Apr 28, 2011

Blue are on the Promo- trail of Europe with ' I Can' meanwhile at home limited airplay!

Blue's Live 'I can' performance this shows us how Dunc, Simon, Lee & Antony real have got it right now
for Dusseldorf ----G-g-go Blue! a great show in over in ukraine.
Meanwhile Simon Webb from the band expressed his concerns that radio back home in UK had not been giving the Eurovision single a well-deserved plug. In fact BBC's Radio 2 the normal station who support Eurovision -don't even have 'I can' on their playlist during the week -yet?
The single comes out on 1st May 2011

- come beeb what are you thinkin?

Once again for Eurovision 2011: Ukriane will send us a blond Angel..

Her real name is- Oksana Stefanivna Hrytsay she is Ukrainian started singing at the age of nine. Thankfully for us her stage name is Mika Newton, she has an amazing vocal great looks- and her previous song are of a political flavour- such as 'Letter to Baghdad' or the strange song about how she manage to track down a young guy from London after she lost his email address- and no the song was not called 'facebook' but ''
It was no surpise that the selection for Ukraine's entry was delayed due to several stories of votes being fixed and such- and a new National final had to be held for the second year running -when the result came up -with the song 'Angel' by Mika Newton- just with a new arrangement
Its been a while since we had a blond -Newton at Eurovision the last one was Olivia Newton-John who came 4th in 1974. Perhapes a simular fate may happen for Mika Newton, check out her 'Angel' video its a very haunting song choice
and we think this artist may well carry this song into at least the top 10 in Dusseldorf?
Mika was interviewed here thanks to in english- offt courze!

Apr 27, 2011

Poland's Magdalena Tul - will sing in Polish at Dusseldorf

This year's Eurovision Song Contest seems to have more and more songs sung in english.
With the exceptions fewer than normal only Spain, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Portugal & Serbia with sing in their own lauguage. Also one tune I like alot sung in polish 'Jestem'
by Magdalena Tul. The last real success at Eurovision for Poland was way back in 2003
when a band called Ich Troje came 7th place. Since then Poland have come up with some great tunes but too often stayed out of the final. In 2011 Poland is the opening performance slot of song 1 -in the first semi final in Dusseldorf, so with a memorable performance
-could be the year to bring Poland back to ESC Final 2011.

good luck Magdalena--10 points

Apr 22, 2011

introducting Slovenia's Maja Keuc - looking set for a Eurovision final place

Maja Keuc shot to fame in Slovenia when she participated in the show Slovenija Ima Talent (Slovenia’s Got Talent) in 2010.
She was the runner up in the Tv talent show this lead to great sucess and a top selling studio album. Maja has been called the Christina Aguilera of Slovenia. But in the face of such comparisons, Maja Keuc smiles and shakes her head. She has one of the strongest songs this year an up tempo pop song called 'No one' it will be performed in the second semi-final. This may well take Slovenia into the final - last time they qualified was with Alenka Gotar in 2007. It's the 17th entry for Slovenia in the Eurovision competion their best placing is 7th place back in 1995 and again in 2001. Good luck to Maja- great tune.
Check out the offical sleepy hollow vid to 'No One'

Apr 18, 2011

Alex Vorobyov (Sparrow) Vs Eric Saade- a Glass-smashing coupling!!

Over next few days Schlagertunes will pick some of the best tunes for Eurovision 2011 in Dusseldorf.. and the tune's in particular- we think will qualify for the Final.
The RedOne song has grown on me, for Russia with Alex Vorobyov's 'Get You'
It's clear -that Eric Saade will go head-to-head in the final, with Alex. There has already been press stories
of the two boy singer's ripping each other off- With the dance moves in their routines.
Then Alex did a shattering-glass special effect already at some Mtv performance in 2009-
Eric Saade has been over doing his promo duties in Russia this past week- then in any interview Alex told of no real negative feeling from him at all for his competitor- and invited Eric to party-on with him in Germany!
Hmmm...does this mean we could have another manboy-snog as we got from Danny & Eric Saade in Melodifestivalen 2010! Sweden & Russia locked in a passion-kiss! oh please...... No.

However comparing the music of the 2- 'Popular' get the 12 points for Sweden here.
Russia 8 points- but a place in the Final - check out the great vid above

Apr 16, 2011

UK's Blue get the backing of Robbie Williams & Sir Cliff Richard

Robbie Williams says "Bring it on Home.." just hours before BBC broadcast the Blue documentary tonight. That will show how the Blue boys, reformed and were choosen to sing for UK in Dusseldorf. It is rare that UK does not have a 'selection process to choose an artist -or the song for Eurovision. In fact this is the first time an internal song and artist has been made at BBC, while over in Switzerland they have done this for most of their entries recently. In 2011 - Switzerland reverted back to the National Song contest Final selection perhapes due to the poor placing in last few years. For the past four years not even making the Eurovision final.
They have Anna Rossinelli with a caughty melody called 'In love for a while' - she has been considered to be almost like Lena Meyer-Landrut's older sister in style.
I think this will see Switzerland back in the running.

Blue- the boyband success story began in May 2001 with No 4 hit 'All Rise'
Simon Webbe, Lee Ryan, Duncan James & Antony Costa became quickly Britians top band of the time. With all 3 albums becoming No: 1 platinum sellersin UK as well as a string of hit singles, including a duet with Elton John on his classic 'Sorry seems to be the hardest word'
The vocal power of the four guys always blend together so well with a fantastic blend of R&B
Pop crossover to the music. However in 2005, they seem to quit while they were ahead- and each went on a solo career path... parting with the words 'we'll be back- '
The bands comeback has been on the card for last couple of years, so Eurovision 2011 was the very perfect timing for Blue All four guys each seem to be 100% behind taking UK
to a long awaited victory in Europe, for different reasons. Certainly judging by Blue's past sales record not since 1970's have UK had such a big artist singing for them.
The song seems to say it all
'I can'

Apr 15, 2011

I can- BLUE offical video

--they can, they will, made the Best Eurovision-Video-- yet!

Apr 9, 2011

Eurovision 2011- has just gone minipops crazi !

Thanks to Ben Morris we have a new craze for the eurovision season little minipop icons. The cartoons are available on T- shirts & buttons to show which artist you support- Lots more details are available on Ben's creation on F/book

They look lots of fun- and two personally signed shirts are to be auctioned for charity on e-bay- so that's a great. However we think Ben's Euro-pop creation will be very popular with fans. Even could be popping up abit in Dusseldorf on screen in May? someone should do a 'Minipops chart'- showing just which artist is most popular. We think Blue & Jedward are the best so far? if you check on the facebook profile for minipops it at least shows the most people who click 'like' for that country.
Just now---

UK's Blue has 38,
Germany's Lena has 30 likes. On top at this time is -Sweden's Eric Saade with 41.

"and now lets go over to madrid- for the 'Likes' from the spanish jury!

Apr 5, 2011

Eurovision 2011- The naked Truth! UK & Russian stripped down

ALL RISE- indeed!

Check the cover of Gay mag- 'Attitude' it featues UK's boyband Eurovision hopefuls
Blue' stripped down & naked- all for a great cause the Pre-Eurovision promotion. In fact another
boyband Mc Fly (who?) they have done the regular naked issue of Attitude, so Blue are not the first.
Certainly the guys maybe maturing very gracefully - and we like those tatts lads, meanwhile
there is more ... stripped down shots this time from Russia's Alex Vorobyov.

Once again, this kinda pose has been done before as Dima Bilan ( Eurovision winner in 2008) did a series of nude pic. So Alex this has been done before as well in Russia, we are not sure about the Russian RedOne track 'Get You' It really is not quiet the Lady Gaga-eque song we had been expecting. Yet Alex has a rather pleasant vocal, and we see why he has grown into a russian teen idol. Never-the-less we hope Alex keeps his top on in Dusseldorf, as for Blue that's a different story?

Apr 2, 2011

Dusseldorf Preview- Malta - Glen Vella

When it comes to Eurovision- there are many artists all around Europe who try-out so many times to represent their country at Eurovision - and turn out to be the bridesmaid, but never the actual bride! each time since 2005 Glen Vella- never made it by winning the Maltese 'Song for Malta' He came very close in 2010 with 'Just a little more love' that finished in 2nd place. Thea Garrett won in 2010 with 'My dream' and along with Finland narrowly missed out on the Grand Final place in Oslo.
At last 2011 is Glen Vella's year & he is finally getting his 3-minutes of Eurovision fame. He has a great fun schlager-pop stomper called 'One Life'. -check out the Vid'
On first hearing the tune, has some of the 'Je ne sais quoi'- appeal of Hera Bjork Oslo classic- and some great remixes to get everyone on the floor.We are hoping young Glen can give a
fabulous performace to go with this tune- & finally put Malta back in the final this year.

--10 points from schlagertunes.