Mar 12, 2012

Peter Boström- The Bass Mixer has added BoströmMagic to both 'Euphoria' & 'Stay' for 2012.

Peter and Tooji watch as the votes came in for their Norwegian landslide

Peter Boström together with Thomas G:Son not only have penned Loreen's 'Euphoria' for Sweden in Baku - Peter has wrote 'Stay' the winning song for Norway at Norsk Melodi Grand Prix. Stay and Euphoria both showed a record breaking amount of public votes in Norway Tooji scored well over 155,000 votes meanwhile in Sweden Loreen's televote was larger than the record held by Sweden's Carola back in Melodifestivalen 2006.
Peter started Bassflow Productions at the age of 21 since then he has made a name for himself coming up with great Mixes of songs for the likes of Roxette E-Type Ola Svensson Martin Stenmarck Carola & Charlotte Perelli- the most famous being Martin Stenmarck's 'Sjumilakliv' & Martin's follow up '100 ar fran nu'
We also like a recent release from Roxette 'Speak to Me' that had The Bassflow Remix treatment.
Peter Bostrom debuted in Melodifestivalen 2003 with DeBuzz
and a tune 'Stop Look & Listen' a great tune that did not qualify that year. Then Peter was not seen for a long while at Melodifesivalen until 2009
to bring us Marie Serneholt's 'Disconnect Me' from the semi final 1- that year- More success songwriting credits came later in 2010 when he co-wrote 'Manboy' 'headlines for Alcarar - then last year both 'In The Club' for Danny as well as Sanne Nielsen's 'I'm In Love'

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