Jul 25, 2015

Melodifestivalen 2016: Dear Christer, My schlager Wishlist is....

                                Alcazar rolled in Gold (Alcazar facebook promo)

The new submissions for Melodifestivalen songs for 2016 season are open from 1st September 2016.

Each year some old favourites return to Melodifestivalen with each new year for another change at Eurovision glory. In fact Sanna in 2014 had been in the Melodifestivalen contest -seven times before she won with 'Undo' so certainly these big swedish stars can still make an impact on the Grand Final scoreboard still today for certain.

Then it is all about the right song for Stockholm 2016, that will go direct to the final in 2016, as Sweden is the host nation. So who is best would fly that swedish flag do we think? I have put together my wishlist for would look like this....

1. Alcazar
2. Timoteji
3. Shirley Clamp
4. Danny Saucedo- or just bring back E M D?
5. Magnus Carlsson
6. Sarah Dawn Finer
7. Marie Serneholt
8. Linda Bentzing
9. Robyn!   (she did actually write a Melo song back in the 90's)
10. Dolly Style
11. David Lindgren
12. Peter Joback

Top of the wish list is two schlager groups, its been a long long time since Sweden sent a group to Eurovision, and yes, Alcazar have always been just purrr-fect. They are currently touring in Sweden and have a disco new fab release - so I am certainly they would be up for -one more time,  at Melodifestivalen?
Check it out Alcazar's newie 'Young Guns'

                          -Here is the Abba girls both noting 'the mid-70's Melodifestivalen wishlists' back in the day!

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