although this offer has yet to be confirmed for certain by RTE or Johnny Logan. However all will be revealed before christmas, certainly would stir up some huge interest if Johnny goes for a third win as an artist. 
Other rumours are that brand new irish x-factor star Eoghan Quigg at 16 years old he came third in the recent final in UK. He said if he was offered the chance would be keen to fly the irish flag in Eurovision 2009.
Another fascinating fact is that Johnny was in fact born in Australia not Ireland in a suburb of Melbourne Frankston! His real name being, Sean Patrick Sherrard, GO the aussies !
Lets hope we see Johnny sing in Moscow?

Dec 9, 2008

Maria Haukaas Storeng "Hold on be Strong" Santa Christer says 'They are IN..Maria & Anna" Mf 2009

"This Woman"- Anna Sahlene Melodifestivalen Loto Show 2006

Maria Haukaas Storeng & Anna Sahlene -Could this be a Duet to Die for ?

The Swedish Press & Euro Blogs are alive today, with the rumour that in the next round of Melodifestivalen artists revealed The song "Killing me tenderly" (which was supposed to be sung by Elin Lanto) and the story is that Norwegian Idol Star from 2008 will comeback to sing for Sweden with Anna Sahlene.
This sounds the perfect winning combination, something like the 1985 winning group Bobbysocks' Elizabeth Andreassen, a native swed joined Hanne Krogh to represent Norway & win ESC with 'La Det Swinge'
Marie amazed everyone this year in Belgrade with her 'Hold On be Strong' coming 5 th in ESC 2008. Since then this song has made many European chart lists, in Sweden this tune was still strong in the Top 20 back in August, when many other Eurovision hero's had left the charts.
Meanwhile Anna is a big favourite contestant who has sang in Mf , and sang for Estonia at ESC with "Runaway" in 2002, she came 3rd. In 2006 "This Woman" was sung and wrote by Anna Sahlene for Melodifestivalen. Althrough the song failed to make the final. It went on to be a large Radio hit in Australia! as well as homeland Sweden, The clip for This Woman is posted above.

Let's all cross out fingers, and ask ole Santa Christer to bring us this
small xmas treat?

Dec 4, 2008

Marie Serneholt 'The Boy I used to Know' New Mf wildcard

It's a MELODIFESTIVALeN first.! Mans & Marie in SCHLAGER-LOVE...

it was confirmed today in Expressen Swedish Newpaper
The new 'wild card' for Melodifestivalen 2009 is Marie Serneholt. With Mans Zelmerlow, the previous rumour is 'true' the couple are together in a relationship.
Marie was part of A-Teens in the 90's and the main vocalist who brought us 'Mamma Mia' and many hits and classic Abba dance-mixes.
Since then Marie's had a solo album, called 'Enjoy the ride' and big Euro hit single 'That's the way my heart goes' Now she will make a Mf debut with 'Disconnect me' and a new album is due next year. But there is no love duet for the couple? they will go head to head for the Mf prize 2009.