Jul 8, 2015

The Fizz..just keep on fizzing with Cheryl Mike and Jay. They are just Paradise.

  As its Eurovision's 60th year one winning pop group from 1981 is back with a whole tour this summer and if the show reviews are anything to go by, they look and sound better than ever before. 
   The only slight draw-back or yawn-back is they have to go by their own names Cheryl Mike & Jay, due to the whole legal past complications with using Bucks Fizz as a name. Then early this year, the 3-original members found Bobby McVay, who actualy sang his Eurovision classic two years after Bucks Fizz in 1983 as part of short-lived Sweet Dreams- 'I'm never giving up' that finished 6th in Munchen Germany.
  What a perfect replacement for band member, Bobby Gee, who looks like forever being that missing Fizzical link. In fact 'I'm Never Giving Up' is even featured in those Paradise Regained shows from the Formerly B F. As well as their amazing hits like 'The Camera Never lies', 'If you can't stand the heat' & who can forget that 'Piece of The Action' When it comes to the UKs Eurovision pop group legends- I am certain Bucks Fizz out sold all the others (remember Abba are Le swedish ones) 
   I certainly hope the new Bucks Fizz make it down under at some stage-  as I would love to see them, as I was most impressed with one of the 80's Tours I saw back in the day.
   Mean while there are remastered Deluxe CD's newly available to keep the Fizz alive in 2015 of the first four studio albums the band released in the 80's I will be reviewing them soon I hope.

Meanwhile here's Bobby & Sweet Dreams on UK's 'Song For Europe' in 85-


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